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Hey, for anyone at uni or anyone who has a pile of work load to do, how do you deal with having a lot of tasks, assignments and essays due close together for different subjects? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and every time I try to sit down to complete one of the tasks, I can’t stop thinking about the other tasks.

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open book exams

Hey guys! Exams are obviously changing due to covid-19, and today we heard that Cambridge exams for finalists (people in their third year) will be open book! I’ve always done closed-book exams in strict timed conditions so this will be a bit strange for me - this is how I’m planning to adapt my revision for open book exams - please let me know any suggestions you have!

Before the exam:

  • First of all revise from lecture notes - check what’s in each exam, what individual lecturers have said about exams (I tend to make a note of if they say something is examinable or came up last year!)
  • Make summaries/mindmaps for complex concepts - these should be dense and detailed and might be useful in the exams themselves
  • Make flashcards for smaller concepts where memorising it will be more useful than flicking through a handout. For example, uses of different alloys - it will be so much easier to know a few than try and find a page with them on!
  • Try past questions - it’s useful to see what might come up, if they tend to recycle topics, how questions are phrased etc.
  • Read examiner reports/mark schemes if you can - these can help you spot what examiners look for that might not be explicitly mentioned in the question. For example, if one concept is often best shown with a diagram rather than a block of text

The day of the exam:

  • Let family members/anyone else you’re living with know you have an exam that day, and when and where you’ll be working
  • Check well before you need to start you have an internet connection/printer/scanner if you need them, as well as the usual paper/pens/pencil/ruler/calculator etc.
  • If you have a while to do the paper, be strict about when you’ll work on it and when you’ll have a break for lunch. I have 4 papers on consecutive days - don’t disadvantage yourself for the others because you spend too long answering a question!
  • Leave all your notes, revision aids, and past questions in an organised system near where you’re doing your exam. Make sure you don’t waste time because you can’t find something you think will help!
  • Keep distractions to a minimum - consider blocking social media apps and websites for a few hours, and get a drink and snack ready so you don’t have to get up for them part way through a question

I think that’s all I have - please send me suggestions for how to approach open book exams if you have any!! Good luck to everyone whose exam situation is changing x


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Guess I can’t procrastinate any more this morning! I’m on cup #2 of coffee and it’s time to finish three more lectures so I can take my exam tonight. As I still have to go to work during this crazy time, I’m trying to get as much done on the weekends as possible. Anyone else feel like they are missing out on all the good quarantine activities because they still have homework and exams? I just want to finish Tiger King….. 🐅

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