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studentlifeproblems · a day ago
Are you more productive in the afternoon or evening?
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weaver-z · 22 hours ago
I'm taking an intro to geology course and my roomie is taking a chemistry course and our levels of stress are Very Different right now
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nuttynutcycle · a day ago
Prompt 298
"What the fuck is an Honours Supervillain degree? Is it more death rays? Eviler schemes?"
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brun-the-disir · 2 days ago
Winter 2021, England
“I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life. To put to rout all that was not life; and not, when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived.” - Neil Perry, Dead Poets Society
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hansama · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if they'd be in a game they'd be that NPC that gives you info and tips about what needs to be done
this is actually a redesigned OC that I made for a college assignment in 2019, click for undercut to see how they used to look like xDD 
it was an assignment where we design a monster and color them with watercolors! :D
Tumblr media
VS now (2021)
Tumblr media
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127-hira · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"I’m not getting in bed unless you're there with me."
PAIRING » nakamoto yuta x fem!reader
GENRES » fluff, i think i can only write fluff, crack, idiots to lovers, best friends to lovers, childhood friends, college au, NCIT.
WARNING » one doesn’t just say okay and get over NCIT nct. fluff, lots of it. kissing??
PLAYLIST » Magic Carpet Ride by nct127, Phases by PRETTYMUCH
WORD COUNT » 1792 words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The lounge room was the loudest today.
The end of monthly exams meant a movie night with all the boys and a few other friends. 

Your room was on the same floor as the lounge room in your dorm so you planned to go early to get the best seat. You sat on the white faux leather one-seater sofa with both your legs on the cushion, arms rested on your knees and scrolled through the endless pictures on social media as one by one, the boys from the various majors of the technology institute came in and made themselves comfortable while placing their snacks on the centre table.
It was a Twilight Saga movie marathon today and as much as you cringed at the fact that you used to be head over heels for Edward Cullen, rewatching the series made you feel nostalgic for the time all of you would gather around every friday night for the mandatory twilight movie marathon in middle school. It lasted for about two months until Lee Donghyuck got his first girlfriend and made the friday movie marathon all about the rest of you listening to him rant about his pretty little love stories.
Then you guys switched the night to just catching up and talking about things that kept you busy during the week.
Pst. That relationship didn't end on a good note by the way.
Yuta and Mark sat with each other on the dual seater sofa beside your seat. Yuta leaned and craned his neck right over to see what you were so distracted about to not notice him sitting down with a pit of ice cream on his lap.
You turned your phone for him to see in full view and said, "Geez Yuta, here you go, have it, I have no games on my phone, check for yourself if you think I'm lying."
Yuta slightly chuckled and leaned over the hand rest and muttered in your ear, "The movie choice sucks."
His warm breath that hovered across your neck for each word he spoke made shivers travel all the way down to your spine and as if it wasn't enough torture for you to have a huge crush on someone who saw you in your 'Dora-the-explorer' swimsuit and pajamas and bowl and bag, joining the same college suddenly felt like another one of your bad decisions in life.
You could never confess, Yuta liked girls who came forward first, girls who would go to parties with him, get drunk with him and talk to him about their pretty little lives over a glass of punch. And you were the perfect opposite of that, no risks, just going with the flow, the exact same reason you couldn't bring yourself to confess to your biggest crush and your closest friend. That was one secret you'd never tell him.
"Well, blame Taeyong, I guess, don't cry on me, Taeyong is a sucker for nostalgic things and keeping memories and traditions alive," You said, looking him right in the eye, before slightly pushing him by the shoulder back so you could finally breathe.

Well, that was the plan before he grabbed your hand and trapped it down on the hand rest of the sofa, his hands slightly larger and longer than yours engulfed your hands as he smoothly intertwined it, all with a bother-less expression as he looked at the screen as a very white-washed Bella with the blue filter scene of the school cafeteria was shown.
You gulped wondering how you were going to survive the following hours. You acted like that contact did nothing to you as you shifted your fingers to make the position of your hand comfortable. You were really good at acting, that's what you told yourself or was a fact, because after all this time, how could Yuta not notice? You were carelessly dropping hints everywhere.
It was either he's very dense or you were good at acting which you were convinced was the latter because Yuta was a smart fellow who knew it when a girl liked him, that's how he pulled all those chicks to accompany him to all those boys night outs.
A good two hours had passed and sleep was slowly creeping in, you didn't want to sleep just yet, you had to work on some assignments on a couple of modules and clean ten's cat room. Louis and Leon had messed up all the stacked and folded bedsheets in that room and the place was a huge mess.
"Yuta? Are you asleep? Could you pass me that ice cream, the vanilla one," You slightly tugged on Yuta's arm with your free hand.
He wasn't asleep. He gently pulled out his hands from the intertwined position and leaned forward to grab the tub of whipped sugar. Your almost felt cold at the lost contact and immediately regretted asking him to get you the ice cream.

And now you were eating the ice cream and couldn't even ask him to hold your hand again or even look at him because you were embarrassed that your mind was a huge turmoil all because of a small lost contact.
It was an hour later, the first movie had ended and Yuta kept barging in on your mind with thoughts of could-have-beens and what-ifs.
It was unfair how peacefully he was sleeping, his neck twisted in an uncomfortable position still none the less, looking effortlessly gorgeous. You got up from your seat and fixed his position and looked around to the boys all toppled on top of each other.
Jaehyun was sleeping with his arms folded, head leaning on Taeyong's shoulder while Johnny had completely passed out on the sofa on which Jaehyun, Taeyong and Donghyuck were leaning on. The rest were also asleep and in the most complicated ways for you to fix it.
You left the lounge to work on your assignments before sleep got to you. As soon as you sat on the chair, Yuta, in his navy blue sweatshirt, came to your side, dragging his slides, rubbing his eyes while yawning.
He leaned on your study table at first and then hopped on to it with him facing you as you sat on a chair facing him.
You slid your text books with your arm to make space for him to lean his hands comfortably.
"Yuta, go sleep properly, my bed is free, I have some work to do," you looked down to your text book, mindlessly flipping through the pages despite the page flags on each chapter, how is it humanly possible to look this good no matter what time it is.
Yuta lips slightly curved up to a smirk as he noticed you staring at him, "Not getting in your bed unless you're there with me." He shrugged, earning a light hit from you on his arm.
"Quit being a flirt, Yuta, that shit-talking side of yours works only on those cheerios and girls with blonde dyed hair," you deadpanned finally gaining enough composure to find the question set you were looking for.
"Then what works for you, Lil Miss Perfect? Drop some hints, will you?" You wanted so bad to wipe that little smirk off his face.
You made a mental note to rant to Taeyong about how this is all his fault for choosing to watch the Twilight Saga, it being responsible for the way Yuta is acting - uncontrollably hot and subtly flirty, what a Cullen pull.
"What works for me is you going to sleep, block head, are you okay, do you want me to knock you out to sleep? You're distracting me here," You said as you started reading the small essay in a whisper, not daring to look up to meet his eyes.
You could feel Yuta's stare burning a hole through your head, you finished reading the passage and finally looked up to see him staring at you, completely and in full focus, his curled lashes fluttering when he noticed the eye contact, cheeks- evidently a light cherry blossom shade. Why the heck was Yuta blushing?
"Why, why are you blushing?" You tone went up on the last word emphasizing the question. Yuta looked away quickly and smiled at you, it took a little more energy today to hold yourself back from holding his cheeks and planting a small kiss on that pretty face.

"Just wondering why it took so long for me to finally be brave enough to face the truth, to know why and find the one answer to all my questions."
You furrowed your brows,"And what is the answer to your mysterious questions, Mister Nakamoto? And how does that relate to you burning a hole in my head with your eyes and-"
"I'm sorry, Y/N," Yuta spoke before leaning down and trapping you in a kiss, he brought his hands to gently hold your jawline to get better access of your lips. You couldn't respond and sat there wide-eyes while your dream was literally unfolding infront of you, Nakamoto Yuta was kissing Y/N, how is this not just a dream?
Lost in thoughts but Yuta thought he made the biggest mistake kissing his best friend, he hadn't even drunk any alcohol to blame it on the alcohol, he wasn't sleepy at all from the way he was speaking perfectly fine before. Shit, he internally cursed as he released your lips and backed away to face you.
He bit his lips a little and was about to apologize you for it and ask you to forget about what he just did and to be back to being best friends and only friends which even to Yuta himself was too much to ask for.
You smiled at his hesitant face and thanked the great Cullens for sudden push and confidence, "Well I'm sorry too, Yuta," you stood up from your chair and the next minute, your lips was moving in sync with his, Yuta smiled into the kiss. You imagined it so many times in your head but this, right now, was so much better, it felt celestial.
The entire world was spinning. The way his lashes tickled your cheeks when he leaned in was way better than just looking at it. His hands travel down to your waist and pull you closer.
And when he pulls away, the feeling of his lips lingering on yours drives you in a frenzy of feelings.
Yuta licks his lips, smiling a satisfied smile fighting the pink that blossomed across his features, still a bit shaky from the kiss says,"You. The answer to all my questions."
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vampiestudies · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
nov 29 // fall 2021
happy Hanukkah! i’m back on campus for the next two weeks for finals, and im already back at the library working. I have one final this semester in my astronomy class, and I’m not exaggerating when I say its literal hell. I’m going to be living here for the next two weeks to get prepared.
things i did today:
• english website
• chart your course project + extra credit
• revised my research proposal
• CGS2060 powerpoint in practice
• project 4 second draft
CARE HOURS (dec 3rd) - 81/100 (5 today)
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reikialw · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Welcome December!! 🎅🏿🎅🎅🏽
So, this is my college Notion page in this start of semester. I'm feeling more motivated and organized now, I was testing so many templates and created a dashboard to college, personal life, media lists and my code space. I'm very happy with the results and I hope stay motivated until the end with this organization system.
About other things, in these days I was watching The King's Affection drama (I'm just obsessed with it), falling in love with the HOME music from BTS and trying to rest more in my freetime. Also, I was thinking about start to do some study vlogs on Youtube and start to do some code challenge or "days of productivity" challenge. I'm just thinking about it, but I hope be able to trully start it.
Hope you all are well! ❤️
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weaver-z · 2 days ago
I wrote a profile about a trans woman who works in my college town's gay bookstore for my final news writing class assignment and got the highest grade anyone in the class has gotten on any assignment this semester. Everyone thank the kindly trans women who make the tasty coffee. o7
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strugglingyetvibing · 2 days ago
hey pals i was wondering if anyone knew how to get 1080p clips from sites like netflix and disney plus? i need some visual clips for a school project and i know that i can do it but i don’t know how and i don’t wanna accidentally download a virus or something
also any tips on how to get clips from dvds would be fantastic as well please and thank you
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chaucers · 2 days ago
as the holidays approach, just a gentle reminder (for myself included) that it's okay to take a break from your studies. this time should be spent with family and friends, not worrying about your work ♡
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likeshestoleit · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
it has been embarrassingly long since I’ve posted- let’s just say the semester really picked up!
for now- I put up the christmas tree (including a teeny one on my kitchen table) and am depending on them for joy as I try to decipher this paper. Seriously, I might scream.
But wooo for christmas!
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foresteronthecoast · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A blue heron (Ardea herodias) and an eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) at the edge of the dunes! One of them I stumbled upon, and the other I had to hike for..
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mydadisdracula · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
NEW MDiD 📝 *Bonus Panel* BELOW 👇 ⬇️ Support Dad on Patreon & collaborate with me on a MDiD comic of your own! Tap that link and let’s draw! ⬇️
Bonus Panel
Tumblr media
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