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#mini fic

((I assume you meant the song by hozier))

Hongjoong was always the one you wanted that you could never have. He was talented and lived a life you could only dream of. Everything about him became untouchable, unattainable…you couldn’t count how many days you cried realizing that your once best friend was everything you couldn’t have. Rain pelted on your window panes, heavy grey clouds overhead outside. You lay in your bed once again overwhelmed by that feeling you’ve felt so many days before.

Hongjoong: hey bubs! I’m back in town

You: that’s great joong, I’m glad you finally get a break

Hongjoong: you okay? Something seems wrong

You: I’m fine really

Hongjoong: I don’t believe you. I’m coming over

You sigh, holding back whatever tears that wanted to spill. You can’t do this to him. You can’t make him feel guilty because you couldn’t keep your feelings in check. You do your best to speed clean your room, just so hongjoong doesn’t realize how much really is wrong.

He’s at your tiny apartment fairly quick.

“God joong! You’re soaked!” You say, alarmed when you see the droplets falling from his blue hair. “I’m fine. I’m worried about you. I can tell you haven’t been sleeping.” You look away in shame at the disappointment laced in his voice. “Y/N please. Whats the matter?” He says softly. Now, the flood gate breaks and you can’t stop it. “Fuck, I’m sorry.” You mutter, wiping at your face with the back of your hand. His touch is soft when he gently cups your jaw, his eyes full of concern.

“I’m losing you joong.” You wince at how small your voice sounds. He looks at you completely bewildered. “What do you mean? You’re not losing me–”

“I am though. You’re a popular idol now. Even being seen with me can cause you a multitude of problems. Not to mention…I have feelings for you joong. you’re living your dream, touring the world and showing everyone the music you made. I couldn’t be happier for you, but there’s no way I can keep up. I’m a waitress up to my knees in debt because of school–”

“Y/N. I might be an idol but that doesn’t erase the fact that I am also a person, or the feelings I have for you.” His voice is serious but you can tell he’s not angry. Not at you at least. Your heart pounds in your rib cage, and you feel your palms grow sweaty. “I want you to kiss me. Ignore my career and the repercussions. Kiss me like I am a real person. The person you’ve always known.” He whispers to you. So you do. And it confirms all that you needed to know. He loves you, and nobody else.

Requests open for BTS, NCT (all units & members) EXO, Seventeen, SHINee, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ :)

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Lina peeked her head out of the bedroom in the hotel suite they were staring in. She walked out innocently, glancing at Kat, then at Joan, who was eating her ninth bowl of chicken noodle soup that day and listening to music as she worked at the bar table.


“You let her have soup again?!” Kat growled.

“Yeah.” Lina admitted openly.

“Why?!” Kat yelped. “She’s going to get a kidney stone! AGAIN! She needs to eat other food!”

“At least she’s eating!”

“But she still needs other food! Fruits and vegetables!”

“There’s actually carrot slices in the soup, so…”


Lina began to laugh at how much Kat was getting working up and Kat glared at her.

“I’m sorry, okay?” Lina said. “She was just too cute to say no to! Just look at that face!”

Kat looked at Joan, and found that she was opening yet another can of soup.


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Imagine that Bessie sometimes drinks way too much because she likes how numb it makes her feel.

So, of course, she shows up to work one day drunk out of her mind. She’s stumbling around everywhere, a bottle still clutched in one hand, looking completely out of it.

“I didn’t realize she was drinking,” Maria says, looking anxious and worried. “I didn’t ever see her being any bottles in her room.”

Aragon frowns. “I think she hid them at some point.”

Maria pales. “I never though of that. I trusted that she wouldn’t have, but…” She glances at Bessie being softly spoken to by Cleves. “She’s doing a lot worse than I thought. Catalina, I’m worried.”

And worried they should be.

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I won’t write a full fic. But I can’t take this idea out of my mind so here you have a short twitter fic for Hannah/Owen.

We open up with an aerial view of Paris. The camera moves trough the streets, passing the Eiffel Tower to end in a small charming Cafe. 

Sitting on one of the outside tables is Hannah. Exactly as we remember her from Bly Manor. Flawlessly dressed. Sipping a cup of coffee or maybe a glass of wine. A calm smile on her face.

The camera pans from Hannah to a Man standing a few feet away. Owen. He is staring at Hannah, surprise, emotion, evident on his wife eyes and open mouth. 

He walks towards her. She looks at him and smiles. Waiting for him to arrive. He tries to speak but the words get caught in his throat. He tries again. Hannah, he says.

He sits. Still baffled by the sight in front of him. He stares at Hannah. She only smiles and takes another sip of her coffee. Finally, Owen manages another word. “How?”

“I’ve been waiting for you, my love. As you have been waiting for me. It is time.”

Owen suddenly understands. He has never felt so happy. He takes her hand. They stand up and finally walk Paris together.

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Imagine going into work early and hearing screams for help.

When she investigates, she finds Joan on the ground, a fallen shelf crushing one leg and a rebar in her side. Upon seeing Aragon, Joan lets out a sob of relief. By the looks of her familiar overalls and yellow undershirt, she had been there all night. The blood dried on the cloth was now a shade of rust red, nearly brown.

“C-Catalina,” She chokes. “Help me! Help me, please!”

“How long have you been like this?” Aragon asks, her curiosity getting the best of her. She kneels next to the girl, examining the piece of metal sticking out of her side.

“S-since late last night,” Joan stammers. “I-I was walking out wh-when I bumped into a shelf a-and it f-fell in me.” She sniffles. “I-I tried calling you, because I’m sure Jane wouldn’t h-have picked up, b-but it went to voicemail.”

Aragon feels a pang if guilt, remembering when she had ignored Joan’s call the night before, writing it off as “unimportant.”

“A-and my phone died when I was dialing 999.” Joan looks up at Aragon, teary-eyed, “P-please help me, Catalina. I-I don’t w-wanna die!”

“You’re not going to die, Joan.” Aragon assures her.

Aragon manages to heave the shelf off of Joan’s leg, finding the limb an abyss of purple bruises, red blood, and crimson scrapes, but still intact. Getting the rebar out was a different story, however.

Joan cries out in pain when Aragon tugs at the piece of metal, begging her to stop, but Araon continues despite her pleas. After a moment, Aragon gets frustrated and rips the rebar out with all her strength. She looks at the ruby red blood dripping off the end, then the fresh blood spreading through Joan’s shirt, then Joan’s ghostly white face, and then Joan’s head rolls to the side and Aragon is left alone in the moment of the crisis before she finally gets her head on straight and calls an ambulance.

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Tony grunts and shakes his head, whining like a child. “Nuh… ‘m not drunk!!!!”

Rhodey rolls his eyes and lifts Tony up, half carrying half dragging him to his room.

“Okay buddy, you aren’t drunk. You still need sleep, though.” He carefully puts Tony on the bed, working on taking off his shoes.

Tony whines again, half fighting the help and half going bonesless into the comfortable bed.

“Nuh I… gotta… gotta keep goin’, Honey Bear. Gotta…gotta save the kid. Gotta.”

Rhodey sighs sadly, pulling Tony’s pants off. “I know you do Tony. But you need sleep first, okay? Sleep first, save Peter later.”

Tony gasps. “Woaaaaah! Gotta… gotta ‘least but me dinner before…takin’ my pants off!” He giggles loudly, going even more boneless.

Rhodey rolls his eyes and helps Tony under the covers. “Sleep time now, okay?”

Tony sighs, eyes already closed. “You’re…you’re a good friend.”

Rhodey smiles, a genuine one. “I know Tony. Go to sleep.”

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Imagine Aragon picking up some things from the supermarket when she notices Joan.

She and Joan make semi-awkward small talk, both not used to seeing each other out in public. But when they’re checking out, Aragon hears: “I’m sorry, but your card was declined.”

Joan went very still, her body visibly tensing up more than it already always was. She opened and closed her mouth for a moment, glancing at the long line for the register behind her, ghostly pale.

“Oh,” She finally choked out. “I-I see. U-umm… Sh-should I just leave this with you?”

The cashier nodded with a sympathetic expression.

“S-sorry,” Joan whispered, sounding like she was on the verge of tears. Aragon couldn’t blame her- this must have even so humiliating.

Aragon watched as Joan shuffled out of the store, then moved up in line.

“Can you add that stuff to mine?” She asked the cashier, earning an appraising look. It’s not like she was spending much, anyway- all that Joan had was some paints, air dry clay, some caramel M&Ms, a bottle of shampoo, a loaf of bread, and a rather hideous pair of pajama with pinecones on them. Might as well do something nice for the poor MD.

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MODERN AU W FLOWER SHOP WORKER ZENITSU LETS GO…. ive muddled w this idea last year when zentan week was going on,, (i never participated on it sadly!! does anyone know if there’re plans to have one this year?) but ive never really thought that hard on it ashdfjahsd itd be really neat to read this kind of thing hehe

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AUGHuhg this headcanon is so cute,, it makes me feel so soft waahhh… what if he also like, collected trinkets that made the same sound as his friends? like maybe the bell echoed the kind of sound tanjirou has? akjhdgafjkh  i dont know what else could calm him down, but this is a really nice headcanon!! ty!!! <3

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Imagine it being the day of Kitty’s execution.

It’s obvious she’s tense and upset, but the others notice that Joan looks more anxious than usual. She’s also following Kitty around, too, which makes Kitty paranoid and then agitated.

“What are you doing?” Kitty finally snaps, whipping around to the MD.

Joan jumps. “I’m, umm… Making sure you’re alright.”

Kitty snorts. “What for? You didn’t ever make sure I was alright before.”

Joan shrugs. “It’s just that today was the execution and…”

Kitty then realizes why Joan had looked to anxious.

“Oh my god.” Kitty says. “Are you scared because of what happened?”

Joan is quiet.

“Do you actually think you’re scarred by my execution?”

“Y-you don’t know what it was like watching it,” Joan whispered.

“Watching it? You don’t know what it’s like LIVING IT!”

By now the others surrounded them to see what was going on.

“Were you imprisoned for something you didn’t do?”

Joan winced. “No.”

“Were you forced down onto your knees before hundreds of people and humiliated because of it?”


“Did you ge tuition fucking head chopped off when you were only seventeen?”


“THEN YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS LIKE!” Kitty roared. “I don’t care what you went through or saw, Joan! Because in the end, it won’t matter! You had a perfectly good life! All you were was a lady in waiting, you didn’t have to marry an old king against your will! You weren’t killed like Anne and I were, you weren’t forced to divorce and get your life ruined like Aragon, you weren’t publicly humiliated like Anna, you didn’t live just to be the bearer of a male heir like Jane, you didn’t get your true love taken away like Cathy! You didn’t even go through the same things as the other ladies in waiting here!! You’re just some pathetic nobody who history forgot about, and it would have been so much better if you had just never come back!”

Joan flinched backwards, tears springing to her eyes. Kitty scowled at her, seething with rage.

“We all agree that Jane Parker would have made a much better replacement for you. Why couldn’t you have been her?”

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“Hmm!” Chloe hummed, running her hand over her girlfriend’s pale ass cheek. Caressing her cheek with her soft hand. The brunette lay on her stomach across her lap. Anticipating what the redhead was about to do to her. She knew very well what was going to happen. She bit down on her lip and waited for the punishment from the older woman. “How many spanks do you think you deserve for your behaviour today?” The redhead purred into the small woman’s ear. Her seductive voice making Beca squirm on her lap. “Stop squirming around! You’re not a fish!” Chloe firmly told the brunette, tugging on her hair as a warning. Knowing her girlfriend loves having her hair pulled during sex and foreplay.

F-four?” Beca stuttered out between breaths. Her breath caught in the back of her throat after Chloe pulled on her hair. Her arousal growing with every second that passed by. Patiently waiting for the redhead to start her punishment. However, the senior was making her girlfriend wait to be punished. She’d punish the brunette in her own time. The redhead wanted to take her girlfriend by surprise when she gave her the number of spanks they were currently debating on.

Four? How about seven?” Chloe questioned with a slight smirk tugging on her lips. Tugging Beca’s hair again making a shiver shoot down the smaller woman’s spine.

S-six?” She stuttered hopeful. It was only one less than Chloe suggested, but she wanted to make a deal with the redhead and take as little hits to her pert ass as she could, hoping Chloe would agree on six and not seven. Not like the brunette couldn’t handle seven strikes across her little ass. She definitely could handle more. But she thought six was a good enough number. The redhead contemplated the number for a moment before giving her answer.

“Ok. Six it is! You want my hand or the paddle? Hmm?” The redhead questioned, caressing her girlfriend’s ass cheeks again. Well, just one. The one she was going to use to strike. “Which one? You better chose now or I will.” Chloe purred as she dipped down to whisper into her girlfriend’s ear.

“Your h-hand!” Beca spoke out shakily, biting down on her lip preparing herself for the spanks from her girlfriend. It shouldn’t be something that turns her on. But here she is with a pool of wetness between her legs and Chloe hasn’t given her a spank yet. She loved when the redhead was in control in the bedroom. It drove her wild. And her libido. All she had to do was catch a glimpse of a semi-naked redhead and she was a puddle on the floor. She craved the touch of her girlfriend. The woman had talented hands, fingers, mouth and tongue. Whenever any of those things were used in the brunette she went weak at the knees.

“Good choice. Now are you gonna sit still? Because if you don’t, I’m bringing out the paddle! Understand?” Chloe husked, biting onto the brunette’s earlobe after whispering her order to her girlfriend. Beca was a squirmed and the redhead got annoyed when she squirmed as she got spanked. It made it harder for Chloe to concentrate on hitting Beca’s ass cheek. She didn’t want to hit the wrong place on her ass or even the bottom of her back and hurt her girlfriend.

“Y-yes. I-I understand.” Beca whimpered, stuttering out between breaths. The anticipation was too much for the small brunette. She wanted Chloe to hurry up and get on with spanking her. But she knew she needed to use her voice to answer the redhead or else she’d not spank her at all. “Please, spank me, Chlo. Spank me hard for flirting with that blonde girl at the bar.” Beca purred, trying to encourage the redhead to give her ass a strike.

That was all Chloe needed to hear as she raised her hand up and counted to three in her head. Getting to one she swiped her hand down and smacked her girlfriend’s ass cheek. The sound of flesh being smacked was loud. The brunette’s ass cheek wobbled at the impact of the hit. The smaller woman whimpering from the hit. A strangled moan slipping from between her lips.

Yeah, that’s it. Spank me, baby. I deserve that. I deserve my little ass being spanked for drooling over that blonde’s chest. Her tits were so big, I wish I could motorboat them!” Beca continued to trash talk to the redhead, encouraging the senior to continue giving her ass cheeks a spanking. The redhead raised her hand again and took another strike at her girlfriend’s ass cheek. A little rougher this time round. Another strangled moan brought from the brunette’s mouth.

That’s it. Right there, Chlo. Spank my little ass! I bet her nipples were so tasty to suck on.” The brunette continued to get her girlfriend to spank her harder. Her ass cheek already turning a slight shade of pink from the smacks she was receiving from her girlfriend. The next spank caught Beca by surprise. She hadn’t even anticipated Chloe raising her hand up to strike her little ass. She let a small smirk appear across her lips at the reaction her words were getting from the redhead.

That feels so good, baby. My pussy is tingling at my ass being spanked and imagining that blonde bent over the bar. Hmm.” The small woman shivered on Chloe’s lap. A deep moan escaping from between her lips as she closed her eyes and imagined her girlfriend being bent over the bar. Of course, all her naughty thoughts were about Chloe. But she had to pretend to the redhead that she was thinking about the blonde from the bar to encourage Chloe’s spanks. Another strike soon happened across her ass cheek. Biting down hard on her lip as a strangled cry slipped between her lips.

You got another little spank for my ass? I’ve been such a naughty girl. Thinking of all the things I could do to that blonde to make her cum.” The brunette continued after counting in her head that she had two spanks left. She was ready to cum herself at this foreplay she was doing with Chloe. The next strike across her now reddening ass cheek let her groan in approval out from her parted mouth and it was loud. The redhead loved hearing her girlfriend being vocal during sex. It was encouraging to hear and only egged her on more to punish the brunette.

I bet her pussy tastes real good. I love eating juicy pussies. They taste so good on my tongue. Hmm. I bet she had such a beautiful pussy. One I would destroy.” Beca purred and she got the final strike against her ass. It hadn’t even been long since the previous spank. Chloe didn’t care. She was too wound up to be gentle with the small brunette.

Get up!” Chloe ordered and shoved her girlfriend off her lap to stand up. “Hands and knees on the bed! Legs open!” She continued to order the brunette about. Beca quickly following her girlfriends orders. Excited about what she was going to get next. By the tone of Chloe’s voice and the position she’d told her girlfriend to get in, it could only mean one thing:

Chloe was going to get one of their straps and fuck her from behind. The thought alone was enough to entice a strangled cry from the back of Beca’s dry throat. She positioned herself ready for the redhead to fuck her from behind and she could feel her pussy juice dripping down her inner thigh. She bit down on her lip knowing if Chloe saw this, she’d tease her about it for sure.

The redhead grabbed their biggest strap and coated it’s length with a generous amount of lube. Beca’s pussy provided enough wetness to slide the whole thing inside her hole, but she still covered it in lube just to be on the safe side. She pulled the harness onto her body and placed the bright pink dildo in place. Proceeding to get herself in position behind her girlfriend. Beca felt the bed dip and she held her breath, waiting for Chloe to push the plastic cock inside her dripping wet pussy.

Hmphhh!” Beca strangled the moan from the back of her throat and out between her lips as her girlfriend pushed the tip of the cock inside her pussy. “Ugh! Mmm! So good.” She stuttered as Chloe eased the plastic dildo deeper inside her girlfriend. Loving the sight of it slipping deeper inside the younger woman. “Wow! So big.” The brunette grumbled once the whole length was inside her tight hole. Chloe gave her a few seconds to adjust before she started pulling out and thrusting back in at a pace she knew wouldn’t be enough for the brunette. She went agonisingly slow.

“Chlo, harder, faster!” Beca panted with every thrust her girlfriend gave with the cock slipping in and out of her hole. She wanted more. She needed more. She needed a good fucking. Harder and faster than what Chloe was giving her right now. The speed the redhead was pumping in and out of her just wasn’t enough to satisfy her needs. Her impending orgasm was sat at bay waiting for the speed to increase.

Chloe was a pleasing lover. If her girlfriend wanted harder and faster thrusts, then that was what the brunette would get. She picked up her pace and thrusted faster inside of Beca’s wet pussy, thrusting deeper inside her hole and eventually tapping the brunette’s g-spot. A spot that sent Beca into a whimpering mess. “Oh f-fuck. Yeah, baby. Right there. Ugh.” She yelled out between breaths lowering herself down on her elbows to give a different angle for Chloe’s thrusts. “Shit. That’s good.” She huffed out biting down hard on her lip.

Her mind was foggy as her pleasure intensified. However, she didn’t miss noticing the hand that slid between her legs and the thumb rubbing against her hard and swollen clit. “Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum, baby! I’m gonna cu-“ the smaller woman screamed. Chloe’s thrusts thrusting as hard, fast and as deep as she could go. All while flicking the brunette’s clit.

Beca saw stars as she strained and hit her orgasm. Her legs and arms shaking as the climax washed over her body and she came. Hard. All over the fake cock. She came so much it dripped down her inner thighs as Chloe continued stroking her clit with her nimble fingers. Helping her girlfriend ride out the orgasm.

Eventually, the redhead slid the strap from inside the brunette’s relaxed pussy. However, as she tugged out the tip at the end, Beca squirted at the loss of the cock filling her tight pussy hole. She whimpered at the feeling of her juices flowing from her pussy and her breathing became heavier. She collapsed onto the bed in a heap. Well and truly feeling spent after that orgasm. She always felt embarrassed when she squirted. But the redhead always reassured her that it was ok. That it was so hot when her juices squirted from her pussy.

Good girl, baby. That was so hot. I love it when I make you squirt for me.” Chloe purred into her ear as she laid next to her girlfriend, trailing patterns on the small brunette’s shoulder tattoo. Her fingertips burning against Beca’s skin. A feeling the small woman loved.

“I should flirt with women more often if this is the sex it leads too. Fuck, that was so good.” The brunette commented raising her head from the pillow and shooting her girlfriend a wink. A smirk appearing on her lips.

The redhead slapped her girlfriend’s shoulder with a frown on her face. “You better not, Mitchell!” She scolded. The brunette’s smirk only increased across her face. Leaning over to capture the redhead’s lips with her own. Sharing some light kisses with her girlfriend before going to sleep for the night.

Beca made a mental note to flirt again with someone at the bar in future. Especially if she was feeling a little naughty. If this was the punishment she got from it and if that was the sex, she’d be sure to do it again.

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Another (less) short piece for @mynameisremyiamadumbass - who suggested the other day be “Grantaire Appreciation Day” - right before I had to my tutoring job.  I thought of this idea WHILE I was tutoring, when I supposed to be thinking of eighth grade math!!  Anyway, it ended up being more of ensemble piece, and (of course) longer than planned, but Grantaire does get appreciated!  Enjoy a very ridiculous story, my friend!


Combeferre, Feuilly and Enjolras were all hunched over the table in the back room of the Café Musain, in serious consultation of the wording of their latest manifesto to be taken to the printers’.  Enjolras was grinning faintly – out all of his friends, these two were the least likely to let women or booze or even artistic excitement or personal problems interfere with their focus on the cause, and today’s progress had been swift and efficient.  

Suddenly, the thudding of urgent, ungainly footsteps approached, and they all tensed and raised their eyes to the door in anticipation.  The sound had been so loud and forceful that they were all surprised when it was Jehan who appeared in the doorway, pale-faced, clinging to the doorframe, and gasping for breath.

“Jehan?  What is it?” wondered Feuilly, approaching him in concern.

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Imagine Aragon helping Joan get to her apartment.

Joan has collapsed earlier that day due to her being very sick and Aragon lost a match of Draw Straws, so she had to be the one to escort the ill music director home.

After Joan collapses on her couch, Aragon considers just leaving, then thinks she could at least make things more easily accessible, as Joan’s constant whimpering has shown that she hurts when she moves. But when she opens her fridge to get some light foods, she finds that it’s basically empty, aside from expired foods. The pantry is the same way. The only things that aren’t expired are a can of potatoes, a can of tomato soup, some dry spaghetti, and a packet of very stale crackers.

“Joan, are you not eating?” Aragon asks, now slightly concerned.

“Huh? Oh…” Joan looks over at her, bleary-eyed. “Umm… I go out sometimes. I eat a lot. Maybe too much…” She blushes shamefully and wraps her arms around her stomach.

“I mean I’m general. When you’re not going out.” Aragon says.

“Oh. Uh. No.” Joan admits openly.


“No one to impress.”

Aragon blinks. “What? You do know that eating a basic human necessity, right?”

“I-I know, but…” Joan looks away. “I can’t eat for myself anymore. I’m just—too sad. All the time. I don’t have a reason to take care of myself. B-but then I found these videos online of people eating to make other people proud of them. And they would talk about how many days they go with eating and even when they fail, they still try again and their friends are proud of them. So I wanted to try it, but…”

She looks away, sniffling, blinking back tears.

“I have no one to be proud of me…”

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In which Catra keeps a very important promise…

A short story in which two life-long loves come back together. They’re old and content with decades of happiness between them but nothing stops the sands of time. Not even She-ra.

Warning: Major Character Death (but it’s soft)

If you really want to hurt, I was listening to this as I was writing it and you should listen too. I was in a sad mood. I cried. It was cathartic. 

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Imagine Bessie showing up at the queen’s house in tears.

She begs to see Aragon, who stops her process of cooking dinner to go see her. She is wrapped in Aragon’s arms and taken to Aragon’s room to talk. And upon stepping inside, she breaks down further, practically howling in despair.

“I’m sorry,” Bessie gasps, gripping Aragon’s hand tightly for grounding. “I-I just—” Her voice wavered. “I wanted to do…it…again. S-so I came to see you. Like y-you told me.”

“Did you?” Catalina asks softly, but Bessie shakes her head with a tight whimper.

“I-I wanted to,” Bessie gasps. “Really badly, but—” Another whimper. “D-didn’t wanna disappoint you.”

“You would never disappoint me, sweetheart.” Catalina says. “But I’m so proud of you, my strong girl.”

Bessie shakes her head with a sob. “I’m not strong,” She weeps. “I’m so depressed, Catalina. I have to lie to Maria every day when she asks me how I am and I feel awful about it. Because I tell her I’m doing good, but I’m not. I’m not, Catalina.” She collapses into Aragon’s chest, sobbing miserably, and Aragon rocks her, rubbing her back and whispering soothing things in her ear.

She isn’t going to let her go.

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I’m sure this has already been proposed/done, but I want a annual reunion type fic.

Let’s say it’s Troy who throws a big party every summer, an excuse for everyone to come back from college and catch up. The first year is after graduation, when everybody’s getting ready to head off for their freshman year and everything feels a little bittersweet.

Chad and Ryan end up in the treehouse together, catching up on what’s happened since that summer at Lava Springs. They’d almost had something, back then, but Ryan had been afraid to push too hard and Chad was still denying the obvious about himself. Now, after their senior year has come and gone and they’re teetering on the edge of the rest of their lives, it seems silly to have wasted that time.

There’s a kiss, and then a phone call from Taylor, and then a promise that goes unkept. They head off to their respective colleges, chase their respective dreams. They’re both busy with freshman year bullshit, forget to call or text or keep in touch at all.

The next year they find themselves in that same treehouse, telling professor horror stories, complaining about exams, and swapping tales of college hookups. Ryan makes some offhand joke about Chad breaking all the girls’ hearts in his Econ class, which he laughs off. Says nah, they see right through him. The guys in his Comm 1 class though, that’s a different story.

At some point the flirting stops being low-key, they pick up right where they left off a year ago. Making out in the treehouse and both wishing somebody had thought to get a hotel room. Again they promise to keep in touch, but again they cant seem to actually do it.

The next year Chad shows up with a boyfriend, which. He should have known that was going to be a disaster from the moment Dan convinced him to let him come. It’s fine, really, Dan’s important to him and he’s happy to show him off a bit, but.

But despite having told him a thousand times he wasn’t going to hold Dan’s hand the entire time, that Chad was going to break off and mingle and not play babysitter all night, Dan is still pissed off. All ’why would you leave me alone, I don’t know anyone’ which is true, yes, but also Chad didn’t actually invite him, so. He was told it would happen.

There’s also the bit where Chad has to introduce him to Ryan, which isnt the highlight of the evening either. Ryan, to his credit, isn’t rude or underhanded in the slightest. Just polite and seeming to genuinely enjoy meeting him. Whatever that’s worth. Dan gets even more upset when he makes the connection that Evans is actually the Ryan he’s heard so much about.

Eventually Dan leaves, takes the rental back to the hotel, spitting something being sure Chad will find a way back. Instead he finds his way up to the treehouse with Ryan again. Nothing happens between them, because despite the whole night Chad is not a cheater.

They talk. There’s a lot to catch up on, college stories and weird anecdotes and- yeah, Chad’s not sure how he ended up with a boyfriend. Was never looking to date anyone, just hook up, but somehow he’d thought it might work. Rethinking that choice these days.

They promise, yet again, to keep in touch, but this time they actually do. At least for a little while. Chad calls him after the inevitable breakup with Dan, Ryan sends him screenshots of arguments he has with Sharpay. It’s nice to feel like friends again.

The next year, they don’t bother with the pretense of catching up. They both know what they want. They sneak off to the treehouse together, a bottle of Fireball tucked under Ryan’s arm. Chad kisses Ryan the moment they’re alone, and it shouldn’t be as surprising as it is.

But of course, Ryan wants answers to questions Chad had been hoping he wouldnt ask. Why now? Why is it always like this? Why don’t they ever seem to keep in contact for more than a couple months? Why didn’t they do this sooner?

And Chad has to be honest, because he owes Ryan at least that. The answers all boil down to the same point: Chad was scared.

In high school he was scared of coming out. And now he’s been scared of becoming too attached. After the disaster of Dan, he’s promised himself he’s not going to actually date anyone until he’s out of college. To keep up with Ryan feels like setting himself up for failure.

He knows it’s probably not right of him to ask Ryan to come back with him that night. Says as much, but Ryan shuts that down. Of course he’ll go back to the hotel with Chad. Of course they’ll sleep together. There’s a lot to be said for making smart choices, but also for having experiences.

After, they really stay in touch this time. They talk at least once a day, be it vaguely flirty texts or three hour phone calls. Around Christmas, Chad has the chance to fly to New York for a job opportunity. He surprises Ryan outside of a coffee shop he knows Ryan frequents.

They spend the week together, almost equally in Ryan’s apartment and out around New York. They’re both hell bent on calling nothing official until after they both finish school, but neither of them pursue anyone else.

When the fifth and final party comes along (at least for now; Gaby’s expecting and with the rise of social media, catching up isn’t what it used to be) it’s no surprise to anyone that they show up hand in hand.

They still manage to sneak away to that same old treehouse, still manage to find it exciting when they kiss under the stars. It’s been a hell of a road getting here, but they’re older and wiser than they were all those years ago.

Most importantly, they’re happy here, together.

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Mini fic

Kai'sa held Ahri’s hand. It felt cool to the touch, but reassuring. Kai'sa could feel Evelynn rubbing her back, her expert fingertips rubbing small circles over spots that she didn’t even know she held tension in. Kai'sa could hear Akali’s footsteps as she came with a cup of tea.

Through blurry tears and a weak voice, Kai'sa muttered, “I’m sorry.”

Immediately, Evelynn responds back with, “There is nothing to apologize for, Bokkie.”

Ahri tightened her grip on Kai'sa’s hand as she whispered, “These are your emotions and they are valid.”

Akali slowly offered Kai'sa the cup of tea with a concerned but small smile on her lips. Akali wasn’t the type to talk, but her actions spoke louder.

Kai'sa took a deep breath, feeling her body shudder from the weight of her demons drifting off into nothingness. It was just a bad dream. That’s all.

“I’m just so tired,” Kai'sa whimpered, her lower lips quivering. “I just want to sleep.”

“I know, Bokkie,” Ahri assured.

“I just want sleep,” Kai'sa pleaded, looking at her leader as if she was the answer to ending her misery. “It’s harder when Sivir isn’t here to sleep next to me.”

“We can sleep with you,” Akali offered.

“No…I don’t want to be a bother.”

Evelynn snapped, “You’re not a bother, Kai'sa. You’re not just a team member, you’re our friend. Our sister, we’re family. If you need help, ask us.”

Ahri gave Evelynn a ‘Okay, relax, I got this’ look and said, “If you don’t want to be alone in your bed, we are more than happy to join and comfort you. It is not a bother to us, we just want to make sure you get some well earned sleep. That’s all. That’s not bothering us, we would be happy to make sure your dreams don’t come back.”

Kai'sa nodded her head. She had no energy to fight back. She just wanted sleep. “Okay…okay….”

“We got you, Bokkie,” Kai'sa heard Akali whisper before being picked up and guided back to her room. She could hear the soft pit pats of her girls following into the bedroom. Kai'sa could barely stay up, collapsing onto the bed, not caring if it looked out of character. The dancer closed her eyes, listening to her bed creak as Akali, Ahri, and Evelynn laid next to her, pulling the blankets over them. Immediately, Kai'sa felt safe and warm, secured in the embrace of her closest soulmates.

“Good night, Kai'sa. Sweet dreams,” Ahri says before kissing the top of her forehead. Ahri’s kiss seem to clear her mind and Kai'sa found it easier to drift back into dreamland.

For the rest of the night, Kai'sa didn’t have another nightmare.

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“Y/n, who are you texting at 5 in the morning?” Derek mumbles drowsily, half asleep.

“No one!” You hiss as you immediately turn off the screen and flip onto your back beside him.

Even half asleep, Derek picks up on the jump in your heartbeat. This caught his attention, and within seconds Derek has you pinned against the wall with one hand, your phone in the other. You struggle to no avail, sighing in frustration. “Fine I‘ll tell you.”

Derek loosens his grip, which is all you need to jab him in the ribs and run out of the room and down the hall. “Sucker!” bounces off the walls behind you, despite knowing full well that you stand no chance against a werewolf. “Hey!” you cry out only a moment later, as you and Derek roll across the floor, limbs tangled in a heap.

You desperately keep your phone out of reach as Derek’s eyes glow crimson red. You laugh at his feeble attempt and continue your struggle to wrestle out and away from his clutches.

Suddenly, Derek looks down at you with shining bewilderment. He raises his eyebrows, “Y/n, what you doing there?” he questions with a hint of amusement.

You look up sheepishly into those soulful, ocean green eyes without releasing your grip on his arm. You rack your brain for a response, a possible reason, but how are you supposed to answer when you have absolutely no idea how your teeth ended up with a firm grip around your best friend’s glorious bicep.

“That depends, are you mad about it?” You mumble through your teeth, basically still attached.

“Well, no… weirdo” the last part he mutters under his breath.

“Then don’t be such a sour wolf then!” You release your grip enough to yell at him as he immediately pushes you off and rolls those- oof beautiful green eyes. You let yourself be tossed back with a laugh and catch a glimpse of his scrunched nose and the smile he can’t possibly hide anymore inching across his face.

“Is this going to become a regular thing” he asks, eyes narrowing playfully, forgetting the reason they were on the floor to begin with.

“Why, afraid Stiles will be jealous?”

“A little jealousy wouldn’t be such a terrible thing” he huffed, “but seeing as I’ve known you your entire 22 years of life and you’re the only person who hasn’t thrown themselves at me… of course not literally since-”

Right on cue, you hurl yourself at him, leaping into his unexpecting chest to clench your teeth around his bulging muscles once again.

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I hope this is the kinda thing you were hoping for. Enjoy!!

“Chloeee!” Beca whined out as she squirmed underneath the redhead’s naked body. Her girlfriend hovering over the grumpy brunette and teasing her evilly with a smirk painted across her lips. She huffed out a breath of air in frustration. “Just touch me already! Hurry up.” The brunette growled impatiently looking up into the older girl’s big blue eyes. Currently darkened with lust.

“Muffin, what have I told you? Good things cum to those who wait.” Chloe simply responded without a care. Her voice soft yet firm as she looked down at the younger girl beneath her as she trailed kisses up and down the brunette’s throat. “Are you going to be a good girl for me and wait? I’m warming you up. Getting you nice and wet ready to take Mr Plastic in your tight little hole.” The redhead leaned down, husking into her girlfriend’s ear, biting down on the flesh of her ear lobe, tugging it between her teeth. A shiver shot down Beca’s spine and she whimpered against the mattress of the bed she was lay against. Her breathing starting to increase at Chloe’s words. Her hand slid down Beca’s torso and she trailed her finger tips across the waist band of the brunette’s pyjama shorts.

“Chlo, for serious? Either touch me or I’ll do it myself!” She huffed. There was no way she could hold out any longer. Waiting for Chloe to finally touch her in the one place she needed it most. A yelp escaped from between her lips, the redhead had slipped a nipple in her mouth and bit down on the hard skin of her girlfriend at Beca’s words. The brunette’s breath caught in the back of her throat.

“Stop being a whiney little brat! Do you want me to stop and leave you like this? I’ll get the restraints and restrain you if I have to!” Chloe snapped at her girlfriend slightly, not in a bad way of course. “You’d like that wouldn’t you? You’d get off on being restrained and watching as I use Mr Plastic on myself instead. How about that? Does that sound like a good idea? Is that what you want? Hmm?” The redhead dipped her mouth to Beca’s ear, growling to the brunette as she spoke.

The brunette shook her head as she looked up at her girlfriend with pleading eyes. “N-no! Please. Use it on me. Please, Chlo!” Beca begged the woman straddling her thighs as she bit down on her lip. “I promise, I’ll behave. I’ll be quiet now.” The smaller girl nodded, promising to stop being a whiney little bitch. Shivering as the redhead’s hand slid down to her core, brushing her finger tips through the small tuft of hair covering the brunette’s snatch.

Good girl, muffin. I’d hate to have to restrain you.” Chloe purred into Beca’s ear kissing her neck a few more times and sliding her fingers lower inside the brunette’s little panties. Rubbing against the swollen lips below. “You’re soaking, baby! Is this for me? Are you wet for me?” Chloe questioned, raising her eyebrow at the brunette a smirk covering her face as Beca nodded her response. “Good girl, muffin.” The redhead praised yet again. Her girlfriend loving being praised for behaving herself. “Mr Plastic is gonna slide in so smoothly. Are you ready for him? Should I go and get him out to play with your tight little pussy, hmm?” The older woman questioned as her girlfriend squirmed underneath her, Chloe’s fingertips on her index and middle fingers dipping slightly inside her girlfriend’s hole.

S-shiiit!” The younger girl mumbled out at the contact inside her burning core. Her breath hitching in the back of her throat. About to curse again until Chloe pulled her fingers out before anything progressed further. Beca whimpered at the loss of touch inside her wet folds. She frowned over at the redhead and she got a wink sent her way in return. Proceeding to watch the redhead swaying her hips as she walked over to the other side of the room and pulled out the strap, Mr Plastic. Beca gulped as she looked at the toy. Her mouthwatering slightly at the thought of Chloe thrusting it deep inside her little pussy. Their strap was big and bright pink. Beca would’ve preferred one more subtle and had protested against the colour. She even whined at the shop when they were choosing, but Chloe had firmly put the brunette in her place and she backed down.

“Have you been a good girl, Ms Mitchell?” Chloe questioned her girlfriend, rubbing lube all over the strap, preparing him for Beca’s hungry pussy. “Enough to give Mr Plastic a tour of the place? I think he’s forgotten where your favourite spot to hit is kept hidden beneath your folds. Are you going to show him around? He loves dark tight holes!” The redhead growled at the brunette withering underneath her.

“Y-yes!” The brunette huffed out, her breathing increasing as she watched her girlfriend’s every move. Watching the redhead fasten the strap onto her hips. Beca bit down on her lip as Chloe stroked the fake cock, rubbing in the lube and adjusting it against her body. “Ugh take your time!” Beca growled rolling her eyes. All she wanted was her girlfriend to fuck her already. Hard and fast. The way she liked it.

“Carry on being a brat and I’ll just stand here and wait. If you this fake cock so badly in that tight little pussy then wait like a good little girl!” Chloe smirked from across the room. Watching as Beca slid her hand down her pants. “I don’t think so young lady!” The redhead growled raising an eyebrow. She turned on her heel grabbing the restraints out the draw and proceeded to storm over to the brunette and handcuff her hands together above her head. “Do you enjoy being a naughty girl? For that little move, I should put Mr Plastic away and leave you lay there helplessly. Is that what you want?” Chloe purred into Beca’s ear, roaming her hands all over her girlfriend’s perky tits.

“N-no! Please, Chlo. I’m desperate! Please, fuck me!” Beca squirmed against the bed as her arousal turned up a notch at being restrained. “Please!” She begged the redhead looking up at Chloe with the strap fixed against her hips.

Chloe ripped off her girlfriend’s pyjama shorts and little panties, throwing them onto the floor and spread open her legs to give her room to push inside her little pussy. She rubbed the tip of the fake cock against Beca’s slit. Driving the brunette wild and teasing her. “You like that? You like me rubbing the tip against your tight little snatch? You hungry for more, muffin? You hungry for this big cock? It’s going to fill you up so good you’ll be screaming for more.” Chloe smirked hovering over Beca’s small body beneath her.

The brunette whimpered, looking down at the tip of the fake cock running through her folds. She nodded as quick as she could, biting down on her lip. “P-please, Chloe!” Beca begged her girlfriend, all the teasing and dirty talk was sending her libido shooting through the roof.

“What’s that, muffin? What do you want? Tell me..” the redhead purred into her ear biting down on Beca’s neck, leaving a mark. The brunette whimpering beneath her as her breath caught in the back of her throat.

“F-fuck me, Chlo! Please. I need y-you!” Beca huffed out between breaths, her pussy was throbbing. She wanted more. She wanted to be filled up and fucked hard.

“Your wish is my command, my little muffin!” Chloe purred once more into Beca’s ear. Locking lips with her girlfriend and ramming the fake cock all the way inside Beca’s wet little pussy. The brunette’s breathing becoming heavier and her moans slipping into Chloe’s mouth as they kissed. “Good girl, muffin. You’re taking this big cock so well deep inside your tight little pussy. You’re so wet he’s sliding right in.” Chloe praised once more and started to begin her thrusts. Letting Beca be as vocal as she wanted as she pounded into her girlfriend.

The end.

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