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Tumblr media
“you’ve encountered [this spell] before” (forced truth) + dorian’s tendency to drink/make rash decisions when he shares more than he’d like = This
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Caught in the Fire 26 - Damage Control [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
A.N: Thank you so much for your wonderful support my loves ❤ Here’s the new chapter, I hope you like it and please don’t forget to tell me what you think of it! kisses!❤
Pairing: Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
Summary: It all becomes clear in the morning.
Warnings: Violence, death, crime, explicit language, dysfunctional relationships, drinking, kidnapping, mentions of sex, murder, blood. This is an AU, friendly reminder that I don’t condone any of the actions depicted on this story and please read with care.
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
The road back home was completely silent.
It wasn’t that you expected to have small talk right after you had blown someone’s brains out, but you figured you would at least feel guilty, or at least the haze in your mind would disappear but there was no such luck.
There was no trace of any second thoughts in your mind, and you didn’t feel bad at all for killing him.
Bucky kept stealing glances at you as if he was waiting for you to break down crying but the thought itself felt so foreign that you couldn’t even bring yourself to entertain the idea. You followed him upstairs to his apartment in complete silence, and as soon as he opened the door and Becca entered your sight, she gasped at the dried blood on your face. She turned to Bucky, her jaw hanging open before she pulled herself together.
“I’m not going to ask, I don’t want to know,” she murmured, “Um—Emma is still asleep but she shouldn’t…see you like this, just in case.”
You bit inside your cheek and nodded, then walked past her into the apartment. After ascending the stairs to get to the bathroom and closing the door behind you, you raised your brows at the sight of your reflection on the full mirror.
No wonder Becca had gasped.
Your eyes were bloodshot, dried drops of Brock’s blood that had splattered over you were all over your face and the dark shadows under your eyes made it look like you hadn’t slept in-
Oh. You hadn’t slept in almost 24 hours.
You reached out to the soap dispenser but your hands were shaking so badly that you accidentally knocked it over instead of getting the soap in your palm.
“Shit!” you hissed in a breath and heard a knock on the door.
“Can I come in?”
“Uh…yeah,” you said, still keeping your hands under the running water and he opened the door, then stepped in. You turned your head as he closed the door behind him, and you scoffed.
“Stop looking at me like that.”
“Like what?”
You splashed some water on your face and rubbed your cheek, but it wasn’t enough.
“Like I’m going to start screaming,” you said, reaching out to grab a towel but it slipped from your weak grasp, making you grit your teeth.
“Shaking is normal,” Bucky murmured, “Let me.”
He grabbed another towel and ran it under the water, then raised it to your face and gently started wiping at the dried blood. You crossed your arms, leaning back to the counter.
“I don’t think you’re going to start screaming,” he said, making you raise your brows.
“No, but I remember how it felt,” he said, “The first time.”
“I’m not sixteen, though.”
His eyes snapped to yours and you scoffed a bitter laugh.
“You still don’t know that I know?” you asked. “I’ve known all along, Buck. You showed up out of nowhere that night, kept shivering and talking in your sleep. And the next morning you went on a three day bender.”
Bucky lowered the towel to run it under the water again before squeezing it to get out of the excess water and wiped at your forehead.
“You didn’t have to do that,” he murmured. “I would’ve killed him for you.”
You knew this was supposed to make you feel frightened, or at least you were supposed to disapprove it but the only thing it did was to send a pleasant warmth through your system. It was too much, this whole night was too much and it hardly felt real and having him this close—
It wasn’t helping you to think straight.
“You’d do that?”
A humorless chuckle escaped from his lips.
“I would kill the whole world for you,” he said, lowering the towel to put it on the counter, that intense light shining in his eyes. “You know that.”
You knew he was lying, he had to be lying after that terrible break up and everything he had said, to you, but at this point, you were way too out of it to care. You needed a distraction, you needed safety, you needed—
Him. You needed him.
You reached out to rake your fingernails over the nape of his neck before you stood on your tiptoes and brushed your lips against his. You could swear his breath had hitched in his throat and he closed his eyes for a moment.
“Peaches,” he murmured, “We…we can’t.”
A small smile pulled at your lips as you looked up at him.
“Yes we can,” you whispered, “Who’s going to stop us, Buck?”
That seemed to be enough for him as he let out a breath, then locked his lips to yours and lifted you up so that you could wrap your legs around his waist as he carried you to the bedroom.
The clattering of plates along with Emma’s excited voice made you snap out of your sleep as you opened your eyes with a gasp. The spot beside you was empty, and sure enough, Bucky answering to whatever it was that Emma was asking him reached your ears, making you close your eyes again.
Last night had actually happened.
You dug your palms into your eyes, slipping a little in the bed, silk sheets sliding off your naked body before you groaned and lowered your hands to fix your gaze on the ceiling, trying to gather your thoughts together.
You were officially at the rock bottom, sleeping with the guy who had dumped you quite brutally.
You cursed at yourself in your head before you sat up in the bed and got into your clothes from last night, trying to repress the anger boiling inside you. You didn’t even know who you were angry at, but you were angry at someone and you needed to get out of here as soon as possible.
You zipped up your dress and took a look at the mirror, then fixed your hair and opened the door to walk out of the bedroom. Your heart was pounding in your chest but you bit inside your cheek and made your way downstairs.
“Okay next question, next question!” Emma jumped up and down, neither her nor Bucky had noticed your presence yet. Bucky was busy behind the counter with a plate and Emma was on the other side of the counter, dangling her legs from the chair she was currently sitting on, her face covered in syrup. Alpine was in her lap and she looked as grumpy as a cat could look as Emma petted her.
“If you could have an elephant or a giraffe as a pet, which would you choose?”
Bucky hummed, “An elephant.”
“Smashing things around.”
“I’d pick a giraffe because they’re the tallest animals in the world, did you know that?”
Bucky grinned, “Nope! Are they really?”
“Yes! They can be like….as tall as buildings— Y/N!” Emma was distracted as soon as she saw you and Alpine jumped from her lap before Emma ran to you.
“I missed you!” she squealed as you hugged her tight, then kissed her head.
“Hey there.” You said and straightened your back, stealing a look at Bucky. “Uh…hi.”
“Hey sleepyhead,” Bucky smiled, “We wanted to wait for you but Emma was hungry. We ordered pancakes and waffles because she wanted both.”
You shifted your weight and cleared your throat.
“Em, go and wash your face upstairs please, we’re leaving.”
“Yeah now,” you said and she pouted, then heaved a sigh and stomped her way upstairs. You crossed your arms, leaning back to the wall as Bucky raised his brows.
“You don’t have to go, she was having breakfast. You should too.”
“We can have breakfast at home,” you said. “Thank you.”
He tilted his head, watching you silently and you clicked your tongue.
“And thank you for, you know…” you trailed off. “For getting her back.”
“Hey, she’s our secret kid, remember?”
“She’s not yours anymore Bucky, she’s just mine,” you pointed out, your voice raspy. “You were temporary, she knows that. Don’t worry, she’s used to it.”
That seemed to make him go silent for a moment before he took a deep breath.
“Listen, can we meet tonight? I need to talk to you.”
You shook your head. “No, I’m busy.”
“I told you not to call me that,” you said. “And we can’t meet tonight, I have plans with Alex.”
His head shot up and he stared at you for a couple of seconds.
“Are you serious?” he asked. “You’re just going to go back to that asshole like I wasn’t inside of you last night?”
You arched a brow, keeping your gaze on him until a guilty look crossed his face, making him shift his weight.
“Do you feel better now?” you asked, your tone way too calm and he swallowed thickly.
“I didn’t mean…” he trailed off. “Listen, last night—”
“Let’s just not pretend last night was anything more than a mistake for either of us,” you said and he shook his head.
“It wasn’t a mistake for me.”
“No?” you asked. “Oh, okay. So you saw me shoot someone in the head and now you want to fuck me some more, is that it?”
“Don’t say it like that—”
“Why not? You’ve just said it like that.”
He ran a hand over his face. “When can I see you?” he asked, “Alone.”
“This is not going to happen again,” you said, motioning between you. “And honestly, Bucky? I don’t really want to talk to you, alone or with people around. I have nothing left to say to you after you fucking ripped my heart out.”
The door upstairs opened and Emma rushed downstairs, skipping on her steps.
“I’m ready!”
“Great,” you said and took her hand. “Say goodbye to Bucky.”
“Bye Bucky!”
Bucky managed to offer her a small smile. “Bye sweetheart.”
You walked out of the apartment with Emma beside you and it was only when you got in the elevator, she looked up at you.
“Yes honey?”
“So when can I see the ponies?”
After having a phone call with Emma’s hysterical camp advisor and ensuring her she was with you and your father had picked her up last night without letting them know because of a family emergency, you took Emma to your place so that you could have a much needed shower and she could play with her dollhouse. You still weren’t ready to let her off your sight, and she had missed you too much so she didn’t even question why.
You guessed it was a good thing that she didn’t know she was kidnapped.
“So okay, repeat that for me,” you said as you opened the door and Emma heaved a dramatic sigh.
“I won’t go anywhere with anyone who is not you, or daddy.”
“Even if..?”
“Even if they say they’re your friends,” she said. “But I don’t understand, why can’t I?”
“Because it’s not safe,” you said as you both walked inside. She looked up at you as she sat down in front of the doll house.
“Um…is Bucky your boyfriend again?”
You frowned. “Why?”
“Because we stayed there last night,” she said. “And he got me waffles and pancakes just because I wanted! If he’s your boyfriend, can you please tell him to bring Alpine the next time he comes here? Because—“
“Em, he’s not my boyfriend,” you cut her off and her face fell, making your stomach flip.
“Oh,” she pouted. “Okay.”
“Sorry kiddo.”
“You won’t get together again?”
You heaved a sigh and sat beside her, then shook your head.
“Nope. We won’t get together again.”
“But why not?” she asked. “Did he do that bad thing David did?”
You let out a small laugh. “No.”
“Then why?”
“Because…” you trailed off, “We’re not good together. Does that make sense?”
She scrunched up her nose, then shook her head. You nibbled on your lip, trying to find the right words.
“Sometimes,” you started, “when grown-ups are together, they realize that they’re not right for each other. It’s no one’s fault.”
Emma’s frown deepened. “But he loved you. And you loved him.”
You swallowed thickly and nodded.
“Yeah,” you said. “Yeah, I did.”
“Do you not love him anymore?”
“I don’t know,” you admitted. “Here’s the thing though, when you’re with someone, love is very important, but it’s not the only important thing. There is a bunch of other stuff to keep in mind, and Bucky and I realized that what we wanted for our future was different and we were better as friends. You understand that, right?”
She nodded. “Like AJ and I want to be sea scientists together, and my other friend Tommy doesn’t want to be a sea scientist, but he’s still my friend.”
“Exactly like that,” you said and pressed a kiss on her head. “I’m gonna take a shower, don’t open the door even if the doorbell rings, okay?”
You stood up to walk to the shower and closed the door behind you. You turned the water on and took off your dress but as soon as you did, that small stain of blood on the neckline caught your attention and you stared at it for a couple of seconds.
It came out of nowhere. One minute you were staring at the dress in your hand and the next, the breath was knocked off of you, the weight of what had happened last night crashing down on you in full force. You pressed your palms on your mouth to muffle the sound as you slipped down the wall you were leaning against, then curled up on the bathroom floor, sobs rocking your body, making it hard for you to breathe.
Eventually you had managed to calm down.
You had to. You knew you had to, as much as staying in the bathroom and crying your eyes out and having an existential crisis over the murder you had just committed sounded like a better idea, your sister whom you had committed the said murder for was playing outside with her dolls so it didn’t give you so much time to have a breakdown.
So you did what you had done when your mother had left.
You cried, you took a shower and you stepped outside like nothing had happened.
“Jesus Christ, I’ve been trying to reach you!” Josh said as soon as you walked into the bakery with Emma following you suit. “Hey, I thought—“
“Change of plans,” you answered his question before he could even ask. “Em, stay with Josh until I get back, okay?”
“Okay!” she called out, already perched on one of the chairs as she took out her drawing book and you turned to Josh.
“Keep an eye on her?”
“Sure, where are you going?”
“I need a cigarette, I don’t want her to see.”
“…You don’t smoke.”
“Desperate times,” you murmured but before Josh could answer, his eyes caught the sight of someone over your shoulder as the wind bells chimed. You turned your head to see Alex walk in and Emma waved at him.
“Hi Mr. Lewis!”
“Hi Emma,” Alex said and stole a look at you. “I thought-“
“Long story,” you said, “Um, I have this thing I have to do in the backyard, you can come with if you like.”
“Sure,” he said and followed you to the backyard. You sat down on the steps, grabbing the cigarette pack you had just bought from the store before you lit one and Alex tilted his head.
“I didn’t know you smoked.”
“I don’t,” you said as you exhaled the smoke and he scoffed a laugh.
“No? So I’m imagining this whole thing?”
You shrugged your shoulders. “Bad influence,” you murmured. “I do when I’m stressed.”
“Is everything okay?”
“Nope,” you said as you took another drag and watched the smoke trail in the air, “Not really.”
“You’re not going to tell me, are you?”
You shook your head, turning the cigarette between your fingers. He heaved a sigh, leaning back to the wall.
“I can’t – meet with you tonight,” you managed to say. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to bail on you at the last minute but um… it’s a family thing.”
“Of course, no I mean—“ he said quickly, “Don’t worry about it. Is there anything I can do to help?”
You shook your head, keeping your gaze on the smoke.
“You know you can tell me anything, Y/N.”
You scoffed a bitter laugh, then cleared your throat.
“I realized something last night,” you murmured and he sat on the other step, looking at you.
“Oh? What is it?”
“Bucky was right.”
His brows pulled into a frown. “What?”
 “It’s not going to go away,” you murmured. “There was this one time he told me, if it didn’t go away for almost a decade it was there to stay. I mean granted it’s not right on his part but I think on my part… I don’t think I’m ever going to get over that relationship.”
“Y/N, of course you will—“
“No,” you said. “You don’t get it. I’m not talking about never being with someone, of course I will be with someone. I’m not going to mourn after that asshole forever but…” you trailed off and he took a deep breath.
“It’s still new,” he said. “This whole break up.”
“That’s not the problem, Alex.”
“It is,” he said softly. “It’ll take time but you’ll see.”
“I don’t think you understand.”
“Why don’t you explain it to me then?” he asked. “We can have a solution together.”
“There’s no solution,” you said, shrugging your shoulders. “It’s just, no matter how much I hate him, no matter how terribly he broke my heart, he’s still the only person—” you stopped yourself and a sad smile appeared on Alex’s lips.
“He’s still the only person you see yourself with?”
“I don’t see myself with him.”
“It’s worse than that,” you said. “He’s not the person I see myself with, but he’s the person I turn to when something bad happens.”
Alex swallowed thickly. “It’s not going to last forever.”
You turned the cigarette between your fingers.
“I think it will,” you said. “I think we messed each other up so badly that it’s here to stay. It’s never going to go away, this whole thing—“ your voice cracked but you cleared your throat, biting inside your cheek to get a grip.
“I’m—I’m fucked up, Alex.”
“Hey,” he pushed your shoulder with his in an attempt to cheer you up. “You look fine to me.”
A hysterical burst of laughter escaped from your lips and you sniffled, then took one last drag before you exhaled the smoke.
“I’m not though,” you managed to murmur as you kept your gaze on the smoke, the lump in your throat making it harder for you to swallow. “I’m really not fine.”
Chapter 27
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technothefruit · a year ago
piglin techno confusing the fuck out of ranboo hcs
i jus be doin some shit sometimes n then my brain is like ‘hey think a this’ and i been tryin to type this out but my internet is so bad rn i couldnt even Open a new post what the fuck. anywayss. this ran so long. so fucking long
started with ‘i wonder how piglins act’ and now technoblade is doin some shit, ranboo is so confused, and philza is a delighted bystander who is having the time of his life
technoblade is 100% piglin. many people think he’s part human to some degree but hes Completely and Utterly piglin
most assume as much since he doesnt begin to rot in the overworld. but short answer; he’s Built Different
long answer is a blessing of the bloodgod but shhhhhh
techno never corrects anyone or talks about being piglin or Anything. he just doesnt care what other people think and assume. the only one who Knows is phil
phil had first thought it was out of some sort of shame or desire to Hide it but. yeah. no. techno jus doesnt care. build; different
although more Notable piglin traits come to like if he’s close to people
piglins are both social and anti social. kinda. they can be hugely independent, do well without ‘proper’ socialization for a Long while. but they group together for Lifetimes. once piglins find a family or friends and expend Full trust to them. its all or nothing you Cant break them up
how tommy betrayed and turned his back on techno just. its like a physical pain. once he trusted and respected him, the mere Idea of betrayal was nowhere in question. it never occurred to him
philza is now the only person that techno consciously and subconsciously considers him a part of his ‘pack’ (i cant figure out a better term but that one doesnt Fit)
techno never realizes when he acts piglin traits out towards those he trusts. he never does so in company outside of what he considers family. philza notices though.
phil tends to study and research other races and cultures a lot. he’s been around a long while, has met many people of all different backgrounds. he likes knowing and understanding what he can. its just fun too.
it mostly started when he first met techno because he wanted to figure out what the FUCK techno was doing without asking and therefore embarrassing him
but phil knows techno well. and he knows piglins well enough. and he Knows techno doesnt ever seem to be self aware of his more inhuman habits
but Phil knows. and he Notices when techno starts to consider ranboo a part of the pack
First, it’s gifts.
surprisingly, its ranboo giving techno the axe first
he wasnt there to see it. but phil might as well have been present, considering how Horrifically in depth techno ‘ranted’ to him bout it
but techno reciprocates it and Then he really starts to notice more and more
first, it was giving the enchanted apple to ranboo. sure it Technically had been swiped by techno out from under ranboo but it was still Something. techno wasnt one to give up valuables easily
then techno starts ‘complaining’ about ranboos living area. and his eating habits. phil looks away when techno smuggles golden carrots into ranboo’s shack 
eventually technoblade is crafting ranboo a cloak to match their own and he’s freaking out about ranboo’s height and his dimensions and how much cloth he’ll need but he refuses to ask ranboo and phil is holding his head in his hands
(phil forces techno to gift him the cloak in person rather than stash it under his pillow and run like he’d planned. techno bitched about it but after ranboo practically lit up, burying himself in the cloak and thanking techno so hard his throat mustve hurt, techno was so practically purring the rest of the day)
after gifts, its noises. 
techno is seemingly silent. he doesnt speak up much, moves so quietly people tend to jump when he appears. 
in reality, he talks to himself constantly. either when alone or when in phil’s company. philza knows that aspect is the ‘voices’, and also just technoblade’s tendency to fill the silence and wonder his own thoughts aloud
but the snorts, squeels, grumbles, and other sounds he makes without realizing are some phil knows are piglin
its often guttural, a noise he makes in the back of his throat that rumbles and reverberates through his bones. 
itd sound terrifying to anyone, but after years of techno trilling deep when phil enters a room, when he returns from some sort of journey, when he says hello or makes his presence known in anyway, phil realized its more like a greeting. excitement to see him. it became something sweet
long story short ranboo nearly jumped so high his head went through the ceiling when he’d first walked into the home, said hello, and some gruff purr sounded from the techno’s chest
theyd both jumped so hard, stared at each other as if they were trying to figure out what was wrong with the other 
phil was physically pained as he held back his laughter to the point he was crying. that changed the subject to him quickly
it didnt happen again for a while, but phil didnt say anything and just watched. it was too entertaining
techno would make his small squeals between breaths when he remembered something, muttered to himself, snorted and huffed even as ranboo was around
ranboo got used to it. he stopped jumping or even looking confused when techno trilled some sort of deep purr when ranboo would join them for dinner
lastly, techno was tactile
or, as tactile as he could be. techno wasnt touchy even on a great day. he was selective, reserved, would lean into phil or loop an arm over his shoulders but would never say anything about it
phil didnt question it and would just pat techno on the arm without saying a word
but. sometimes. when phil would be gone for a long time, techno would rest the entire weight of his head on phil’s shoulder, practically encapturing him, rumbling and grumbling so harsh it shook phil’s whole body
phil still wasnt certain on this one. he couldnt find much in the way of what it meant. piglin’s tended to stay with their own, and they never reunited after long periods of time because they never would dare to separate for long
 he was kind of guessing here, but the way techno would drop his shoulders and practically melt made phil think he was just missing him and wanted to confirm phil’s presence. 
it wasnt like he complained. it was sweet
ranboo had been gone a while. he was vague on why, or where. phil had a suspicion or two but ranboo kept a lot of secrets
neither techno or phil pried too far, but phil could tell it was disconcerting to techno. he was tense and kept himself almost deathly busy for two weeks
(piglin rarely if ever kept secrets from one another, phil had read once. omitting a few things here and there, maybe. but lying or deception was out of the question)
phil hadn’t been there when ranboo returned. he’d been gathering firewood after techno was insistent they completely top up all of ranboo’s stores
he’d heard the muffled growls techno made as he walked towards ranboos shack, before even seeing him. 
when phil found them techno had ranboo nearly completely obscured in his cape, and definitely he’d have been out of sight if he was any shorter. 
techno’s head was lofted heavy in the crook of ranboo’s neck, forcing ranboo to hunch with arms wrapped tight around ranboo. his arms were pinned. 
ranboo caught his eyes, looking so scattered and tired and confused and maybe even terrified. he might have spoken or maybe he just mouthed ‘help me’ but the gruff purr-like sound techno made was too loud to hear him anyways
philza shoved his fist in his mouth to keep from laughing
later that night ranboo asked phil if techno was going to kill him. phil wanted to scream
even later then, techno had admitted to phil that, yeah, okay, maybe ranboo was growing on him. phil had never felt so violent
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nightowlfandom · 9 months ago
Ayato Sakamaki- My Only Human
Can I make a request from your x -rated prompts. 36, 40, 57 , With Ayato Sakamaki. >.< if you can.
Idea: Maybe the reader, catches a student at the night school flirting and touching him, but when she thought he would shove her off, he doesn't. She gets super mad at him and doesnt talk to him the rest of the day until he comes in her room after school demanding to the what the readers problem is, and it leads to some rough sexy time??
If you cant thats fine >.<
36- That’s it, grab my hair. Yank it, pull me back into your pussy.
40- How do you ride me so good? God damn, you’re gonna break me!
57- Fuck! You’re mine. You’re fucking mine and I’m fucking yours.
“Yui, question.” you walked through the halls with your favorite adoptive-cousin. 
“Y/N, Answer!” she giggled in reply. “What’s up?”
“I needed help! Me and this math thing is not a thing.” you glared down at your folder.
“18, 42, 6.9 and X=17.” she instantly filled in the blanks to the questions you hadn’t answered.
“Have I ever told you I loved you?” you faked crying.
“Only always.” she shrugged. “I see the boys beat us here.” she mused, noticing the Sakamaki AND the Mukami brothers in the respective groups by the lockers, right across from each-other.
“Always beating us here, but never offering to drop us off...assholes.”
“Aren’t you the one insisting on Ayato and you arriving at different times?” she raised a brow as you two slowed down in pace.
“I told it it would be better if I arrived a little bit after him after his gaggling fans dispersed.” you half-shrugged. “The last thing I need are his fangirls trying me.” you rolled your eyes.
“Like that girl flirting with Ayato?”
“Exactly...Wait WHAT?” 
Yui pointed in the direction of the Sakamaki brothers. A girl was standing in front of him. Holding her books to her chest with one hand while twirling strands of her hair in another. 
“Julia.” you growled. “She always does this!” you motioned to how ridiculous it was that she always flirted with one of the Sakamaki brothers. Especially the one that was TAKEN!
“Ayato won’t let her even touch him!” Yui tried to console you. 
“You know what, you’re right.” you smiled a little. Everyone knew you two were an item. She wouldn’t dare.
“He loves you and he wouldn’t let her-”
You two watched as Ayato put on a flirtatious smile, crossing his arms in amusement as he leaned against the lockers.
“Maybe he won’t even entertain-”
Julia trailed a finger up his arm, laughing like a hyena.
“Maybe he’ll embarrass her?”
You watched as he took her hand, raised it to his mouth and gave her knuckles a short peck.
“Yui I love you, but I’ma need you to stop talking.” your voice kinda cracked. 
You had transferred from day school to night school for him. You had transferred SCHOOLS for him. You dealt with the burden of having to take care of a human girl who was allergic to her own skin (you loved Yui to bits, but damnit if she didn’t get you into trouble all the time) on some days along with dealing with a bunch of perverted, self-important, assholes for him...so why..WHY was he responding to Julia....like he was single.
“I’m going class.” you grumbled. “See you later.”
“Y/N WAIT!” 
Ayato needed to pass his English Lit. Class project, so of course when that Julia girl offered to type his report for him, he couldn’t say no. He had to pretend he wasn’t disgusted by her if he was going to remain in the top 5% of people with an actual brain. Fuck being like the other students.
“Y/N WAIT!” 
“That sounded like Yui.” Reiji commented. They were surprised to see you bolted down the hallway at full speed with Yui on your tail. She skid to a stop to glare at Ayato.
“You’ve really done it this time.” was all she said before she ran off. “Y/N!! COME BACK!”
“Smooth move, moron.” Yuma called from the other side. “Looks like I get to play knight in shining armor.” he winked.
“Ayato~” Julia got his attention, “make sure to meet me in the library so I can give you your essay.”
“Yeah, sure whatever.” Ayato watched at Yui chased you down the hall.
... (Lunchtime/Free Period)
You sat in the courtyard, sadly staring at a sketchbook page You liked to paint or draw school life in the quad. You had started with a sketch of the Sakamaki brothers, but it didn’t feel right.
You’d probably get in trouble, but you just had to draw Yuma Mukami who was sitting by the fountain. You looked up every so often, hoping he didn’t see you. 
“Y/N!” You heard. You turned your head to the side to see Ayato sitting with his brothers. “COME OVER HERE.”
Wordlessly, you grabbed your sketchbook...only to walk to the other side of the quad. You sat at another table, focusing back on your artwork.
“Hey...”A shadow was cast over your work.
“Do you mind?” you grumbled. “You’re blocking my light source.”
“Hm, I was just thinking you’d wanna see the reference up close.”
Your head darted up to see Yuma, standing in front of you. “May I sit.”
“Do whatever you want.” you grumbled. “I don’t care.”
Ayato watched from the other side of the court yard as that smug playful bastard took your sketchbook from in front of you and began flipping through it. Why hadn’t you sat with him today?? That Mukami dickwad had better not touch you.
He watched as Yuma flirted with you, and thankfully you didn’t seem to fall for his charms. Though that half smile you gave when he gave you a flower that had been growing nearby was enough to make him angry. 
“AYATOOOO~” Julia practically threw herself into the spot where you usually sat when you sat with him. “I finished your report!”
“Great. Sure, whatever.” he glared potholes at Yuma.
“So...do you wanna eat lunch together?”
“That’s nice, Maria.”
“It’s Julia...”
“Sure whatever.”
“There’s that smile.” he winked as you looked at the flower. 
“Thanks, I guess.”
“Also, next time you draw me...let’s have it be a nude painting huh?” He winked, getting up.
“Gross.” you scoffed, standing up yourself. “See you in Biology.” you cringed.
“Y/N!” you heard Ayato’s voice call again. Just ignore him...(Read more below the break)
... (Smut warning)
When you got home, you locked yourself in your room. You had told Yui to not bother trying to make you feel better, because it wouldn’t work. You had just finished your homework when-
“Y/N! LET ME IN!” Ayato angrily knocked at the door. When he didn’t hear anything back, he decided that the window would have to suffice. “FINE! YOU LEAVE ME NO CHOICE.”
“Oh shit!” you began to run towards the window, hoping to shut it when Ayato practically appeared out of nowhere with a frown on his face.
“Why have you been ignoring me?” he glowered. When you didn’t answer, he grew more agitated. “Y/N, Don’t make me ask again.” Still nothing. “Y/N, You have three seconds to tell me-”
“Why don’t you ask Julia!” you finally snapped. “You sure seem to like flirting with HER.”
“What? I’d never flirt with that disgusting-”
“SO KISSING HER HAND THIS MORNING WASN’T FLIRTING! Yui and I saw you! She touched your arm and you didn’t even move!” you accused. 
“Y/N, let me explain!”
“YOU DON’T NEED TO! You don’t love me anymore!” you pointed. “So go be with her! Go flirt with her! Go and spend time with her because that all you seemed to be interested in doing today!”
Ayato gasped, he finally realized what Yui had been talking about when she said ‘You really done it this time.’ He hadn’t even realized it, but he had been busy with Julia all day that by the time he got free time. He thought-
“You gonna let me talk now, Human?” he used the pet-name he coined for you. “I don’t love Julia. And I wasn’t flirting with her because I don’t love you.”
“She was doing my English Lit. paper and I had to make her think she was worth my time.” he explained. “She had to think I was actually interested in her or else she’d make a scene. She knew what this exchange was. A litle bit of attention and that A+ was as good as mine. I passed by the way.” he winked.
“S-so, you don’t love her?” you wiped your eyes.
“Of course not! How many times have I told you that my heart only belongs to you?” He asked. “Idiot.” he shook his head with an amused smile. “As if that plain, lowly human could ever compare to my own personal descendant of the goddeses that made this wicked world.” he bit his lip. 
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because I was running out of time. I would have told you, had you sat with me at lunch today.” he rolled his eyes. “...Y/N, please accept my deepest apology. I wouldn’t hurt you...unless you asked.” he wiggled his eyebrows at the last part. “Now come here.”
He grabbed your waist and pulled you towards him, taking you in a long drawn out kiss. He purposefully moaned in your mouth, laughing maniacally through each peck.
“Me, and that disgusting excuse- how laughable.” he began kissing down your neck. “I guess I’ll have to show you that you’re mine and will only ever be mine.” 
“Ayato~” you whimpered. 
“Shush.” he kissed you again. “ Fuck! “ he kept kissing your lips “You’re mine. You’re fucking mine and I’m fucking yours. .” He backed you up towards the bed. “Usually I’d ask you to suck my dick first, but I want everything to be about you.” he made you sit down. “Aww, you didn’t take off your uniform, so I can take your panties off right now.” he smirked.
Had he lost his mind?!?
“Have you lost your mind?!?” your legs shook as your panties were discarded who knew where. 
“I’ve always wanted to defile you while you were wearing it, so you can think of me every single time you put it on. Mmmmff-” he buried his head between your legs, exploring your depths with his tongue.
You took in a sharp breath, instantly arching your back in his favor. Good, that was his invitation to go forward. “Y/N, you taste so fucking good-” he laughed gleefully. “I wanna bite your clit and taste the blood right from your naughty place.” he moaned, lashing his tongue against your heat. 
“Ayato, It feels so-” you mewled. “M-more, please?”
Hearing this, he went feral. He dug his nails into your thighs, sucking harshly at your slit. You had to hold the back of his head to stay vertical, your hands tangled through his lush hair.
“ That’s it, grab my hair. Yank it, pull me back into your pussy-mmm. “ he couldn’t even finish his sentence. He was so hungry that not even a snide comment could leave his lips while he tasted you. He’d never do this with anyone else, love anyone else. He was having too much fun worshipping his beautiful human. 
“Ayato- I’m gonna c-cu-”
“Cum. Let me taste you. Let me feel it against me, let me drive my fangs into your thighs while you cum so you can feel what true ecstasy feels like.” 
You felt yourself unravel, only to feel those fangs dig into your left thigh. “Ungh! Ayato!!” you cried. 
“Fuck, Y/N.” he lapped up your blood. “It tastes even better when you’re cumming.” he bit his lip. “I wanna feel you wrap around me.” he crawled over you, capturing your mouth in a long, messy kiss.
You were surprised when he moved you two so you were straddling him. “Undo my jeans, take what’s yours, Y/N.” he bit his lips. 
You shyly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled then down along with his boxers. You were welcomed by a very obvious hardon. 
His cock slapped against his stomach as it was set free. 
“C-can I, touch?”
“It’s yours.” he winked. “Do whatever you want to me.”
You began stroking him, coaxing a low satisfied moan from your lover. You wanted to be mean and leave him but who were you kidding, you both needed it.
“Is it too forward to ask you to ride my cock?” he asked, biting his lip. “Please?”
He caressed your thighs, coaxing you to slip his dick along the perimeter of your slit. You met his eyes, but could only shyly look away.
“Oh Goooodd-” he sucked in air as his dick slipped inside. You shy rocked your hips, coaxing another moan out of him. His hands rested on your thighs. “Shit, Y/N, Why are you so fucking- Ungh...Shit I can’t take much more.” he thrusted his hips upwards. 
A small gasp hitched in your throat, followed by many as he thrust himself in and out of you. You wanted some sort of control too, so you rolled your hips even more against him. “Shit. Ayato~” you moaned. “Fuuuh-”
“Why would I want anyone else when you’re here with me.” he spoke. “Why would I NEED anyone else!” he growled. “You’re mine! I’m Yours, that’s how to fuck it should be!” he seethed. “Fuck your pussy feels so good.”
He was absolutely right, you didn’t think even washing this uniform would get his essence out of it.
“Shit!!” Ayato threw his head back, moaning like you had never seen him moan before. You didn’t even think he could even make such a face. “Y/N!!! “ he cried. “I fucking love you so much, Fuck, S-shit!! Fuck say it back, please.”
“Ayato,” you felt his cock twitch inside. “I love you-haah-aah!”
“ How do you ride me so good? God damn, you’re gonna break me! “ he cried, digging his nails into your thighs. “Fuck Y/N this is what you to do me!!”
You both were loud, sensitive, and on the brinK of breaking.
“I’m gonna CU---AAAHH FUUCCK!” you felt his warmth spill inside you. You were taken aback by him wrapped a hand around your neck and pulling you down to kiss you abruptly. He moaned loudly into your mouth, crying in euphoria as he bottomed out inside your wetness.
“Y/N!” he cried once more. “Fuck I love you.” his face twisted in pleasure, those usually stern eyebrows going soft. “I fucking love you. My human, My only human~.” he hugged you close.
“Ayato~” you replied just as wantonly. “I love you.” you whimpered.
“Don’t think you’re off the hook for ignoring me today, now it’s my turn to get revenge.” you heard his breathless laugh. “Shall we continue?”
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honeyabyss · a year ago
Mc falling asleep next to them
he had been working nonstop for hours now and the pile of yet to be read and signed documents wasn't getting any smaller
you had been sitting in his study silently working on your own assignments, that was until you've finished them about an hour ago
pacing his room in boredom and looking at the stuff he keeps in his closets (mostly books, records and demonus)
"Could you stop wandering around, you're irritating me!" Lucifer is stressed, annoyed, etc and your sighs, constant footsteps and opening and closing of closet doors, didn't help him to concentrate
you could have left the room and found something else to do, but you were determined to spend some time with him, as the evening work hours are quite literally the only hours where you can be alone with him
so instead you seeked permission for putting on a record to have at least some entertainment, which was both a good and a bad choice at the same time
yes you had something to enjoy and relax to, but the relaxing part worked a little bit too well
after a good ten minutes you were sleeping peacefully, stretched out all over his sofa with no care in the world
"I'm going to take a small break and get some coffee. Do you want something as well?" Lucifer asked only to be met with silence, which he didn't appreciate
he was about scold you for being rude, when his gaze fell on your sleeping form and the words seemed stuck in his throat
how could you sleep so peacefully right next to one of the strongest demons of hell, he honestly didn't know if he was pleased you found comfort in his presence or if he should be annoyed that you don't take him serious enough
nonetheless you seemed to have a good sleep and as this is often near impossible in the House of Lamentation, he decided to let you sleep
he got himself his coffee and once back in his study he moved his workplace to the small coffee table and took a seat next to you on the sofa
he adjusted your form so you weren't hanging half of the edge and put his coat over your sleeping form for some warmth
"Foolish little lamb, letting your guard down in a house of wolves, good thing I'm here to protect you..."
"And then I, the Great Mammon, made an action movie worthy escape and totally didn't run away in a panic, because Lucifer was chasing me..."
he had been telling you how exactly he got into the situation of hanging from the ceiling once again, as you've tried as careful as possible to cut him free, which was harder then expected with the way he kept moving around
once finally free, he dropped onto the ground, whining about the rope burns he got basically all over his body, though demons heal quicker, it still wasn't a nice feeling
with a sigh you offered him your hand and pulled him up and away to your room to give him some of the salve Satan had made you the last time you had accidentally cut yourself while cooking
you sat a flustered Mammon onto your bed while you went ahead and searched through your bathroom cabinets that were filled with products Asmo had gifted you, when you finally found it you asked Mammon to hold still while you put some salve onto his burned skin
"W-what?! N-no way! I don't need your help, I can do that on my own!" and with that Mammon stormed away with your salve and locked himself into your bathroom
you knew better then to argue at this point, Mammon would do what Mammon wants to do...until he fails and seeks protection behind your back...
be it because he is embarrassed, doesn't know how to open the salve tube, or because there were so many rope burns...but Mammon took quite long to apply the crème, leaving you to wait for him for at least half an hour now
helping out Mammon can become quite tiring, not that you mind helping him or don't like being around him, but a nap sounds nice right now
and so you lay down in your bed, it is after all your room, and just because Mammon is currently camping out in your bathroom, doesn't mean that you can't take a nap
Mammon comes out of the bathroom a few minutes later, he probably needed a few more minutes to build up courage to face and thank you, but he is met with the sight of you sleeping on your bed
Mammons brain is working overdrive, trying to figure out if he should leave the room quietly, wake you up or stay and watch over you...then again he doesn't want to be seen as a creep by you, but he can't deny that he would like to stay with you
he carefully climbs into bed and pushes you a bit further in so you sleep on the wall side and don't fall off in case you move, it takes five more minutes until Mammon risks putting his arm around you all while holding his breath in anticipation of your rejection, when none comes he settles a little closer to you and falls asleep as well
"Don't worry my human, the Great Mammon is gonna keep you warm and protected in your sleep!"
Bonus: even though you two fall asleep next to each other with only Mammons arm wrapped around you, expect him to wake up on top of you holding you like your his pillow
it was 5am and Levi and you were currently waiting in line in front of a shop to get your hands on a new limited edition Ruri-Chan figurine
surprisingly enough even though you turned up quite early, there were a good amount of people in front of you
the shop would only open a 9am so you still had a long time to queue in the coldness of the devildom morning
"Ah that is not fair! We planned everything so carefully, it was the perfect timing, why aren't we first in line?" Levi complained while standing on his tiptoes to be able to see and count the demons in front of him, coming to the conclusion that if everyone were to buy one figurine he'd still be able to buy one for himself...and whatever you might want
you weren't the happiest when he told you about his plan a few weeks prior and getting woken up this early you might have been a little slower than usual in getting yourself ready, now that you were here you couldn't help but feel a little guilty
you tried to cheer Levi up with the argument that if you were longer in line that also meant you could spend more time together, which resulted in Levi turning into a blushing but happy mess
you put down the blanket you've brought and made yourself comfortable on it, Levi joining you but looking a bit stiff from the closeness
you ate a breakfast consisting out of sandwiches made with whatever was left after Beels midnight snack, which wasn't much but better than nothing
afterwards as there was still a lot of time to pass you started to play some games on his Switch, trying to stay awake
the emphasis lies on 'trying', because after 2 hours or so you start to fall asleep, eyelids and limbs heavy, you don't have the energy left in you to fight the sleep and so you nod off, your head falling onto Levis shoulder who had been inching closer over the period of time...to be able to better see the Switch display not to be closer to you...
Levi.exe has stopped working
there he sits red as a tomato with Mc sleeping on his shoulder, the queue in front of him starts to pack up and move as the shop gets ready to open up, his Switch display is showing the game over screen, his mind feels fogged over and he has no idea how to react now
Mc just fell asleep and Levi feels guilty to wake them...but they have to move...
"H-hey Mc? T-the line i-is moving? Wake up....please..." his attempts are way to quiet for you to hear and even as he gently shakes your shoulder you do not wake, leaving Levi quiet in a dilemma
"N-no other choice..." he says as he packs up the stuff alone, leaving only you sitting on the cold floor...he can't just leave you here..
Levi turns into his demon form, his hands shaking and eyes flitting across your from and over the crowd of other demons, before he carefully lifts you into his arm, his tail wrapping around you as well for more stabilization, so he has one hand free to carry his shopping bag later
he never bought something faster than that day, he got his figurine and even bought you some anime merch he knew you had stated to like, all while feeling like he was running the worst fever of his life and receiving stares, giggles and smug smiles from way too may people, that was enough attention for at least a century for Levi...but he did like holding you in his arms
"This is not fair! I have to deal with all the embarrassment while you sleep...but I guess it's okay if it's for you..."
Satans last anger fit had caused way more damage than usually, it had taken place in the library when Mammon had tried to steal a very rare book about spells, to sell it after he found out how rare it actually is...now that lead to Satan throwing down and emptying almost all bookshelves and kicking Mammon through the room
While Mammon was strung upside down from the ceiling, Satan was forced to clean up the library alone, but you had pity on him as there were quite a lot to clean up, if Lucifer doesn't find out you helped there will be no consequences
Satans opinion about you helping was split, first of all he was really thankful for the help even though he was at fault for the chaos, having to clean up all alone was a bit much, but on second thought Satan was worried that you tried to go against Lucifers orders, he's proud of you for defying his eldest brother but also feels like it's a stupid idea
but you have made your mind up and so while Satan repairs and stands up the shelves, you begin to put the books in, you might not know the exact way they stood like Satan, but for now getting them off the floor is the priority
there aren't many words spoken as you silently work away, only once in a while you point out a book which got a bit more damage, the cover hanging off loosely or a few pages ripped out, you two decide depending on the damage if it can be fixed or not
every now and then Satan asks you to hold a piece of a shelf together while he fixes it, he is surprisingly fast and knows exactly how to repair it...just as if he had to do it more than once in a while...
"Oh Mc? Can you give me the screwdriver? No no that one, the one with the cross head is what I need..." you had no idea there were so many different tools, and wouldn't be the slotted one sufficient if you just angled it right? Satan just laughs and let's you try it for yourself, only for you to fail, he then shows you how to do it correctly guiding you through fixing your first shelf
"The last shelf is standing again, I'll help you with the book now." Satan pointed out, a small ray of hope now that only the books were left, you didn't reply, which honestly wasn't really necessary, but a small affirming noise would have been nice, so Satan tries to keep the 'conversation' going, while he works on the books with his back turned to you
"...you're still ignoring me? Are you angry at me for making such a mess? You know you didn't have to help...you can go, no need to act like all high and mighty!" he was getting angry again, yes he did make a mess, but he didn't do anything to you! Had he? He couldn't remember, but humans might interpret actions and words differently…he didn't want you to be mad at him, and neither did he want to get angry at you, but with you ignoring him it became quite difficult to keep his voice low
having enough and wanting to make up before it gets worse, he makes his way over to you, who was leaning against a shelf with a book in your hand
as he sits down next to you and turns your body to him through a guiding hand on your shoulder, he startles, you fell asleep in a sitting position? That sounds more like something Belphie would do...Isn't that uncomfortable?
You must have been exhausted after filling up three shelves of books and fell asleep midway on your fourth shelf, Satan chuckles amused and relieved you aren't mad at him but simply sleeping
He picks you up and brings you to your room where he lies you down in your bed, covering you with the blanket and hesitantly stroking your hair before going back to cleaning up the library
"Thank you for being so patient with me and helping me! You can rest now and I'll make it up to you later!"
Bonus: he will most definitely take you out on a date of your choice, even if he doesn't enjoy the idea as much as you
Asmo had taken you out shopping, as he claimed his wardrobe was not having the right clothes anymore so he had to get new ones fast
he had dragged you through town for the whole day and you two only returned home late in the afternoon, you completely exhausted and ready to drop in your bed, while Asmo while being slightly tired, still insisted on putting on all the clothes and showing them off to you and his followers on Devilgram
he entrusted you with his D.D.D to take some nice amazing shots of him to gain even more followers, though that seemed impossible as it already felt as if the whole population of hell was already subscribed to his account
but as long as all you had to do was hold the D.D.D up and click the screen for a picture, you were fine, you sat down on Asmos bed trying not to disturb the bags of clothes that lay there as well
Asmos screen lit up nearly every few seconds with a new message, how did this man not get crazy with all the message?! And he must check them all, because whenever you write him, he is on and writing back instantly...maybe you should steal his D.D.D from time to time to get him away from it...
While Asmo was changing into new clothes in the bathroom, you could hear him humming a happy tune, clearly in his element and enjoying his time, which made you happy as well, but the exhaustion was still plaguing you and the bed felt unbelievably comfy and on top of that the humming of Asmo was slowly lulling you into sleep
"Oooh Mc~ I especially like this top! Just look how nicely it fits, it shows of my best parts, which are all of me haha...hey Mc?~ Look at me!" Asmo pouted as you stayed put on his bed, and climbed over your form, already expecting you to start pushing him off, only to get concerned when you don't
then he sees your eyes are closed and you seem to be peacefully asleep, he instantly coos at your sweet sleeping expression, the back of his hand caresses you cheeks softly, but you don't react much besides moving a bit into am ore comfy position
Asmo backs off and begins to put down his bags, then he tucks you under his covers and climbs right in with you, pulling you close so that you lie on his chest, his arms encircling you to keep you put
the pictures for Devilgram are forgotten for now, they're not running away anyway, you two can continue another time, but for a beauty nap sounds good
"Oh Mc! You look so cute when you're sleeping...next time tell me you need a break, I'm happy to cuddle you while you're recovering!"
you had decided to stay a bit longer at RAD today, because you still had something to discuss with one of the teacher, as well as doing some research for an essay that was due next week
most of the brothers had already left for home or different work related activities, except Beel who had Fangol practice today after school, and as you were not allowed to walk around the Devildom without someone accompanying you for protection, all that was left for you was to wait for Beel to finish his practice, which usually took place for about two hours
you sat down on one of the benches at the side of the field, waving to Beel so he knew you where you were and could keep an eye on you
you worked away on your homework and checked you D.D.D from time to time replying to all the messages you got
the practice seemed to be still not finished even after two hours had passed and you were getting a bit tired from sitting around, but you also couldn't just wander off, Beel might start worry...plus the risk of running into a less friendly demon was still a thing
so you shifted from one position into another not really being able to get comfortable on the hard wooden bench
the ground seemed to be comfier with every minute passing, and so you lay down ignoring the weird looks of the team and trainers, you're body simply wasn't made to sit on this bench longer than necessary
"Here you can wrap yourself in this...it's getting cold. Training is almost over, just hold out a few more minutes!" Beel came over and gave you his jacket and you quickly put it on revelling in his warmth
but here is the problem the jacket made you feel so comfortable that you fell asleep, right on the floor next to a few dozen demons
"We're finished! I'm hungry, let's go get something to eat, any wishes what you want?" Beel was packing his stuff and rambling on about how he could eat at least one year worth of food, training having starved him quite a lot
but when you didn't respond he grew worried and kneeled down next to you, gently resting his hand on your side, he simply laughed when he saw you fell asleep, he is used to it due to Belphie, so he carefully picks you up and carries you home, deciding to order food once there
just Beel giving you a piggy back home, softly smiling to himself and being happy you've come to be so at ease around demons..still at bit worried, but he'll protect you, no worries
"I'll stay by your side until you wake up...and then we can eat lots of good food...please just don't sleep too long or I might have to eat before you wake up."
so there he was, sleeping, on your bed, in your room, without an invitation...and honestly it wasn't even a surprise anymore, coming home after a work shift at Hell's Kitchen and just wanting to sleep, but no there was no space for you on the bed
I have no idea how, but he manages to occupy the whole bed, and hog blanket and pillows to himself as well
if only he was easy to wake, just to tell him to move over, but no he wouldn't wake up unless you pulled the big guns and nobody wants to face the consequences after one dumped water bottle on his head, it would be a hundred times easier and less dangerous to wake Satan
but you were really tired and just wanted to cuddle into your bed, maybe you could maneuver him with a bit strength..actually forget that...you could always call Beel for help to carry him to his own bed, but by the way he was clinging to your blanket and pillows, that would only end in a empty mattress to sleep on and then you would get cold...
honestly it was his own fault at this point you had threatened him to do it, but he had just laughed it off...
and so you climbed into bed and lay down on top of him, wrapping your arms around him so that you would get at least his body warmth if not the blanket
to your surprise he didn't wake up and he was really comfy, his rhythmic breathing was really relaxing and it didn't take you long to fall asleep
after some time Belphie wakes up with you wrapped around him, he quickly realises that you're asleep, but is stunned nonetheless that you would actually have the guts to sleep on top of him with the risk of waking him up in a bad mood
"That's quite bold of you! You didn't think I will let that slip though, right?" he chuckles amused but shifts nonetheless to make room for you, his embrace is tight, and he hopes just a little bit that you wake up, so he can tease you, but you stay asleep looking content with your new position
"I suppose I could go for another nap...now that I have my favourite pillow with me, sleeping will be even better!" he cuddles you, just like the blanket and pillows...which you don't get any of by the way, but you get Belphie so that's even better, he's gonna keep you warm, don't worry
"You're such a odd human...no idea why I like you...anyway just stay here in my arms and sleep!"
yesterday was amazing, Dia had taken you to a trip in the human world and you had showed him around, visiting as many places as you two could
what you didn't know was that he had actually sneaked out of the castle to spend time with you
well you didn't know until a very angry Barbatos opened a portal right in front of you two and started lecturing Dia for at least one hour
you felt a bit guilty that you were the indirect cause of this and quickly apologised to him promising to make it up
so here you were in Dias office, overseeing him to do his work so he couldn't sneak out again and Barb didn't have to find him
after all if the reason for sneaking out was right in his room then he had no reason to go, besides the intimidating amount of work left on his desk after yesterdays excurse
Dia worked concentrated for most of the time, only now and then staring out of the window or talking to you
"Isn't it boring to watch me work? I can work alone, I promise to run away...or else Barbatos might get a heart attack from shock of seeing me gone again" he chuckled while signing another document
you reassured you didn't mind sitting next to him in silence, you had a good book borrowed from Satan, tea and cookies from Barbatos and you could stare at Diavolo all day long
your last statement made Dia flush red quite quickly and he tried to distract himself with his work, he slouched over in his chair trying to escape your gaze, but you were having none of it
your arms snaked around his waist and your head came to lean on his shoulder, Dia stiffened not sure how to react he liked the feeling of you hugging him, but now he was scared to move too much as not to disturb you or accidentally hit you with his elbow while trying to write
after a few more documents his eyes flit over to your face, cheek squished against his shoulder, eyes closed and breathing calmly
"Mc? Are.. are you sleeping?" he is whispering trying not to be too loud in case you are truly sleeping, and that you are! A soft smile graces his lips, nobody was ever this relaxed around him, he is proud and wants you to stay asleep as long as possible
he keeps working until Barbatos knocks on the door, coming in and announcing to have brought more tea, only to stop when he sees the sight in front him, Mc holding onto Dia, head resting on his shoulder and sleeping, while Dia put his finger to his lips to tell him not to be too loud
you sleep for an hour or so until Dia really has to move, apologising multiple times for having to wake you
"I'm glad you're able to relax around me, please continue to be yourself! My shoulder is always there for you to nap!"
"You liked the cake that much? I'm flattered! I could teach you how to make it if you'd like?"
you had been over for tea at the castle and the chocolate cake with black-as-hell cherries was the best cake you've ever ate, it was bittersweet in taste not too much sweetness and not too much bitterness, paired with the melting chocolate, you could have eaten the whole cake on your own
you doubt you'd be able to get the same ingredients in the human realm but maybe you could find similar ones, so you were more than willing to learn with Barbatos
and so you arranged to meet the next Sunday afternoon for a baking session
Barb let you into the castle already awaiting you at the door even though you were early
you two worked on the cake, Barb explaining each step carefully, even for the easiest steps he takes his time to explain and help you, being very patient with you no matter how much you screw up
"Next we have to melt the chocolate in a pot. Wait a minute I turn on the stove for you" while you put the chocolate pieces into a pot, Barb moves behind you and turns on the stove, his arms brushing your sides, yet he stays fully focused, what can't be said for you
the cake is put together quickly with you two working together and while it bakes in the oven and the chocolate is meting, you two go ahead and start cutting and coring the rest of the cherries to decorate the cake later
"Here have a taste, they're bitter at first but the aftertaste is nicely sweet!" He holds out a cored cherry for you to taste and eats one himself, smiling gently at you while you sniff at the fruit first, which smells exactly like a normal human world cherry
the only thing left to do is wait for the cake so you two sit down for some tea at a small table in the kitchen, talking about the week, when Diavolo calls for Barb and he quickly excuses himself to help the prince out
the sweet aroma of the baking cake, the warmth of the tea and the very comfy chair you're sitting in, are a dangerous combination making you fall asleep
as Barb returns he sees you with your head lying on your folded arms on the table, clearly asleep, Barb decides to eave you there while cleans the kitchen and checks on the cake half an hour later
"Mc? The cake is ready to be decorated do you want sleep or do you want to help me?" somewhat embarrassed you stand up and help him with the decorations , Barb acts if nothing happened but he can't help but think about your gentle expression while you slept
"Next time I'll let you sleep longer... I wouldn't mind if you visited me for your naps if that meant I could see you more often."
learning magic was many things: exciting, frustrating, dangerous, fun...but sometimes it also was unbelievable boring
like when you think about magic, you think about casting charms, curses, making potions and all that stuff, but nobody told you that beforehand you have to learn everything about the new spell or etc in theory!
so here you were sitting with Solomon as he rambled on about how while the shrinking charm could have really bad side effects if casted wrong, sure it was important to know how to cast it correctly but did you really have to listen on to everything that might go wrong?
listening to all this just make you feel less confident, I mean technically you were practicing with a tea cup to shrink, so shrinking only a part of it wouldn't be too bad of a side effect, but what if you used too much pressure and made the cup explode and you'd hurt Solomon in the process?!
You took a deep breath, which made Solomon stop talking as he looked at you questioningly
"Anything wrong? Already giving up? Is it toom much?" his light teasing was meant to make you relax, but all you could do was give a small, stiff smile, signalling for him to continue and he did, after messing up your hair with his hand giving you a huge grin, but he talked slower now giving you more glances to make sure you were still alright
"How about a small break? I'll make us some tea..." he stood up and made some tea...in a beaker over a Bunsen burner..this weirdo..
the tea didn't taste weird though, it was just normal tea, even though the preparation would have made Barbatos get a stroke
after the break he was back to full tutor mode and your concentration slipped with each new word, until your head falls down, your chin resting on your chest comfortably, you had fallen asleep right before him
Solomon notices instantly that you're asleep and starts laughing so loud that you wake up again, he is crying and gasping for breath at your flustered state and you hit for good measurement on the arm
"Am I that boring? Fine if you're tired you can rest on my bed. I'll read you a bedtime spell book..." he doesn't stop laughing and teases you endlessly, you better be on your toes around him, you won't be hearing the end of this
"Hey sleepyhead? Do you want me to read you into boredom? I won't take pictures of your sleeping and drooling self...No promises made though..."
He was staring blankly at his manuscript, writers block had been plaguing him for quite some while now, but the new chapter had to be sent to the company until next week
you had offered to help him out maybe you could give him some ideas, so he invited you over and let you read the latest chapter so you'd know what had happened
you sat in his room brainstorming ideas on a small extra sheet trying your best to help Simeon out who looked quite lost
"Do you think that would work? Doesn't if feel a bit too rushed? But maybe if we combined these two ideas together..." he seemed to had found something and began to roughly write up a plan for his further writings
he continuously asked you questions about the smallest details, it was kind of cute that he relied so much on you, he probably could have done the rest himself as well, yet he kept involving you into the whole process
while his one hand scribbled like a madman, his other rested on your arm occasionally lightly squeezing it, reminding you that he didn't forget about you
you slowly fell asleep, the sounds of each others breathing, the pen scratching over paper and the ticking of the clock hanging on the wall, the inly sounds to be heard
"What about this part? How do you think it could go from here?...Mc?" he wasted no time in making sure you were lying comfortably, putting his cloak over your form and still squeezing your arm from time to time while he continued to write late into the night
only then did he notice, the brothers might worry about your absence, should he wake and bring you home? or should he let you sleep here and inform Lucifer about your safety? but the sofa you were currently sitting on, would make your back hurt if you continued to sleep here
it took him some time debating with himself, but came to the conclusion to carry you to his bed and tuck you in, giving you a forehead kiss like he was used to with Luke, only to realise what he'd done and quickly scrambling away in embarrassment to give Lucifer a quick call about the situation
"Have sweet dreams my lamb! I'll be guarding you in any realm, even the dream realm!"
Luke, Simeon and you were having a small movie evening, watching some old Disney movies
Simeon didn't allow you to watch something else to protect Luke, but you didn't mind too much
you were having some freshly made desserts by Luke who had worked on them the whole day, as he was very excited for your meetup
you watched a few movies, talking, laughing and joking together, just having fun
"Huh? They called the mean cat Lucifer? Hahah how fitting, he kind of even looks like the real Lucifer! Ah, don't tell him that though!" Luke really liked to compare the different characters to the people he knows, but when there actually were a cat called Lucifer he was quite surprised...who would want their cute pet to be called like a demon? Why not call them angel names? Michael is a pretty cool name...
over the time you became more and more tired and Simeon seemed to notice, suggesting on stopping for today and continuing another time, but Luke convinced you two of one more movie
unfortunately you didn't last the final movie and fell asleep cuddled underneath the blanket between Simeon and Luke
Luke took some time to notice, only seeing it when he turned to you wanting to tell you his opinion about the last scene
"Oh! Simeon... Mc fell asleep..." Simeon already knew, as you had fallen onto his shoulder, not that he minded, he just told Luke to stay quiet and watch the rest of the movie
Luke cuddled up to you to keep you warm and occasionally glanced at you to make sure you were okay, and there cuddled next to you he as well fell asleep...trapping Simeon underneath your combined weight, making it impossible for Simeon to get out of the bed, so you three just slept together that night
"Don't worry Mc! I'll keep all demons away from you while you sleep!"
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can i request something?
like where reader is apart of the jailbreak with techno and when they do dream kinda falls for reader as he sees them as an heroic person?
and boom yandere dream?
idk how to word it yk
Ooh I like it!!
“Who is this?” Dream asked from behind the glass windows of Pandora’s Vault. It wasn’t everyday Technoblade kept someone around him. If anything it was a strange occurrence. The man didn’t have a lot of people on his good side. It’s not like Dream could judge though.
“Oh, them? “ he said nonchalantly while digging through his ender chest. Dream nodded. “They’re my apprentice.”
That quickly caught the masked man’s interest. Technoblade having an apprentice? It was sort of his brand being the lone anarchist, so why change it now.The Blade then closed the chest and begammaking his way towards his so called ‘apprentice’. He handed them a large stack of TNT and their heads both shot to Dream’s direction, each wearing a different expression.
Techno smirked darkly, his eyes practically begging for chaos. The smaller’s eyes held excitement and mischievousness. Their smile was large and contentious.It would of been a sweet smile if they wern’t holding TNT.
“I’m (Reader).”
Their name was like music to his ears. Dream could see had so much passion and fire in them. It would certainly be entertaining to see them break. His heart was beating out of his chest at the idea of seeing the smaller so helpless.. They could be his little pet. Hell, they already played the role of an obident dog to Techno, so Dream was certain they’d do the same to him, with the right motivation of course.
Techno began placing the TNT around the glass windows of the high level security cell. Once he was done, his smirked. Reader stepped closer to the cell. In a flash, they wipped out a lighter and was beginning to light the first pack of tnt.
He quickly stepped back into his cell, carefully not to get hurt n the explosion.Then, the escape bell rang out loud and strong. Before he could comprehend what was happening he felt a tight grip pull him out of his cell. He looked down and saw Techno’s apprentice dragging him towards the lava.
Dream’s voice wavered as he tried convincing the two that they need to leave immediately.
“No! We arn’t leaving without Ranboo! They screamed while fighting of two of the prison guards.
For being so small, they could defenetly hold their own in a sword fight. No wonder Techno chose them. They were the perfect pupil. They weren’t physically strong like Techno, but their reflexes were quick and their brain was constantly running trying to outsmart their appoinent. Dream fathomed that one day they’d be as good as Technoblade.
“Take her and get out of here.” The blade yelled as he was ruthlessly landing hits on the prison’s backup team.(Reader) was right by his side fighting them off. The tag team was definitely a force to be reckoned with.
“No! I can fight.” They spoke, slashing ther enemy’s shoulder with their blade.Smirking triumphantly,they kneed him and kicked him in the chest, causuing hhim to tumblr to the floor.
“I know, that’s why I don’t want you here.”He whispered softly to himself.(Reader) was like a little sibling to him. He couldn’t let them get killed here.Sure, they’vr fought before,, but this time feels different. This time something is going to happen. (Reader) was a good pvper, but they’d never end their match. The were to nice for their own good.
“I ’m not leaving until he’s safe. He is one of us whether you like it or not.” The death glare was evident on their face.As the only kids in the syndicate, they were attached at the hip. Ranboo was their best friend. They’d do anything for him.
“Dream.” He spoke extremely sternly, giving the man in green a hard look.
“Say no more.” He quickly grabbed the man’s apprentice and threw them over his shoulder as he sprinted away. The younger screamed curses as they pounding against the man’s back. Soon the scene was getting farther and farther away from their view until all it was was a distant memory.
After what seemed like forever, Dream finally put them onto the ground. They looked the man up and down and then broke off into a run. Unfortunately, he already figured this would happen and gripped their arm harshly. It was definitely hard enough to cause a mark. They winced. Being trapped in prison definitely didn;t make him lose any of his strength.
“Let me go, smiley !” They screeched trying to rip their arm out of his iron grip.
“Hey.Hey!” He momentarily let go of their arm and grabbed their shoulders,spinning them around to face hum.
“I have a proposition for you.”
“What do you want?” They said, spitting in his face.
“I want you as my student. Not only would I teach you everything I know as the best fighter around here, but I could give you anything you want. What do you want (Reader)
They thought for a moment and then yelled, “I want to get away from you!!!” Within a second, they kneed him and began to run.
He rose up off the ground, groaning in pain. Then he did the unexpected and smirked deviliously. He then pulled a sword out of his inventory and began causally taking steps toward their direction.
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obeiii-mee · a year ago
Hello! Can I request an hc about a shady MC who's not phase by anything in Devildom with the brothers (and Diavolo?? he deserves love!!!)? Like, when Luci's like "i CaN KiLL yOu hUmAN", MC's reaction was like "Oh... congratulations then." i need more shady mc who may or may not be planning to ruin your life😂😂 Thanks and take care!!❤❤
The Brothers + Diavolo with an MC that is not phased by DevilDom
Pls I need more shady MC, they would not take any shit from the brothers. Put any Gen Z-er with these guys and you’ve got yourself a suicidal and reckless human exchange student.
They wouldn’t know what to do with one of those ahaksbakanhaka you’re right, Diavolo deserves all the love >:(((((((
You better take care too >:( thanks for sending me this big brain request. I’ve been preoccupied with other projects so I took a while to get to this ask. Hope you’re doing OK💙
-He thought having a human exchange student was going to be bad enough as it is but this…..this was so much worse than he could have ever imagined
-The moment you arrived, he already knew you were going to be a problem child and a persistent one at that
-Literally the first thing you asked him was : “Why do you look like an off-brand Levi Ackerman?”
-And he was left there, astounded, confused and offended because he had no idea who you were talking about (cuz at that point you hadn’t met the third eldest) and the tone you had was, frankly, pissing him off
-You kept wondering off on your own????? Without looking like you gave a shit even though you almost walked into a butcher’s shop that specialises in human meat???? Tf MC?
-Also really irritated that you couldn’t be intimidated and that DevilDom was like a playground to you, for some reason? Like, MC get out of the fiery pits of eternally tormented souls- this is Hell, not the McDonald’s ball pit ffs
-Things did not improve for him lmao, by the end of the first week he had already ripped out a good chunk of his hair because of you
-“MC, you should know by now provoking demons like this for no good reason is only going to make life harder for you. Keep this up and you’ll get killed in no time because of your behaviour.”
-“Great, can we have a hip-hip and a hurray?”
-In the span of one day, he’s had to come to your rescue six times (approximately) because you’re too nonchalant about your surroundings around literal creatures of hell
-He doesn’t have enough coffee or will to live for this bs
-“Lucifer, I found this dead plant and brought it here because it reminded me of you.”
-“…..sigh. Why? Why does it remind you of me?”
-“Because it’s cold and unresponsive.”
-He made the consecutive decision to ignore you
-(low-key kept the plant tho)
-Honestly, you get on his nerves a lot and he has definitely contemplated killing you in the past but at the end of the day he really can’t bring himself to do it
-We both know he tried a few times lmfao
-“I will tear you limb from limb, human-“
-“Can I finish my tea first.”
-“You…wait, what?”
-“You’re crazy if you think I’m letting this tea get cold. Try to kill time before I’m done and I’ll smash this cup against your head.”
-If you try hard enough, you might even elicit a laugh out of him, especially if your shadiness is directed at any of his brother which results in him patting your head affectionately
-Nowadays he’s just concerned because you seemed to have made an alliance of sorts with Belphagour and Satan and that’s not a good sign
-For his sake, if not yours, at least try to survive the year without getting chomped on by a random demon please
-He’s too stubborn to let you die just because you’re unbothered by everything so cut him some slack and help out damn it
-“Oi Lucifer, how come I’m stuck babysittin’ this stupid human?”
-“And how come I’m stuck with this asshole for a tour guide, with his fake ass designer shoes and no brand sunglasses. That’s a lot of smack talk from someone with crow shit stains covering the back of his jacket. Also, did you stick your hair in a bucket of mayonnaise?”
-He was so offended lol
-Normally, humans like you cower in fear whenever demons are as much as mentioned because of the whole “I can eat you whole” thing
-And here you are; insulting the Avatar of Greed and one of the princes of Hell himself just because you didn’t like his attitude
-Don’t worry tho, he warms up to you in less than a fucking month simply because you still come to his rescue whenever his brothers start insulting him and wow, look at that, his heart is now combusting on the floor
-“Y’all have no right to criticise Mammon when he has the most self control out of all of you.”
-“Since when does Mammon have any self control? He can’t keep himself from nicking anything that looks shiny.”
-“Motherfucker, I don’t see him trying to choke me to death, respectfully pls shut the fuck up. I don’t want to say I have favourites but if I do, it’s definitely him.”
-While Mammon’s in the background, with hearts instead of pupils in his eyes like ❤️👄❤️
-He doesn’t even mind running around after you anymore (will still complain about it though because your ass is in constant danger and he’s had enough)
-Honestly, you keep starting shit with random demons, some of which are quite powerful mind you, and you don’t back down even when he’s there to step in
-Would low key love to watch you fight one of your classmates at RAD and organise a ticket selling booth for the event but Lucifer will hang him a new one if he does
-So for now, he sticks to baring his teeth at the aggravator in question and you’re there, giving the same demon the middle finger
-The way you sometimes match his energy gets him so hyped up lmao
-“Mammon, did you steal Levi’s money again?”
-“T’s none of her business human. Now go away, shoo!”
-“Bitch, don’t ‘shoo’ me, I ain’t a bird. Now tell me, did you?”
-“…..Why do you ask?”
-“Because a new flavour of instant noodles just got announced, called ‘Super Hell-Sauce Flavour’ and I thought you might be more interested in that than wasting the money on gambling.”
-“….ok but only if you come with me to buy some.”
-This…this is true love right here
-Oh no, now there’s two of you
-Why do I feel like his energy would match MC’s almost immediately? Maybe it’s because he spends too much time in his room on the internet like the rest of us do
-“What do you want, you stupid normie?”
-“….300 what?”
-“300 mangas collected, thousands of episodes of anime watched, over 60 character figurines, plushies, body pillows, merchandise and several posters only to be called a fucking normie by a demon weeb that’s only known me for 10 minutes.”
-Boom, instant friendship
-He becomes attached to you almost immediately and now that he knows how unphased you are by DevilDom, he is seriously worried
-Hell, you’re making him consider going outside his room just to make sure you’re alive and not dead in a ditch somewhere because you decided to get on someone’s nerves that particular day
-Even during the quiz thing, when he almost kills you, you’re just sitting on the floor and awkwardly watching him as he throws a sissy fit
-Levi feels sort of conflicted with you because one one hand you’re good company and he loves having you around, you’re his Henry after all
-But on the other hand, you put yourself in so much danger it makes him paranoid so often to the point where he wants to keep you locked in his room and wrapped in bubble wrap
-Nearly had a heart attack when you almost walked right into a pit of lava like MC???? This isn’t one of his video games???? You’re not gonna respawn if you die????
-Besides all that, he gets a bit jealous of you confidence and your ability to just do whatever without fearing death or consequence
-“MC, how do you do it?”
-“Do what?”
-“How do you go about your life without a care in the world?”
-“I guess I’ll tell you my secret Levi. I’m not like other humans that’s why, I’m just so unique I do things differently.”
-“You sound like a pick me-“
-As long as you’re OK and not injured because of your carelessness, he’s indifferent about your behaviour and will even applaud you for your bravery when it comes to this sort of thing
-“lmao the human exchange student just dumped Solomon’s cooking in the trash while looking him dead in the eye 💀💀💀”
-Your attitude towards DevilDom and demons in general kept him entertained, if nothing else
-You rarely seemed to consider how much of a threat that place really is and usually you were just running around, completely ignoring Lucifer’s rules and doing your own thing
-Which, you know, he’s all about
-I can’t say there were no incidents between the two of you
-With his short temper and your tendency to say things without caring about the consequences, there were definitely moments when he might’ve snapped on you
-“MC for goodness sake, what happened to my room?”
-“What do you mean?”
-“It’s an absolute mess! I just told you to bring me my spells and curses book, not mow through everything!”
-“It’s not my fault this place is built like a fucking labyrinth. You should be grateful I went to get it for you at all, I almost tripped and died several times on my way back. Also, you should get a new ladder for your shelves. It did the broken.”
-“You are so lucky I love you.”
-Other than the fact his anger takes over him when things like these happen, he not so subtly encourages you to keep going because seeing Lucifer scowl at your antics gets him wheezing his lungs out
-I like to think Satan would be very impressed, even in the beginning, at the amount of nonchalance you can radiate at times
-I mean, you sure as hell don’t see it often and he loves how unpredictable you are more often than not
-If anything, he should probably thank you-idk how, but his patience has increased significantly every since you got here and he appreciates having some more control of his emotions
-“I’m gonna go put oil in Lucifer’s shoes.”
-“Do you have a death wish?”
-“Satan, I am old enough to make my own decisions and I concluded that this action is necessary.”
-“Necessary for what?”
-“Raising everyone’s morale! All of you seemed to feel down lately so I thought this would be fun for everybody!”
-“Except Lucifer, right?”
-“Except Lucifer. He grounded me from my D.D.D like I’m a fucking teenager who needs to be supervised-pssshht, I’m the most responsible one here.”
-“Yes clearly.”
-“Goodbye dear Satan, I may die today. But it’s for the greater good! (Dramatic exit with sound effects)”
-“(pops head back in) yes?”
-“May I offer you my assistance?”
-You’re basically taking turns pranking his brothers and it’s hilarious
-Satan is not too worried about your well being simply because he knows his siblings and him are always going to be nearby to save you if you pull something stupid again
-Even so, he checks up on you throughout the day; just to make sure
-“Where were you?”
-“Running from a bunch of demons. Who wanted to go munchy crunchy on me, I assume.”
-“Either that or people here are a lot friendlier than originally expected.”
-You can be such a handful and it really tests him, especially when he’s angry enough to begin with
-But despite your amazing talent at either getting completely lost around Hell, purposely walking into a prohibited place just because you felt like it or riling up others with how blunt you are, he still cares about you deeply
-You may be a pain the ass, but you’re his pain in the ass <3
-He should’ve known something was up with this particular human when you stood there, completely calm and collected, while Beel salivated at the thought of eating you on your first day
-Asmo just brushed it off for a while but it kept happening???
-The first time Lucifer ever told you off, you really went and said “Or what? Are you going to eat me? If so, you can go ahead and start with-“
-He came to your rescue and covered your mouth before you got to finish and before Lucifer unleashed his wrath on to everyone in that house
-“OOPSIE! I think MC has been spending too much time with me. Sorry Lucifer, we gotta run now! We have a party to attend, don’t we MC darling?”
-“You mean the one hosted by the guy that tried to kill me because I shoved into him on the hallway at school and then proceeded to tell him to go fuck himself right back into whatever hell hole he was born in before you came and charmed our way out of it?”
-“Ah OK. “
-You’re tiring for sure but you’re not exactly unlikeable
-You have a certain charm hanging about you that Asmo loves
-“I almost died like…30 minutes ago.”
-“Yeah, I almost drank some poison today because someone told me it was water. It smelt off though so I didn’t.”
-“Anyway, I got you this bracelet on my way home.”
-He really does wish you would take things a bit more seriously
-This is your life on the line, you know? What would he do if you died?
-“MC, you’re not immortal, you can die so much more easily than I can, you know that right???”
-“I don’t care.”
-“Well I do! And you should too….”
-A lot of people don’t see past his vanity tbh, because he can be such a caring person towards the people he loves
-The amount of videos he has of you appearing to be completely calm while pure chaos is descending in the background is pretty impressive
-Every time he uses his charm on you to try and get you to commit his sin, it just doesn’t work???? For some reason???? And even if it’s just with simple, innocent affection for now, he is determined to tempt you into it
-“MC~gimme a hug!”
-“But that’s social interaction and I don’t support it- do you have a charger for my D.D.D by any chance?
-Or at least die trying to ig
-Asmo loves having you around but you’re giving him wrinkles and that’s not okay >:(
-The moment he realised how carefree you actually were, he sort of started checking up with you quite frequently throughout the day
-It’s his way of protecting you but if he could, he would follow you around all the time
-Becomes your body guard because you may not care enough about your safety but he certainly does so get ready to be carried everywhere
-You will not get hurt nor will anyone mess with you if he has a say in it and let me tell you, he does
-Thing is, his brothers mostly know him for being slightly dense in some aspects of day to day life
-He’s not perceptive of things that don’t involve food or his loved ones
-And because you most definitely are a loved one of his, he does notice how careless you are really often
-And it scares, rather worries, him because DevilDom is an incredibly dangerous place-even with all the precautions they had taken when you came
-“MC get down, you could fall.”
-“But Beel, look-I’m finally taller than everyone else! Taller than you even! Hey, should I do a backflip?”
-He has no idea why you thought jumping from 60 meter high cliff into a small river of squashed demon blood was a good idea but he wasn’t going to risk anything just because you felt like showing off your diving skills
-Proceeds to carry you away, completely unfazed
-In this case, I feel like Beel is not someone who gets bothered by the horrible things happening around there either
-As long as he has food and his family is safe and happy then he’s also happy, as mentioned above
-But he knows he’s alright with DevilDom because he’s been living here for centuries now
-A bit curious as to why you’re so unbothered
-And even more curious as to why you weren’t terrified of him transforming in his demon form after he lost control when he found out you ate his pudding
-Or more like Mammon did and pushed the blame on you
-“Beel I love you but if you did not just see Mammon shoving the damn container in my mouth two seconds prior to this, then you might need glasses.”
-He apologised to you later for it but even so, you didn’t seem to mind like at all and he didn’t really understand why
-Unless you end up explaining why exactly you feel so indifferent about your life being in potential danger, he won’t really pry
-But now he has even more reason to follow you around like a lost puppy
-Since it’s clear you don’t really care about protecting yourself
-So now it’s his job to do it
-MC protection squad? Mostly Beel and Mammon
-ahhh he cute
-You piss him off so much
-He’s trying to have his moment, you know?
-Finally getting that glimmer of satisfaction after killing a human as a way to avenge his sister’s death
-Trying his hardest to make it as miserable as possible because he has so much rage in him, he needs you to suffer
-“Harder Daddy-“
-“Oh fuck off.”
-Nah but for real, what the fuck MC
-Why does he even bother, he feels like he should be sleeping instead of dealing with your bullshit
-Even afterwards, when your future self shows up and he tries to kill you again, you look more thoughtful than irritated???
-Lucifer and Beel are literally holding him back from doing another Chocky on you and you’re standing there, looking at him with your eyebrows raised
-“Hey Belphie, I have a quick question. I know you’re trying to kill me and everything but do you like the colour blue?”
-“It’s a simple yes or no question Belphie. Do. You. Like. Blue?”
-“Ah ok thanks. I like blue too :)”
-Pls he felt like sticking his foot down your throat
-As of late, he’s kind of glad he didn’t manage to scare you away that day and that he didn’t traumatise you or something
-At the time, he was mad because he didn’t understand why you weren’t scared but now he just wants to make it up to you
-“You didn’t deserve any of that. I’m sorry MC, I won’t blame you if you decide to stay away from me now.”
-“Stfu dipshit, what’s gotten you so depressed? Did you have another fight with Beel? I told you not to eat the last slice of cake.”
-“Rude ass, I was trying to apologise for my past mistakes-let me repent will you?”
-“Said no demon ever. Now let’s go hang out you emo bitch.”
-Y’all vibe together on a spiritual level once that shit gets sorted out
-But he’s kinda scared you might pull out a knife on him ngl
-Obviously, you’re still annoying as fuck with that indifferent attitude of yours but he can live with it
-He appreciates the fact that you’re not scared of him, even after what he’s done
-Ah yes, the future King of DevilDom himself
-He’s very enthusiastic about the idea of you having fun this year…..and to keep you alive….
-He, of course, expected a range of reactions from you when he first summoned you here
-None of which were “Ok but could you not have given me a heads up? Before the whole teleportation thing? I face-planted your onto marvellously polished the floor and now I think I lost even more brain cells than before.”
-He felt so bad gagajajahahwgehhsb
-He apologised for bringing you out here without any warning like that and then proceeded to introduce you to everyone
-Diavolo is actually kind of relieved to see you’re handling everything pretty well
-He thought that maybe DevilDom was too much for a human to deal with
-Meeting Barbatos also went incredibly smooth
-“Barbatos? The one that cleans the floors right? Big fan of your work, I could eat off the floor of the main hall.”
-He’s so glad to see you getting along with everyone and not getting intimidated by the brothers
-It gets him excited thinking about how the exchange program is gonna work and all three realms will be united
-But he’s not stupid so don’t think he’ll allow you to stumble around, getting up to all sorts of mischief
-He always has someone watching you because he would hate to see you die, despite being pretty fond of your carefree attitude
-“MC, please be careful. Most demons here aren’t all that nice.”
-“Aye aye Captain.”
-He fears that many demons would take your indifference as a challenge and try to assert dominance or something by kidnapping you
-As far as creatures of hell go, they love installing fear in people
-So he always keeps an extra eye open for you
-And he’ll be there to help you if something goes wrong
-But other than that, he’s pretty chill as well and he finds you so hilarious, it’s been a while since he’s seen someone as eccentric and dramatic as Mammon and Asmo
-Idk what else to add here, Diavolo is very accepting and as long as you don’t get hurt, he’s glad you can get used to your new surroundings so easily
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yourmoonanon · a year ago
pairing: c!college!Techno x gn!Reader topic: [college au?] senior art student Techno distracts you from your recent break up with his twin warnings: reader wears a dress, slight breeding kink, body worship, praise, obsessive use of ‘pretty’. 
inspiration taken from this tiktok, and this iteration of techno.
Blinking away the tears forming at your eyes, you begged yourself internally to not cry again today. Your eyes were already swollen as it was, staying awake until the early hours of morning feeling sorry for yourself, letting the post breakup emotions run rampant. The scent of smoke still lingered in the bedroom of your apartment, the only physical evidence left of your relationship with Wilbur aside from the ash from the burnt polaroids lying at the bottom of your trash can. Even though the wounds of your recent break up were fresh, you still had to follow up on your promise to his brother, Technoblade. 
It was Wilbur who had suggested you be Techno's model for his art final, but despite that, Techno wasn't the one who had wronged you. Though it felt a little awkward, yes - you didn't want to let anyone else down, instead dressing yourself up that morning in a white dress per Techno's request before heading out to his apartment. 
His apartment was bright - full of open windows, light wash furniture complimented by a wall of plants. Half finished paintings and abandoned canvases lined the walls of his makeshift studio, opting to have one over a living room. If you didn't know Techno, you would be fully in the right to assume the place belonged to some pretentious bastard who refused to believe you could enjoy vinyl records on anything other than a player that drained your life savings. If anything, that was his brother. From what you knew, Techno was the complete opposite. He was shy, a reserved personality that could best be described by an old soul, short and soft as he waved you inside, showing you to a beat up arm chair positioned in the middle of the room in front of a canvas. You mumbled a thanks when he handed you an oversized, red cape, settling over your shoulders as you both took your respective seats. 
Techno cleared his throat, eyes focused on the canvas as he started to paint an outline. 
"So, how have you been?" 
You couldn't help but chuckle half-heartedly at his attempt to strike a conversation. If you didn't, you'd probably start crying again. 
"Well, ever since your brother broke up with me, not doing so well." 
From behind the canvas, you could see his ears flush a deep red.
"No, it's fine. I know you didn't mean it like that," you were quick to reassure the gentle giant. A beat of silence over came the both of you, the sound of Techno's brush sliding over the canvas the only noise before you shifted in your seat, folding one leg over the other. "You know, 't kinda feels nice to talk about it to someone."
He hummed from his spot, clearly uninterested in hearing about his brother once more, but entertaining conversation nonetheless. 
"It's just different... the change is scary, I suppose. I hate change."
Techno's eyes found yours over the top of the canvas, your heart beat quickening. For a fleeting moment, you felt vulnerable, the room shrinking to only the 3 feet that separated you. When his lips parted to speak, images of him bursting into a well-rehearsed monologue of how you didn't have to be alone anymore, that he would take care of you if you wanted. That he — 
"Do you mind latching the cape around your neck? I think that'd look better than leaving it open." 
Oh. Right. 
The little voice in the back of your mind cursed the self-indulgent romance novel plot that had played out in your mind, yet you couldn't help but fixate on the thought. Techno had always been attractive to you, yes - and if his brother hadn't gotten to you first... perhaps it was the fault of his overwhelming scent sewn into the cape over your shoulders, but your mind couldn't help but wonder.
Disappointment was evident on your face as you looked down, fumbling with the golden clasp of his cape. Not only was the latch incredibly small, making it already hard enough to pinch together, the heavy gaze of Techno's eyes never leaving you made your hands tremble way more than they should be. You heard the rough scrape of Techno's chair against the wood floor as he pushed away from his painting, making his way over to you to help out, but you couldn't dare lift your head up to see him. No, you needed to get it together - to keep it together. Just until the painting was done. 
You let out a small gasp as he bent down, taking the fabric out of your hands and clasping it around your neck with ease. His hands were gentle, radiating heat against your neck. You kept your eyes trained on the upturned collar of his shirt, watching it rise and fall under his soft breathing, in tandem with the way the warm air of his exhales hit your cheek. He moved slowly, both hands straightening out the flow of the cape, running the fabric in between his thumb and forefingers. His thigh bumped your knee as he worked lower, confidently letting his knuckles graze the bare skin of your thighs, leaving goosebumps in their wake. Your jaw tightened as he continued to shape you, letting him turn your head as warm fingers tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. 
"There," he mumbled, content in how he had posed you. 
A heat simmered in your chest, dreading the idea of never being this close again, dreading the moment he would walk away and return to his seat. Maybe it was the fear of change, or maybe it was just him. Whatever it was, you leaned into the warmth of his hand still on your cheek, succumbing to temptation and allowing yourself a few more seconds before he retreated. But he never did. Instead he welcomed your touch, fingers forming around your jaw to cup your face. You let out a shaky sigh, the intimacy of it all melting your eyes closed in shame. Time froze as you let his heat travel off his skin, absorbing into yours. 
"At least some things will never change." His voice brought you back. You looked up at him, eyebrows furrowed. 
"What do you mean?" 
"You're still so pretty," he mumbled. "So, so pretty." 
You could feel your heart throbbing through your chest, simple heat now burning wild, fingertips buzzing with adrenaline. Despite your throat threatening to close, you croaked out a soft response, voice never rising above a whisper.
"Would it make me a shitty person if I wanted to kiss you right now?" His eyes softened, fingertips pressing into your chin to tilt your face towards his.
 "If that makes you a shitty person, then call me a villain." 
With that his lips met yours, hungry and searching, sharp tusks making their home pressed against the sides of your cheeks. Your hands found the front of his shirt, pulling him in by the collar as he pressed his tongue against yours, his free hand landing on the back of the chair to catch himself from falling on top of you. 
"Tech," you whispered, a soft warning call that if he didn't stop himself now, you wouldn't be able to stop him at all, that you were going to let him take what he wanted. The lingering cautions floated around the both of you - the fact that Wilbur could visit, walking in at any moment, the fact that the both of you weren't thinking this through. He hummed against your lips, a silent "I know, but I don't care", concreting his decision as he shifted his weight, kneeling against the arm of the chair and wrapping his now free hand around your neck, applying the softest pressure to pull you closer. You let yourself sink into his hold, enjoying the way his body pressed into yours, finally silencing your brain for the time in weeks.
Techno sunk a soft bite into your lower lip as he pulled back, leaving you a whimpering mess, chasing his lips as he sought to breath properly again. With ease, he slipped a hand down your lower back, pulling him onto his lap as he shifted, now seated with you on top of him. You slotted yourself against him, knees on either side of his lap, testing the waters with a soft roll of your hips.
"Fuck," he panted, a hand on the back of your neck pulling you forward and lips finding yours once again. He pressed into the small of your back, pulling your dress up above your hips. You took it as a sign to roll your hips again, grinding against the rough fabric of his slacks. You sighed at the feeling, dropping your head into the crook of his neck as you worked, focusing on the feeling, pure heated pleasure spiking up your spine.
"So fucking pretty," he sighed, lifting his hips up to meet yours every so often, living for the soft, heady noises you made, breath hitting his collarbone. He lowered his head, pressing a sloppy kiss to your neck. "Want you to ride me."
"Please," you choked, nodding as if your life depended on it, both hands clutching tight to the white silk of his shirt. "Please." 
Techno tapped on your inner thigh, mumbling a soft "up". You lifted yourself up on your knees, hiking your dress up as he unbuckled his slacks, pushing them down past his hips. It was fast, needy and desperate as you hooked a finger into your bottom of underwear, pushing them aside before sinking down on his cock. You cried out at the stretch, pressing your forehead against his as he helped you lower yourself, eyes fluttering while you lost yourself in the feeling of him. You could feel him throb inside you as you tried to relax, dead set on taking him all.
“There you go,” he cooed.
As you began to move, you caught him staring downcast at where you two met, addicted to the sight of you taking him so well. He cupped your thighs, hands running down the soft skin over and over, as if he were trying to commit your figure to memory. He watched the way you shivered in response, pushing the sleeve of your dress off your shoulder to press a soft kiss to your skin.
"Gods, look at you... my beautiful muse."
His words made you feel lightheaded, stuttering your movement no matter how hard you tried to stay focused. As you slowed down, Techno took over, hands planted on the bottom of your thighs as he lifted you up, rocking you against him. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling your chest to his, fingers winding into the hair at the nape of his neck. His words scratched at the walls of your brain as you held him close, all pride and grounded thoughts long gone. 
"Again," you begged, nails bedding into his skin as you rocked against him, knees scratching at the chair's cover.
"Yeah?" He chuckled, sweat beading at his forehead. "You like when I call you pretty?" 
You shook your head with a whine. The sheepish blush seeping to the surface of your skin was ironic given the position you both were in, but you couldn’t help it. 
“Like when you call me yours.”
A low growl rumbled in his chest. He caught your chin in his hand, forcing you to face him. 
“Look at me,” he whispered. You whined again, moving your hips, attempting to coax him into fucking you faster, to ignore your heat of the moment confession. The eye contact he held was brutal, making your heart stutter as you took in his blown-out eyes, lips swollen and cherry red, looking just as desperate as you were.
Instead, he rolled you both on your side, propping one of your legs up and over the arm of the chair. With his feet now planted on the ground, he started up the pace again, fucking into you quicker than before. You cried out his name, eyes rolling back, his grip remaining on your chin so he could watch your façade break in all it’s glory. The new position allowed him to hit the deepest spots inside you, fucking you full and fast. The lewd sounds of skin on skin fell on deaf ears, the both of you wrapped up in your own world as he mouthed at your skin, pulling you closer and closer to your peak with every thrust. He took you in like an art piece, eyes never running out of places to sigh about. It was too much in the best way possible.
“My beautiful fucking muse,” he growled, obsessed with the way you took him, outline of his cock evident, just as pretty as the way tears began to form in your eyes at his claim. Weak hands grasped at his arms as you moaned out his name like a prayer, begging him to let you cum.
“Let me see it,” Techno begged, pulling your face close to steal a heated kiss before you let go, crying out a mixture of his name and gratitudes. He came right after you, the way you tightened around him too much for him to handle, filling you full with a broken moan. 
You lay in silence, forehead pressed to his shoulder as you both regained your breath. The intensity of your orgasm felt like a spell on you, sinking into the chair as you attempted to search for any regrets, any hesitation from him. Instead, he slipped out of you with a giddy smirk, taking two of your fingers and using them to push his cum back inside you. You whimpered at the overstimulation, tilting your hips towards him anyway, letting him manhandle you as he pleased. 
“Stay like that, yeah?” 
You nodded, content and comfy as you watched him return to his canvas. You let out a laugh in realization as he sat, picking up his brush once again. He wanted to capture this; the raw, untamed beauty of your damp skin, claimed and taken by the artist himself.
“You fuck all your models this well?” 
He laughed in return, shaking his head. 
"Never. Only for you, my muse.”
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kumori-suwan · a year ago
Tumblr media
One Rule
Tamaki Amajiki x Escort! Reader Smut
Tumblr media
Being a pro always kept him busy, he had long forgotten the idea of meeting a special woman and spending the rest of his life with her but there were times where he truly wished for it. He’d be rock hard, pulsing in his pants, to the thought of filling up some beautiful woman’s cunt with his seed but he didn’t have time to waste on dates. His hand could no longer bring him the release he needed and trying to pick someone up off the street was just to risky. Tamaki’s situation seemed unsolvable, at least until Mirio had shared an important phone number with him. An erotic escort hotline, Tamaki’s face was red from ear to ear why would Mirio give him such a number. “Just give it a try Tamaki. I tried it once and honestly it was a pretty great experience, the girls are very passionate and cute. They even have a match making survey that helps them pick out the best escort for you. I got matched up with this sexy plump chick that had the best pu-“
“Mirio please shut up!”, Tamaki yelled slapping his hands over his ears to keep out any details he didn’t want to hear. The muscular blonde chuckled and paid for their coffees before making his leave, “Just think about it maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for.”
While on the walk home Tamaki pondered the idea, would someone actually come to please him? The very thought of it had his anxiety working overdrive on his poor brain. “M-maybe just once.”, he whispered to himself. Once he was home he decided to call the number, Mirio was right about the survey, he tried to answer every question as truthfully as possible in hopes that he would get someone nice. The operator beamed on the other side of the phone claiming that they had the perfect girl for him. The location was set and Tamaki made his way over, he asked the front desk for the room 925 where his escort waited for him. His hands were sweaty, his lips curled into a nervous smile, he was getting nervous just outside the door.
“You must be Tamaki.”, a sweet voice called, “It’s nice to meet you, please be kind to me tonight.” Tamaki’s heart pounded against his chest when his eyes met yours, you were stunning. A tiny goddess beneath the six foot tall man in front of you, soft (e/c) eyes, plump moist lips, and an adorable body that Tamaki couldn’t wait to get his hands on.
“You’re drooling love, are you that excited about this?”, you giggled reaching your thumb up to his face to wipe away the drool from the corner of his mouth. Well let’s not keep you waiting.”, you smiled tugging him in by the hand. Tamaki was surprised when you suddenly pushed him onto the bed, “Did you bathe like instructed?”, you hummed against his ear as your straddled his hips, your crotch gently rutting against his. A shaky breath escaped his throat feeling your lips brush against his sensitive ears, “Well did you? Come on Tama tell me? You got all clean for me right? I hope so because I want to make you all dirty and sweaty.”, you purred enjoying the feeling of his stiffening cock pressing against your clothes folds.
“I-I did. I promise I did, I’m clean.”, he stumbled over his words but you could tell he meant it. You smiled and cupped his face in your hands while slowly leaning down to kiss his lips until you realized that you had forgotten to tell him something, “Oh I almost forgot. There’s one little rule you have to agree to before we start, you cannot fall in love or catch feelings for me. Got it? If you do then you get banned from the company.”
Tamaki was shocked by the strange rule but in a way he knew that it would be broken by the end of the night. He agreed of course and pure happiness pulsed through his veins when your soft lips pressed against his own, his large hands rested against your hips slowly rubbing up and down your thighs while you ran your fingers through his indigo hair. Your educated tongue quickly claimed his mouth as yours, it was overwhelming in a way but having your sweet little body dominate him was just so exciting. Your fingers brushed through his indigo lock passionately looking for the special spot that would make him moan when you finally found it. Tamaki had long forgotten what a woman’s body felt like but right now at this moment all he could think about was prepping your cute little cunt for his needy cock.
One hand slid up your shirt to feel your braless breasts while the other slipped past the button of your denim shorts to play with the sweet bundle of nerves between your legs. “Are you feeling good Tamaki?”, you purred kissing up and down his neck. God my cock hurts, I want to be inside of you so bad.”, Tamaki whined littering your neck in soft kisses and hickies.
“Go ahead. I stretched myself before coming, unless you’re bigger then my toys I should be able to take you easily. Do you want a condom or would you prefer to do it raw?”, you giggled grinding into his fingers for some much needed friction. His face turned bright red from ear to ear, he wasn’t even aware that raw sex was an option with this situation but god did his cock twitch at the idea. “R-ra...I-I mean c-can we do it raw?”, he stuttered shyly. You smiled and pressed another kiss to his lips before getting off of him to rid yourself of your useless clothes. Your movements were slow and sensual, you wanted him to take in every inch and detail of you no matter how long it took. He was so enchanted by your dance that he almost forgot to strip himself. Seeing your slick covered thighs made his mouth salivate, he was so desperate to feel your snug cunt wrapped around his cock, you were perfect. Lay back pretty boy, I’ll make you see stars.”, you smiled innocently.
Tamaki did as told and laid back allowing you full access to his hard throbbing cock. It was perfect, just the right amount of length and girth to make your legs tremble and still it had the nicest curve you had ever seen. He watched your knees take position on both sides of his hips and whimpered feeling your slicked folds rub against the tip, you smiled and ran your hand along the underside of his needy cock until you positioned yourself just right. “Remember, no falling in love with me.”, you teased before slamming your cunt down on his cock. He was a bit bigger then you had first thought, a good three inches of his cock remained to fill you up but this was more than enough for Tamaki. “Oh fuck! You really took me all in!”, he moaned bucking his hips up into your wet cunt. A shaky moan escaped your lips from the pleasant stretch, you almost forgot that you had a job to do but Tamaki was certainly meeting all your expectations. You bounced your hips making Tamaki moan out loud to the warmth of your tight cunt, feeling your slick run down his shaft was to good. You laid against his chest, and held his face in your hands as your tongue once again invaded his wet cavern. The sweet drink of his moans and grunts against your lips was such a wonderful treat, being overwhelmed by your greedy cunt around his hard cock and your tongue was bringing Tamaki far to close to an orgasm. Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!”, he cried out tossing his head back, his nails imprinted small crescents into the flesh of your plump ass while your hips seemed to pick up a faster pace.
“That’s it little Angel cum for me. Come on don’t hold back I want all of you.”, you hummed slamming your cunt down hard against his cock until the tip kissed your womb. The adorable whimper that erupted from Tamaki’s throat as he painted your insides white with his cum made you shudder in excitement, your womb felt so nice and warm from his load. “Mmmn~ W-Wonderful, beautiful baby. You filled me up so good.”, you cheered holding Tamaki’s flushed face in your hands as you smiled down at him. Tamaki’s heart was so full, his face bright red from your praise, he wanted to please you more. He wanted more of you. “O-one more time please.”, he begged rolling his hips so his cock could stir your creamy insides. You jumped feeling his cock graze against your gspot but how could you deny him? You nodded happily but decided to try something other clients wouldn’t let you try, you pulled yourself off of his needy cock easily pulling out a submissive plead from him for you to wrap your cunt around him again. Your finger pressed softly against his lips as you hushed him, you leaned forward to his ear and whispered, “Want to be dominated by me? Want me to fuck your cock with my wet pussy? If you do just hold your legs up to your chest for me and watch my use you.”, you hummed. His hands hooked under his knees and pulled his legs straight to his chest, you smiled seeing his cock twitching for you. You spread your legs for him tucking yourself between his thighs softly peppering kisses up his toned calves as you threw them over your shoulders.
“Remember the rule Tamaki, even if I make you blow the biggest load of your life.” The whiny elf eared pro nodded and moaned out loud when your gooey cunt slammed down onto his curved cock once more. You moved how you wanted digging his cock deep into your hole, he cried out to the new position, it was so perfect! Seeing such a seductive Angel above him pleasing herself with his cock like the toy he was was just to perfect! Your mixed juices coated his cock smearing against his thighs and balls as you rolled your hips into his cock. “That’s it baby Tamaki, dig your little cock into my pussy.”, you growled pulling his hand to your clit for some added stimulation. His rough fingers played with the sensitive bundle of nerves making you tighten up around his cock. Oh! Oh fuck mommy! Mommy please don’t stop!”, Tamaki cried out throwing his head back in pleasure. Your heart melted to the sweet nickname, this seed was so much more entertaining then any client you had before. “It’s okay baby, mommy won’t stop. Not now, not when we’re so close.”, you squealed bouncing harder onto his member.
His slicked balls slammed against your ass, but you could feel them contract. His orgasm was nearing, you cried out splashing against his cock from the overstimulation to your body. Tamaki’s back arched off the bed as he held your hips down in place with the release of his last intense orgasm. You could feel him coating your inner walls for a good 30 seconds until he finally collapsed and relaxed on the bed. He panted heavily for breath, eyes shut right from fainting. You giggled and kissed him sweetly before getting yourself ready and leaving. You tucked him in and kissed his forehead sweetly thanking him for the night. “God my legs are shaky but damn was he hot.”, you sighed tapping your phone lightly against your lips. Your phone buzzed with a notification and your face ignited into a bright red blush.
“The rule never mentioned that I couldn’t make you fall in love with me. Let’s do this again sometime but next time I want to service you. -Suneater”
You smiled, he may have just become your favorite customer.
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bokutosworld · a year ago
convenience store stranger | suna rintarou
pairing: suna x f!reader  word count, genre: 2.1k words, college au. fluff. another meet cute story lol.  warning: none  summary: in which your late shifts become less boring and more interesting when a cute stranger stumbles in at 2 AM.  a/n: my first time writing for suna god im scared but i really liked how this turned out!! 
Tumblr media
The first time he meets you happens on one of his late night convenience store runs. It was exams season and Suna’s been pulling all-nighter after all-nighter. To say he was exhausted would’ve been an understatement. 
He’s barely making it through on the third night and if he didn’t take a break soon, he was sure he’d have passed out on his desk. With his mind hazy from reading too many words and trying to understand a semester’s worth of lessons in one night, he decides to stand up and get some fresh air. 
Which is how he found himself currently standing at aisle four of the only convenience store that was still open near his apartment. He scans the rack for something that can wake him and his brain up. He doesn’t know how long he’s been standing but he could definitely feel eyes burning holes in the back of his head. 
He settles on a pack of jelly sticks and a cup of spicy instant noodles and heads towards the counter. You mutter a greeting when he reaches the cashier and begin scanning his items. 
When he hands over the cash for payment, your fingers brush with his cold ones, making you recoil harshly as if he was repulsing.
“Something wrong?” He laughs when he sees your reaction. “I know I look like a mess now but I won’t bite you.” He bends his knees slightly, tilting his head to get a look at your embarrassed face.
“No, I’m sorry.” You avoid his intense gaze, continuing to pack his purchase. When you look at him, he’s still staring with his piercing eyes that it almost takes your breath away. 
Shaking your head to bring yourself to reality, you give him his items. “Your hands felt cold and I was just shocked.” You feel that same electricity sparking between you again when he takes the bag from you. “I.. well.. thank you. Have a great evening.”
“It’s 2 AM,” Suna chuckles and you sigh before correcting yourself and bowing to him in goodbye. “See you around,” he shouts over his back as he walks out the door. It was the first time he saw you in that store and he was sure it wasn’t going to be the last. 
The second time he’d actually planned it according to your shift. If his past trips to the store were anything to go by, he’d learned that you always took the evening shift. It was something he discovered after being called out by your co-worker on the third time that he restlessly looked around the store during a visit. 
He should be on his bed, phone in his hand as he mindlessly scrolled until he fell asleep. But with the memory of his interaction with you lingering on his mind, he wanted to see you.
“Hey, got time for a customer?” He greets the moment he steps inside the empty convenience store. You look up from the book that you were reading and quickly stand to welcome him. “What are you reading?” 
Hiding the book from his view, you retort, “Aren’t you going to buy something?” 
He grins, taking in your tired disposition and the bags that had formed under your eyes before retreating to the shelves. When he returns, he slides over a can of energy drink, iced coffee, and a large bag of chips. 
You assume he’d leave immediately once he’s paid for everything. You certainly didn’t expect him to take out the coffee and give it to you. 
“This is for you.” He opens his own drink and leans by the counter. “Doesn’t it ever get boring here? I mean it’s midnight and you’re alone. I’m betting not many people even drop by at this time.” He faces the door, crossing his arms around his chest and staring at both of your reflections at the glass. 
Worn out from your classes in the day, you take his coffee offering, instantly feeling the rush of caffeine flow through your veins and waking you up. “The job pays relatively well. Besides I can’t really work in the mornings, I have uni.”
“So you’re a college student too.” He turns around and extends a hand out to you. “I’m Suna Rintarou.”
You introduce yourself as you shake hands with him. And as soon as pleasantries were exchanged, he immediately launched into a story about how his earlier day went. He was a natural conversationalist and despite this being your first time talking with him, you didn’t feel an ounce of awkwardness. You didn’t know what it was about him but his presence made you feel comfortable. 
You learned about what he was studying (to your surprise, Psychology), how he spends his weekends playing volleyball (he was a middle blocker and an excellent one at that, he boasted), and how he ended up here during the night he first saw you (the all-nighter went well and he passed all his exams). 
He rips open the chips he bought and offers you some as you lay your story before him. He munches as he listened to you rant about how you loathed your course (Business Management) and the many case studies and papers you had to do each day. He nods his head in understanding as you explain why you needed this part-time job (to pay for apartment fees). 
You were having so much fun in his company that you didn’t notice the time pass by. (He arrived to the store at 12:32 AM. The clock on the wall now reads 2:32 AM). And for the duration of his stay, you were surprised that no one ever came by. He only ever left your side when a taxi driver walked in. 
Suna steered clear from the counter and kept his distance as you did your job. From your peripheral, you could see that he watched you like a hawk from the side and it made you somehow conscious. When the customer exited, you playfully threw a tissue at him, 
“I couldn’t concentrate when you were standing there and looking at me like that!” 
He went back to his position but this time, he leaned close with his hands on the counter. “Like what?"  
Well how could you say to him that you thought he looked effortlessly hot in his sweatshirt and track pants? And was that an adorably messy bedhead? How could you say that you liked the teasing smile that he’d been giving you throughout the night?  
You chuckle and shake your head, “Nothing.” You reach for the book you were reading prior his arrival and took your seat. “Don’t you have classes tomorrow? You should go back.”
“Do you not want me around anymore?” 
“It’s not that, I…”
He cuts you off, “Good, then it’s settled. I’m not going anywhere. I like talking with you too much to go back home. Let me entertain you some more.” He sits down at the chair on one of the tables near the counter and then goes back to chatting with you. 
Since that night, Suna had been scheduling more trips to the convenience store. Sometimes, he’d really only visit to bother you. At times, he’d bring his books and laptop with him so he could work on a paper while you restocked the shelves and cleaned around. On rare occasions, he’d help you out on a business plan and the customers who’d enter the store would be amused at the sight of you and him huddled behind the counter with your serious thinking faces on. 
He’d become a part of your life that it felt unnerving not to have him around on your shifts. And it certainly showed on your face how disappointed and heartbroken you were when consecutive nights passed without his visits. Your co-worker even called you out on it. 
“So where’s the cutie been?” She asked one time when the two of you were at the back lounge while you logged in for your shift. You groan at the nickname she gave him and she laughs at you.
“How would I know?” 
“Don’t you guys talk almost every day and night?”
“Only on nights that he visits me.” You pause, thinking about the possibilities why he could’ve stopped coming. And before you knew it, you were ranting. “God, are we even friends? I don’t know his number. Did he ghost me? Is this considered ghosting? It’s been a week. I’m scared I did or said something.” 
She’s watching you pace around the room. “Maybe he got bored of me. Or maybe he realized I’m not really worth his time and dipped. Sleeping is much better than hanging out with me at 1 AM anyway.”
You’re stopped in your tracks when she suddenly grabs your shoulders. “Overthinking is not a good look on you.” She makes you take deep breaths to calm down. “I’m sure he’s just busy right now. He’ll visit again soon.” 
“I don’t know why I’m being like this.” 
The look she gives you is incredulous, her mouth gaping wide at your statement. “Are you serious?” 
“What?” You ask, not anticipating the next words that would come from her. 
“It’s obvious that you like him.” 
The next time you see him was on campus. You don’t know how long it’s been since he last spent time with you on your shift. (Though if you were counting, you were definitely sure that it’s been two weeks and three days since then.) 
You tried not to think too much about what his absence could mean but the pang in your heart never left. Those two weeks that he didn’t show up allowed you some time to think about your conversation with your friend. You like him. 
Back then, you were too quick to shut down the idea. Denying any ounce of feeling for the boy as you saw him as no more than someone who had too much time on his hands to bother you on your shifts. A good friend is what you specifically used to defend your relationship with him. 
So then why was it that your heart was beating so rapidly as Suna waved at you from across the cafeteria? Why couldn’t you stop smiling as you watched him make his way to your table and sit down beside you?
“Hey there.” He slings his arms around and pulls you for a side hug. “Long time no see.” 
You almost couldn’t hear him over the loud thumping of your heart in your ears. He’s still smiling and waiting for you to reply. “Yeah, been a while. I’ve gotten the peace and quiet back in my shifts.” 
He breaks out in laughter while opening a snack bar. “I’m sorry I haven’t been able to stop by. I just came out from a major presentation that I’ve been preparing for during the past weeks. And guess what?” 
You perk your eyebrows at his question. “What?” 
“Our group did great.” He raises a hand for a high-five and you indulge him. “The teacher liked our slides and our analysis of the topic. Ah, I feel so good right now!” He leans back with his hands behind his head, but he suddenly jerks. 
“We should go out!” Suna grabs your hands and looks at you expectantly. “You’re free the whole day tomorrow right? You’re not working the shift? Let’s celebrate. It’s my treat!” 
Feeling overwhelmed by his invitation and his overall excitedness, you laugh and pull back. “Calm down, Suna. I don’t know about tomorrow.” 
“Why? Are you busy?”
“Not really but..” 
“Then it shouldn’t be a problem.” He tucks a loose hair behind your ear, leaning close with his voice barely over a whisper, “It’s perfect. I’ve wanted to take you on a date for a long time now.” 
“What?” You stare at him wide-eyed. 
“Come on, you’ve never thought about us?” He finds the situation entertaining. Your flustered reaction reminds him of the night that he met you. 
“Why do you think I’ve been coming to the convenience store when I could be sleeping at that time? I like being around you. My day doesn’t feel complete if I don’t at least see you or tell you about my day or listen to you rant about the latest episode of your favorite series.”
You like him. 
“Go out with me.” He kisses the back of your hand. “Please?” 
The corners of your lips unconsciously curves up and Suna sends your heart doing somersaults when he says something about how he’s finally got to see the beautiful smile he’s been wanting to see for weeks. 
Your friend was right. You do like him.  
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dollslayer · a year ago
Botanical Interest - In Bloom
Soft!Mob!Steve Rogers x florist!Reader
Summary: Steve comes home to you angry after a rough day at work. He made a promise to keep his work life separate but can he keep it?
W/C: 4,103
Warnings: Angst, mentions of past abuse, smut, swearing, alcohol consumption
A/N: Hi there! A part three for our soft mob Steve and his lovely florist. Thank you so much to everyone that has shown interest in my work so far, if you like it please reblog and comment!! You can also check out my other stuff if you haven't yet. Cheers!
Botanical Interest Masterlist I Main Masterlist
When Steve Rogers had asked you to be his girlfriend you knew there was a weight attached to it. A long talk over a stack of waffles and a couple of beers left Steve with a ‘yes’ and some ground rules.
After the incident in the alleyway you both agreed that he left his work at the door whenever you spent time together. Steve’s profession has made you uneasy since you met him and you two couldn’t avoid it forever.
A month later and you’ve managed to avoid conflict for the most part. Nothing as bold as that day in the alley, just small moments where he’d have to take a phone call, once when he had to cancel your plans for a ‘work incident’. But still he really was trying to keep his work and personal life separate and you appreciated it.
It had bothered you that he had to do those things but it’s not as though your work hadn’t impacted your time together either. Being a florist meant a lot of late nights when you worked events. Wedding season in full swing, every weekend was a busy one for you.
That’s why Monday’s have become almost sacred to you, your one day off a week. You and Steve always spent time together, sometimes you’d go out or stay home and just relax.
This Monday Steve had promised to come over and make you dinner. He’d only ever tried to cook for you once and it had ended with a lasagna burnt so badly you had to open every window in the apartment just to get the charred smell out. You couldn’t wait for him to redeem himself and take him to bed after you both came out of your food comas.
You were cleaning the kitchen when you heard your phone buzz. You had asked Steve if he wanted you to pick up any groceries since you had the day off. Expecting a list you were met with mild disappointment.
Running a little late, doll. 6:30 and not a minute later, I promise. Don’t worry about groceries. I'll get it all taken care of, just enjoy your day off.
You were kinda miffed but at least he gave you a heads up and he was going to get the groceries. You picked your sponge back up and scrubbed away at the counter.
Expecting to be let down, you were pleasantly surprised when 6:30 rolled around and your doorbell sounded. You buzzed him up and waited patiently for him at your door.
Steve appeared as he rounded the corner and he looked exhausted, irritated maybe. He carried a lot of tension in his shoulders and his suit jacket was long gone. His tie was undone and his sleeves were rolled up to where you could see well toned forearms. You bit your lip thinking of those arms holding you in place in bed.
Maybe we should just ditch the dinner and skip straight to dessert.
He approached you and you leaned up to give him a kiss.
“Hi, honey. How are you?” You greeted him as you shut the door behind you.
He set the groceries down onto the counter with some force and you winced. Okay so he did have a rough day. Do I ask him about it? I don’t wanna talk about his work but I don’t want him to feel like he can’t talk to me about his day.
He sighed and turned to face you, took his tie off completely and ran a hand through his hair.
“Don’t worry about it” he responded as he took a beer out of your fridge.
You were off-put by the abruptness of his answer. Maybe he was just short with you because he didn’t want to talk about work.
You stepped closer and tried to approach him again.
“I said don’t worry about it.” Steve snapped, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and swiped the screen, visibly annoyed. “I gotta take this”. He slammed the door to your bathroom shut behind him and left you stunned in the middle of your kitchen.
What just happened? You had never seen him so upset aside from when you caught him mid-punch a month ago with Mr. Andersen.
Realistically you knew it wasn’t you he was mad at but you’d never done well with people when they were mad at you. You were engaged years ago to a man that was abusive towards you. Things had started off well like they always do but he became manipulative and he was quick to anger. You were constantly questioned and criticized. He kept you from seeing your friends, even some of your family. It took your friends coming through for you to get you out of the situation safely. Through lots of therapy and flinging yourself headfirst into your business you’ve come a long way but sometimes you had difficult moments.
It couldn’t be helped as your heart began to quicken and you felt heat come to your face from the embarrassment of being snapped at. Unsure what to do you poured yourself a glass of wine and sat down at your small dining table facing away from the bathroom.
You were trying to get yourself to not shut down in response to his change in mood but it was hard. He’s upset and clearly irritated with me already, he probably just wants to go home. Maybe you should just reschedule. Don’t cry, if you cry you’re gonna make it a whole Thing. Don’t cry. He’s not mad at you specifically and it’s not your fault.
In the torrent of your thoughts you didn’t hear the bathroom door open. Steve hadn’t spared you a glance or a word as he started unloading the groceries. Angrily placing a jar of pasta sauce onto your counter with a thud and muttering under his breath. You watched him timidly and took another sip of your wine.
He turned to you and took another swig of his beer.
“What? Why are you looking at me like that? What did I do?” He challenged.
Not wanting him to be upset with you, you devolved into old ways of over-explaining so you could justify your actions. Somewhere in the back of your mind, the rational part was telling you it’s not your fault he’s angry and you don’t owe an explanation but you were too far gone.
“I, I just, you didn’t do anything you just, um, you just looked upset. I don’t want to make it worse, I’m sorry. I was just looking at you, I didn’t mean to-”
You were cut off in the midst of your nervous rambling by the shrill ring of Steve’s phone. A frustrated growl escaped his mouth.
“I have to take this,” he muttered as he strode back to the bathroom. “I told you not to call me until you had it fixed” you heard him before the closing of the door muffled his anger.
He left you there to stew in your nervousness and self loathing. Five minutes had gone by and the rational part of your brain was slowly taking over. The rational part of your brain was angry. It’s okay for him to have a bad day and not want to talk about it but the way he’s spoken to you and responded to you isn’t warranted. You needed to confront him calmly and if he was still angry you needed to ask him to leave. You can talk to him another time but not while he’s angry. It won’t do anyone any good. Just like you’ve talked about in therapy.
You rehearsed the lines in your head and finished your glass. You heard the door open again and almost threw everything you had been going over in your head out the window. Just breathe. It’s fine, he calmed down so quickly after that time in the alley, he’ll understand.
Steve was angry. With Clint for getting the dates of Pierce’s arrival wrong, with Sam for failing to get the recon they needed to get the drop on him. Even angrier with Bucky for taking all of this out on him when it wasn’t even his fault. But most of all he was angry with himself for letting his work get in the way of your time together. He promised you undivided attention and you deserved it.
He knew how important your day off was to you and after the day he’d been having he couldn’t wait to just come back to you. He just wanted to make some decent spaghetti and melt the worries of his day off with your embrace. He craved the physical comfort he got from you after a long day. The feeling of endlessly sinking into your arms while you held him in bed allowed him to be the vulnerable one for once. He never felt comfortable enough with any of the other women he’d dated to even entertain the idea of being the little spoon.
He always suspected that who he was at work was almost the only reason any of the other women had even gone out with him. Who he was at work was almost a front for the art-loving, touch-starved, hopeless-romantic that he was when he let himself relax. They’d all just wanted this big burly man who was always in charge, a walking wall of muscle and testosterone that they had seen and heard of him to be when he was on the job. But when he was on his own time he just wanted to feel comfort more than anything.
He just wanted to melt into you.
That’s why he was eager to get to you today but the constant calls were cutting him to his last nerve. Bucky was out with Natasha and her parents so he specifically asked not to be called. Being the boss, Bucky was not to be bothered. Being second in command, Steve was.
When he hung up with Clint he exited the bathroom and walked straight past you without a word, knowing you didn’t want to hear about work and talking about it would just make him angrier. He started unloading the grocery bag with maybe a bit more vigor than was necessary.
Remembering he had opened a beer that was probably warm by now he turned to you and grabbed it off the table you were sat at. At this moment he looked up and you had this look on your face he couldn’t quite place. He wanted to know what was up so he asked but you just ended up stammering out a response that didn’t make much sense.
He was trying to listen to you, he really was but he just couldn’t work around this building anger, couldn’t let it go. So of course his phone rings again. And of course he takes it. Excusing himself and locking the bathroom door behind him again he was already forming how to lay into his men on the other line without raising his voice and alarming you too much.
“I told you not to call me unless you had it fixed” he seethed into the receiver. Steve pounded his fist against the porcelain of your sink in aggravation. “I’m not fucking coming down there tonight. I shouldn’t have to be taking fucking phone calls to solve this kinda shit when I’m with my girl. Lose their tail, re-track them, and we’ll deal with the rest in the morning. Don’t call me again unless someone fucking gets shot”, Steve hung up abruptly and took a deep breath.
He wasn’t even sure what he was going to say to you so he just waited a minute to collect himself. He took another deep breath and readied himself to go back to you.
You were sitting quietly at the table, silently digging your nails into your palm as you tensed your fist. Steve had exited the bathroom and taken a seat across from you. You decided to see if he’d speak first and waited.
A beat of silence and you sighed deeply, readying yourself to talk to him like you’d planned.
“Steve, I understand you’re having a bad day and it’s probably work related. That being said, just because you’re mad at someone else doesn’t mean you get to take it out on me” You blew out a shaky breath, wanting to finish before you lost your nerve and before he interjected. You didn’t dare make eye contact. Only stared at his hands on the table in front of you.
“If- if you’re mad don’t take it out on me, and if you feel like you can’t control that anger I don’t want you around me while you feel that way. If you want to talk through it or just work past it then I’m here. But if you’re going to snap at me again and just be mad then you need to leave. It’s not fair to me.”
I’m pretty sure Dr. Danforth would be fucking proud of me right now. Straight to the point but respectful, just like we talked about. And even if Steve’s mad, you’re in control. You’re doing great.
You braved a peek at his face at this point and he looked stunned himself. He’s probably never been spoken to like that in his life, being the second in command and all. You watched his brows bunch together in what you hoped was thought and not frustration for you and waited for him to speak.
Oh. Steve was a little struck by what you’d said. Have I been that bad? She’s shaking like a leaf, of course I must have been that bad. He’d had no idea that he even snapped at you, that’s how wrapped up in his own business and his head he was. He never meant to take it out on you, didn’t even realize he had. Sometimes it was like he was so deep into his work life he couldn’t take himself out of it. But he wanted to try, for you.
He remained silent while he pulled the chair across from you out and took a seat. He looked up to meet your gaze only to find you staring at your hands. You were digging your nails into your palms so he brought one large warm hand to cover yours and brought the other up to your face gently to get you to look at him. You flinched away from him and he felt another strike of surprise, but also maybe a hint of shame. Is she afraid of me? Normally Steve likes when people are afraid of him, makes his job easier, but he’d never want that from you.
“Sweetheart”, Steve’s voice was just above a whisper when you finally looked up at him.
“I’m… sorry, that’s really it I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to take it out on you. I didn’t even realize I did.” He apologized.
You could feel your tears subsiding and finally brought yourself to look at him. He looked just as exhausted before, just a little bit more sad. You imagined it was probably easy for him to get swept up in who he was at work so it must be hard to separate himself from it since it requires so much from him. You don’t want him to feel bad for being upset, you just want him to be more aware of himself and to not take things out on you.
“Steve, I know we said you wouldn’t talk about work when we’re together but I don’t want you to feel like you can’t talk to me if you have a bad day. Maybe you can keep it vague but I don’t want you to feel like you can’t say anything or be yourself, unless of course you don’t want to, I don’t want to force you to talk about anything either. When you snapped at me I just sorta shut down” You explained.
Steve seemed to be processing your words and forming a response when he took your hand in his to stop your nails from ripping into your palms like they often do. He nodded and took a breath.
“You have no idea how much it means to hear that from you, thank you. Just for the record, I never feel like I can’t be myself with you, it’s opposite, really. When I’m with you I get to drop all that bullshit at the door. Girls in the past have just wanted me because I was scary but seeing the way you flinched just now, I don’t ever want you to feel scared of me.” Steve confessed.
Maybe it’s time to tell him about the engagement, let him know where you’re coming from. You blew out a shaky breath and looked away from him again.
“I, um, I’m not scared of you. Years ago I was engaged to a man and things were really bad, he was really bad. I’m not ready to talk about all of it but that’s why I shut down on you when you snapped. I’ve been through a lot of therapy and I’m still working on it, but I’m not afraid of you. Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, it’s… kind of a sore subject” you admitted.
Steve’s nostrils flared and his grip on your hand tightened a little but you could tell he was trying everything he could to school his features and reply to you.
“I… didn’t know that I’m sorry.” he said as he ran his thumb over your knuckles. “If you ever wanna talk about it more, I’m here. And if you don’t, I understand.”
You stood from your chair and came around behind him to throw your arms around his neck. You kissed his cheek and rested your head against his.
“Thank you for listening and apologizing. I forgive you. And if you wanna talk about your day then I’m here.” You assured him.
Steve turned his head to capture your lips in a soft kiss which you reciprocated. Steve stood to his full height without breaking the kiss and brought his hands up to frame your face. The warmth was comforting again to you. Your tongue slipped into his mouth and he elicited the softest of sighs before returning your passion.
He broke the kiss while his hands explored your curves. “I want to make it up to you, will you let me do that, sweetheart?” he asked.
You could only look up at him with eyes blown wide with lust and affection. You nodded and he kissed you swiftly before leading you to your bedroom. You were holding his hand when he let go and softly urged you backwards onto the bed. You obliged and soon he was on top of you laying feather-light kisses to the column of your neck.
Your hands mussed his hair and smoothed out the tension in his shoulders as you held onto him. He kissed his way lower and lifted up the hem of our shirt and kissed his way back up to your breasts. You sat up slightly and took off your top and unhooked your bra, letting it fall before throwing it to the side. Steve took turns taking your nipples between his teeth and teasing them, licking and kissing them. He knew it always made you squirm and would build the anticipation before you could even touch him.
“Steve, please.” You whined.
Wordlessly he kissed and bit his way lower and undid your shorts. You arched your back to help him remove them along with your panties. Steve wasted no time and administered the smallest of licks to your clit. You gasped slightly at the feeling when you felt two fingers prodding your entrance before going in. Your body was getting accustomed to the initial wave of pleasure brought on by Steve’s movement and slowly you ground your hips against his hand and cried out softly.
Normally Steve would never let that fly, he was always so controlling and dominant in bed but tonight was different. Tonight was soft and he was making it up to you, showing his love in a physical way. So he let you push him deeper and raise your hips just so to reach the perfect angle. You felt yourself tighten around him and this is the point he usually slows down just to drag things out but your loud cries only fueled him as he doubled his efforts. With a final cry you came around his fingers, white heat blinding your vision momentarily.
You caught your breath and looked down at Steve. His beard was absolutely drenched and he sucked his fingers clean. You could almost cum again just from the sight of it. He wiped his mouth on a tissue before returning to you to give you a kiss. You tasted yourself on him but you didn’t care, you just wanted his mouth on yours. You felt his erection pressing against your thighs and it had you squirming all over again. You reached to undo his belt when he stopped you.
“This night is supposed to be about you, doll. I’ll be fine” He protested.
You shook your head at him. “I want you, all of you. Please, Steve”, you begged.
He nodded and undid his belt. You helped undress and when he was finally naked you felt the rush of heat to your core all over again, an itch you couldn’t scratch. You laid back further on the bed and soon he was above you, face inches from yours and one arm at the side of your head.
His cock nudged against your core and entered slowly to stretch you out. You moaned deeply and when he was all the way in he kissed you passionately and began moving. It didn’t take much for him to pick up the pace as he started to fuck you. He swore under his breath at the feeling of you.
“You’re so, so, good sweetheart. So fuckin’ good.” He praised.
His words made you keen as you let the feeling of him making love to you take you over completely. His lips grazed yours in between grunts and he moved one hand to your clit while the other cradled the back of your head. You held onto his shoulders tightly and sobbed out pleas for him to keep going. His thrusts picked up speed and so did his hand. You were so close to the edge and you could feel he was too.
“I love you” he panted out before his hips lunged forward into you one last time before he came inside of you.
The shock of his confession and his work on your clit triggered your second orgasm. It was powerful and had you clawing his back and gasping in pleasure. He’d never said that before. Did he mean it? You looked to him for the answer but his lips caught yours as he gave a few last lazy thrusts. He finally collapsed to your side and was heaving to catch his breath.
You both laid there basking in the afterglow of the makeup sex for a few minutes. You turned on your side to look at him. He was so perfect like this, so at ease.
“Did you.. Mean it? What you said?” You questioned nervously. You really wanted him to mean it.
He turned slowly to look at you and he was blushing. “Yeah, I did. I know it’s kind of soon and you don’t have to say it back, but I couldn’t help it. I love you” he confided.
“I love you too, I’m not just saying it cause I feel like I have to, I love you Steve Rogers. All of you.” you assured him.
The softest of kisses was laid on your lips. This moment with him was perfect.
“I can’t believe you love me. I’m so sorry about earlier. I feel so comforted when I’m with you, the last thing I want is to lose you. I promise I will do everything I can to never be like your ex. Ever. If I’m being a dick I want you to tell me,” He apologized again.
You were about to respond when his stomach let out the loudest groan. You both laughed as you sat up.
“I did promise you dinner. Unburned this time!” Steve pledged as he helped you gather up your clothes.
“That’s a promise I’m going to hold you to, Rogers.”
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stylesharrys · a year ago
Seven Hours
A/N: this is heavily based on that gif of Harry on stage and waving with a massive grin to the camera, and there was no way in hell that I wouldn’t write what I fantasised in the tags of my reblog lmao. It’s smut (again), so enjoy!
WC: 7,172
“Want you naked in that bedroom when I come home.”
The tone of his voice sends shivers down her spine, and Y/N can feel her thighs involuntarily clench shut. She rolls her lips between her teeth, eyeing up his pink mouth, and her mind starts to wander to the memory of it kissing on her cunt.
She blinks, words in a hushed whisper. “Better be quick then. Can’t promise I won’t start without you.”
Y/N and Harry finally have some time to themselves.
Neya bounces on her toes, fingers clinging to the edge of the kitchen counter as she looks over it, eyes as wide as saucers when she notices her mother packing away two Fredo chocolates in her lunch box. Her eyes meet Y/N’s as she presses a finger to her lips, winking at the young child, and Neya’s smile grows twice as wide.  
“Neya, baby. Are you ready?” The sound of Harry’s voice from the other room has them both quickly closing her lunchbox and giggling softly between them both. Neya thinks Y/N sneakily put chocolate in her lunchbox without Harry knowing, but Harry always knows.  
It’s not like he doesn’t allow the seven-year-old sweet goods, because he does, but only in moderation and Y/N often gets a little frustrated about his strict parenting when it comes to Neya’s diet. A bar of chocolate here and there isn’t going to harm the young girl, but Harry begs to differ.  
“Ready, Daddy!”  
It’s Neya’s first school trip and while Y/N and Harry have both been sharing the overwhelming amount of anxiety on the situation -- of letting their baby go off with her school for an entire day where they’re a two-hour drive away from her.
Though just last week, Harry had come to the realisation of a fascinating revelation for the both of them that’s had them both eager and lighter about the idea of her going off on a school trip.  
“Sure? Got your lunchbox? Your juice? D’ya have Mr Snuffles?” The girl nods her head vigorously at each of his checks. The stuffed pig’s tucked under her arm and Y/N doesn’t think she’ll ever get used to how adorable her baby looks in her school uniform -- a white polo top with a purple jumper and a pair of grey school trousers.
God, she’s cute.  
Neya’s been overly excited for the school trip since she took in her consent form three weeks ago. She’s an adventurous little soul, loves the unknown, and it’s something that’s always boggled Harry and Y/N’s brains.
She loves to be fierce and try new things on her own and yet, they can’t remember the last time she slept a full night without coming to them and sharing their bed until morning.  
She’s not clingy, though. No. Neya quite enjoys her space and only really offers much affection when she needs it. She just so happens to need said affection every night when Harry is about to go down on his wife, or she’s about to ride him. Neya has her timing, and Harry thinks she gets it from her grandmother.
Even as teenagers, Anne was the one who was accidentally interrupting them both.  
“Right, come and give me a big cuddle.” Y/N crouches down to her girls level, arms open wide as Neya toddles into them to squeeze her mother.
“Have fun, be good, and listen to Miss Jones, okay? No wandering off. And if you want to come home, we can come and pick you up, okay?” Y/N reminds her, going through everything she and Harry had agreed when they signed her permission form.
They don’t have any doubts about the teachers in Neya’s school, but rather the doubts about the world around them and how oblivious Neya can sometimes be. She’s just like her father -- chooses to see the good in people and often forgets about the dangers around her when she has something else on her mind.  
Neya nods her head and pulls away to give Y/N a fat smack of a kiss to her cheek.
“Bye, Mummy. Love you.”
There’s not a hint of nervousness in Neya’s tone, and Y/N doesn’t want to let herself get in the state of worrying any more than she already has on the build-up to it.  
She grins a smile and toddles off to the front door, plonking herself on the floor to shove her feet in a pair of school shoes and as Y/N raises back to her feet, Harry makes his way over; a somewhat of a cocky smirk on the corners of his lips and Y/N can feel herself grow a little giddy.  
He hasn’t looked at her like that in a long time, and she thinks her body is igniting in a familiar flame—a flame of her youth, from before Neya.  
She shies into him, wrapping her arms around his middle and gazing up at him through long lashes. Harry thinks he’s fucked already, got a semi from the thought of having an uninterrupted seven hours with his wife.  
His smirk grows at the idea of all the things they could get up to in seven hours, and he uses both of his large hands to cup her cheeks, brushes some hair from her face and he leans down to meet her lips in a gentle, teasing kiss -- one where their lips barely touch, and she’s keening for more.  
Her eyes flutter open when he pulls away, but she can still feel the warmth of his breath on her face. It’s no secret that Harry’s only gotten more attractive with age, with his scruff of a beard and age lines that adore his skin.
Y/N thinks he’s never looked better every time she looks at him and if she’s honest, she’s fucking desperate for a good fucking.  
“Want you naked in that bedroom when I come home.”
The tone of his voice sends shivers down her spine, and Y/N can feel her thighs involuntarily clench shut. She rolls her lips between her teeth, eyeing up his pink mouth when her mind starts to wander to the memory of it kissing on her cunt.  
She blinks, words in a hushed whisper. “Better be quick then. Can’t promise I won’t start without you.”
Harry’s lips twitch, that glimmer of controlled dominance in his eyes and Y/N thinks tonight will be the greatest night since their week-long honeymoon seven years ago.
Though this time, she isn’t sure she wants to fall pregnant straight away again.  
He leans closer, enveloping her lips with his in a sloppy kiss and he pulls away, giving her cheek a gentle tap and offers her a cheeky wink. She’s left gnawing on her bottom lip, watching him scoop Neya up in those strong, tattooed arms and fuck, if she doesn’t want them wrapped around her naked body to keep her in place while he fucks up into her.
Harry leaves her in the house as a flustered mess, but he’s not much better. He just about manages to strap Neya into her car seat and driving to her school is proven a little more complicated than usual when all he can think about is his wife sitting on his face while he’s sporting a semi.  
It’s been tough for both of them, since the birth of Neya.
There’s only so much the parents can do in the thirty minutes they’re usually able to steal. And sure, they’ve sent nights together when Neya has stayed at a relative’s, but one of them has always been kept by work, or they fuck once, and then they’re too tired to be genuinely attentive to one another’s needs after.
Harry can remember all the times they’d sneak off to the laundry room for a quick fuck while Neya took a nap -- or maybe the few times he’d give her a quick fingerbang on the sofa after Neya settled to bed. And there’s been a time or two when Y/N’s offered a risky blowie in the car to pick her up from school.  
But neither of them can genuinely remember the last time they spent an entire night just living each other -- tending to the other’s needs and getting lost in the overwhelming waves of pure pleasure.  
During the ten minute drive to the school, Harry can’t do much but hum along to whatever nonsense Neya rambles out. Harry tries to listen, he does, and he feels awful for being so eager to get rid of her for the day, but he has needs, and they haven’t much been satisfied the way they used to be years ago.
Neither Harry nor Y/N anticipated how much drought their sex life would go through -- didn’t realise how many quickies they’d have to get used to and make do. Harry just wants to spend more than three minutes between his wife’s thighs before they’re being interrupted by a little Styles or a ringing phone.  
And it’s not they don’t love being parents with every ounce of their beings -- because they do. They’d never give that up for any amount of money in the world. Saying that it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t mind a little alone time from their angel once in a while.  
Pulling up to the school, he’s quick to jump out, ignoring the stares of the single mum’s that have ogled him since he first did the school run years ago. He tries not to let his blood boil.
He’s got nothing against them, perse, though he can’t look at them without remembering the way Y/N would come home upset after dropping Neya off because the mums didn’t believe her when she said she was married to the Harry Styles.  
He still remembers the look on their faces when he picked Neya up that afternoon with Y/N; hands held and smiles on their lips. Recalls the complete shock horror when he reached down to envelop Y/N’s lips with his and the excitement on Neya’s face when she ran out and screamed for her father.  
He finds it quite amusing if he’s honest. On more than one occasion he’s picked Neya up from school, and the other mums have tried having a go at chatting him up, only for their flirty grins to drop when he tells Neya he’s taking her and Y/N on a special date for his two favourite girls.  
Harry hasn’t got it in him to entertain the lonely ones today. He’s eager to drop his kid off and speed home to spend at least the next hour with his face buried in his wife’s cunt.  
He opens Neya’s door, encourages her to unbuckle her belt and with his hand beneath her underarms, he hoists her out of the Range Rover and settles her to the ground -- quickly reaching in to retrieve her book bag and lunchbox.  
Neya waits patiently, hand in the air as she waits for her Dad to take it, and he closes the door, letting his baby guide him through the playground and toward her classroom.  
He wanders past the group of unfaithful wives, hands tighter on Neya’s as they approach her classroom door that’s screened in paper daisies the kids had coloured and cut. His fingers are twitching in excitement, eager to get his hands on his lover again.  
“Are you here for the trip?” The gentle voice of Miss Jones draws Harry’s attention, and he smiles at the older woman -- the one that’s been such a rock through Neya’s progress in school.  
Harry lets out a hearty laugh through a clipped sigh, nodding as he offers a kind smile to the woman. “We are indeed, aren’t we, Neya?”  
The seven-year-old grins as she bounces on the balls of her feet and down to her heels.
Her wild hair had just about been tamed by Y/N this morning, but Harry knows by the time she gets home this evening, it’ll be a certified mess.  
Miss Jones smiles down at Neya, offering a high-five, which the child happily reciprocates, and she leads them through the classroom and to the other side of the school where the Arriva bus is waiting.  
Parents hover around the vehicle, huddled and chatting as their children wave excitedly through the windows from their seats. Neya’s jumping in her little shoes as she spots her best friend, Ellie, sitting in the middle section with a packet of sweets in her hand.  
Harry pretends he doesn’t see the way his daughter tries to tell her best friend to put the sweets away from in front of her Dad, and he pretends not to hear her whisper it in a strained voice either.
He busies himself with digging through her book bag for her permission slip and palms it off to Miss Jones, readjusting the bag on Neya’s shoulder and he crouches down to his knees, kissing her forehead and straightening out her uniform.
“Right. Be good, listen to the teachers. And if you want to come home, you just gotta tell them, and me and Mummy will come and pick you up, alright?” He goes through it again, wants her to know he’s only a phone call away.  
Neya offers a bone-crushing hug, eager to get their pleasantries over with so she can join her friends on the bus. He doesn’t hold her up too long.
Despite feeling desperate himself in getting home to his hopefully naked wife, he’s still got that anxiety about watching his child go off on her first school trip.  
He’s starting to understand now why Y/N didn’t want to watch her go — she knew she’d feel too damn anxious to let her go.  
He lets her toddle off toward the bus; cranes his neck as he watches her bounce on her seat with Ellie. His arms cross over his chest, his weight leaning back on a brick wall of one of the classrooms and he tries to ignore the apparent whispers as to why Y/N isn’t dropping Neya off with him.  
He’s itching for the damn bus to leave, as awful as it may seem. But Harry’s been missing his wife for far too long and when the opportunity arises to spend an entire day between her thighs, Harry’s bound to jump at the chance and do whenever he takes to make sure he doesn’t lose a second of that time.  
He tries to ignore the lingering looks from across the playground. His foot is tapping impatiently on the slightly gravelled concrete, and his teeth are gnawing on his inner cheek.
Greed is getting the better of him.
All he wants is a taste of his wife -- to escape the responsibilities of parenthood for a few hours.  
In what Harry would consider being a lifetime (which is realistically ten minutes), the bus is filled to the brim with buzzing children and stressing teachers and Neya is waving out of the window to her father.
Harry’s got a wicked smirk on his lips as he waves back at his little angel, blowing her a tender kiss that she pretends to catch and shove in her pocket.
Few mothers watch in awe, others listen in complete and utter arousal, and all they can think about is letting him have his way with them. Harry’s only ever got one woman on his mind -- his wife.  
He doesn’t attempt to wait around to say goodbye to the other parents, or to entertain the ideas that he and Y/N are midway through a messy divorce, no. He makes quick work of avoiding another person before hauling himself in his car and starting up the engine.  
There’s no lie that he’s got more than a bit of anxiety about his baby going on a trip without him or another member of the family with her because if he’s honest, he wasn’t entirely in love with the idea before, and he still isn’t now.
But, like before, he didn’t have the overwhelming hunger and need to be between Y/N’s thighs like he does now -- and that need and want is tending to override the previous anxiety he felt.  
It doesn’t take long for him to make it back home, maybe skipping a red light or two when he thought he could get away with it but Harry didn’t care at the moment if he didn’t. He’d happily pay a speeding ticket or two if it meant he had longer loving on his lover’s body.  
Harry is a greedy man, and what he wants, he gets. He’s rock hard by the time he gets home, fists clenching at his sides as he makes his way inside. It’s quiet -- too quiet, and Harry thinks it feels like she’s hiding like he’s stalking his prey. It’s like a game of cat and mouse and Harry wonders if he’s the predator or if she’s about to pounce.  
He toes off his shoes by the door and his sock-clad feet pad through the house. He makes straight for the stairs, eagerly nibbling on his lower lip and he feels like a naughty schoolboy -- as though he’s about to discover something so incredible that Harry knows he’ll get scolded for, but it’ll be worth it.  
It’s pure adrenaline and excitement, a little giddy from nerves as he reaches the top of the stairs and stops outside their bedroom. The door is cracked open, can barely see inside, but what he does notice is a flicker of a flame and the silhouette he knows too well, cross it.  
A rush of need flows to his cock, and he can feel himself twitch in his pants. Harry lets his hand wander -- lets it cup himself over his trousers as he slowly pushes the door open. The curtains are closed, and the room is dark but lit with the warmth of almost fifty candles.  
She’s lit them on every surface imaginable and dressed in a pair of cotton knickers and his old Hot ‘N Hard shirt; she sits on her knees at the foot of the bed. Her lashes are fluttering up at him, lips swollen and Harry thinks if she keeps looking at him like that, he’s going to cum his pants.  
“Got cold waiting for you.” She answers his unasked question -- the one where he wants to know why she’s clothed when he specifically asked for her to be naked.
Harry doesn’t complain. Could never complain. Especially not when she’s dressed in his clothes and looking at him like that with those eyes.  
“Fuckin’ hell.” His throat is dry at the sight of her.
He doesn’t honestly remember the last time they lit a bunch of candles and fucked in a bed and the thought of spending at least the next couple of hours doing so is utterly overwhelming to them both.
They’re giddy -- nervous. It feels like it’s Harry and Y/N’s first time, and every idea of Harry dominating the shit out of her and pinning her to the bed while he fucks her cunt until she’s begging for a break, are long forgotten.
Now, all Harry wants to do is love and adore her. He thinks he could easily spend the next forty minutes kissing up her legs and caressing her hips and thighs while he does so.  
But Y/N is giddy and eager, and as much as she wants to let Harry worship every damn inch of her body, she’s far too touch starved to have the patience for it. She’s kneeing the sheets beneath her, pussy pulsing between her heated thighs and her eyes feel heavy, chest heaving in anticipation.  
Harry notices her nipples pebbling beneath his shirt first -- the way they poke through the tattered fabric, and it’s when his eyes finally flitter up to her face that he notices the desperation in her eyes and he snaps.  
Two massive strides are all it takes to get to her -- to have his hands on her finally. He kneels onto the bed, palms cupping the sides of her face as he brings her lips to meet his. It’s hot and uncoordinated, but God is it perfect.  
Their lips barely break apart; smearing tenderly and tongues swirling. The taste is intoxicating, like a drug they haven’t had the pleasure of in so long. They feel like horny teenagers, caught in the moment and desperate to tear any piece of fabric that separates them.  
“Missed ya so bad,” Harry mumbles his words against her lips in loose pants, but she’s seen him in every state that Y/N knows just what he’s saying to her.  
She nods her head, and he’s easing her onto her back, shimmying her further up the bed until her head meets the pillows.
He’s hovering between her parted thighs, hands trailing down her sides to feel up her legs. Smooth and soft.  
She shaved for him.
He pulls away just enough to meet her eyes, and Y/N’s got a shy smile on her lips. She knows he noticed the silkiness of her skin and she knows he’s wondering if she’s the same under her cotton knickers or not.
The teasing smirk on her lips suggests he’ll have to look to find out.  With a groan and taunted smirk, he shakes his head and meets her lips in a brief kiss.
Harry wraps his hands around the backs of her knees and tugs her down a little. Y/N shrieks, a laugh softly following and Harry shimmies himself back until he’s laying between her parted thighs.  
There’s a hunger in his eyes as he refuses to falter their gaze.
Y/N’s chest is rattling, and he knows that even after all these years, that look always has her almost quaking. He hasn’t even touched her yet.  
His lips pout as kisses gently pepper their way up the meaty flesh of her thighs -- his large palms tenderly kneading the skin.
Y/N’s breathing is uneven, and she feels warm with excitement. If she’s honest, Y/N doesn’t remember the last time she had his tongue on her cunt, and she’s fucking gagging for it.
She reaches stammering hands down until her fingers meet his hair, and she gives the messy brown locks a generous tug closer to her core. He’s ginning. Can’t help but feel wholly smug and content with himself for making his wife feel like they’re teenagers again.  
“Love when ya get like this.”  
She shies into her shoulder, eyes heavy when she feels his warm breath on her cunt. He nips playfully at her hips before rolling her shirt up and tucking it under her chin. Her breasts are free as they bounce slightly on her chest.  
The skin is slightly stretched from the growth and changes her body faced over the years, but Harry still thinks she’s never looked sexier. Stretch marks on her breasts and lower stomach. The perfect pouch of slightly worn and saggy skin on her tummy. He can feel his eyes starting to water and just how gorgeous she is.  
It’s a beautiful body that birthed their beautiful daughter.  
He’s overcome with love and adoration. Instead of his lips wrapping around her nipples like he usually would, he presses tender kisses to every stretch mark he can see, and Y/N thinks she’s the luckiest fucking woman alive.  
“No idea how much I fuckin’ love you.”
She does. She knows just how much Harry loves her, but that’s not what she wants right now. He shows how much he loves her every second of every day. Now, all she wants is for him to show her how much he needs her.  
Y/N nods, pulling his head a little higher until her hands can cup the sides of his face and her thumb is brushing over his plump bottom lip. “I know how much you love me. I just wanna know how much you need me.”
His eyes darken, she can see. The way they shadow over with the overwhelming clouds of lust and desire, and there’s this carnal sin that holds his gentle soul hostage. He feels the blood rush to his ruddy tip -- his hands balling into fists that have his fingernails scarring crescent moons into his skin.  
“Yeah?” his voice is gruff when he asks, an octave or two lower than usual but it’s still that sexy, low drawl that awakens the flittering fire in Y/N’s stomach.  
She nods her head, bottom lip caught between a row of teeth, and she knows she’s in for it. If there’s anything she knows about Harry, it’s that when she asks for something, he always delivers to the highest standard. She knows this will be no different.  
“Ya want me t’ taste your pussy, baby? Want me to make you feel good?”  
He lowers his face, nosing along the apex of her thighs. His teeth nip at the waistband of her knickers. Harry loops his fingers between her hot skin and the fabric, tugging the cotton piece away from her core and down her trembling thighs.  
Harry can smell her; the sweet scent of pure arousal and he thinks he’s about to pass out. He’s been eager for too long, and it’s overwhelming to have her again.  
Y/N’s squirming in anticipation beneath him and he decides against teasing her as he had initially planned. Instead, he gets himself comfy and thumbs at her heat, spreading her folds and a soft squelch meets his ears as he sees how wet she is.  
“Fuck…” he’s breathless. Harry can’t believe how soaked he’s got his girl after just a little bit of teasing, and he doesn’t waste any time before he’s licking his way into her.  
Y/N’s body shudders at the warmth of his tongue, the way she’s missed such a pleasurable sensation for the longest time. Her head’s thrown back as he works it through her folds, lapping up her arousal and spreading it up to her clit.  
His warm lips wrap around her bundle of nerves, offers a gentle suction on her button and her thighs twitch and jerk once, then twice.  
Harry’s got her knees bent over his shoulders, arms looped around the very tops of her thighs and his hands gently push on her lower stomach to keep her still.
Y/N struggles against the restrictions he puts on her body, and the fire continues to lick at her soul with every stroke his tongue makes.
“So good.” She swallows around her words, eager to catch her breath, but he doesn’t give her a moment long enough to. He sucks a little harder -- faster.
His tongue is hot on her clit, and Y/N is sure she’s about to combust. Her thighs start to tremble, fingers tangled in his locks and they tug at his scalp, but he loves the burn of it.
“Taste so good,” his muffled voice vibrates her through her cunt.
Y/N’s eyes roll back, chest heaving and jaw slack.  
There’s always been something so magical about Harry’s mouth, but after not having the pleasure of feeling it on her for so long, it’s suddenly three times as better as she last remembers.  
“More, please,” she shudders. “I need more.” His grunts against her core spur her on, and with one hand leaving her lower stomach, she’s able to thrash that little bit more.
His lips are sucking her clit still while his tongue skillfully flicks and rubs against the nub.
She’s struggling to make sense of anything, and while she can feel herself burning to that boiling point, she needs something more to send her over.  Harry smacks her inner thigh, the sound of skin slapping a shrill to her ears as she gasps wetly.
Harry teases his middle finger across the opening of her cunt. It’s slick with arousal, her little honey pot, and it only takes a few tries before he’s easing in two thick fingers and curling them against her g spot.  
Y/N starts to shake, her body in a state of euphoric bliss and when she lifts her head to get a look at him between her quaking thighs, he’s already looking up at her. His cheeks glisten with her wetness, and there’s darkness in his eyes that suggests even this can’t quench his thirst.
“Fuck, please. I need to cum, H.” He nods against her, his eyes fluttering closed and a rough groan tears through his chest.
He curls his fingers faster, fucking into her cunt and sucking her puffy clit like it’s all he knows.
Y/N’s body is convulsing sporadically, can’t keep still, and even Harry is struggling to keep her down with his left hand pressed against her abdomen. But he feels it -- the way her body tenses and how her stomach coils. He moans louder, harder; gets her to that breaking point before sucking harder.
She’s a mess of wet moans and desperately pleads and whines. Her entire body jolts and spasms beneath Harry’s touch as her orgasm washes over her. Her shoulders droop as it takes over -- all senses of tense discomfort, finally leaving her body as her eyes roll to the back of her head.  
Harry laps up everything he has to offer; his assault on her slopping cunt easing as he licks softly and removes his fingers. His tongue makes for her hole, eager yet attentive to not complete overstimulate her.
He whimpers at the taste.
Sweet with a hint of saltiness. Addictive is what it is -- and Harry hasn’t had the feeling of her in far too long. He wonders how he went as long as he did without it on his tongue.  
“Did so well f’ me.”  His voice is raspy, words slightly broken in his slow drawl as he catches his breath.
Harry licks at his lips -- refuses to waste a bead of her taste as she struggles to gain her bearings. He kisses at her thighs, sinking his teeth into the exceptionally fleshy parts and it jolts her back toward him, her head tolling.  
She lets off a shy giggle -- one that suggests they haven’t been together for years -- that they don’t have a child together.  
Her grip is loose in his curls as Harry slowly crawls up her body -- kissing her tender skin along the way and a lazy smile is prominent on his lips when he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, and Y/N pulls him down for a kiss.  
She can taste herself on his tongue, and it has her mind heavy, spinning. It’s intoxicating and all too sexy for Harry to handle.
He whimpers into her mouth, and when he settles his body between her thighs, she finally feels just how hard he is, and she shudders; soaked again. Y/N pulls back, catching her breath and licking over her swollen lips.
He looks fucked, yet utterly gorgeous. In the soft, hazy light front he candles, his skin looks much tanner than it had earlier in the morning and Y/N doesn’t think she’ll ever get used to his beauty. Thinks she’s the luckiest fucking woman on the planet.  
“Love you so much,” she mutters breathlessly, starry-eyed and Harry grins wide.  
He cocks a brow.
“Sure you don’t just’ love my mouth?” Y/N snorts -- an unattractive sound that Harry thinks is music to his ears and she rolls her eyes at his comment but nods her head -- feeds into it.
“That too.” He noses at her cheek, enveloping her lips in a sloppy kiss again and Y/N claws at his t-shirt.
"You’re wearing too much,” she comments. Harry grins into the kiss, a quiet but hearty laugh slipping between their lips. He pulls away, sitting on his knees as he watches her.
She’s fucked beneath him -- hair a mess and eyes blown wide. Her nipples pearl and she reaches for them, twists and pinches them between her fingers as Harry rids himself from his shirt.  
Even in his late thirties, he’s still fit as fuck. His chest littered with a dusting of dark chest hair, and he’s even more riddled with tattoos than he was when they were in their mid-twenties.  
She watched with parted lips and laboured breathing. Harry’s smug, they both know it, and he does not attempt to hide it. He gets off on seeing how riled up he can get her -- hot eager and desperate and needy she can get for him.
Unzipping his pants, he can see her cunt start to leak; can see her pussy pulse around emptiness. Y/N’s got her bottom lip caught tight beneath her front teeth and his cock bloats impossibly harder at sight.  
He manages to pull his pants off, toeing off his socks when Y/N raised a brow at them, and he settles back between her thighs, voice shaky and eager.
He’s not nervous, though Y/N would argue otherwise.  He just doesn’t know how long he’s going to last when he finally gets inside her again. They’re kissing again; lips are smacking and tongues swirling.
Harry’s hips are rolling against her cunt, and he can finally feel the wetness of her on the pink head of his cock.  
Harry lets out a shaky breath, his eyes fluttering as he pulls away from her lips. She lets out a sigh, swallowing back a whine.
”Want me to ride you?” She offers, reckons he might be a little fucked out -- recognises he can’t go as hard for things anymore.  
He shakes his head, huffing out a breath. ”Wan’ you t’ jus’ sit back and enjoy it.” He tells her, and Y/N can’t help the grin that tugs on the corners of her lips.
”Think I’m going to enjoy it, either way, H.” His smug smirk only grows, and it’s a boost of confidence he didn’t know he needed.
Harry nips at her jaw, reaching for himself to rub his purple-ish head across her entrance. They both start to hiss at the sensation, and Harry knows straight away that he won’t be lasting very long.  
“Ya gonna make me cum so fuckin’ quick.” He offers her a forewarning. Y/N smiles, head rolled back as he kisses up her neck.
“Least I’ll know I still get you going,” she comments, and Harry can’t help but frown.  
He lines himself up at her entrance, pushing in just slightly to get her used to that familiar stretch and burn. His eyes lock on hers.
“You always get me goin’.” He thrusts slowly, letting her adjust as her jaw falls slack and eyes start to widen. His teeth are gritting as he breathes through laboured exhales.
“Got no idea what you fuckin’ do t’ me, love.” Her eyes roll back as he sheathes his way inside her.  She’s soaked; wet and warm and so fucking tight.
Harry can’t think straight -- his vision is blurred and dotted, and Y/N can’t even open her eyes. He can’t remember the last time he felt this good, and she can’t remember the last time she ever felt this fucking full.  
With nothing between them, Harry gently starts to pull out, leaving just his head inside before he snaps his hips back to hers, and fucks up into her. Her body jolts; moves with the thrust, and a shriek slips past her parted lips.  
“Oh, fuck!”  Harry’s ears are ringing, but he still hears her perfect fucking whines and cries. She claws at his back while his forearms rest on opposite sides of her head, trying to keep his weight from crushing her body.  
His lips part -- hot breath fanning over her contorted face and harry can’t fucking look away. He can see the pleasure painted all over her features and it’s the best fucking sight he’s even had the honour of witnessing.  
“Fuck, you’re so sexy.” Harry seethes through gritted teeth, and the sound of his desperate tone only makes her wetter.  
The room is full of pants and whines and slapping skin. Y/N’s not embarrassed by the squelching noises her little cunt makes as he ruthlessly pounds into it. The two thrive off it -- makes him move faster and her moan louder.  
They haven’t had the pleasure of being as loud as they like for the longest time, and now the two feel like animals; like they don’t have to silence their cries and pleads of more, need it harder, please!
Y/N’s tits are bouncing on her chest; her nipples are grazing against Harry’s butterfly tattoo, and the sensation of it makes her shudder. She’s got her legs wrapped around his narrow hips, locking him in place as his heavy balls hit against her ass.  
“So fucking big!” She chokes out. It does everything to stroke his ego, and Y/N knows it.
While they’re not as filthy with their talk as they used to be; they still know what gets the other going and how to initiate it all.  His eyes light up; jaw clenched as he pounds harder -- faster.  
“Yeah? Feel me in y’er tummy? Such a good girl f’ me, baby.” He praises her back just as much, knows how much she likes when he praises and compliments how well she does for him.  
Y/N’s nodding eagerly, head rolled back and hips desperately trying to move in rhythmic waves against his. They’re vigorously chasing their highs, and they both know they’re close. She’s gripping him like a vice, and he’s twitching between her slick walls.
“Need to cum. H, please make me cum, been so good.” She cries out.  
Her eyes roll back, can’t force them to look at him, and he knows how much she truly loses control of herself when he fucks her that well. Harry shifts his legs a little, sits up, on his knees and drags her by her thighs until he’s holding them over his forearms and lifting her bum off the mattress.
She watches with dazed eyes at the change of position that now gives him full control, doesn’t even register that he’s managed to keep himself sheathed inside her the whole time.  
Their eyes are locked, lips parted and skin wet with a sheen layer of sweat when he starts to thrust, and the new angle allows him to hit a little deeper. Y/N can’t help the moans that fall from her lips.  
“Oh, fuck.” She rushes out in an urgent drawl, and the bed begins to rock. They’re both panting, Harry using every damn ounce of energy he can muster up to fuck into her, and she’s rolling her hips on his cock, desperate for another release.  
“Gonna make me fuckin’ cum. Want me t’cum inside?” He pants out.  
Y/N’s nodding. She’s pushing her tits together, pinching her pebbled nipples between the middles of her fingers and rolling her head back into the sheets.  
Harry’s throbbing in her squelching cunt, and with several desperate and broken pleads of letting her cum, her warmth finally explodes around his prick. She’s filthy, how she whines, her body jerking and jolting, and the extra squeeze has Harry’s cum spurting out and coating her walls in white ribbons of arousal.  
Gruff moans and desperate cries sound through the room as her cunt continues to clench around him.
He lowers her legs to the bed, lets himself fall onto her body. His crushing weight is comforting on top of her. She can feel him softening as they both start to catch their breath, and blink away the hazy orgasms.
It’s silent as he moves his lips to pull out, and they both hiss at the lack of warmth and contact, but Harry makes no effort to roll off her body. Her arms wrap around his shoulders, and his face presses against the crook of her neck. They’ve both got their eyes closed as they try to calm down, to find their bearings.
It feels a bit surreal to have tended to one another’s needs so well, and now be able to rest in one another’s arms. Y/N’s got an itch to grab the blanket and cover them back up, but she has to remind herself that Neya isn’t home. It’s just them.  
“Fucked now.” Harry rumbles into her skin breathlessly, and Y/N barks out a hearty giggle, reaching her hands to his head to pet his hair.  “
So that’s round two out fo the window.” His head shoots up, brow arched and his nose is brushing against hers -- a playful, accusatory look on his face.
“Now, I never said that.” He bites her nose after she bursts into a laugh, and kisses across her aching cheeks.  
She watches him climb off her and waddle to the bathroom, reaches across the bed to smack his ass as he moves and he jumps a little, holding his crotch and playfully scolding her.  
She’s staring up at the ceiling, feeling completely and utterly loved and satisfied when she feels the bed dip beside her. Harry wipes the cold washcloth between her thighs. She hisses at the coldness of it and Harry coos her, assures her he’s just cleaning her up.  
He’s still naked, lying beside her when he’s done, and Harry tosses it across the room and into the laundry hamper, high-fiving Y/N when he makes the shot.  She’s got her head on his chest as he plays with her hair and they’re both yawning.
They know that second round won’t be for at least another two hours -- after they’ve had a nap and something to eat.  
“Still got six hours, y’ know,” Harry mentions, taking note of the alarm clock on his nightstand and Y/N hums, a little sleepy as she plays with the hairs on his chest.
Even having time to cuddle like this is a rarity for the two.  
“Is it bad that I don’t miss her yet?” she speaks up, voice hesitant like she feels guilty.  
Harry purses his lips. He can’t say it’s bad because he feels the same. As much as he loves his baby girl, he needs time alone with his wife -- even if for just a couple of hours. Harry shakes his head.
“Not bad. We’re allowed to want some time alone.” The reminder sits heavy on her mind, and she nods her head.  
“You’re right.” She agrees, but Harry knows that’s not the end of it. He waits a moment. Then two.
“But think we should phone the school in a minute, just to make sure she’s okay.”
Harry barks out a hearty laugh, leaning down to kiss Y/N’s head and she cranes her neck to look up at him, lashing fluttering. “What? What are you laughing at, ya knobhead?” He shakes his head again, grinning down at her and his spare hand caresses her cheek.
“I mean… ya could phone the school. Or you could take a nap wi’ me, then we can make some food and have that second round in the hot tub?”
The seconds silently tick away between them as neither say a thing. Harry has his brows raised, waiting for a reply, and she’s got her lips parted as she mulls over his offer.
Eventually, she moves her head back to his chest and snuggles closer to him so he can feel her lashes fluttering against his skin.
“Set an alarm for an hour.”
Okay, so this is like my welcome back fic I guess. I know I didn’t go anywhere but I stopped sharing my stuff on here for a few weeks bc I was tired of the lack of feedback and stuff. 
If you enjoyed a fic, please reblog it! Us writers put so much time and effort into writing these stories to share with you for free so it means a lot when you guys reblog them and put something nice in the tags. 
So please, give it a reblog if you enjoyed it and please, leave some feedback. Thank you for reading and thank you for your support <3
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yourtamaki · a year ago
tu me manques
Tumblr media
kiba x f!reader
word count: 2.3k
warnings: established relationship, breeding kink, bunny as a nickname, mutual masturbation, fingering, creampie, scratching, marking, premature ejaculation, lactation kink mentioned but not featured
dedicated to: @onyxoverride
Tumblr media
he was on you the moment he walked through the door. 
kiba had been away for weeks on a tracking mission. the target was better connected to the underground crime rings then they’d anticipated, disappearing in one country just to pop up in another. you’d resigned yourself to a long wait when a hastily written note from your husband came a few days after his departure explaining the situation. 
this was far from the first time you’d spent time apart but that didn’t make it any easier. your home was too quiet without him and akamaru and nothing you did could fill the silence. the nights were the worst, when you had only your too small fingers for company. nothing could ease the ache between your legs. kiba had ruined you long ago, ensuring that the only way you could find release was with his help. it made missions like these all the more torturous for you. 
you were getting ready for bed after another lonely day when you heard the front door slam open as though it had been kicked in. your body moved before your brain could catch up, grabbing a kunai from under your bed and clutching it in a shaky hand the way kiba had taught you. you were no shinobi by any means but he had refused to take any missions outside of the village until you could hold your own with a dagger. he had even entertained the idea of leaving akamaru behind just to protect you in his absence. you had shot down the idea but it brought tears to your eyes knowing kiba loved you so deeply, so much so that he’d go without his partner for you.  
as heavy footsteps drew near you steeled your nerves, all the lessons you’d learned flooding back in your mind. the bedroom door opened and you had only a moment to recognize who it was that just walked through before he was on you, kissing you with a ferocity that screamed kiba. you dropped the kunai in favour of bunching his jonin vest in your fists. he was home, he came back to you and you couldn’t stop from smiling into the kiss. you broke apart from each other only when your lungs started to ache, your hands trailing down his body in search of injuries.
“i just got here and you're already feeling me up, sweetheart?” 
“says you, you practically jumped me just now.” he took your wandering hand and placed it over his crotch, letting you feel his growing bulge. 
“i fucking missed you, baby. one look at you and you got me like this.” your face warmed as he used your hand to palm himself over his pants. his forwardness still managed to make you shy all these years later. “i can see you squeezing those thighs together, you miss me too? gonna let me take care of us both?” 
“y-yes please i missed you so much.” there was more you wanted to say, to ask about his mission, his well-being but it was lost as you both began to pull your clothes off between rough kisses, stumbling naked backwards into bed. 
“yeah? did you miss me or this?” he growled as he bit into your neck, leaving a stinging path in his wake and grinding his length against your already glistening folds. 
“both, kiba ‘m so empty it hurts.” you whined when he pulled away, sitting back on his heels and gripping the base of his cock. 
“show me how my baby took care of herself while i was gone. can you do that for me, bunny?” the nickname never failed to make you clench around nothing but it was the sheer desperation in his voice that urged you to do as he asked despite the shyness that crept in the corner of your mind. a hand drifted between your legs and began rubbing small circles on your clit. there was a bit of relief but you couldn’t help but let out an irritated groan, eyes closed shut in concentration. it felt nothing like when kiba touched you, when he played with your pussy and had you seeing stars from his fingers alone. it was made all the more worse knowing he was so close and still not touching you. you couldn’t mimic him no matter how hard you tried and tears of frustration pricked the corner of your eyes. 
“kiba help me ‘s not enough.” you glanced at him through wet eyelashes and felt your whole body flush at the sight of him stroking his drooling cock, eyes glued to your wet cunt. 
“don’t even know how to touch yourself right, do you? that’s okay baby that’s why this is my cunt, huh? only i know how to treat it right.” 
with that he batted your hand away, replacing it with his own and your hips lifted off the bed as he slid one long digit inside you that reached deeper than yours ever could, slick from your arousal and his. he kept two nails blunt just to always get a chance to pump and curl them inside you. a swell of adoration rose in you knowing he’d been thoughtful enough to shorten them before coming home despite being tired from his mission. “you’re so tight, bunny. how’re you gonna take me when i can barely fit a finger in?” 
he ignored your babbling about how you didn’t care, you wanted him now and pushed a second finger inside you, slowly scissoring you open. no one in the village would put kiba and patient in the same sentence yet when it came to prepping you he always took his time. his care for you never dulled no matter how much he wanted to fuck himself dumb with your cunt. he’d neglect his own want that hung heavy between his legs until he was sure you wouldn’t feel an ounce of discomfort and you loved him all the more for it. you swallowed down your impatience and did your best to relax for him, keeping your legs spread as wide as you could. 
“good girl.” he pulled his fingers from you and spat on your pussy before you could whimper at the loss of contact, laughing at how you jolted at the sensation. he lined himself up with your entrance, running his blunt tip along your folds and smearing the spit over your clit. “deep breath, baby.”
that was all the warning you got before he buried his thick cock inside you in one stroke, your mouth falling open as an orgasm tore through you when he bottomed out. all the prep had left you more sensitive then you realized and kiba rocked his hips against yours, grinding against your clit to help you ride out your high. kiba watched you with a wild light dancing behind his eyes and he threw your legs over his shoulder as he waited for you to adjust to him, turning his head slightly to nip at your calf.  
“so fucking pretty. you missed me that bad that you cum as soon as i’m inside you?”
“please move, baby. please.” you whispered as the ringing faded from your ears and kiba was pounding away at you a moment later, heavy balls slapping against your ass almost as loud as the squelch that came from where you were connected. but with kiba’s hot pants in the shell of your ear, you could hear him clear as day over it all.
“fuck you take me so well don’t you? this sloppy cunt sucking me in. this is all i fucking thought about the whole damn mission, princess. fucking your pretty little pussy the way you deserve. gonna let me do that? gonna let me make up for all that lost time? wanna hear you say it, bunny.”
“please!” you could feel your thoughts slipping from your head with every harsh thrust, so full it was impossible for him not to hit every sensitive spot, but you fought to do as he said. “need you so bad kiba, i hate when you’re gone.” 
his hips slowed to a stop as he captured your lips in a messy, desperate kiss that had him licking the roof of your mouth and sucking on your bottom lip before pulling away. “when we finally caught the bastard, i wanted to gut him for keeping me away from you for so long. nearly did until shika got his shadows on me. i hated thinking of you alone in this damn house.”
his words rang in your head for a moment, thoughts swirling so fast you almost didn’t realize what conclusion you came to until you’re blurting out, “i don’t… have to be alone.” 
“you know i’d stay in the village if i could, love but-”
“no, i know i meant…” you trailed off, searching for the right words for the sudden intense desire that overtook you. “you could leave someone here with me.”
kiba cocked his head in confusion. “i thought you said it’s a bad idea leaving akamaru here.” 
“not akamaru.” you said with a whisper. “a baby.”
his cock twitched so hard inside you your hips bucked up instinctively to meet his before he pinned you down, settling more of his weight on you. “wa-wait fuck i almost came don’t do that.” 
this isn’t how you thought you’d be having this conversation, with kiba balls deep inside you but it didn’t take away from how badly you wanted this. it felt right, expanding your family to include a little one. someone to ease the deathly silence when your husband was gone. someone to pour all the love and care and attention you housed that would wither away otherwise. 
“kiba.” you said, cupping his face so his wide eyes met yours and smoothing your thumbs over his clan marks. “i want your babies.”
his eyes screwed shut as a familiar warmth spilled deep inside you, his hips stuttering weakly once, twice before he let out a low groan. a bubble of laughter escaped before you could stop it, half giddy that he liked the idea as much as you and half genuine amusement that he came from the thought alone. the sound died in your throat just as fast as it came as kiba levelled a glare at you. 
“you don’t think we’re done, do you?” 
he untangled himself from you, cock slipping out with a lewd pop and heat bloomed across your face and down your chest when you saw how hard he was despite just emptying himself, soaked in both your cum and his. you let out a squeak as kiba began to manhandle you in a way he’s only done when he’s truly worked up, rotating your body to face the edge of the bed and setting you up on your hands and knees. 
“if i’m gonna breed you, bunny, i’m gonna do it the right way.” the word sent a thrill shooting down your spine, stoking the fire in your belly. “oh look at you squirming. you like that, huh? already got cum dripping out of you and you still want more?” 
you looked back and nodded eagerly, nearly delirious with need. “wanna be filled up so bad, kiba please. fuck me till ‘m full.” 
he settled between your legs, using his tip to collect some of the cum that had leaked down your thigh and pushed it back into your sopping hole. kiba had been rough with you before but never like this and you craved more every time his hips pressed flush to yours, fat balls slapping your clit so hard it made your eyes roll back and drool escape the corners of your mouth. you felt him settle over your back, both hands reaching around to grope at your chest. 
“can’t wait till these get nice and heavy.” he pinched and rolled your nipples, playing with them the way he knew you liked best. “i’ll help you out when they hurt, bunny. suck you dry if you want.”
you didn’t recognize the sound you make, a cross between a scream as he battered against that soft spot inside you that had black spots bounce across your vision and a moan at the delicious image kiba conjured in your mind. you wanted to tell him that yes, you would like that very much please and thank you but then he was straightening back up, sharp nails digging into the flesh of your hips so deep you knew you’d wake up with throbbing scratches littered on you as a reminder of tonight. he fucked you with enough force to push you further and further off the bed with every thrust. your hands shot out to brace yourself against the floor when your torso left the bed and still kiba pounded away at your poor cunt, the same intense, single minded focus he used during missions to catch his prey now targeted at you. 
“cum for me, sweetheart. cum so i can fuck you full of my babies.” 
your arms gave out as the coil in your gut snapped, letting out a strangled cry of his name. before you could crumble in a heap on the floor, kiba wrapped a burly arm around you, keeping you pressed to him with ease, thrusts never slowing. 
“good girl. ‘m gonna fill you up nice and deep, bunny. gonna give you everything you fucking deserve. as many kids as you want a whole fucking litter i love you i love you shit-!”
you were sure he’d somehow cum more this time, endless heat spilling inside you. kiba was slow to stop his hips, making sure to fuck his cum as deep inside you as he could before he stilled, softening cock still buried within you. you waited for you both to catch your breath before groaning at the uncomfortable position. 
“pull me up, baby.” 
“let gravity do its thing. i wanna get you pregnant first try.” 
“but if you don’t, that just means we have to keep trying till it takes.” 
you could feel his smile when he pressed a kiss to your shoulder. “you’re a smart one, aren't you? knew there was a reason i married you.” 
“just one?”  
“i’ve got all night to tell you the others.”
Tumblr media
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astrohae · a year ago
A Dragon’s Greed
pls don’t yell at me about my unfinished series. im trying. take this instead.
dragon king!bakugou X courtesan!reader 
gnc reader as per the usual
Focus. You scold yourself. You're here to entertain, not to wordlessly flirt with the princess's fiance. But what can you say? You've always had a type, and barbarian warlords fell right into your favorite category. The fact that he seemed utterly entranced by you, well that wasn't your fault. Every time you turned your head over your shoulder, you caught his eyes over your half veil and he never looked away, not even for a moment.
The princess didn't seem happy about this, sat next to the king, and huffing when her attempts at catching his attention fell flat. Serves her right for always bullying you and being such a spoiled brat.
Though, to be honest you wouldn't wish marriage to Bakugou Katsuki, the King of Dragons, merciless warlord, upon anyone.
Sure he was attractive and rich, and powerful, but you'd heard horror stories of what he had done on the battlefield.
When Bakugou started looking to new lands to conquer, you country's king had offered up his daughter like a sacrificial lamb to the barbarian in order to forge a treaty and protect his people through political marriage. King Bakugou's sexual conquests were nearly as infamous as his military ones, but he had never married or officially named a consort. The princess would be the first.
The king had sent a huge wedding procession of gifts and treasures to the high court of the Badlands, and along with it the most talented entertainers and artisans they had to offer. As the most talented dancing courtesan in the capital you had no choice but to travel with the caravan, so here you were. Performing a sword dance for a bloodthirsty king who kept looking at you as if you were a meal. It was an ego boost for sure but you were also scared.
When your performance came to a close, you bowed and quickly escaped when the princess had successfully stolen Katsuki's attention. Your face was burning under your veil and you fanned yourself in the cool stone hallway to calm down. You were hoping that the king would forget about you after a few more performers. but you hadn't even been out of the main hall two minutes when a servant came to fetch you.
"His highness requests your presence."
Your blood ran cold and your gulped. Oh gods, you had offended him hadn't you? He was going to kill you, probably behead you right there in the middle of the banquet himself-
You were thinking yourself into a panic when you returned to the banquet hall, eyes downcast now. You bowed, kneeling on the ground and hands clasped in front of your bare midriff.
Faintly you heard a scoff, and then the music stopped. You felt yourself go even more still, eyes darting around to see what happened. Unable to tell, you lifted your head slightly to see the king sauntering his way towards you. He had stepped directly over the table, spilling wine all over the princess in the process.
You quickly bowed your head again and tried not to hyperventilate. You didn't want to pass out now.
Two surprisingly clean leather boots entered your vision and on instinct, you looked up. King Bakugou was even more attractive up close, obviously built for battle with strong chords of muscle littered with scars, a sharp jawline and a head of unruly blonde hair.
"Did I say you could look at me?"
"No, your majesty." you squeak and quickly look back down.
Bakugou crouches to be level with your and grips your chin roughly, forcing you to meet his scarlet gaze.
"Did I say you could look away?" he grumbles this time.
"No, your majesty." You feel conflicted, unsure if he’d be more offended if you averted your eyes or just kept looking at him.
His eyes rake over your body again before coming back to yours.
"What's your name, pretty thing?"
"Y/N. I'm a dancer in my king's court." you answer, praying your voice doesn't sound as shaky as you feel.
He doesn't say anything but lets your chin go and rises to his feet. You rub the bottom half of your face, thinking it might just bruise. Bakugou isn't done with you, though and grabs your wrist, hauling you up from the floor. "What-?" you start to ask but a red-eyed glare has you clamping your mouth shut. The barbarian king drags you with him, right up to the high table. He lifts you over the table as if you weigh nothing, and sits you down on his lap. Right next to the princess. The banquet hall continued to steep in silence until Bakugou looked up.
"Fuck are you all looking at? Get on with the feast!" he yelled, and the music and chatter started back up.
"Your majesty, shouldn't worry with commoners-" she starts and Bakugou growls, actually growls so menacingly, you feel your own blood run cold.
"If I wanted your dumbass fucking opinion, I'd ask for it. Shut the fuck up."
Once he was sure the princess was properly cowed he turned his attention back on you. The arm wrapped around your waist holding you against his was warm against your bare skin.
"Pour me some wine." He commanded and your started before shakily lifting the pitcher and pouring some into his goblet. You hadn't it off to him carefully, and he quickly knocked it back before signaling for you to pour another.
"Most king's with a lick of sense wouldn't let a treasure like you out of their sight, so what are you doing in my court?" Bakugou asks.
"His Majesty decreed that the most talented entertainers accompany Her Highness to Your Majesty's court, for you entertainment and pleasure." you answer, handing off the refilled goblet.
Bakugou snorts at your measured and obviously practiced response. You night have heard him mutter 'toothless old bastard' under his breath, but you can't be sure.
"Give me a strawberry.", he gestures at the plate of fruit no six inches from him and you barely manage not to roll your eyes. Warlord or not, royals will always be royals, you think and pick up one of the berries.
The dragon king open his mouth and allows you to place the fruit on his tongue before biting into it. His ruby red eyes don't leave yours for a second, gripping your wrist when your try to pull away. Some juice trickles down your hand, and without breaking eye contact, Bakugou laves his tongue over your skin licking up the trail of red. He eats the rest of the berry, lips catching on your fingers before the lets your hand go in favor of picking up his wine goblet again.
"My entertainment and pleasure huh? I'm entertained, but I don't know about pleased..." he says, smirking into his goblet.
"Is there anything I can do for Your Majesty?" you manage to ask, brain still reeling from the whole thing with the strawberry.
And you walk right into his trap.
"Yeah, I can think of something..." he starts before leaning closer to you.
His hat breath fans against your neck for a moment, letting your get squirmy and nervous before continuing.
"Fucking you until you cry all that pretty makeup off... Then I'd be real fucking pleased." he says with a predatory smile spreading across his face.
You squeak, face heating under your veil as you try to formulate a response. You have no idea if the princess heard but if she did-
"Y-your majesty, I don't think-" you start but Bakugou cuts you off by grinding his hips up into yours.
"Good thing you don't need to think to take my cock." he muses.
The princess, appears to have reached her limit of watching her fiance flirt with someone else right in front of her.
"Your Majesty! I understand that this is a political marriage but I will not sit here and be humiliated and witch you proposition a commoner in front of me!" she exclaims.
You're a little surprised at her outburst considering the environment, but you guessed everyone had limits.
All chatter and music in the hall ceased for the second time that night. Bakugou pulled his face out of your neck to glare at the princess.
"You can fuck off for all I care. Your side wanted the fucking treaty, I don't have a problem with saddling up and burning your shitty country to the ground tonight." Bakugou stated, his anger growing with each word.
"King Bakugou those words could be taken as an act of war. " the diplomatic envoy from your country, stands and approaches the high table.
"What the- Did you idiots forget where you are? You're in the heart of the Badlands, in the court of Katsuki Bakugo, barbarian warlord and King of Dragons. This is my fucking kingdom and I'll do what I very well fucking please. And if I want to fuck this courtesan on the table right in front of your perfect little princess, I will. " He snarls and all you can do is sit there and pray he doesn't actually follow through on that threat.
Not that you'd hate it, seeing the look on the princess's face as you got fucked by her betrothed. Hah, serves her fucking right for always being such a brat.
"But I'm not a cruel king. I'll marry this one, and you can keep your silly little treaty." Bakugou says and both the diplomat and the princess scoff.
You balk, looking up at King Bakugou in surprise. He's going to what now?
"You can't possible expect the princess to be content with being on the same level as a commoner, even as a consort-" the diplomat starts to protest, which is quickly cut off by Bakugou's harsh laugh.
"You're a country of fucking dumbasses? I'm not marrying your brat of a princess, dump her off on some other poor bastard. I'm marrying Y/N instead of her. They'll be my consort. Won't you, pretty thing?" He says, looking at your for your answer.
"Say yes, treasure. I'm rich as fuck, I could give you anything you want. If I can't buy it I can take it. There's nothing I can't do. You wouldn't lift a fucking finger with me, I can promise that." he boasts to you and you know this.
King Bakugou is an unstoppable force. You had a hard life as a commoner, as a dancer. You weren't a servant but always being at the beck and call of nobility, dancing for them until your feet bled, until you fainted from exhaustion.
You deserved to be greedy, just like the man holding you in his lap.
"Yes, I'll marry you." you answer, and Bakugou smiles wickedly.
Good, he likes greedy. It's one of his favorite traits.
He turns his head back to look at the diplomat and princess from your home country. The diplomat looks like he's sweating buckets and the princess is so angry you think she might start breathing fire.
"So, do we have an agreement? Y/N for your protection?" he asks.
"Y-yes your majesty." the diplomat stutters at the same time the princess protests.
"We do not! How dare you disrespect me so openly, you filthy little wench-" she starts, only to be silenced by the sight of Bakugou pulling his sword. He points the tip at the princess, visibly seething with rage.
"Shut your worthless fucking mouth before I shut it for you." he growls.
Fear takes over the princess' face and she stumbles back behind the diplomat.
"Oi, don't piss on my floor or anything, fucking cowards. Show some respect to my new consort. Bend the knee and I'll forget this transgression." Bakugou orders.
While not officially married  yet, he's bestowed the title of consort upon you and now you outrank the princess. In fact, you outrank nearly everyone here, sans Katsuki, who is your equal. The diplomat and princess wordlessly fall into a bow, and the nobles from both courts follow suit.
"Alright that's enough groveling for now. This banquet is over, I'm retiring to my bed chambers. If you need me, don't." Bakugou gruffs and stands up, once again easily scooping you up into his arms.
"I'm going to rip this pretty little costume to shreds, and pump and heir into you tonight, goddamn it." Bakugou murmurs in your ear as he carries you though out his(your) palace.
"I like this one..." your protest weakly as he kicks a door open, throwing you onto his bed.
He grasps the waistline of your costume, easily ripping the silk to shreds with his bare hands.
"I'm buy you forty just like it, now spread your legs, Consort." he orders, licking his lips.
"I didn't get to finish my meal earlier." He hums and you squeak in anticipation.
"Cute. Let's see how many cute noises you can make, huh?"
@hanji-is-life i hope you enjoy!
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the-witty-pen-name · 12 months ago
Tell Me Your Mine, Darling
Western AU 
18+ ONLY
Lee Bodecker x F!Reader
Warnings: prostitution, mentions of smut, alcohol, cursing, violence, mentions cheating 
Word Count: 3.2k
A/N: Hey! As always, this is unedited! Please let me know if I missed anything to include as a warning. I’m on the fence if I should make this a longer story, I like the idea of this being a stand alone, but let me know what you think! I’d love to hear any feedback cause this is my first attempt at a Western AU :)
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Tumblr media
The player piano echoed throughout the whole saloon, bouncing off the walls as patrons moved about the crowded room. The peppy music was perfect for dancing as a few of the men threw back shots of liquid courage and asked some of the women working tonight for a dance. It was a night where the people who came in through the batwing doors could forget about their troubles and the existence of sins, and partake in merry drink and debauchery. The night air hung heavy and the room smelled of sweat, cheap liquor and even cheaper perfume. 
The women were scantily clad in dresses only slightly less revealing than their undergarments, and the men still in their clothes from long days of travel. Cowboy hats, rugged trousers, and boots that lost their shine years ago. Girls carried around large trays of shots and lagers, passing them around to the drunk souls who struck rich for a night and opened tabs at the bar. 
It was a busy night both downstairs in the saloon, but also many of the girls were leading men upstairs to their beds, for a warm place to lay their head and anything else they can afford. That was the secret that kept this dilapidated building up and running. The music and the watered down liquor wasn’t enough to keep the sheriff from closing and condemning the building. 
If the owner was honest, he knew what kept the sheriff from coming and toting him away to rot in one of the two cells down at the jail. Not only was the sheriff partial to a drink or a few each night after the sun goes down, but he was particularly taken with one of the girls who worked there. Sure, the sheriff must’ve had his turn with every girl in the joint, but there was something about you which made the sheriff absolutely smitten. Of course, no one dared admit to seeing his obviously growing affections but the owner knew as long as you were here, and his glass was refilled, he had nothing to worry about. No one quite knows what happened. He went from coming in every Saturday night asking for whichever girl is free and then it went to asking only for you, every week without fail. 
People theorize that maybe it’s your honeyed smile or the sweetness in your voice. The ability to deceive every man into thinking they’re the only one to ever touch you. The ability to put on the act of the farmer’s daughter while having the dirtiest mouth on this side of the Mississippi. No matter what drew him in, the sheriff had declared you his girl and anyone with half a brain knew better than to try to say different. 
Nothing was any different about tonight, you watched from one of the stools at the bar while the other girls worked the room. Sitting with your legs crossed, your dress skirted up high enough to show the tops of your garters, you sip on your drink stealing glances at the doors waiting for him to arrive. You can’t help but let out an impatient sigh, balancing your high heel on your toe as you watch the clock that’s mounted on the wall behind the bar. 
“Slow night?” the bartender asked as she topped off your drink. You smiled, but it fell a little flat, not meeting your eyes. 
“Every man here is scared to come near me,” you chuckle dryly. Not that you were necessarily complaining- but you worried more and more as the savings you kept under your bed dwindled. The sheriff was a regular who paid incredibly well, but he was feared. And no one else would touch what he called his. You wanted to save up to get out of this town, salvage whatever was left of this life and do something. You didn’t want to live cooped up in that room and in this town for the rest of your days. You were luckier than most, that you understood and never tried to forget that, but still you found yourself daydreaming. 
You thought about the men you’ve slept beside and the wild stories they told you. You didn’t want to live a hard life, the tedious and unfulfilling work they told you about. But, oh, you were so envious of how they traveled. Seeing the naked lands of the country and going to different towns. You weren’t even sure what you wanted to do, but you wanted to have the option. So in a little cigar box under your bed. You scrimped and saved what you could from each week. But, being the sheriff’s favorite girl, meant no one else dared touch you, meaning you have been having to open that little box of savings more and more. 
“That ain’t the worst thing in the world,” you heard a voice next to you. Soft, and velvety- you’d recognize the voice anywhere as Dottie, one of the older women who had been working there much longer than you. Middle-aged, but completely sensual in her mannerisms and her voice. She had the ability to captivate an entire room with her prominent curves and everything you know, you learned from her. 
“I know, I know,” you try to explain, but she feels your frustration. She understands it, and she knows it better than you do. She’d been there herself. The restlessness, the feeling of being incomplete, the utter fear of your life being wasted away under men whom you’re never going to fall in love with. She knows.
But she also knows the harsh realities of this world and how it treats lost souls like you, and she doesn’t want to see how it can hurt you like it hurt her. She understood how demeaning this line of work is, and how from here there is no way to move up in the world. It’s a limbo, where you're stuck in this saloon, listening to the complaints of men who despite their hardships will always have it better than you. However, the alternatives for women like you are far less desirable outcomes for your lives. 
“Appreciate the gift you’re being given, sweetness,” she chuckles, watching as the bartender makes her usual. “As long as that sheriff keeps coming around, you’re working less for the same room and board the rest of us pay.” 
You know she’s right. You know there’s so many things wrong about this town you can’t change. You can’t afford to worry about things like that, while so many of the people in this little one room saloon are just trying to survive tomorrow. It’s never going to be an ideal, and the world is much too cruel for miracles to happen for a woman like you who sold their soul. 
Jesus befriended Mary Magdalene, so it never made much sense to you when folks in this town claimed you were damned to spend your own eternity in hell. You weren’t sure if the people in this town actually read the Bible. Granted, you didn’t know much about religion yourself. But long ago you learned religion was a luxury only the wealthy people in this town could afford to follow, and they were the ones who could afford to participate in the sins you peddled. But, that was just one woman’s observation. 
Dottie disappeared back into the crowd as quickly as she arrived, and soon you were back to watching the doors again, waiting for the sheriff to relieve you of your ever growing boredom. The place was in full swing as a posse of men you don’t recognize entered, talking about how they were on their way to the coast, to mine for gold and become millionaires. You can’t help but roll your eyes, and you keep to yourself as they whoop and holler, making demands of the barkeep to send out a round for the whole place on their dime. Their rowdiness makes you flinch, and for the first time tonight, you find yourself anxiously waiting for the appearance of the sheriff so you don’t have to entertain the likes of them. Maybe God does like you, because before one of the men staring at you has an opportunity to saunter over, the saloon doors open suddenly and you can be saved. 
You know you shouldn’t find it thrilling, but there is something about being his favorite that fuels your ego on nights like this. The most commanding man in the town, calling you his- making you have this untouchable status for the night. It was the closest you think you can ever be to royalty. In that bar, on the nights he regulars, you’re a Queen. It’s a rush that's definitely spoiled you and yes, in the moment, you absolutely revel in the power you feel as he changes the atmosphere in the room- with his hardened blue eyes locked right on you. 
“Evening, sheriff,” you coo and shoot him a smile, genuinely happy to see him. 
“How many times do I have to ask you to call me Lee, darling?” He smirks, placing his hands on your knee so you uncross your legs and he can stand between them. The feeling of his hands on the exposed skin of your upper thighs sent a tingle right up your spine. His thumbs slowly rubbed circles on your skin, making you shiver. 
You rest your hands on his chest, rubbing gently, your hands shamelessly feeling the strength of his chest under his shirt. You straighten out the gold sheriff’s badge on his chest, and you can feel him tremble slightly at your touch, which strokes your ego more than it already was. 
“I forget,” you tease, straightening out his tie. He smirks, looking down at you as his hands trail up higher, resting on your hips under the skirt of your dress. “I need you to keep coming back and remind me,” you flirt shamelessly. 
“Your usual, sheriff?” the bartender asks over the loud music, people settling back into their own business after the excitement of the sheriff arriving has died down. Lee replies with a quick thank you but doesn’t take his eyes off of you. 
“Did you miss me, darling?” he quips, rubbing your sides, his thumbs trailing across the waistband of your undergarments. 
“I always do,” you wink, leaning up and pressing a quick kiss to the side of his jaw. “It’s so slow when you aren’t here,” you practically whine, pouting your lips slightly. 
“I’m sorry about that, sugar,” he mumbles, leaning in and trailing kisses down your neck. 
“It’s your fault you know,” you tease, your nails scratching his scalp affectionately. 
“Is it now?” he chuckles, as he nips at your skin. 
“No one else comes near me,” you admit, and you feel him smile against your skin. 
“Good,” he murmurs against your collarbone. 
“Ice is melting,” you chuckle, referring to the drink he’s ignoring on the counter. He just chuckles, pulling away only long enough to finish the drink in one long sip, and you watch as his Adam’s apple moves, and how the condensation of the glass drips onto his knuckles. 
After he places the empty glass on the counter, you pull his arm to lead him upstairs with you. He takes your hand and let’s you lead the way, he knows like the back of his hand, and at this point better than his own house.
“Impatient, darling?” he teases, “Not going to ask me for a dance?”
“You never say yes,” you giggle, “Figured you want to have some privacy.”
“I might’ve said yes,” he retorts and you can’t help but roll your eyes. 
“Would you have?” you counter and he shakes his head no with a devilish grin. 
“One of these days, doll.” 
“I’ll be an old maid,” you joke, continuing up the stairs and down the hallway towards your room. 
“Not if I have anything to say about it,” he says. You don’t know exactly what he means, but you don’t push him for an explanation. As soon as the door clicks closed behind you both, Lee’s lips attach to yours like if he waits a second longer he’d evaporate. 
“Been dreaming about this,” he mumbles against your neck, leaving a trail of love bites that send a shiver up your spine. “Think about you every night I can’t visit you.”
You noticed how much more intimate your interactions with the Sheriff were gradually becoming. You weren’t sure how much of it he meant. The way he fawned over you and treated you like something more. Plenty of times, men behaved this way, never admitting except behind closed doors that that craved a much deeper sense of intimacy. You had always assumed the Sheriff was no different.
He’d take care of you, and you saw over time the way he handled you changed. It used to be rough and impersonal, oftentimes as well relying on you to do all the work so to speak. But, overtime, his visits became more of a mutual endeavor, and soon he was kissing you like how he is now, or begging to let him settle his head between your parted thighs, saying he felt good making you feel good. 
“I’m addicted to the feeling of your skin, darling,” he whispers as he lets his fingers linger as he pulls the straps of the dress down your arms. When the dress pools at your feet, he stares in awe like it’s the first time seeing you, and then soon enough his lips are on yours again and his hands are free to wander where they please. 
“Most stunning thing I’ve ever seen,” he whispers as you work on taking off his shirt, teasingly slow at undoing the buttons. 
“You say that everytime,” you point out and he chuckles, running his hands up and down your sides. 
“Cause I mean it everytime,” he smirks, walking you back until the back of your knees hit the back of your bed and you lay down with him on top of you. 
One time a month or so back, you were sitting on top of the bar counter with him settled between your legs. You were using a rag to wipe blood off of his face after a messy fight that happened. Well, a fight that he started. 
“I didn’t like him looking at you like that,” he grumbled, still fuming and he winces slightly as you press the damp cloth to the cut by his brow. “Shouldn’t be touching you like that,” he slurs, and you can smell the whiskey on his breath. 
“Just means I’m doing my job right,” you chuckle, amused at his possessiveness. “It don’t mean nothing,” you say.
“It don’t mean nothing when it’s me either,” he pouts, with his eyes closed like he could fall asleep standing up. You are convinced he’s just drunk and doesn’t know what he’s saying. He leans on you slightly to keep himself upright, and you move to wipe the blood that is smeared by the corner of his lips. 
He’s so handsome, you can’t help but observe. From a distance, sure he’s gruff and rough around the edges but he’s got the most handsome face you think you’ve ever seen pass through. You’ll never admit to yourself that you were taking your time patching him up so you could just look at him like this for a little longer. It’s always nice sometimes to pretend a situation is something that it’s not. 
“Tell me your mine, darling,” he almost whispers when his eyes flutter open again to look at you. His gaze on you felt heavy and you weren’t sure what to make of it. 
“I’m all yours, Sheriff,” you can’t help but chuckle, thinking he’s just fooling. Just trying to tease you. He frowns and looks so  sad, those damn blue eyes more expressive when he’s drunk. 
“Tell me your mine,” he asks again, like a whispered plea as his eyes roam over your face. 
“I’m yours.”
By the morning, he’s always gone. He always leaves more than necessary, insisting to you the night before not to tell the owner. He doesn’t want him taking a bigger percentage. He whispers not to worry, and to let him take care of you. He knows how much he affects your wages and he wants to do the right thing. 
Lee doesn’t like to pay you. It’s a horrible reminder to him that you don’t actually care one way or another if he shows up or not. It’s the terrible wake up call come morning that you aren’t actually his, as much as he asks you to say it. 
You’d just have to say the word and he’d do just about anything to make you love him back for real. But he knows that this can’t ever go further. You deserve to go off and see the places he hears you tell the other girls about. You don’t think he knows about you wanting to leave but of course he does. 
The pictures of far away cities are hung on your mirror held up between the frame and the glass. There’s a picture of New York that sometimes he’ll stay up staring at, knowing your heart ain’t tied down yet to one place like his is tied here. He can’t leave and he knows he can’t in good conscience ask you to stay. He knows you would, but not for the reasons he wants. 
Good god, you’re still young and have a spark in you that he damn well knows he doesn’t want to be the one to put out. He wants nothing more than for you to look at him and see you could be happy and be in love. But what life is that compared to the life you’re dreaming of. You have hopes, dreams, and Lee knows he isn’t at the center of any of them. 
So for now, he settles for the time you share with him when he comes by like tonight. Where he hopes he can silently tell you with his touches how much he feels for you. Where he can carefully tread the waters of sweet sentiments in hopes you’ll return them without him asking. It’s not real, none of it is. 
He can hold you close and touch every part of your body like it’s only his to see and feel. He can hear every noise you make and watch every reaction to his touches and it fuels him for now. It’s enough for now to leave bruises on your skin and pretend it’s enough to keep others from knowing you’re his. It’s not, because the marks won’t matter. 
He can feel himself inside you, and feel how your body reacts to him. The way to him, nothing will ever come close to the feeling of you around him. He’s addicted and he can’t go back. He’s been ruined by you, and no one else will ever come close to adding up to you. 
But it’s not real. He’ll go home in the morning, and lie to his wife one more time, swearing that it’s the last time he goes back. He’ll tell her he worked late and slept in the Sheriff’s office. He’ll make the promise that he’ll be home on the weekend. But it’s not real. Because, he knows that he’s going to find himself going back to you. And he prays to God you won’t be there.
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hansols-yoda-boxers · 11 months ago
is it okay if I ask for some more nsfw Nayeon x reader content 👉👈 Nayeon has been on my mind alot lately
Im Nayeon x AFAB!Reader x Yoo Jeongyeon (slightly)
Word Count: 2897
Contents: dom!twice, sub!reader, Mommy kink, Daddy kink, fingering, oral (reader giving), nipple play
Note: yet another that is not proofread asjdhajsdkjhakd
You weren’t thinking too hard. The day had been long, from canoeing for hours, portaging the canoes and carrying supplies, and hiking up to where you were all camping. Then everyone setting up tents and making food. On top of that you had spent the evening drinking. So at this point you were purely vibing.
So when Nayeon took your hand in hers you easily moved closer to her. When she danced with you you moved with her. When she whispered in your ear to follow her to her tent that she and Jeongyeon had set up away from the others you did. And it was no surprise that you were now underneath her, her tongue slipping into your mouth. Her hand was gripping at your waist, pulling your body close to hers as she ground her hips down against you.
“You’re so much fun to play with,” she hummed.
“And you needed entertainment,” you teased.
She grinned against your lips. “You’re more than entertainment.”
“Are you also trying to prove you’re the best in bed?” you chuckled.
Nayeon pulled back enough to look at you. “I don’t have anything to prove. I know I’m better than Hongseok.”
“So it’s a reminder then.”
“I also believe you owe me an orgasm.”
You gently pushed her over until she was under you. “I believe I do.”
“I know I rocked your world and set the bar high,” Nayeon murmured. “So this better be good.”
“What if I’m just bad on purpose?” You chuckled between pressing kisses to her neck.
She threaded her fingers into your hair. “Don’t be a brat.”
“Yes Mommy,” you teased.
Nayeon’s gaze darkened as you started to push her top up. “Don’t say that unless you mean it.” She warned.
“What if I do?” You questioned, pulling her shirt over her head.
“Then say it. Just don’t misbehave.”
You didn’t say anything more as you dipped your lips to her chest. You kissed along her breast, moving the cup of her bra out of the way before taking her nipple between your lips. Nayeon let out a sigh, relaxing back a little but staying propped up with a pillow to watch you.She kept a hand in your hair as you ran your tongue over her nipple.
Your mind turned over the idea of the pet name in your head slowly. You were still drunk, though not as much as you had been. Between Nayeon giving you a bit of water in between dancing and the time since you finished your drinks you could feel yourself sobering up. If you were fully sober you weren't sure if you could handle Mommy, but in this state, it might be fun.
“Mmm, just like that,” she hummed as you pressed kisses across her chest and to her other breast. Your fingers trailed over her skin lightly, running over her stomach, along her sides, and up her breasts, though not to her nipples. Only your lips teased her chest full.
Soft sighs and little moans left Nayeon’s lips. You glanced up at her to see the warm, pink flush, evident on her cheeks even in the darkness of her tent. Her little sounds where sending small thrills of arousal down your spine. 
“That feels good, beautiful,” she murmured, playing with your hair. You hummed against her nipple, listening to and feeling her let out a quick breath at the sensation. Your tongue swirled around her steadily as you fingers teased her.
Slowly she started to squirm a little under you. Her hand tightened its grip in your hair and she pulled you back. You resisted for a moment, trying to suck on her chest just a little more but releeting when she pulled harder.
“I already told you not to be bratty, gorgeous.”
“Of course, Mommy,” you grinned.
“You better hope you do a good job,” she warned.
“Yes, Mommy,” you said, much more sweetly. 
You knew you weren’t trying to be much of a brat, and you thought as much as you started kissing down the center of her stomach. Your tone was much sassier than you meant it to be but it was fun seeing Nayeon getting this worked up. Still, you would do a good job. As much fun as it might be to see her punishments, the experience of her coming on your tongue was far more worth it.
You undid her shorts and pulled them off. Nayeon spread her legs for you, pulling your head in with a hand in your hair. You followed her lead now, focused on finding just what she liked. Your hands came to grip her thighs as you settled between her legs. You left a few stray kisses along her inner thighs.
“Don’t try to tease me.”
“I won’t, Mommy,” you hummed, the word feeling more and more comfortable in your mouth. 
You did as she said now, bringing your tongue out and dragging it slowly through her folds. You couldn’t help the moan you let out at her taste, gripping her thighs just a little more strongly and pressing just a little closer.
Nayeon let out a few quiet moans as you started. Her fingers massaged your scalp soothingly as you moved your tongue. You kept your movements slow and even, flattening your tongue over her clit with each pass,
You kept your gaze on her , watching her face. She ran her free hand through her hair before bringing it back behind her to support her. There was a dusting of pink on her cheeks and her eyelids were heavy as she watched your movements, going between biting her bottom lip between her teeth and letting her mouth hang open in a small o.
Whether she kept it closed or whether it was hanging open her sounds still passed out into the air. Nayeon was never shy about her sounds and as you started to pick up the pace and try different movements over her clit with your tongue she let out increasingly louder moans. You listened for just which movements drew the loudest shroud from her lips, trying to do them again. Your eyes flicked up to meet hers again, more and more lust in her gaze every second.
Her sounds ran through your body. Slowly you were finding yourself more and more wrapped in her. Nayeon was slowly taking over all of your senses as you ate her out. You felt the touch of her soft thighs under your fingertips. The taste of her cunt was on your tongue as you dipped inside her before going back to teasing her clit again, moving just a little faster.
The sweet scent of her body hit your nose with each inhale, mixing with the warm scent of sex that was quickly filling the tent. Each time you looked up you met Nayeon’s hungry, needy eyes. The sight sent more arousal rushing through your body, knowing all of the ideas of just what to do to you running through her head.
The sounds though were the most dizzying. Nayeon’s moans only seemed to get louder and louder. Curses slipped out under her breath. And here and there her “right theres” or “just like thats” sent a shiver through you. Those moans mixed with the lewd, wet noises of your tongue until she was the only thing in your senses as she started to get close to release.
“Mm, just like that, beautiful,” she moaned. Her voice was breathy and the part of your brain that was becoming more and more sober by the minute was glad that she had pitched her tent a little far away from the others.
Her grip in your hair tightened as she started to roll her hips against your face as much as she would allow. You gazed up at her as her head fell back against the mattress, letting her body down against it as well. You felt the tremor that ran through her body as your tongue kept moving, pushing it just a little faster.
You let a hand pull away from her thigh and trailed up her body. Your fingers found her nipple, pinching and rolling it as you ate her out. More curses fell from her lips as she moved them, on the edge of pure bliss.
You moaned against her core, feeling her legs start to press in around your head. Gently, you brought your lips around her clit and sucked on it.
“Oh fuck!” Nayeon let out a cry as she came, thighs squeezing your head as you ran your tongue over your clit with it still between your lips. Your fingers kept playing with her nipple until she stopped your ministrations and started to pull your head away.
“Did I do a good job, Mommy?” You asked, sounding much more genuine than you had before.
Nayeon gave you a grin as she recovered from her blissful state. “That was so good, beautiful,” she cooed, pulling you up closer. 
You gladly kissed her, smiling when she started to tug at your shirt. You let her take it off easily, sighing into her kiss as her fingers trailed over your skin. She reached behind you to take off your bra and you let it fall away. Her hands came up your front, cupping your breasts and slowly playing with them. You pressed into her touch with a moan.
“Are you needy, gorgeous?” She cooed.
“Yes Mommy,” slowly, desperation was welling up inside you. Each time you said it, the word “Mommy” felt better on your tongue. You gripped at her shoulders as she kissed you and played with your chest, all too eager when her hands slipped down and started to undo your shorts. Nayeon chuckled against your lips.
“You’re cute when you get this needy,” she murmured. “I should properly tease you.”
“Mm mm,” you pouted slightly against her lips and she laughed.
“I’ll be nice tonight since you did a good job.” She replied.
You let her pull you shorts and panties down your hips before you eagerly shifted out of them. Nayeon turned you around, sitting you between her legs and pulling your back to rest against her chest. She smoothed her hands over your thighs, pushing them out wider as you leaned back and gripped onto her thighs, feeling impatient.
“Do you want me to touch you?” She teased, knowing full well the answer.
“Please, Mommy,” you moaned. Any apprehension with the word was gone as it rolled off your tongue. You simply wanted her to get you off.
“You’re being so much better now,” she purred in your ear as her fingers drew through your folds. “And you’re so wet for me.” You let out a shaky breath as she gathered your arousal on her fingertips. She brought two fingers to your clit, starting to circle it slowly.
“Fuck,” you sighed, leaning your weight back against her.
“Are you all sensitive from getting me off?” She teased, moving her fingers a little faster as your hips started to chase the sensation even more. 
“Yes,” you breathed. “You sounded so good, Mommy.”
“Where was this sweetness at the beginning?” Nayeon murmured in your ear. “You’re being such an angel for me now.”
“I-I don’t know,” you stumbled as she pressed two fingers inside of you. Her movements made you moan as she quickly found the spot you loved again.
“Just a few warnings and you’re much better behaved,” she cooed.
You let out a moan in response. Her fingers pulled out of your cunt, coated now in your own slick, and she rubbed your clit much faster. The feeling sent bursts of pleasure rushing through your body from your core. You rolled your hips towards the feeling, gripping Nayeon’s thighs as the coil was already curling inside you.
“You pretty thing,” she murmured. “You sound pretty too, even if everyone can hear you when you’re loud like this.”
You buried your face in her neck as much as you could, feeling a sudden wave of shyness. Your brain was filled with much more lust and much less alcohol now. As she thrust her two fingers back inside you you thought about people hearing you. You didn’t want to attract attention. You ever tried to moan too loud, even if the idea of being walked in on gave you a thrill. You knew if you got too quiet she would make you moan louder for her, but you didn’t want to be so loud that the other tents could hear you, even if they weren’t close.
“They won’t hear you,” as if reading your mind, Nayeon whispered in your ear. “You don’t have to get quieter, beautiful. You sound so pretty and I pitched the tent far away. There’s only one person that might hear you.”
With impeccable timing the zipper on the tent undid. You felt embarrassment and a thrill rush through you but as you instinctively tried to close your legs Nayeon pulled her fingers out again, rubbing you clit quickly and making you moan loudly.
“So I am missing a party,” Jeongyeon hummed, climbing into the tent and closing it behind her. You felt your skin start to burn and you squirmed a little in Nayeon’s grasp. You squeezed your eyes shut, still very much turned on from her ministrations. “What a pretty sight.”
The praise made you even more flustered and you whined, peeking at Jeongyeon. She was already giving you a lust filled stare that had you clenching around nothing as Nayeon worked your clit. You gripped tightly at her thighs as Jeongyeon got a little closer.
“I was wondering when you were getting back,” Nayeon chuckled, thrusting two fingers back into your cunt.
“I got caught up,” she grinned. “But I’m missing the fun.”
Nayeon nipped at your ear. “Can Jeongyeon join me to help you finish, beautiful?”
“Y-Yes Mommy,” you whined, still feeling shy but so turned on by the way Jeongyeon was looking at you. She caught your chin, turning your face to look at hers. 
“You can call me Daddy.”
You let out a moan at the rush of arousal that ran through you and Nayeon chuckled as you clenched around her fingers.
“They like that,” she purred, pulling her fingers out. Jeongyeon leaned in to kiss you, pressing two of her own fingers into your heat. You let out a whimper at the new angle and the way she curled her fingers into you a few times. When she pulled them out Nayeon shifted you, helping you onto your knees between them.
“Be good and cum for us,” Nayeon hummed.
“Yes, Mommy,” you replied breathily. Jeongyeon pressed closer. While Nayeon sunk two fingers into your cunt from behind Jeongyeon brought her wet fingers to your clit and starting rubbing it in quick, rough circles.
You let out a cry as you fell forwards against Jeongyeon. Your legs shook from the sensation as the coil in your core curled very tight, pleasure rushing through your system from their motions. Curses fell off your lips and you squeezed your eyes shut, holding onto Jeongyeon.
A cry left your lips as you came, clenching around Nayeon’s fingers as they curled into you quickly. Your legs supporting you could hardly pull closed and you squeezed your eyes shut as pleasure crashed over your senses.
Jeongyeon wedged her thigh next to yours as you started to come down from your high. Your body trembled and you whined from the sensitivity. You felt Nayeon lean in near your ear. 
“You were a bit bratty earlier.”
“Bratty?” Grinned Jeongyeon. “Then you need to do a little something to make up for it.”
You whined and pressed your face against her neck. You body was sensitive and their motions were relentless, but they already felt so good again.
“I think giving us one more orgasm would be fair,” Nayeon said.
“What do you think?” Jeongyeon asked.
“I-I can- That-”
“You didn’t forget your manners, did you?”
“N-No, no Daddy,”  you moaned. “F-Fuck, please.”
You felt your eyes roll back as Nayeon pressed a third finger into your heat. Jeongyeon changed the movement of her fingers, and pressed more roughly into your clit. You let out needy, whiny moans against her neck as the sensation became nearly overwhelming. All of your breaths were shaky and short as the slight pain mixed with rapidly mounting pleasure until you fell over your edge.
All concern for people hearing you fell away as you nearly screamed out while you came hard on Nayeon’s fingers. Stars burst behind your eyes and your body shook violently as you collapsed all your weight against Jeongyeon. You rode out your high on their fingers until your body couldn’t take another second.
They both gently pulled their hand from between your legs. You couldn’t get your eyes open but you felt them lay you down. Nayeon and Jeongyeon snuggled in on either side of you, holding you securely and petting you sweetly.
“You did so well,” Nayeon hummed.
“You look so cute when you cum,” Jeongyeon smiled. “No wonder why everyone wants some alone time with you.”
You hide your face shyly in her chest and they both chuckled.
“That was really okay?” You asked shakily and they pressed kisses to your face in response.
“It was wonderful,” Nayeon reassured you.
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aenaxes · 11 months ago
OMG ok for the 200 follower celebration (based on your smoking post) PLZZZ write sharing a spice blunt with cross or any batcher of your choosing I would simply die 😩💅🏻❤️
vapor trails
[crosshair & hunter x f!reader] you don't really run with the fett twins' crowd, but you find yourself at one of their parties anyway (in reference to this post lol)
warnings: college!au, recreational drug use, suggestive themes, but consent is sexy & mandatory & sober babes
w/c: 3.8k
a/n: anon, you ask for one batcher, but why not two? thank you for enabling me nonnie & @mallr4ts lol (im so sorry to all the previous requests for the event, this one has just been needling in my brain all day and i had to get it out hsdfs)
event details here! requests are open until july 4th!
You don’t know much about the Fett twins.
They’re something like campus legends even though they’re only a year your senior and at the tail end of their fourth years. But as much as you’ve heard their names slung around in weekend plans and excited chatter, you’ve never once met them, much less seen them yourself. Between idling class whispers and dining hall conversations, all you can piece together from the rumors is that: one, they’re from a big family (you’ve heard anywhere from two to twelve other brothers, yikes); and two, as much as they work hard (because the venture capital and pre-professorial tracks seem rigorous enough), they play even harder.
It helps that they apparently own one of the biggest apartments off campus, one in which you find yourself hopelessly and miserably lost. And overdressed.
It hadn’t occurred to you that your roommate, who is nowhere to be seen, had been dressing up for her girlfriend, and that most people who had half a mind would wear something comfortable that could withstand a few spilled drinks and ash. So seeing the rest of the room in rumpled tees and sweats has you and your little black dress seeking out the nearest wall as you fiddle with your questionably sweet cup of margarita mixer.
You feel like a first year, and it sucks.
But for once, with everyone too busy mingling amongst themselves over the heavy thrum of some mumble rap beat, you manage to slip by unnoticed.
Every now and then, you dart your eyes around the ever shifting landscape of faces in the dim room, looking for even the vaguest familiarity that might let you feign being tipsy and join a group for the night. But every time you try, there’s no luck.
Fuck, you haven’t even seen anyone here before.
But there might be a god watching out for you yet when the crowd shifts just enough that you catch sight of the couch, and on it, someone you suspect to be one of the twins as he greets a few girls with a disinterested nod.
Emboldened, but mostly nervous that in the crowd of bodies and red solo cups you’re still helplessly alone, you push off the wall and squeeze past huddled cliques of conversation to make for the dark couch.
By the platinum bleached hair and big-name consulting group quarter zip, Crosshair—at least you think it’s him—lounges over the couch. He isn’t the only body on the suede seats, but he keeps to himself, his head dipped low as he works one hand over a small metal canister in his other palm.
If you weren’t having luck with the other nameless faces around you, maybe the Fett twin would keep you company—at least until your roommate came back to find you (if she did). And worst case, you’d just slink back to your dorm and mope until your roommate apologized to you with your favorite overpriced smoothie bowl the day after.
Mustering every ounce of courage you have, you plant your feet by the couch and finally speak.
"Is your name actually Crosshair?" you ask.
The man on the couch pauses, his motions stilling over the small metal cylinder in his palms, and he lifts his chin just enough to flick his eyes up towards the sound of your voice.
You always thought the girls in your droning 9AM gen-ed were wildly exaggerating his hype for their own devices, squealing over his (apparently) brooding charm and sharp looks to nip at his stash for free. But for all the vague haze surrounding your perception of the twins, you never thought that they were telling the truth.
If you had been in broad daylight under the incandescent glow of your creaky lecture hall lights, you might have called him cocky, almost haughty, how he meets you with an unreadable look for having interrupted him. But in the purple LEDs and heavy haze of vape juice and shitty tequila, he’s captivating, all dark eyes and perfectly lit skin, marked only by the needle-thin design tattooed over the right side of his face and a worn wooden toothpick bitten between his teeth.
You swallow down the dry lump in your throat when you catch him flick his eyes from your face, down the short length of your dress, and back up again.
"Smoke with me; maybe you'll find out," he drawls, toothpick bobbing as he speaks. He twists the cylinder once and offers you a wry smirk. And when you stay, speechless but there all the same, Crosshair scoots to the side and pats the narrow space between him and the couch arm, inviting you close.
"I've never smoked before," you admit a bit shyly as you drop down beside him. Your dress hikes up your thigh, and you shiver when your skin presses up against the soft denim of his jeans.
"Not even cigs?"
You shake your head. And you tell yourself that when he leans close and brushes his shoulder up against your arm, that he’s only doing it because someone’s boosted the bass, and you can’t hear him over the reverb.
"Well, good thing I'm here, yeah?"
He gives the metal canister a final twist and sets it down on the coffee table before you. Swapping the canister for a small brown sleeve, you watch in a daze as he pulls a semi-transparent leaflet from the folder and tears a strip of cardstock straight from its flap. He has pianist fingers, you think wistfully, neatly kept nails and slender grace, and you wonder if he’ll entertain you if you ask to compare your hand to his.
“What’s your name?”
You scrabble back to the present at the sound of his voice. “Uh, y/n,” you offer.
“Well, y/n,” he says with a soft laugh, having caught on to your daydreaming. “Step one, you fold your filter.”
You nod along absently as Crosshair artfully crimps the thick paper into a neat roll. As if there isn’t thirty-some odd people crammed into his apartment, he quietly takes you step by step, offering you the filter, the paper, then the contents of the canister (a grinder, he explains) like it’s a game of show and tell. But with every piece he places into your hands, you gravitate closer, closer, until you’re flush against his arm and practically hanging over his side to watch as he gently taps a line of bud over the paper.
“Here, let me give you a better look,” Crosshair says.
You expect him to bring the neat line of bud to you, but when nothing comes, you look up and find him waiting for you, one arm open in invitation as the other pats once on the dark denim of his thigh.
“Sit,” he says as if you haven’t just met him fifteen minutes ago. “Front row seats if you want ‘em.”
On one hand, you barely know Crosshair outside of the rumors you hear on campus. On the other hand, he’s a genuinely pleasant person, careful to accommodate for your boundaries and offering a snide playfulness that’s banished your nerves from earlier in the night.
He’s also really fucking hot.
“Okay,” you murmur, and you let him wrap his arm around your waist and tug you onto his lap. And he’s right. Perched over his thighs, you see with perfect clarity (and without the strain in your neck) as he gently folds the paper over the mound of bud and carefully twists. It’s the prettiest joint you’ve ever seen—though it might be because it’s the only one you’ve seen.
"Final touch," Crosshair's voice rumbles over your back, shooting straight into your core as he lifts the paper's vellum edge to your lips. “Lick it for me.”
Since you sat down with him, you’ve only been the passenger, nodding along as Crosshair’s long, nimble fingers creased over filter paper and patiently pointed out things like the stray pistils in his baggie and the keef gathered at the bottom of his grinder for if you really want to get fucked up. And even though you aren’t doing much (because licking paper doesn’t really seem too crazy), it’s a step forward from the comfortable rhythm that had settled between you, and you twist around in his lap to shoot him an uncertain glance.
“Just,” Crosshair flicks his tongue over his lower lip, flashing a brief glimpse of a ball piercing towards your wide eyes. And if you weren’t so flustered, you might have recognized the coy playfulness in his gaze. “Give it a lick, right over the edge.”
“I—uh, what if I—” you stammer.
“You’re not gonna mess this up, darling,” Crosshair chuckles. If his hand squeezing brief over your waist wasn’t enough to bring heat searing over the tops of your ears, his next words, crooned low and breathy into your ear, certainly do. “You’re a smart girl. You can do it.”
"My brother giving you trouble?"
Another voice cuts through the din of the party, sparing you your stammering nerves as you whip your head up in its general direction. You’re greeted with the sight of his brother, peering down on you as he takes a sip from his cup.
“You’re such a killjoy,” Crosshair mutters, drawing his arm tighter around your waist as he jabs the half-rolled joint to where Hunter sprawls down onto the couch beside him. “No, I’m not being a creep. I’m teaching our pretty underclassman here how to roll.”
Heat rushes over your cheeks, and you can’t decide whether you want to shrink into yourself or bask in it and beg for more.
He called you pretty.
“With her in your lap,” Hunter snorts into his cup.
“It was your idea to invite your entire fucking rugby team. Where else would we do it?”
“I’m so sorry he’s like this,” Hunter laughs, tilting his head and looking up at you through his (unfairly) long lashes. Where you thought Crosshair’s tattoo was bold, Hunter’s practically blows him out of the water, a well-worn swath of ink on the left half of his face, curving into neatly stylized teeth right at the edge of his lips. “I’m Hunter.”
Huh, maybe you do have a thing for tattoos.
“Y/n,” you squeak. “It’s, um—it’s nice to meet you.”
“Pleasure’s all mine, sweetheart,” he says as he offers you an easy smile. “Has my baby brother been treating you right?”
“God, two fucking minutes,” Crosshair snaps. You hear the embarrassment seeping from the vitriol, and it strikes you like a shot to the head that he’s trying to play cool in front of you. “I come out two minutes after you and—”
“We’re fraternal, and I got all the oxygen in the womb. Explains why he has awful people skills,” Hunter fake-whispers loud enough for Crosshair to hear, and you giggle as the other man groans from behind you.
“No, he’s been really nice,” you say softly once you realize that you’ve been laughing a little too loud. “He’s teaching me about weed.” It sounds juvenile when you say it, awkward and clumsy on your tongue. It’s a dead giveaway that has Hunter’s smile mellowing into something soft.
“Your first time?”
“Well, Cross here’s high as shit at least four hours every day. Says it helps him do the math. I hate to say it, but you’re in good hands.”
“You try running a nonlinear regression sober,” Crosshair snorts. “Anyways, we were just finishing up this joint before you decided to kill the vibe.”
Crosshair lifts the half-rolled joint back up to your chin, and this time, he leans forward and presses his chest close against your back as the playful snark leaves his tone, in its wake, something patient and calm as his voice rumbles by your ear.
“You gonna help me finish the job, sweet girl?”
You surprise yourself when the initial trepidation vanishes as you tip your chin down and stick out your tongue. Maybe you’re showboating now that you have an audience, feeling Hunter’s dark eyes on your lips when you touch the tip of your tongue out over the edge.
Whether it’s your lip gloss or the fine crumbs of bud stuck to the roll paper that fills your mouth with something earthy and sweet, you can’t say. All you know is they’re both following you with that intense intent, the bass and blend of voices faded out around you; just you in Crosshair’s lap and Hunter pretending to care about the drink in his hand as you lift your tongue off the far corner of the paper and close your lips.
“Good job,” Hunter muses, and you’re pretty certain he’s not talking about the joint when you feel his gaze boring into you alone.
The smell of smoke pulls you out of Hunter’s gravity, and you look back in front of you to see Crosshair snap a scuffed metal lighter shut and toss it onto the coffee table. He brings the joint back down in front of you, blowing a neat stream of whitish gray smoke past your ear.
“You know how to pull?” Crosshair asks, and his chin brushes over your bare shoulder as he speaks. He’s so close. You can smell the burn, acrid and sour, but it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t smell like some bubblegum vape when you feel his breaths curling over your skin. You just want more.
Mutely, you shake your head.
“Mm, you know how to shotgun?” Hunter offers, and you hear Crosshair huff laugher from behind you. “Might be easier for your first try.”
You shake your head again.
“It’s,” Hunter pauses, and his brows knit close as he thinks for a moment. “It’s kind of like a kiss. But not really. I take a hit and you catch my smoke. That sound okay?”
You don’t think it matters that someone’s hit shuffle on the playlist, filling the room with a hard electronic beat that might have otherwise drowned out all sound. All you hear is your heart pounding in your ears as you nod and watch Hunter lift the filter to his lips and inhale deep, then pass the joint back to Crosshair.
“C’mere,” he murmurs, white trails of smoke curling over his upper lip as he lifts one hand to cup over the base of your neck.
“Open,” Crosshair whispers.
Wordlessly, you obey. Your lips part just as Hunter pulls close, so close you feel the heat of his skin spreading warm over your cheeks, and blows a soft stream of bitter smoke into your mouth. It can’t be more than a few seconds, but all the while, you can’t seem to tear your eyes from his.
“Breathe in, deep,” you hear Crosshair instruct as he begins to rub one thumb over the curve of your hip.
The smoke is thick, sluicing down your throat and filling your lungs like nothing you’ve ever felt before. It’s not bad, just new, and pressed between the twins over the couch, you think it just might have been worth being ditched by your roommate earlier in the night. But your lungs ache, and you slowly exhale, watching as your vision fogs with a loose cloud of smoke until your chest feels clear again.
“And you didn’t even cough,” Hunter smiles. His calloused fingertips follow the slope of your neck, lingering one moment more before he pulls away. And you aren’t sure if the low buzzing in your fingertips is the weed or their combined warmth as Hunter rubs over your knee and Crosshair leans his head against your neck. “Good girl.”
“Wanna do it again,” you whisper as the buzz begins to crawl up your neck, fizzling around your temples as you lean your cheek over where Crosshair nuzzles into your shoulder.
“With him or me?” Crosshair murmurs, his lips brushing over your skin.
“You,” you say dreamily, and Hunter laughs, a sound that suddenly seems so far away as you tip your head and press close against Crosshair’s silver hair.
Crosshair leans into your touch, pressing his cheek up against your neck one last time before he’s lifting his head and bringing the joint to his lips. You hear the hiss of his inhale, smoke curling up through the narrow body of the joint as the charred end glows warm beside you.
And instead of Hunter’s approach, level with you, Crosshair looms above you, meeting your wide eyes with something of a fond smile. Dragging his hand up your chest, he follows the line of your neck and holds snug over your chin. He squeezes softly, and your jaw falls slack, lips parted in a soft ‘o’ as he dips low. He's closer than Hunter as you feel his mouth just brush over yours and breathe smoke over your tongue.
This time, it’s easier.
You swallow down the smoke and hold, just a beat longer than before. But both Crosshair and Hunter notice as your lips stay parted, and they share a soft laugh that has you exhaling smoke and pride all at once when you finally relax your diaphragm and breathe out.
“Fast learner,” Crosshair muses, nosing up under your jaw as you sink back against his chest.
You mumble incoherently, chasing his touch as the high creeps heavy and warm from your chest to your collar and settles at the back of your throat. It anchors you, molding you up against Crosshair who feels nothing short of perfect as he circles his arms loose over your waist.
You turn your head to thank Hunter when you distantly register him pressing a cool cup into your hand (water, you think you hear him say), but the words slip back down into your throat, your eyelids suddenly unbearably heavy and coarse over your blurry vision.
“You wanna lay down?” Hunter offers, and his voice comes to you like you’re underwater, warped and bubbling past the din of the party around you.
You're pretty sure you nod.
For a few moments, you catch traces of an unintelligible exchange between the twins, only aware of the rumble of Crosshair’s voice at your back, and then you’re being lifted up off the couch, the music and raucous laughter fading behind you.
A door opens, squeaking half-shut, and you wince as a light clicks on beside you. Whoever was carrying you sets you down on something soft and cool, and you sway as the light dims and you settle into your seat.
You’re on a bed, you think.
Crosshair’s, judging by the shock of light hair that you can make out through your lashes. He helps you into a worn tee that reaches past the short hem of your dress, and you wiggle into it with a soft whine, holding it tight.
But where you expect a familiar weight to dip down next to you and pull you close, your eyes fly open when you see his figure turn away from you and towards the neon lights of the party outside.
“You aren’t staying?” It's the most coherent you've been through your first high.
“Not tonight,” Crosshair says softly. He turns back towards you and reaches up to fix the strap of your dress as you sit on his bed. “Baby’s first tokes got you all dopey. Right now, what you need is this,” and he presses a plastic bottle of vitamin water he’s seemingly produced out of nowhere into your palm. “This,” he adds, pressing your phone into your other hand. “And a good night’s sleep.”
“And what if I say I need you, too?” you pout.
Some part of you—the conscious part locked away in the back of your skull—bangs up against the hazy high at the crown of your head because when you’re good and sober and when Crosshair inevitably turns you down, you won’t be able to look at yourself in the mirror for the next semester.
But he breaks into a smile that crinkles at the corners of his eyes before he leans down to press his lips to your forehead. It’s just a split-second of warm, chapstick-soft lips on your skin, but it floods you with an indescribable good from the top of your head all the way down to your toes.
And as high as you are right now, you have a hell of a hunch that the flutter in your chest is going to stay, even when the room stops wobbling around you.
“When you’re all sobered up in the morning, we’ll make you breakfast, and we’ll figure it out from there,” Crosshair says after he’s pulled back, reaching up to smooth his palm over your hair. “Sound like a plan?”
You nod, probably with a little too much enthusiasm, but you’re rewarded with another low chuckle that’s practically music to your ears. His hand gentle and firm over your shoulder, Crosshair guides you down onto the bed and pulls the covers up to your chin.
“Now text your roomie so she doesn’t call the cops on us, get some sleep, and drink all of that, okay?”
“Okay,” you respond.
“Good girl.”
And when the lights click out, you curl into Crosshair’s pillow, breathing in cold, fresh notes of his cologne, and then you’re asleep.
You climb out of bed the next morning, your minidress rumpled under a long shirt. It's not like a hangover, no, you just find yourself a bit lightheaded and throat parched, and the disorientation makes your head spin as you’re greeted with the smell of fresh coffee and something savory—
Your roommate doesn’t wake up earlier than you, and she can’t cook for shit. And why were your sheets grey? Whose shirt were you—
You practically burst out of Crosshair’s bedroom, and you’re not sure what you expected, but somehow you hadn’t expected to see Hunter sipping mildly on a mug of coffee while Crosshair pushes something around in a pan over their kitchen range.
“Mornin,’” Hunter offers you a small wave, and reaches for a third mug on the countertop. “Wasn’t sure how you liked your coffee so we just made it black.”
“What happened last night?” you gasp. If you weren’t so panicked, you’re certain the sight of them sporting nothing but grey sweats would have been your only concern, but you’ve just woken up with foggy memories and the slimy dread of anxiety that follows a blackout night.
“Easy, easy,” Crosshair assures you as he steps away from the stovetop. “Nothing happened after we smoked. You took, like, two hits, and you were so hazy you couldn’t remember your dorm number, so we put you to bed, and I slept out in the living room. Fetts are wild but we’re not scumbags, promise.”
And judging from the throw blanket sliding off the edge of the couch cushions, you’re fairly certain you can believe him. Relief floods your chest.
“Oh thank God,” you sigh, and your shoulders sag as the weight of panic sloughs off your back.
They both laugh softly, the sudden tension lifting from the bright morning light, and you can’t help but join in. And when that rosy relief gives way to silence again, it’s Crosshair who speaks next.
“So, you staying for breakfast?”
“Can I borrow some actual clothes first?”
“Done deal.”
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heichoe · a year ago
stoner idiots (affectionate)
modern! AU, college! AU, best friends to lovers, jean kirschtein x reader
this is loosely based on the lovely  @pinkchanelbag 's uquiz, which you can find here!! I absolutely LOVED this quiz and my result inspired me to write a jean fic bc I am an absolute slut for this man. 
word count: 1.9k 
warnings: brief drug use/smoking (oc, jean, and their friends are all stoners), intense AND WHEN I SAY INTENSE. pinning, the kind of fluff that comes with a brush of fingers between two people who haven't realized the other person loves them back.  
You wake up to the sounds of someone typing. You didn’t want to wake up; wherever it was that you were, it was comfortable: the soft flannel of the sheets had enveloped you in warmth, and a familiar, woody scent filled your nostrils. You freeze. You didn’t own flannel sheets, and your shampoo was vanilla coconut scented. The typing continues, it seems to be happening in the same room you’re in. A gentle sigh is heard after a single-double-double taping motion. You’re acutely aware of the familiarity the sigh holds, like you’ve heard it a million times, but your brain is still fuzzy from sleep. 
Slightly more at ease, you crack an eye open. You’re met with the most unexpected yet welcomed sight you have ever woken up to. Jean is silently typing away at his desk next to his bed— one which you’re currently in. The room is dark, save for the blue glow of the computer illuminating his profile. Somewhere in your mind, you remember him telling you he had an important paper due at midnight tonight; this also being the reason as to why he wouldn’t be coming to your weekly smoke session with Sasha, Connie, and Marco.
The events of earlier gently wash over your memory— leaving your shared apartment with Sasha to go pick up Connie, only to then head to Jean and Marco’s apartment. 
Marco had sheepishly opened the door, apologizing for Jean’s absence as Connie elbowed you, “too bad lover boy won’t be here tonight, huh?” You’d rolled your eyes at the boy as you made your way in, “more for us, then!”
It was a common thing by now, to be honest: everyone knew you had a crush on Jean— except for, well, Jean. And although your friends assured you the man felt the same way tenfold towards you, you just couldn’t bring yourself to fully believe it. It was too good to be true. Jean, easily one of your best friends, him, who made you feel like you could accomplish anything, who would provide you with the warmth and comfort you so much needed after a long day, who truly made you feel seen as you basked in his presence, liking you? Impossible. That was simply a fantasy reserved for your nightly fake scenario sessions before going to sleep. 
And, while you were fully capable of function without him by your side, you had recently found yourself not wanting to be without him. He was the warmth that came with holding a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea, the comfort and reassurance that let you know that you, in fact, could keep going. 
So, naturally, this smoke session, without him, you had been a little quieter, more in your thoughts, thoughts about Jean. It was just as your brain had begun to fuzz over that you felt Marco lean into you. He was already high, and whenever Marco was high, he tended to talk. It wasn’t annoying in any way, the boy usually held good conversation, pensive as ever. This time, though, the subject was Jean. “You know he’s in love with you, right? Ever since the first time he saw you, he’s been over the moon for you.” The freckled boy takes another hit, as if ruminating his next words, “you guys are just too scared; you want each other, but are too afraid of things between you changing, yeah?” he takes one more hit, his final thought, "He likes how you make him feel at ease.” And with that, Marco passed the blunt to you, conversation seemingly over. 
He’s in love with y-
Another, this time slightly heavier, sigh is heard through the room. The source of your thoughts keeps typing away, occasionally stopping to run his hands through his hair, as if to consider his next sentence before constructing it. 
“you're gonna ruin your eyesight like that, y’know.” You rasp. 
Jean turns to face you from his chair, a gentle, tired smile on his lips, “you're awake, sleepyhead.”
You nod as you sit up on his bed at the same time he stands from his chair to hand you the glass of water at his desk for you to drink.
You mouth a ‘thank you’ and he nods, going back to his work. 
You squint to make out the blurry red numbers from his alarm clock; it's 1:17am. 
“Wasn't that paper due like an hour ago?”
You can’t see the blush on Jean’s skin under the blue glow of the computer monitor, a barely audible “you remembered” muttered from his lips, followed by a louder, "it was, but as long as I turn it in before my professor wakes up, I should be good.” 
You nod in understanding. Of course I remembered, silly, I'm in love with you.
Quietly, you lay back down on his soft sheets, too aware of his presence now to go back to sleep, but there’s still a comfortable atmosphere between the two of you. 
You can’t help but let your mind stray at the thought of just how domestic this all feels. You, waiting for Jean to finish his paper, so you can both go to bed together. You smile a little at the prospect of the scenario. 
Carefully, Jean wheels himself over on his chair to his bedside where you’re laying, brushing a couple strands of your hair away from your face, “hey, you can go back to sleep; i’ll be done in like 20 minutes.” 
You think it's your mind playing tricks on you, but you feel his hand linger at your cheek before he retracts it. 
“i should probably head home, Jean, I don’t want to take over your bed.” You internally scream at yourself as you utter those words, everyone and their mom could tell that was an ABSOLUTE lie. Because you did, in fact, want to take over his bed, and stay in it forever: to wake up next to him every morning, in your little cocoon of blankets and warmth. 
Jean scoffs, “you think I care?” His hand is back on your cheek, tracing small patterns of your blushing skin, “you fell asleep on the couch, so Sasha left with Connie after Marco assured them you’d be okay here, and then I got back from the library and saw you there, so I- uh- thought you’d be more comfortable on m-my bed.” 
Truth was, it had been an indulgent decision that Jean had made. He just wanted to see you sleeping on his bed; just for tonight, to be able to entertain the idea of maybe waking up next to you. Ever the gentleman, though, he was gonna take the couch so you could sleep comfortably; he just thought it’d be nice to see you sleep on his bed as he worked; it had ended up being more of a distraction, though, but a welcomed one at that. 
For the couple of hours that he worked, Jean had pretended he wasn’t afraid. That it could work out; you and him, sharing an apartment, basking in the domesticity that came with sleeping in the same bed, cooking meals, and doing each other’s night routine’s side by side. And, that the warmth and comfort that he felt when being with you had only grown, enveloped and consumed him, into the best version of himself, one that’s with you. 
He truly does see you in his future; he just has to take that plunging step that leads you both into free-fall and hope that you both land on your feet, hand in hand. 
“i feel bad, though, you know I move a lot in my sleep, especially if it’s somewhere i’ve never slept at before,” you kept on rambling and Jean just kept stumbling a little bit more and more in love. 
“_____. Please, stay. Im not letting you take an Uber back at this hour, much less walk.” You felt his hands thread your hair again as his tone softened, “please?" How could you say no to that? 
You sighed dramatically, if just to annoy him, “fINE.” 
You stretched a little in your spot as you became aware of what you had been wearing, now remembering the discomfort you had felt during your slumber. You were still fully clothed, this entitled, amongst the garments, your jeans and bra, an offense to any and all sleep Gods known to history.
For the nth time that night you blushed, “Jean?”
The brunette immediately stopped his work to look at you, “yeah?”
“would it be alright if I borrowed some of your stuff to wear? Sleeping in jeans isn’t really my go to, ya feel?”
He let out a small chuckle as he stood up to open one of his drawers, “i feel”
Handing you a pair of his sweat pants and a hoodie, you thanked him, clearing your throat as a sign for him to turn as you changed. 
Not surprisingly, you found the sweatpants to be too big for you, so you opted to leave them at the side of his bed. Meanwhile, his hoodie seemed to engulf you in his scent from head to mid-thigh. You were officially on could nine. 
Climbing up to his bed again, you sighed contently, only to have the man smirk at you, “you comfortable there?”
“absolutely” you smiled. 
He let out a small laugh, absolutely enamored by you, “go to sleep, yeah? Good night.”
You snuggled deeper within his sheets, “G’night, Jean. Finish your essay soon..” He heard you ramble on about how you just knew it would earn him an A as you drifted off to sleep. 
It's about thirty minutes later that Jean finally finishes. Stretching, he makes his way to the side on his bed where you had left his sweatpants, slipping those on and getting rid of his shirt as he prepares himself to spend the night on the couch. He wasn’t complaining about it, though, it was worth it. And, in the morning, his sheets and hoodie would smell like you— huge W on his book, if you asked him. 
He’s unsure of himself when he shuffles to your side, kneeling down to place a gentle kiss to your forehead and muttering a small ‘goodnight, baby’ to your sleeping figure. He’s braver in the dark. 
He strokes your cheek one last time before leaving, but you catch his hand just before it's out of your reach, “stay" you mumble. 
Jean’s brain is short-circuiting and his heart is pounding a million miles a minute. 
You tug a little on his arm again, only half aware of what you are doing and saying, “please? it’s kind of cold, ’n you’re always so warm.” 
Jean knows you probably won’t remember this, he knows you’re just mumbling nonsense in your sleep, but who is he to deny you? 
“Okay, i’ll stay.” 
He feverishly makes his way into the sheets next to you, laying completely still at your side; that is, until you turn to snuggle into him, burrowing your head onto the crook of his neck and your body to his side. One of your hands rests just over his beating heart, your lips pressing a small, chaste kiss to his neck. 
He’s in love with you. 
He presses his lips to your forehead again, arms coming to wrap around your body, and hands tracing soothing patterns onto your skin, 
You’re in love with him. 
part two here!
i’d love to hear your thoughts!!
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cappujinho · a year ago
Mirror, Mirror (m)
A/N: I will never ever determine which body type the reader has, but I want every single one of you to know that it’s okay to feel empowered by the way your nude body looks, you’re absolutely beautiful and no size is a limit to how sexy you can be!!! You go queens!
words: ~5.4 (I’m sorry idk how to write short things anymore asdfgh)
genre: smut, optional bias (male) x reader (female), kinda fwb??, sexting
[H/N means “his name”]
Tumblr media
There’s no feeling quite like the one of trying on your new clothes that just arrived in the mail and loving how they looked. Especially when said clothes were lingerie and you felt like you could conquer the world, even when you were just standing in front of your mirror at 7 pm after you had just stuffed your stomach with lasagna. And what better way to enjoy your happiness than to share it with your best friend?
In fact, you had two best friends. One, a girl who you could trust with your life, and two, a boy who knew all your deepest secrets. One of the central differences between the two was that you would never think about asking the former about his opinion on your new lingerie. You almost laughed at the mere thought while you went through your contacts list and selected your friend’s name and clicked ‘send’. “It’s new. How do I look?” you typed and sent quickly, before throwing your phone onto you bed. You were feeling sexy, but for the rest of the evening there was only one way you wanted to feel: Comfortable. So, you changed into your pajamas instead.
You wondered what she would say about your photo. Sending almost-nudes to your friend might have seemed odd, but for the two of you, it was a completely normal occurrence. You loved making sure you both felt beautiful and confident by complimenting each other. Happily, you walked back to your room after you had picked up some snacks in the kitchen. You grabbed your phone as you plopped down on your bed. While you stuffed a handful of crisps into your mouth, you unlocked your phone to check your messages. You had expected a text from your best girl friend, but instead you had received one from H/N, your best boy friend. Pure horror consumed you when you clicked on the chat and saw your almost-nude there. Sent at 7:01 pm. Seen at 7:05 pm. And worst of all, he had replied before you could have clarified the mistake.
H/N: Idk where this came from but…you’re hot
H/N: Okay that kinda offends me…you have a bf and didn’t tell me???
You: NO OMG THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING HELP…it was for GF/N just for fun!!!
H/N: Ohhh…in that case…
You watched the dots signaling that he was still writing while you were still wondering how you would ever look at him without getting embarrassed from now on. It wasn’t like the two of you never talked about sex. In fact, he knew a lot about what you liked and didn’t like in the bedroom. Not because he had witnessed it. But thanks to multiple sleep overs with late-night conversations, when your lips became a little loose, you had discussed more sexual topics than you had ever dreamt of. Your cheeks were still feeling hot when you received another text.
H/N: How do I look?
Without missing a beat, he had attached a photo of him. Shirtless. His hair was disheveled, as if he had just removed his shirt, which he probably had. His sweatpants hung low on his hips as he stood in front of a mirror. He had tilted his head a little, showing off his jawline while he gazed at the camera with hooded eyes. You felt more embarrassed with every second you kept staring at his body.
H/N: OMG sorry this wasn’t for you!!!!!
Now you could only laugh at his stupid message.
You: Stop making fun of me!!
H/N: I’m trying to make you feel better!! Do I not get a compliment?
You: Thanks and you look great…can we please NEVER bring this up in the future?
H/N: Sure if that’s what you want…but if you ever need someone to rate your underwear again you know where to find me
And he really kept his promise. The next time you hung out, he was joking about everything but your little accident. You were thankful. But not mentioning the memory didn’t automatically delete it from your brain. And that’s where your newest problem begun.
You had never really looked at him in a sexual way before – sure, you thought he was handsome – but after than one damned picture he had sent you, you seemed to see him in a completely different light. There were no romantic feelings involved. But something felt profusely wrong about the way you thought about sex when he reached for a glass on the highest kitchen shelf and a small part of his abs was revealed. Or the way you instinctively licked your lips when you watched him stretch his neck in front of you. Or how your head spun when he lifted his shirt to wipe away his sweat when you worked out together.
One day was particularly bad. He had asked you to go to the public pool together, and being his best friend, of course you had said yes. As expected, he made you laugh until you were crying, scream when he playfully wrestled you in the water and giggle when he chased you on the water slide. And yet, you couldn’t help but notice his body. You almost felt bad, but then again, it wasn’t like you adored his character any less. You simply had some added adoration for another part of him. What were you supposed to do when he looked this good acting out a comic character while you played charades in the water? You might have been laughing on the outside, but you could barely tear your eyes off his neck and chest. Lately, you realized, the amount of thoughts you spent on wanting to kiss him had become problematic to you.
When you returned home at night, you couldn’t deny feeling sexually frustrated. Not wanting to give in to the inappropriate thoughts about your best friend, you turned on a tv show to distract yourself. But before you knew it, you were spending more time looking at your phone than at the tv screen. At first you browsed social media, but somehow you mustn’t have payed enough attention to your unconscious mind. You had miraculously landed on his Instagram, and when that didn’t entertain you anymore, you found yourself going back to your text messages with him. When you started at the shirtless picture he had sent you, you regretted not deleting it and forgetting about it right away. You wondered if he could ever feel the same way about you. You didn’t need any romantic feelings from him, in fact, you had no interest in a relationship at the moment. But you had never wanted someone this bad before and it was driving you crazy. So, before you could have stopped yourself, you were typing a message to him.
You: what r u doing??
H/N: do you miss me already?
H/N: ok do you really wanna know?
You: shut up you usually message me first!! and yes I do
H/N: I was about to jack off but you interrupted me
You almost choked on nothing when you read his message. Pretending you didn’t care, you replied quickly.
You: oh no am I killing the mood?
H/N: I didn’t say that
You: ????
H/N: don’t take this the wrong way but if you ever thought about sending me nudes again now would be the time
You: are u crazy?? are you actually asking me for nudes rn
H/N: it was worth a try ok let’s go back to being best friends who would never hook up
If you were freaking out about his previous messages, this one made you lose your mind completely. What was he saying? As confused as you were, you were also equally as sexually frustrated as he seemed to be. So, without a second thought, you chose the latest underwear picture you had taken and sent it to H/N.
You: that’s the most you’ll get…I won’t send complete nudes
You stared at the three dots indicating that he was writing a message. It felt like five minutes had passed when he finally replied.
H/N: fuck you’re so hot
And then he sent another shirtless picture. His bulge was prominent against his pants and the sight of it didn’t exactly help you with the pent-up frustration inside of you. But maybe it didn’t need to, because apparently, he felt the same way about you. You wanted to tell him about it. But there was no way you would be sexting your best friend at 11 pm, horny and frustrated. You knew you’d regret it and you’d only end up being embarrassed the next day. With no idea what to send him instead, you opted for simply waiting to see if he would say something. But he didn’t. Whilst waiting, you looked at his picture again. His jawline, his shoulders, his abs…and his boner straining against his sweatpants. For a moment you wondered if he was thinking about you too. Was he imagining it was you who was touching him when his hand wrapped around his cock? The more you let your thoughts run free, the worse your frustration became. And before you knew it, your hand was between your legs.
The next day you went about your duties, trying hard to pretend the previous day had been nothing but a fever dream. Luckily, you weren’t going to see him for another few days, so you could already practice an explanation of why sending nudes to each other had been a crazy idea. You worried about whether you could ever be the same around him after what had happened. But no matter how hard you tried to come up with a good reason why you should never even mention it again, you couldn’t. You were best friends who found each other hot. So what? Things could be worse. By nighttime, you had changed your mind. You were in the process of getting ready for sleeping, when your phone vibrated on your nightstand. His name lit up the screen.
H/N: you up?
You: not for long…whats up
H/N: I’m sorry for what I said yesterday about us not hooking up and so on…I was tipsy and you know my loose lips when I’m drunk
You: there’s nothing you need to apologize for
H/N: I was being weird and creepy…you’re my best friend
You: and you’re mine…that doesn’t stop me from finding you attractive
H/N: so I didn’t creep you out asking you for nudes?
You: I sent them to you, didn’t I… so what do u think
H/N: btw…thanks for that
You: likewise
H/N: so you’d do it again?
You: you’re not drunk now are you?
H/N: no just horny
You: dude I was about to go to sleep
If this had been a random guy you were occasionally talking to, you would have declined the request right away. You were tired and didn’t exactly feel too confident in your physical state. Nonetheless, you walked over to your mirror, pulled your shirt up until your bare breasts were almost exposed, and snapped a picture. Maybe it was the fact that you knew he’d return the favor and send you something back, or the immense trust you had in him. Posing in different ways, you took a few more pictures before you jumped back onto your bed. Impulsively, you chose the pictures you liked best and sent them to your best friend.
You: the things I do for you
H/N: fuck you look so good
You: have you always thought like that about me?
H/N: have I always found you hot?
You: yeah
H/N: I mean I never not found you hot
You: thanks I guess??
H/N: maybe we should have done this way earlier
You: agreed
Your eyes widened when he sent you a picture. He was still in his underwear, but his hand was wrapped around his visibly hard member outlined by the dark fabric. You had wanted to sleep, but somehow after looking at the photo for a little too long, you were wide awake. Leaning against the headboard of the bed, you let your head imagine whatever came to your mind. Never before had you noticed how much you liked his hands. Or maybe it was a temporary thing, now that you were already thinking inappropriate thoughts. You imagined it was his fingers softly touching the inside of your thigh, squeezing your breasts and playing with your nipples. The first time you moaned his name quietly, your cheeks heated up. But the more you thought of him, and the more you allowed yourself to wish it was him between your thighs, the more natural his name sounded between your whimpers.
And the two of you didn’t stop there. You might haven’t had time to hang out with him for another week or so, but you were texting each other more than ever before. Almost every night, you sent pictures to each other. With every passing day and every time you came thinking about his body on top of yours, you became more comfortable. Your messages to each other turned dirtier with every day and every picture was a little riskier than the previous one. By the way you cried out his name every night, your neighbors must have thought you had gotten a new boyfriend. One that was exceptionally good in bed, by the sounds of it.
Now it was exactly one week and a day after you had first sent him a picture of you. You had just stepped out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around your body as you entered your bedroom.
One could’ve thought you were going to be less horny, the more time you spent texting him about your inappropriate thoughts. It should have gotten less exciting at some point, shouldn’t it? To you, it was the complete opposite. He was all your thought about at night. So when you noticed your phone on your bed, you couldn’t stop your urge. You grabbed it, unlocked it and went straight to your messages with him.
You: please tell me you’re alone
H/N: yeah I am…do u need something?
Even though his text might have sounded innocent to anyone else, considering what you had done for each other all week long, you instantly got excited.
You: I have a present for you but since you’re not here I’ll unwrap it for you
H/N: I love presents
You had taken multiple photos. Starting from your with a towel covered body, you had slowly revealed more skin to him, until you had dropped the fabric completely. In the last picture you were covering your nipples with one hand across your chest, making sure your slightly parted lips were in the frame as well. After you had pressed ‘send’, you got comfortable on your bedsheets, not so patiently waiting for his reply. You hadn’t been able to get him off your mind while you had been showering. Now you didn’t even need to touch yourself to know how dripping wet you already were.
H/N: this is what you do to me
You were surprised when you saw his message. He had attached a video. Up to that day, it had only been photos you had sent to each other. So, when you clicked the ‘play’ button, you almost felt nervous. But the nervousness changed into something wholly different within the first two seconds of the video. His hand was down his pants, clearly stroking himself. He wasn’t speaking, but even the simple sound of his breathing behind the camera made your head spin.
H/N: do you want more?
You: I wish you were actually here
A blink of an eye after you had sent the message, instant regret hit you. Had you crossed a line? There had never been serious talk of the two of you actually hooking up, although you surely had thought about it more than you wanted to admit.
H/N: me too
You sighed in relief. So he wasn’t thinking you were going too far.
H/N: but its late and we’ve got work tomorrow
You barely had time to even think about a reply. The sole fact that he was seriously considering coming over or letting you drive to his place right now only justified the saying “People want what they can’t get”.
You: you’re right…this will have to do
H/N: let me know if you need more
But you already had your hand between your legs, his name on the brink of falling off your lips.  
The next day, you were surprisingly focused on your work. Of course, you thought of him. He was your best friend, after all. Who would you have been if you didn’t wonder what he was up to or if you didn’t wish he was having a nice day? But that was about it. No dirty thoughts, no random sexual frustration at 2 in the afternoon. That was, until your phone vibrated in your pockets and you opened his message.
H/N: wanna hang out at my place tonight?
It was finally Friday. After over a week of not seeing him, you didn’t just want to meet him because you wanted him sexually. You missed his silly jokes and the way he made you feel careless after a stressful day. So, needless to say, you agreed.
You weren’t sure what was going to happen. Were you just going to hang out, the way friends do? Were you even going to mention your texts to each other? Your nerves were going mad when you drove to his place in the evening. It was a weird feeling to have about your best friend, you had to admit. But then again, you had every right to after the past week.
When he opened the door for you, you didn’t feel half as awkward as you thought you would. His hug felt the way it always did, and his room still was like a second home to you.
“Do you wanna order take out?” he asked.
“What’s in your fridge?” you returned the question.
“If I’d have to guess I’d say two eggs, half a bottle of soda and some yogurt,” he said. You laughed, already pulling up an app to order some food.
“Take out it is,” you grinned, falling onto your stomach on his bed. He followed your example. His shoulder was touching yours while you tried hard to focus on scrolling through the different offers of meals. But your look was drawn to his hands too close to yours and from one moment to the other, your mind was flooded with sinful pictures. You thought of him here, in this very bed, jerking off to the thought of you. Taking pictures of himself so you could do the same. Too many times you had imagined your face buried in his pillows, letting him hear the way you had been crying his name all week long, being able to make him cum with your own body and feeling his lips on your skin. Was he thinking the same things right now? Was he also struggling to focus on the simplest tasks?
“You’ve been looking at that chicken for a while now. Are you gonna order it or not?” he asked, making fun of you. How were you going to sit here, waiting and then calmly eating your dinner as if nothing was different? When you didn’t reply, he grabbed your hands along with your phone, making you look at him. You couldn’t instantly read his expression. All you knew is that in six years of friendship, he had never once looked at you this way. Inevitably, your eyes went to his lips and back to his eyes.
“Aren’t we going to mention this whole nudes-sending situation at all?” he suddenly asked, grinning cheekily. “What? You’re thinking about it too, aren’t you?”
You swallowed thickly. “Thinking about what, exactly?”
“How badly I wanted you last night,” he said. His face was close to yours. If you only bent forward slightly, you could kiss him.
“As in…now you don’t want me anymore?” you asked. He chuckled.
“Do you really think I didn’t want to push you against the closest wall and make out with you the second you stepped into my house today?” he asked.
“Then why didn’t you?” you asked, smirking and inching your lips closer to his. “Because I would have loved that.”
Instead of answering you, he finally leaned in to connect your lips. Within the first seconds you were moaning, and his tongue was on yours. You abandoned your phone on his sheets, swinging one leg over his waist to straddle him. He groaned into your mouth when you pushed your hips against his, your crotch rubbing over his bulge. Judging by the way you both reacted, neither of you had plans to take this slow.
His hands wandered over your sides and to your ass, squeezing it a little. You only moaned again, your fingers getting busy with his button up shirt. Teasingly, he bit your lip while he pushed your shirt higher, goosebumps rising on the skin he touched. His breathing became heavier when you let your hands roam his chest, pushing the fabric of his open shirt to the side eagerly. When you rolled your hips over his bulge again, you felt his erection more prominently than before, making you smile to yourself. For a moment you pulled away and pulled your shirt over your head.
“I’ve wanted to touch you for so long,” he confessed, watching as you discarded your bra onto the floor.
“Me too,” you agreed. He had sat up as well, and you helped him remove his shirt eagerly. “I’ve been wondering what your hands feel like.”
At your words, he pulled you back on top of him, playing with your breasts softly. You reacted, leaning over him, so he could take one of your nipples into his mouth. You whimpered at the way his tongue pressed against your sensitive skin. He gave the same attention to the other side, his breath leaving behind a cold sensation where he had kissed you.
Then, you bent to his level again, lips meeting in a needy kiss. You let his tongue lead yours for a while. Meanwhile, your hands sneaked to the waistband of his sweatpants. He hissed into your mouth as you grabbed his length through his pants, palming him through the fabric.
“Are you still into biting?” you asked, referring to a late-night talk you had had in the past. He smirked, nodding. Softly, at first, you nibbled on his neck, occasionally licking and kissing him. You got the exact reaction you had expected when you bit him, not to harshly, but probably leaving a purple mark nonetheless. He moaned and threw his head back, only exposing more of his neck to you. As time went on, you made your way down his chest and his stomach, settling between his legs. As much as you enjoyed hearing his moans and attempts to make you hurry, you were just as impatient, if not worse.
In one go, you pulled down his pants and underwear. He lifted his hips so you could fully take the clothing off his legs. Your mouth watered at the sight of him below you.
“If you had told me two weeks ago, I would be sucking your dick today, I would have called you a clown,” you chuckled.
“Look how the tables have turned,” he said, laughing with you. But his expression hardened the moment your hand wrapped around his length. You stroked him a few times, before lowering your head. Your tongue licked a stripe up the side of his shaft, until you opened your lips just enough to take his tip into your mouth. He cursed under his breath when you batted your eyelashes at him.
“Fuck, don’t look at me like that,” he said.
“Why? Don’t you like it?” you asked, your hand continuously touching him.
“I like it maybe a little too much,” he said, only making you grin. His expression read pleasure, his brows furrowed and his lips hung slightly agape.
“There’s no such thing as liking something too much,” you said. Purposely, you watched his face when you wrapped your mouth around his cock, tongue pressing flat against the tip. Steadily, you bobbed your head, your hand covering the rest of his length. His thighs were flexing under your hands and his stomach was rising and falling in an uneven rhythm. He propped himself up on his forearms, watching you intently.
“This feels so much better when you do it,” he said, followed by a groan when his cock touched the back of your throat for a moment. Your hand was covered in your saliva by now, eyes tearing up a little bit, but you blinked the tears away quickly. Every time you pulled away a little, you made sure to swirl your tongue around the tip. Right away, you had noticed the way he hissed at that specific action. Again, he cursed under his breath and you made eye contact once more. His lips looked pink from where he had been biting them and his cheeks were slightly flushed a rosy color.
“Oh my god-,“ he moaned. “I’m so fucking close.”
You bobbed your head faster now. After another few seconds you pulled away, replacing your mouth with your hand. The muscles on his stomach were tense and he had his hands balled to tight fists next to his body. You enjoyed his moans for a while longer, before you could feel him twitch in your hands. When he reached his high, he let his body fall back, his arms no longer able to hold himself up to watch you. The evidence of his pleasure spilled onto his abs and you slowly let your hand come to a rest. One of his hands was swung over his forehead as he breathed heavily. When you looked up at him again, he still seemed exhausted but was grinning from ear to ear.
“Give me a second and I’ll return the favor,” he said, sitting up. At his words you realized once more how much you wanted him. Quickly, he cleaned himself up. As you rolled over to lay on your back next to his sitting figure, you yawned briskly, getting comfy in his sheets.
“You’re bored? If you want we can also just watch a movie, or if you feel like-,“ he said with raised eyebrows.
“Ha. Ha. Ha.” You sarcastically laughed, rolling your eyes at him. “I’m open for whatever. Right after you’ve made me cum on this mattress.”
“Alright,” he chuckled, turning so he hovered over you. “I think we can arrange that.”
He went straight to kissing your stomach and hips, while he unzipped your pants for you. His kisses tickled you a little, but the sensation was quickly forgotten by how close his hand was to where you wanted him most. In order to let him take off your pants, you lifted your hips a little. When he had thrown your pants aside, he couldn’t hide the cocky grin on his face at the sight of your underwear.
“This looks familiar…where have I seen these before?” he asked innocently, placing his hand on the material. You flinched a little when his fingers hovered over your center. It was a fleeting touch, but the lack of attention had made you needier than you would have thought.
“Imagine I hadn’t accidentally sent you that first picture,” you said.
“I don’t even want to imagine that,” he said, his dramatic tone making you laugh a little. Abruptly, your laugh turned into a whimper when he pressed one of his fingers against your covered clit.
“I get that you’re in no rush anymore, but I’m not gonna lie, I am,” you said, wriggling against his hand. He chuckled again but seemed to obey your request. His hand slid into the hem of your underwear, fingers instantly coated in your juices. In response, you only hummed contently when he curled his digits against your clit. Within seconds you relaxed into his touch. You put one of your arms under your head and closed your eyes for a while. Now and then, he teased your core by almost pushing his fingers inside of you, but then not doing so. As frustrating as it was, you couldn’t help but moan at the feeling. With skill, he rolled your clit between his digits. His free hand pulled on your underwear slightly, but not quite enough for it to come off. You whined at his teasing, looking into his eyes with a pleading gaze. He watched your expression for a while, probably enjoying the fact that he finally had the real you underneath him, instead of having to stare at some photos on his cellphone. So he finally obliged, making you feel empty when he pulled his hand out of your soaked panties, but simultaneously thankful.
“You have no idea how many times I imagined doing this within the last week,” he said. Then, he lowered his head and took your clit into his mouth. You had only opened your mouth to reply, but the words seemed to be deleted from your brain before they had time to come out, replaced by empty curse words. He didn’t waste any time in taking it slow, but you couldn’t have minded less. When he inserted to of his digits into you, your toes curled in pleasure and relief. With the way you whimpered desperately whenever he curled them against your walls, he had found your sweet spot in almost no time.
For more than a week you had been imagining, demanding for his touch, so deeply that now you could barely think straight when you finally got what you wanted. His tongue could do so much better than your own fingers could ever satisfy you. It was the unpredictability that made this so much more enticing than when you touched yourself. Would he slow down for a while, giving your breathing time to calm down, only to suck on your swollen clit feverishly out of nowhere? Would he curl his fingers inside of you almost painfully slowly, or would he almost pull them out completely, only to slide them right back into your core, until your vision felt so blurry you had to close your eyes? The more you thought about how good he made you feel, the quicker you felt your orgasm approach. One of his hands softly stroked over your belly, a strong contrast to the way your insides seemed to tie themselves into a tight knot that took up all your attention.
“Oh my god- please don’t stop,” you only moaned. Of course he didn’t. He only hummed against your center, only adding to how incredible you felt. As much as you loved watching him between your legs, there was no force that could have kept your eyes from shutting anymore. Your back arched off the sheets and your hands tightened in pleasure when the familiar feeling washed over your mind. You whimpered and struggled hard to keep your legs from closing around his head. For a few seconds you were blinded by the bliss, until your sensitivity began to set in. You softly pushed his head with your fingers in his hair, and he slowed down and drew back.
It took you a while to come down and until your breathing had regained its normality. Your eyelids fluttered open, while he plopped down next to you. He swung one of his arms around your waist, an action he had done multiple times in the past – only now neither of you was wearing clothes.
“That was amazing,” you said. “And here I thought I’d forever regret sending you that photo.”
He chuckled. “Agreed. So, what do you say? Are we able to focus on what to order for takeout now?”
You nodded and laughed, hoping this instance wouldn’t be the last time this happened between you two.
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levi-my-beloved · 10 months ago
Birds of a Feather
Chapter 3
Pairings: Canon!Levi x F!Reader
Content warnings: Violence, implied torture, two pining idiots being two pining idiots, probably ooc Levi cuz oof i suck
Word count: 8.2K
Summary: You were the most notorious criminal in the Underground City. With your organisation of highly skilled professionals, only one man could take you down. He also happened to be Humanity’s Strongest… and your ex.
Previous Chapter
First Chapter
A/N: y’all these chapters are getting real long now… and they only get longer as i keep writing. just wanted to a say a quick and huge thank you for the amazing support i’ve had so far. i honestly didn’t think anyone would read this little story and it’s so heartwarming to see people enjoying it
i love every one of y’all so much 🥺
If your hands were free, you would have shielded your eyes as the blinding sun greeted you. You weren’t quite expecting it to be so bright. You knew the overhead world was nowhere near as dark as it was in the Underground City, you’d seen the rays of light spilling down from the toll gate but never in your life had you expected life to seem so..,
Blinking a few times, you almost had to force yourself to remember your circumstances, gently pulling against your chains. The look of awe on your face was unmistakable.
“Holy shit…” you breathed, eyes now wide as you took in your surroundings. It was warm up here. Really warm. The sun gently beating down on the busy streets. Levi appeared next to you, pushing you forward to continue up the stairs.
“Don’t get used to it, you’ll be in a cell before long,” you were expecting to catch some satisfaction in his tone, but there was nothing other than contempt. You took a breath, managing to resist attempting to kick his shin as you kept climbing the stairs, now fully embraced in the sun’s light. Though it didn’t last as long as you would have liked. Sooner than you deemed necessary, if you were honest, a carriage clattered up in front of you. It was surprisingly lavish considering you were a criminal. Squinting in suspicion, your hesitation only earned a rough push against the back of your head.
“Get in.”
“You never were one for manners were you?” you drawled after stumbling clumsily into the carriage. The plush leather seats squeaking against your own getup, leather on leather disagreeing with each other.
“Not when it comes to people like you, no,” the raven haired man took up a seat opposite you, immediately folding his arms as staring out the small, curtained window. A muscle in your jaw flickered in irritation.
“People like me? You mean people like you? Or have you really forgotten where you came from? Did you lose brain cells as well as your sense of self?” god you just wouldn’t let up, would you? Levi rolled his eyes, successfully masking how much he hated the way you spoke to him. Like nothing ever happened between you. He understood. Of course he did. He knew why you were so upset. Why you were trying so hard to hurt him. He knew you wanted him to hurt the same way you did, but knowing what you were doing wasn’t going to stop the spear you kept repeatedly driving into his heart.
You attempted to shift ever so slightly, just so your hands weren’t painfully crushed against your back. Once again the thought of kicking him crossed your mind, but the situation wasn’t exactly in your favour right now.
It was only a few moments of awkward, deafening silence before you two were joined by both Erwin and Hange, the latter opting to sit next to you, seemingly not worried about whether or not you could still skin her alive even with your wrists bound. Erwin sat a respectable distance from you, despite the size of the carriage. The man barely fit, it was only because of your own size and the size of Levi did you assume you were all able to travel together. That still didn’t stop the man opposite you from throwing you a disgusted look as your knee grazed his. Just to piss him off, you did it again.
“SO! Raven, you’re joining the Scouts?” Hange blurted out, earning her a glare from Levi, a sigh from Erwin and a baffled scoff from you.
“Yeeeaaah… no. That’s not happening.”
“I’m afraid you don’t have a choice in the matter,” Erwin chimed in, almost defeatedly.
“Why don’t you just do what you usually do with criminals? Hang me as some sick entertainment for the public.”
“That can be arranged.”
“Levi…” Erwin warned lowly, to which Levi simply clicked his tongue in response.
Shit, that one hurt. He really didn’t care for you anymore, did he?
Once again, if you had your hands free, you would have run them through your hair. Joining the Scouts? That was never really something that ever crossed your mind. It didn’t seem to make sense. Why on earth would they want to draft you in? The question was swiftly pushed from your mind, replaced by another. Something you’d been burning to know ever since you realised the Scouts knew your location.
“Who was it?” you asked quietly, staring at your feet. Levi stiffened, shifting his eyes from the window back to you. Your demeanor struck a chord with him. You looked defeated, shoulders hunched over. “Who betrayed us? I just want to know.”
A heavy silence settled over the trio, none of them wanting to be the one who broke the news. The bond and connection between you and your Nest was strong. Trust ran through your veins, so to have it broken by any one of them was already shattering your very being.
“A woman. Brown hair, blue eyes. Scarlett, I think her name was,” at that moment, everything seemed to stop. Your world froze. It was Scarlett. Your own lover. Your wife. The woman you trusted more than any of them. She had betrayed you. Betrayed all of you. She was the one who put Una’s life in danger. The one who was responsible for the scar across her neck she would carry forever.
The three Scouts looked at each other, each not really knowing how you would react. Not even you knew how you were going to react. You were stuck in limbo. Everything and nothing was going through your mind. You didn’t know how long you’d sat there staring at nothing, simply trying to process this information, but it must have been an uncomfortably long time, if Erwin’s awkward throat clearing was any indication, gently bringing you back from your thought spiral.
“Oh.” was all you could manage, still not able to raise your head. Your eyes started to burn after not blinking for seemingly too long. How could she? How could she betray you? To the Military Police, of all people. You hadn’t cried for a very, very long time, but damn you were close.
Shit this entire ordeal had been difficult, but seeing you so defeated was next level. Levi dug his fingernails into his palm to stop himself from holding you. From comforting you. He still knew you well enough to tell when something was wrong. Very wrong. And although his stomach twisted slightly with the ideas of who this woman was running through his head, it was all he could do to tear his eyes from your hunched shoulders, returning his gaze to the window as the world passed him by.
“Did you know her?”
“Why would I tell you?” you tilt your head, glaring at Hange next to you, your jaw clenched. You may have just felt the last remaining fragment of your heart shatter, but that didn’t mean you would give them any more information than you had to.
“Raven, I give you my word, we will leave The Nest be,” Erwin tried his hand at reassuring you. None of this made any sense. Why were they being nice? Don’t they know how many soldiers you and your people had slaughtered? How much you had stolen from their warehouses?
You raised your eyes, seeing Levi glancing at you cautiously. Silver hues flicking over your defeated form with that same, cemented expression of boredom, before slowly looking back to the window. You spent the rest of the journey in silence, going over all the events that had led to this moment. How you could have possibly let this happen.
You trusted Prongs. You knew he would take care of your family. But Scarlett…
The bony claws of betrayal grasped your throat, gently squeezing until it became difficult to breathe. The walls of the carriage started closing in around you. Helplessness tainting the corners of your mind. You were stranded. Captured and soon to be forced into the military. To face those titans you’d heard so many people talk about.
You’d found the first man to ever hold your heart. You’d lost him, and then you’d found him again. And you could almost feel his hatred for you.
And though you put on a brave face. Though you put on an act to convince him you felt the same…
You couldn’t find it in your fractured heart to return his hatred.
The gentle, rhythmic clopping of hooves came to a slow stop, the door opening outwards to let the four of you out. Hange hopped down the step with seemingly boundless energy, before immediately engaging in conversation with a taller, worried looking man. Erwin stepped down, but once again you refused to move. If you could make their lives as difficult as possible, you would. Pure spite was fueling you now, your only current reason to carry on.
“Oi, move,” it was a blunt command, and one you paid no mind to. Not even raising your head to acknowledge Levi had said anything. “Hey. Did you lose your hearing on the way here? I said move,” a sharp kick to your shin prompted you to tilt your chin just enough to shoot another one of your glares in his direction. He too had to keep up his charade until he could get you alone and finally have a proper conversation.
“Go to hell,” was your only response, heavily debating spitting in his face as his hands once again grasped your arm. You flinched ever so slightly at the contact, something that didn’t go unnoticed, but it appeared Levi didn’t care.
Levi did care. Holy shit did Levi care. What the hell had happened to you to prompt you to flinch in such a way? Who the fuck had laid their hands on you? Who the fuck had hurt you like that? He allowed the rage to course through his veins, before letting it simmer down. He would deal with that later.
You stumbled as you were almost thrown from the carriage, knees colliding with the stone beneath you before you were dragged back to your feet
That fucking hurt. You started to think that maybe you could return his hatred. The next chance you got, you were driving you knee into his fucking gut. But for now, you decided to settle your glare on Erwin as he was talking to a darker haired man who kept glancing in your direction. It’s only now you realised your condition. You were filthy, mud and grime greasing your hair, blood and small cuts littering your face and knuckles, a dark bruise blossoming on the underside of your chin. Levi’s hand still held you firm, preventing you from even attempting to escape. Not that you would. You really couldn’t see the point, other than running into titan territory yourself. You tensed as the tall, haggard looking man approached you, apprehension mixed with disgust clouded his eyes, but it was an expression you refused to flinch away from.
“The Raven?” you couldn’t help raising a brow.
“Stupid fucking question. No, I'm just an innocent bystander dressed like The Raven for a costume party. I just so happened to think a pair of manacles clasped around my wrists completed the look,” you hissed sarcastically, and you could have sworn you heard something that could resemble a laugh from behind you, but it was so miniscule it was difficult to tell. If only this had been ten years ago.
You watched with satisfaction as a muscle twitched in his jaw, before the man managed to compose himself.
“My name is Niles Dok, Commander of the Military Police soldiers you seem to have so much fun slaughtering,” he introduced himself in a way that made it seem like the last thing he wanted to be doing was introducing himself to you right now.
“So? Do you want a written apology or something? Have to take these chains off me first,” you spat, with the innocent smile of an adder. This seemed to rile the man up more, to the point where he fisted your hair painfully, yanking your head up. His voice lowered to a dangerous murmur.
“Listen you little whore, I don’t know which door to hell you crawled out of, but I have men specially trained to deal with rats like you. They take pleasure in every agonised scream they can rip from your filthy mouth,” you refused to let your panicked, racing heart rule your mind, using every ounce of mental strength to hold his stare, firing back with a nasty glare of your own. And it took all of Levi’s willpower not to launch himself at the MP Commander.
“Go fuck yourself,” the retort came so naturally as you actually spat in his face. It gained you a much more satisfying reaction than you imagined you would get from Levi.
Swiftly removing his hand from your hair, you slumped back, staring up at the man between the now dishevelled strands. Wiping your saliva from his eye. You flinched as the back of his hand came up to strike you. Quicker than you would have expected, Levi was immediately by your side, eyes glinting with murderous intent. But before anything could happen, Niles’ hand was caught by Erwin behind him.
“Now, now Niles. Don’t go harming my soldiers,” his voice was borderline condescending as the MP Commander turned to look back to Erwin with an expression of disbelief.
“You can’t be serious? Erwin, this wasn’t part of the deal. You said—”
“I said we would aid you in capturing her. What happens to her after, is up to us. Think of it as collateral,” he reminded Niles of the deal they had struck before their meeting earlier.
“I didn’t think you would force her to join the Scouts. Are you insane?” It was a question Erwin had heard many times before.
“She’s just another calculated risk,” —he explained, before turning to his Captain— “Levi, take her to where she’ll be staying for the next week,” you had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on, but honestly, you were just glad Erwin stepped in when he did. You didn’t fancy whatever strike was about to land on you, and didn’t want to deal with whatever trauma it would drag up from your less than agreeable past. You didn’t have nearly enough time to unpack Levi’s own movements.
“Tch, why me? Why not Four Eyes?” his eyes slid to the scientist, who seemed to be engaged in an increasingly elaborate conversation with that poor, poor soldier. Even you felt a pang of pity for him.
“Because I’m afraid if I let Hange take her, she’ll end up in her lab rather than the cell,” Erwin sighed tiredly, looking at Levi with almost pleading eyes as the conversation behind him got louder and louder.
“Fine. But you owe me,” he responded, before tugging you away with him. You were almost sorry when you no longer felt the warmth of the sun on your back as he led you inside.
It was a walk full of disgusted glares and crude remarks. Clearly everyone had heard who you were by now, if that wasn’t evident by the snarls of “Bitch” and “Underground rat.” It didn’t really phase you. What these people thought about you was their issue, not yours. Though, you wouldn’t mind beating every single one of them within an inch of their lives given half the chance.
You failed to notice Levi’s ever darkening expression behind you. The glares promising a painful death thrown in every direction. The way a muscle flickered in his jaw at every passing comment. It was only until the hallway was empty did he feel that tension ease a little.
“Down here,” Levi instructed, leading you down a narrow staircase. As if you could go anywhere else.
“Yeah, no shit,” you snapped, earning you a harsh shoved down a few stairs.
“Don’t get smart with me.”
“Why? Afraid you won’t understand me?” that feigned sweetness to your tone was one you had perfected over the years he was gone, and was possibly your favourite form of sarcasm. He clearly didn’t dain your retort worthy of a response, the only sound to be heard being the echoing of your boots against the stone. It reeked of damp and rust, a different stench to the filth of the Underground. Speaking of which…
“You’re disgusting,” a flatly delivered insult was thrown your way as Levi guided you into one of the cells.
“I’m so sorry, I forgot to have a shower before you ambushed us. I’ll be sure to remember next time so I can smell like a fresh forest. I’m sure it would be a more homely smell for you,” you couldn’t help the sarcastic remarks that flew from your mouth. But you fell silent as he began removing your manacles. Instantly a plan formulated in your head. This could be your only chance at escaping. You just had to wait for the right moment.
As soon as the chains were removed from your wrists, you thrust your head backwards, in hope of catching his face. But you were met with nothing but air, and the sounds of quick footsteps behind you.
“You’re even easier to predict now you’re in a cell. Don’t try stupid shit like that,” did he forget how to change the emotion in his voice? He was never the most emotional person you’d met, but he would at least sometimes change his voice from ‘bored’ to ‘slightly irritated’. You were starting to wonder what else he had forgotten during his time here when the iron bar door to your cell was slammed shut, the key clicking in the lock. Now you were certain you couldn’t escape, you took in your living space for the next week. The bare minimum had been provided. A bed with no bed clothes, a rustic sink you weren’t even sure worked, and a broken mirror. Great.
The scraping of a chair behind you piqued your curiosity, turning you head to see Levi had taken a seat in front of your cell door, elbows resting on his knees.
“The fuck are you doing?” you asked, rising from your knees to turn and lean against the wall, arms folded.
“Waiting,” god damn his single word responses. You huff in frustration.
“Waiting for what?”
“I could strangle you with my bare hands and feel absolutely nothing right now.”
“You’d have to escape first.”
“What makes you think I can’t?”
“What makes you think you can?”
As much as you hated to admit it, he was right. There didn’t seem to be any way you could escape these walls, you’d already done a quick run down. Threading your hands through your hair in irritation, you cross to sit on the pathetic material they thought was a bed.
“So?” you ask, still no closing to knowing what the hell he wanted. Once again, he didn’t deem your question worthy of a vocal response, opting instead to raise a thin eyebrow. You briefly fantasise about driving one of your long lost daggers into his goddamn eye, before simply brushing it off with a roll of your eyes. “Fine. Stay there and stare at me. It’s your time you're wasting,” you shrugged, flopping back onto the bed, arms thrown out either side of you.
“What have you been up to?” you couldn’t help the bark of sour laughter at the question.
“After all this time, the first thing you ask me is what I’ve been up to?”
“Would you prefer me to ask you something else?”
“What’s on the menu?”
For a moment, it almost felt like no time had passed since you’d last seen each other. It felt like only yesterday did he have you in his arms, curled up in his bed, gently running his hands over your exposed waist, revelling in how soft your skin was against his.
Running a hand through his dark locks to bring himself out of his thoughts, he changed the trajectory of his questioning.
“Who taught you to fight like that?
“Bullshit,” you winced at his response, raising your head slightly to stare at him, wondering who gave him the audacity to doubt you.
“Oh yeah? Not all of us had the advantage of stupidly strong genes, shortstuff,” shit, you hadn’t said that nickname in a long, long time. Clearly he hadn’t heard it for a long time either, judging by the way his eyes widened his body stilled. Neither of you were able to comment on the irony of the name, considering you were just as vertically challenged. Managing to shake yourself from your daze first, you realised that was a lot for both of you. “Sorry,” you murmured, averting your gaze.
“No, it’s… fine,” there was no malice in his voice. No hatred, a surprise that caused you to turn your head back to face him. Levi cleared his throat before continuing. “How’d you get that scar?” the second question caught you off guard, not expecting anything so personal so quickly. Naturally, you responded with something sarcastic.
“Tea party gone wrong,” an irritated sigh echoed off the dank walls, clearly not satisfied with your answer.
“What happened to you, Raven...?” if it wasn’t for the acoustics of the room, you would have missed the comment, but your heart clenched painfully as the third question reached your ears.
“You left, so I moved on,” you didn’t mean to sound so small or vulnerable. You didn’t mean to drag your knees up to your chest and clasp your arms around them. You didn’t mean to turn your head again, avoiding his gaze.
Levi mentally begged you not to look that way. He’d never seen you so insecure. And that itself broke his resolve.
Standing from his chair, Levi crossed the small space to the barred doors, not thinking twice about unlocking it and leaving the key in the lock. His body was almost acting on a it’s own. Years of taking you into his arms and holding you suddenly came back to him and he wanted nothing more than to take you in his arms once again.
But he hesitated.
You both did.
After raising your head to look at him, you watched as he stopped in the centre of your cell. Almost as if he was silently asking for some sort of permission to just do something.
You shifted slightly so you were leaning against the iron bars rather than the stone wall to the back, Levi taking this as the silent permission he needed to take a seat next to you.
Shit, the instinct to throw yourself into his arms was almost overwhelming, but you refrained, not wanting that kernel of hope to smoulder into nothing when he rejected you.
Levi was the first to break the silence.
“Hey,” you responded, looking up to him between the loose, mangled strands of hair now obscuring your face just a bit. Age had been kind to him. His features, now much more defined. He was still the same man you knew back then, but this one was more chiseled. You looked away when his eyes found yours.
“You look like shit.”
“I feel like shit.”
“I’m sorry.”
“I know.”
It wasn’t the exchange you were expecting, this quick back and forth, but you wouldn’t say it was unwelcome. A familiar warmth started to spread in your chest.
“How’s the jaw?” you asked, eyes wandering to the now hefty bruise against his pale, soft skin. You remembered when you used to leave marks of similar colour all over his body. His neck, collarbones, abdomen, thighs…
“‘S’fine. How’s the chin?” his own eyes slid back to you, silver irises scanning your face briefly.
“Yeah. Fine,” you let the silence settle for a moment, before breaking it again. “Sorry I kicked you,” Levi grunted in quiet amusement.
“It was a damn good plan. Sorry I knee’d you,” it was only when he heard your gentle chuckle did he realise just how much he’d missed you. Every fibre in his body was begging him to roughly tug you into his body. To cup your face in his hands and seal your lips with a burning kiss. But all that changed when he shifted slightly and you flinched at the sudden movement. He stilled, waiting for you to relax again before he too settled back down.
“You knew her, didn’t you?” it was a rhetorical question. Your reaction after the reveal told him everything. Not only did you know her, but she was somebody close to you.
You stayed silent for a couple moments, not really knowing how to respond to his shift in conversation. You decided to match it.
“Yeah. I did,” you wouldn’t tell him. Not unless he asked. You wouldn’t tell him who she was to you. What she was to you. That still fucking hurt like hell.
“You say that a lot,”
“You’re one to talk,”
You didn’t even try to quell your small laugh, letting it echo off the stone walls. Even Levi couldn’t stop a small chuckle at your amusement, feeling himself completely at ease in your presence.
“Did you really move on?” it was his turn to feel small. His turn to feel a little vulnerable. He couldn’t bear the thought of you just moving on from what the two of you had. Just throwing it all in the past and leaving it there.
“Yes and no.”
“The hell does that mean?”
You sighed, tightening your grip around your knees. You hoped this wouldn’t be as painful for him to hear as it would be for you to say, but you didn’t hold out much hope.
“Yes, I moved on. I’m not the same girl I was. Trust me on that. I’m not the same girl you fell in love with, nor the girl who fell in love with you,” you had to take a breath, suddenly finding the air down here far too thick. “She wouldn’t have survived down there. That girl would have been killed by some pig the moment you left. So... I killed her myself. You already know I’ve been part of The Nest for a while, but I wasn’t really one of them, if you get what I mean. I didn’t stay with them, I didn’t eat with them. Sure, Viper took me in after my—“ you stopped, burying that can of worms before you even opened it. That wasn’t something you wanted to bring up right now. “Viper took me in, taught me a few things, but I stayed with you. I didn’t have to be one of them when I was with you. But when you left… I didn’t exactly have a choice. I couldn’t be so naive anymore. I couldn’t be so hopeful. I had to be realistic, and to be realistic, I had to hurt a lot of people. I had to see a lot of things,” you allowed the weight of your words to settle before you continued. “But that girl. That girl you knew. She never stopped loving you. Up til the moment she drew her last breath and I took over. She loved you. But I moved on,” you fell silent, realising that yes, this had been just as painful for him to hear as it was for you to say.
It was a long while before Levi spoke again, nowhere near as confident as he was.
“That’s who she was to you,” just as he thought seeing you again couldn’t get anymore painful. Just as he thought your words couldn’t get anymore painful. “You loved her?”
“Yes, but not completely. Part of me was still devoted to you. I think that’s why she did what she did. Scarlett was never a spiteful person, but she did hold one hell of a grudge against you. And I suppose, in a way, me,” the silence was so thick you thought you could cut it with one of your blades.
“She’s still there.”
“That girl. She’s still there. You’re still in there.”
“Now look who’s being naïve,”
“You’re trying to tell me this new, supposedly ruthless killer would kick the shit out of some soldiers for hurting a kid. You’re trying to tell me this new cold hearted thief would bring medicine to an elderly woman and her son?”
“You’re telling me this new, heartless little dealer would earn the respect and thanks of thousands of Underground rats? Because to me, that sounds like bullshit… (Y/N),” he wouldn’t accept it. You weren’t gone, he could see it in your actions. You were still there. His (Y/N) was still in there.
Hearing your name in his low, warm tone after all this time sent a jolt through your system. And when he turned to look at you, he could see silver lining your eyes. It took everything in him not to reach up and gently wipe them away.
“I’m not going to stop until you see what I see. I’m not going to let you think you’ve become this heartless, mindless killer just because you had to adapt. Because you had to survive. I’ve finally found you again. Do you know how long I searched for you? How many hours I spent tracing every single path I knew you would take. Asking every filthy mongrel I could find. Most of them said you were dead. Some of them said you were missing and hadn’t been seen in months. Years, even. But until I found a body, or some kind of proof you were dead, I couldn’t accept it,” well this certainly caught you off guard. Levi was never one for long, heartfelt speeches, or verbal communication at all, actually. So this was a little overwhelming. Two tears slipped down your cheeks, sliding through the sudden cracks in your defenses and leaving a trail through the thin layer of grime and dirt.
Levi kept his eyes trained ahead, knowing that if he saw you crying, his restraint would break and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from holding you. But he knew he couldn’t. From the way you’d reacted to his small movements, he knew suddenly tugging you into him would scare you.
“I’m sorry,” your small voice wrapped around his fragile heart, both settling it and cracking it. He went to extend his hand towards you with the intention of smoothing down your hair, but the way you winced, almost anticipating something much more intense, made him stop. Shit, you really did look like a husk of your former self. He remembered the way your eyes used to glint even in the low lighting of the Underground.
“You should rest,” it was an appealing enough suggestion. Enough to draw a barely concealed yawn from you. Leaning your head against the iron bars behind you, you swore you could have fallen asleep there and then. Comforted by his presence.
You immediately missed his presence as soon as he stood, tempted to reach out for his hand but not wanting to push him away.
As if he felt your confliction, Levi stopped to turn back to you.
“I’ll be back in the morning. Rest, (Y/N),” it wasn’t like you could disobey when your mind and body was so eager to sleep.
“Fuck…” you muttered, running a hand down the side of your face, exhaustion hitting you like a punch to the gut. This wasn’t exactly how you saw your day going today, but you couldn’t exactly say you weren’t thankful. You didn’t know what you were, honestly. So much had happened, you knew you would need time to process everything.
The screech of metal against metal alerted you to the key once again locking you within the cell. Dipping your head, you watched the dark haired man return the keychain to a small nail in the wall.
“Hey…” Levi turned to you as you called out, his expression as soft as it was a few moments ago. “It’s really good to see you again,” a thousand butterflies suddenly exploded in his stomach. How long had he been waiting to hear those words? And suddenly, he found himself unable to reply.
“Tch, go to sleep, Raven,” he reveled in your amused hum as he turned on his heel, leaving you to recover after today.
Levi ran a hand through his hair. Sitting at his desk in his orderly kept office, he could barely focus on the reports in front of him. That haunted look in your eyes had left a significant mark on him. The way you now spoke was so different to the bubbly younger girl he knew.
With a shake of his head, he attempted to divert his attention back to the account of the mission today. You’d taken down a few of his men yourself, he recalled watching your blades find purchase in his makeshift squad. A few others hadn’t returned from where they’d chased your Shadows. Actually, most others didn’t return.
As predicted, it was a bloodbath.
Leaning forward, he reached for his tea, continuing to scan over the document until his eyes settled on your alias, and he couldn’t help but wonder why you hadn’t told anyone your name. It prompted a memory he wasn’t expecting. He’d tried so many times to bury his past. Thinking about it saved him from thinking about his lost friends. But it was unavoidable.
“Hey! ‘Re’ya gonna buy anything? Or you just gonna keep staring?” Levi peaked out from behind the legs of a taller man, peering at the young girl who seemed to be giving his father figure sass. He couldn’t understand it. Didn’t she know who he was? She didn’t look much older than him. Maybe eight? Nine even?
“Listen little missy, I don’t think you wan’ to rush me,” the southern lilt of Kenny’s dangerously low voice didn’t seem to deter the little merchant. Levi’s eyes widened as she folded her arms, her grubby face creasing as she frowned. For someone so young, she certainly had an impressive glare.
“Or what? You gonna kill me? I sell to the whole street, mister. You kill me, they starve,” Wow, she really seemed to have this whole thing going for her. Levi looked up at Kenny, able to just make out the subtle smile under the shadow of his hat.
“What’s your name, little girl?
“Hmph. What’s it to you?” she retorted, stepping closer. It was only then she seemed to notice his presence. Her glare seemed to soften almost instantly, head tilting in sheer curiosity. Her sparkling, (E/C) eyes widened upon seeing him there. He only occupied a fraction of her attention, before it returned to Kenny, that scowl also returning.
“You’ve got guts kid, I’ll give you that. But maybe that’s simply cuz you don’t know who I am,” he mused, picking up one of the loaves of bread you were currently selling. They weren’t fresh. Nothing ever was. But it was the best your family had to offer.
“Kenny the Ripper, right? Yeah, I’ve heard of you. Seen your ugly face in the newspaper when those shits up top toss their trash through the grates. And you better buy that now your filthy hands have been all over it,” Levi couldn’t tell if this girl was brave or stupid. He’d never heard anyone speak to Kenny like that and actually get away with it.
“(Y/N) (L/N)! Watch your language young lady! And what have I told you about mouthing off to customers?!” her face quickly morphed from a glare to something he could only describe as sheepish. An older woman leaning out from the door behind you. Her hair colour was different to yours, but those eyes… they were your eyes.
“But Maaaaa, I was just—“
“No buts. Inside, now,” her voice was stern, but Levi was perceptive from a young age. He could see the softness in her eyes as the girl pouted. Turning back, he watched her send a cheery wave goodbye in his direction, pausing slightly as it wasn’t returned. Her brows furrowed, before she darted inside.
“Quite the brat you got there,” Kenny remarked, handing over a coin in payment for the bread he’d picked up.
“Yeah, sorry about her. Pain in my ass but her heart’s in the right place. I hope,” Levi wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation, too distracted by watching the same girl clamber out the open window and onto the ledge above. Only using her right hand to climb, she paused, as if calculating something before shimmying along the wall, round the corner and out of sight. Before Levi even had time to question what the hell he’d just witnessed, her head popped round the corner, eyes searching for him. He raised his brows in question when she gestured for him, whipping back round the corner. Seeing Kenny still caught up in conversation, he quietly left the two adults, heading for the narrow alleyway she’d just ducked into.
“Hey,” the whisper made him whirl, stopping to see her cautiously step from the shadows near the wall. “You looked hungry, so I stole this from our stocks,” it became apparent as to why she was only using one hand to climb when she presented another, slightly smaller loaf of bread. It wasn’t as stale as the ones on the stall. “We got fresh ingredients yesterday. My father’s a baker but we only sell the stale ones because we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand for fresh bread,” she explained quietly, her eyes wide in earnest. If it wasn’t for his ravenous hunger, Levi would have declined the offer. However, the smell was too good to pass up on. Slowly, he reached for it, half expecting her to snatch it back. But her honest expression remained, only retracting her hand after he’d taken a bite. “Don’t talk much, do you? That’s okay, I get a lot of people who are shy.”
Crossing her legs, she lowered herself to the floor, resting her back against the wall to what he could only assume was her house. He followed suit, sitting opposite her in the damp alleyway.
“Your dad’s an asshole, by the way. Very obkonshus,” Levi assumed she was trying to say obnoxious, but didn’t correct her. He almost found it endearing.
“He’s not my dad,” his blunt response had her head whipping back to look at him, almost in disbelief that he had actually spoken. A small blush blossomed across her cheeks at her mistake.
“O-oh. Sorry. I didn’t know,” an awkward silence settled over them, before she spoke up again. “Your not-dad’s an asshole,” Levi glanced at her, noting her cheeky smirk. His own lips twitched in amusement. She wasn’t wrong. Kenny was an asshole.
They stayed there until he’d finished his bread, (Y/N) simply talking about everything and nothing.
“Where’d that little rat scurry away to?” Kenny’s drawl interrupted your little conversation, prompting the both of you to shoot to your feet. The girl shot him a worried look, not knowing how this was going to play out. Levi was never one to offer reassurance, never really needing to, until now. He tried his hand at a reassuring expression, before stepping out the alleyway a little.
“Here, I was just—” he looked back to the narrow street where she just was, only to find she’d completely disappeared. His eyes widened ever so slightly, attempting to peer further down the alley. How had she done that? She was right there. Maybe you’d already started your climb? His eyes travelled up the side of the wall, but found nothing.
“The fuck are you lookin’ at brat? C’mon, we’re leavin’,'' Kenny strode past him, roughly tugging him along. But Levi wasn’t looking where he was going, silver eyes still glued to that alley, waiting for her to emerge. But she never did.
A harsh knock on his door snapped him out of his memory spiral. How long had he been sitting here? Usually he had a good grasp on time but right now it could have been four in the morning or two in the afternoon. Running a hand down the side of his face, he went to sip his tea, grimacing as the now cold liquid graced his tongue. Setting it down almost immediately, he would have forgotten anyone knocked on his door in the first place had they not knocked again.
“Levi? Are you in there?” Erwin. Great.
“The fuck do you want Eyebrows?” Erwin clearly took that as permission to enter. Not that he needed permission.
Levi raised his eyes as his Commander strode in, pushing the door closed behind him.
“I was wondering if you managed to get information out of our little criminal.”
Levi’s jaw flexed.
“Nothing?” Erwin seemed a little surprised and Levi couldn’t for the life of him think why. He didn’t know about your relationship, and it wasn’t like he was well practiced in his social skills.
“Nothing. She’s refusing to say anything other than annoying, sarcastic quips.”
“You two aren’t so different then.”
“Oi,” Erwin chuckled at Levi’s low warning, holding up an apologetic hand.
“Apologies, forgive me. It was just a joke,” Levi rolled his eyes, clicking his tongue as Erwin took a seat on the leather sofa, crossing an ankle over his knee. “I’m surprised. I thought you two may get along. Considering your shared upbringing,” if he wasn’t talking to Levi, anyone else would have thought it was an innocent enough assumption. But over the years, Levi had learned Erwin’s tells, and knew when there was something deeper going on. But still, there was no way he could know about your literal shared past.
“She’s abrasive, rude, cocky and thoroughly unpleasant. Why on earth would we get along?” Levi knew he was lying through his teeth. Whilst yes, you were in fact abrasive, cocky and rude, you were far from unpleasant. He wouldn’t have shared his heart with you if you were.
Erwin pinched the bridge of his nose. Suddenly he looked incredibly tired, like he hadn’t slept in weeks.
“Did you know her? From your time down there. Did you two ever run into each other?” straight to the point, it seemed. Erwin hadn’t missed the Captain’s flash of recognition back when you’d taken your mask off. He hadn’t missed the way he froze to the spot.
But Levi wasn’t about to open up to anyone, especially not the same Commander that had dragged him kicking and screaming into the Scouts.
Truth be told, after that first interaction, Levi had tried his damndest to see you again at every opportunity. He’d never been shown that sort of kindness since his mother died, and he didn’t want your little spark to be snuffed out by the Underground. He didn’t speak to you very often, only silently offering to walk you home at night, warding off any unwanted attention a young woman would draw.
He offered to share his small home with you when you were both around fourteen. It had been two years since Kenny abandoned him, and he noticed you looked directionless, and though it had taken a while for you to open up, he was happy for you to stay with him until you found somewhere else.
He just never expected to fall in love with you, or for you to fall in love with him.
“No. I’ve never seen her before,” Levi lied, keeping his eyes trained on the same document he must have been staring at for the last god knows how long, too lost in his own mind to concentrate.
Erwin wasn’t quite as good at reading Levi, and so accepted that as his truthful answer.
“Very well, I bid you a good night, Captain,” ah. So it was nighttime. Noted.
“Yeah yeah, see you tomorrow,” Levi waved his hand dismissively, once again earning another chuckle from Erwin as the door was pulled shut.
Levi almost instinctively reached for his tea again, only just remembering it was stone cold. He sighed in irritation, rising from his chair. He didn’t think there was enough tea in the world to help him sort through his thoughts. But damn if it didn’t make it easier.
Rolling his now stiff shoulders, he picked up the cold brew and headed to the kitchen. It was going to be a long night.
Sleeping in the Underground City was a luxury. Despite your exhaustion, sleep didn’t come easily. You assumed you must have dozed off for an hour at least before the faint sound of multiple footsteps had you sitting bolt upright, your muscles barking in protest. You were always aware of your surroundings. Always ready, even when you may look like you were resting.
You didn’t quite know what to expect, quickly running through several scenarios and possibilities in your head. One of those possibilities rounded the corner from the stairs. Four MP soldiers now stood outside your cell, one jiggling the keys into the lock. Immediately you stood, not going down without a fight. Though it wasn’t much of one. Before you had even landed a proper blow on any of them, you were harshly kicked to the floor. Your body having not woken up properly yet, you were easy enough to subdue as they clasped your wrists together in front of you with rope. Not what you were expecting but it was more comfortable than behind your back.
You stayed silent as they dragged you further deeper into the complex of jails and cells. You didn’t imagine they would span this far beneath what you assumed was the headquarters, but nonetheless you kept walking until you were faced with a wooden door. The same soldier fiddled with the lock until it swung open and you were kicked inside.
Raising your head, you saw the room wasn’t exactly empty. An array of bats and blunt trauma objects rested against the far side of the wall, but that wasn’t what threw the spear of terror into your heart.
A single, iron hook extended down from the ceiling. It looked like it would be used for bleeding or drying meat, but you could think of several other uses for it. For example, your current situation.
The door locking behind you had your head whirling, eyes darting from the man with the key to the wood that now trapped you inside.
“Ah, Raven. I’m sure our commander forewarned you about this, I don’t really know why you look so surprised,” you shivered at the fake pleasant tone, a stark contrast to the way you were now being tugged to your feet, arms thrown up above you. You realise now why they used rope instead of chains, your wrists being hooked up above you. Your feet now only just grazing the floor, head falling between your shoulders with your loose thin shirt riding up your stomach. You suddenly regretted shedding your leather jacket earlier, wanting to be a little more comfortable as you attempted to sleep.
“We have strict instructions not to permanently damage you, however we have various other methods,” one of your torturers stalked behind you, reaching up to twist the hook so you spun with him, now facing the wall of weaponry. The other three who had accompanied you all leant against the wall to you right, as if waiting for their turn. “I thought I would be kind enough to let you choose which we start with. Since you’d be the one on the receiving end,” the sick fuck. He was really enjoying this wasn’t he?
“At least tell me what you fucking want,” you spat, thrashing slightly in your bonds. The man simply laughed, crossing to the selection.
“Oh, we don’t want information. Just for you to suffer as much pain as we did when you killed our comrades,” ah, so they had personal connections. Understood.
“I’d do it again in a heartbeat,” your crooked, satisfied grin faltered as his expression darkened, crossing the room towards you in a few strides. Roughly grabbing your chin, he forced your head up to meet his gaze as you writhed in his tight grip.
“You know, you were quite the formidable criminal down there. Slaughtering and murdering whoever you pleased. Harming those who had done nothing to you. But look at you now, strung up like a squealing pig. Fuck, if it isn’t satisfying to see,” he threw your head back down before driving his foot into your gut. The impact sent you swinging backwards, saliva flying from your mouth.
Raising your eyes, you shot him a visceral glare as he browsed his collection of weapons as if he was picking out a pastry at a bakery. Opting for the classic wooden bat, you braced yourself for the night to come, knowing it was going to be a long one.
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