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hello! long time no see ~ here’s what’s been happening on my bujo lately :) I adapted the jibun techo layout nd have been logging down my day-to-day activities ^____^ it’s been rly fun, since I don’t hv to use my bujo for to-do lists anyway . I hope you are all staying safe nd healthy !<3

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🗓 may 23, 2020

im working on accomplishing small tasks because im starting to feel overwhelmed with all the requirements that i need to do especially because our finals are coming up next week. im trying not to push myself too much and just check off my to-do list, one at a time.

remember to take things lightly, and don’t punish yourself or feel bad for not being productive. lightly, lightly, we’ll get there ✨

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Hi! Counseling is very important para maassess ka talaga. In patients who are disturbed or depressed need talaga yun. Kahit saang doctor ka magpunta icocounsel ka nila. :) If you had previous experiences kaya nasabi niya na you have depression with suicidal behavior and wala ka na nafefeel ngayon, it doesn’t comply na you are 100% well and healthy. If your doctor friend is generous enough to counsel you, there is nothing wrong with it. I also suggest na you give time for it. He/She may help you if mas need mong mag seek ng consult sa isang psychiatrist. Pyschiatrist are experts in dealing and diagnosing mental health illness. If you are not comfortable with it, you might ask her/him if its okay if via call or video chat if mas comfortable ka dun. In this time of pandemic, we all have mental issues, even I. We need someone who will listen and understand. We must not forget and disregard our mental health. :)

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Hi! :) I understand what you’re feeling. Yes you need to see a sonologist and huwag kang magalala kasi professionals na sila. You will be properly drape and hindi naman na usually iniinspect ang external genetalia unless you have complaints like itchiness or pruritus or warts. If you have no sexual contact yet, transrectal exam will be done (not transvaginal). Discolorations of your skin may be a sign of PCOS. It will be helpful for you para mas maassess ka ng gynecologist mo. :)

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181 Days to go;

  • I’m so lost right now, I don’t know where or how to start everything. It feels like I want to stop the time. I’m so afraid for what tomorrow may bring. It seems like I’m alone.
  • I don’t want to fail this time, I want to overcome my feelings and set aside every pain that I felt. On the other side I want to keep her forever in my life.
  • 2020 is not my year but who cares? I will do everything just to claim my license this time. I will do everything for her to be happy even for a short period of time.
  • I will continue to hope for the better and ready for the worst? Idek.
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Hello! I’m not sure if the pharmacy program is the same with mine back in 2011 due to the K-12 program. But back in 2011, we have more minor subjects and only 1 major subject.

  • Study every day to avoid backlogs it will also help you to know what study habit is most effective to you. Since you’ll have to memorize a lot, as in A LOT, be creative in memorizing (use mnemonics or better make your own so you can remember it easily.
  • Manage your time well
  • Choose your friends
  • college is way more different, you will meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and choosing your friends who will help you and change you for the BETTE. This year is very crucial since it is the time you transition out of your comfort zone.
  • Be smart. Know what to avoid. Know when to say no.
  • Love pharmacy! Know that every course is hard and consider it as a challenge so you’ll pursue finishing the program with flying colors. 

Good luck to you future pharmacist! :)

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Thank you so much! <3 Yes I agree with you. It was scary at first since it’s not the usual ward that I see in a hospital. But yes they treat the patients. As I rotated in NCMH they have criteria in admitting the patient - example when a person is violent already or if the patient has hallucinations and not compliant with medications. The advantage is the doctors and nurses make sure they take their medications on time and eventually you can see a great improvement. :) 

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Hi! I know that you might not care but I just would like to share and apologize for all the unanswered asks. I took a break from social media, including social interactions, to clear my head. ‘Cause sometimes I need my alone time in order to recharge, but now it took me months to jump back into action. I only reblog stuff in here, scrolling through my dash sometimes calms my mind. So, yeah.

Okay, it’s been a year since I graduated uni and unfortunately, I didn’t pass my board exams last November. So I decided to take a break for my own sanity. It was really tough but I learned that everything happens for a reason. I rested my mind. I started writing again. Even though I took up an Engineering course, writing has always been my passion and it quickly became an escape away from my destructive tendencies. Now, my mind is finally clear and I was able to look pass my faults and set up a clear goal for my future.

I really didn’t plan on retaking the exam, that was supposed to be this month. But the May board exams is postponed due to the pandemic, so I don’t know what’s the deal on that.

Fortunately, because finally I’m on a clear head space, I decided to enroll for a review center again (different from the last one). And they’re going to start online review classes on June 1st which I’m really looking forward to. I am actually excited to study again, I think I might have to put on more work because my brain rested from Engineering for months.

I just really like to talk about this here because Studyblr community inspired me on a lot of things. We all have our own struggles and battles but I believe that we’re all going to overcome every single one of it. I hope everyone’s mental health is well taken care of especially during these trying times. I really wish for everyone to stay motivated, healthy and happy. We’re all going to get there! Just keep going.🍃


Michy, The Dauntless Engineer 👷🏻‍♀️


Originally posted by kakuriyo

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🗓 may 12, 2020

it’s been a while since my last post, i’ve been having really terrible anxiety attacks these past few days so i took a little break from ~everything~. the stress and pressure of getting things done are getting in my head ☹️

🍃 so this is a reminder to everyone, to please take a little break and breathe. it’s definitely okay to have unproductive days, and days when you feel like not doing anything at all. remember to rest if you need to, and not let the pressure and stress take over. get things done one at a time ❤️

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