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#poisonous flower fairies

The last of my 31 days of Poisnous Flower Fairies is a bit of a cheat to get a ‘z’ in the list-Zentedeschia Aethiopica is of course a Calla Lily. I think these pieces need a to be collected in a little book!

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Days 28 and 29 of my Poisonous Flower Fairy series are Xanthium (aka Cocklebur) and Yellow Jessamine!

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Poisonous Flower Fairy catch up! 26 and 27 were Wild Arum and Windflower. I…drew the wrong windflower and we’ll all just have to deal with that. These aren’t super edible either.

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Day 3 of not Inktober is the toadstool fairy. These two sisters are enjoying a rainy day together. However, unless you are one of these fairies, I don’t suggest you mess with this fungi as it is poisonous. I’m inking and watercoloring poisonous flower fairies with @thegorgonist and @staceart

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Day 2 of drawtober is my inked and watercolored angel strumpet. My happily serene fairy is part of the poisonousflowerfairies series I’m doing with @thegorgonist and @staceart

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Aconite (Wolfsbane)

Day 1 of drawtober or drawollween (not sure which one we’re doing yet), and since @thegorgonist and @staceart are adding color to their pieces, I’ve decided to include some watercolor with my ink drawings. My first of our poisonous flower fairy is aconite or a wolfsbane fairy.

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@deathleads​ stepped into the sun:   ♦️♦️

learn my hcs about our muses / accepting always.


1. after getting to know Chrissy a bit, i have this little thing in the back of my mind that says Chrissy & Keira definitely have a standing tea-luncheon ‘date’ whenever they’re in the same place. that’s just. a thing.

2. if chrissy is otherwise occupied, Keira will absolutely just go ‘nap’ with her chimera– which essentially ends with keira staring at the ceiling while petting the floof, because sleeps is a cruel mistress who wants nothing to do with Keira.

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