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🌟 自由訊息 🌟 隨心發放 🌟 輕鬆接收

🌌 Doors are opening for you. Your thoughts are extra powerful for you right now. Planets are aligning.

🌌 This is a time when you can reap the rewards for efforts made in the past.

🌌 Great leaps can be made. Extreme transformation can occur.

🌌 You are being called to either pause or say NO. Saying YES to something that isn’t in alignment with you will drain your energy and your time.

🌌 You don’t need to be plowing forward all the time to move forward. Use this time to regenerate and ponder what you truly want.

🌌 Liberation resonates with that of the complete realization of inner empowerment.

🌌 Step up to your true potential, and in your current situation, take the initiative, be assertive, but also be loving.

🌌 Consider the options. Release yourself from those things that are no longer serving you.

🌌 Clarity will bloom and you will have the reserves, space and drive to say YES and act and move quickly.

🌟 自由訊息 🌟 隨心發放 🌟 輕鬆接收

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Sit. Stretch. Smash. 🙏💪 When I don’t make the effort to set aside at least 30min for a quick #meditation and #workout combo? The down vibes rise like an inevitable tide. The first 5-10mins are always the hardest, which is why starting with a short sit to set #intention really helps. Then some basic #yoga to get the old bod prepped for #cardio and #weight #stress and release. And then I bite down hard, crank the tunes, and hit that shit like a highschool bully w daddy issues. 15sec rests. Low to high weight. No wraps or gloves. #Anger harnessed is #goodness gained. #oldnotdead #exercise #mentalhealth #thailand #digitalnomad #muaythai #island #sabaisabai #islandlife #lowseason #lockdown #quarantine #coronavirus #fitness #50isnifty #video #travel #sliceoflife (at KYN Muay Thai Gym)

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•~ New Moon in Gemini ~•

I look out to the horizon and all I see is beauty.

The waters caress my feet and beckon me closer.

I hear the heart song of the water, sounding like a melody to soothe my waking mind.

As I sing this song back to her, I am reminded of a million different points in time.

“What are you leading go of?”

I go deeper, into the water and into myself.

Shedding clothes as I shed parts of myself I no longer need.

The clutch of the need to control loosens it’s grip, as I let go.

“Everything is an inside job” I hear as I sit with myself.

All that is here is this moment.

All that I am is love.

The waters surround me in a gentle embrace, and I am home… in myself.


It is the time of the New Moon, a time of magic and planting seeds, the perfect time to let go of what is no longer needed and to sow the seeds of our intentions.
This New Moon in Gemini has many influences including Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Pleiadean Portal. This may feel like an overwhelming time. A perfect opportunity to go inwards, and recalibrate.
It is a perfect time to sow the seeds for the life you wish to create.
Ask yourself what you need, in order to support and nourish the future you are creating.
What foundation are you laying out for yourself?
#newmoon #newmoonritual #foundation #intentionalliving #intentions #intention #intentionsetting #sunset #sunsetlover #watersong #heartsong #whatthewatergaveme #gemini

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May 23 - New Moon: I set my intention 

May 26 - Crescent Moon: I feel my intention 

May 29 - First Quarter: I take action to support my intention 

June 1 - Gibbous Moon: I trust the universe will help me focus my intention 

June 5 - Full Moon: I release the things that no longer serve me and that are preventing me from manifesting my intention 

June 10 - Disseminating Moon: I see more clearly and express gratitude for shadows coming to light 

June 12 - Third Quarter Moon: I receive the form of my intention the way it was truly intended, in the perfect form 

June 15 - Balsamic Moon: I give thanks to the universe for guidance

June 21 - Dark Moon: I adjust my intention and refocus OR I set a new intention 

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I actually heard this quote while listening to a sermon, but this post isn’t about the faith perspective, it has everything to do with spirituality. Our intentions guide the things we do. If we intend to eat, we go find food. It we intend to have money, we work. That’s if we have good intentions. On the flip side, if we want to hurt someone’s feelings, we’ll say mean words. If you want to have something and ensure another person doesn’t, we’ll steal it from them. Knowing someone’s intentions is the best guide to knowing what actions they’ll proceed with and we’ll know how to act around them accordingly. When we know someone doesn’t have good intentions for us, we don’t have to keep them in our space. Our spirits don’t need their energy around anyway. Pay attention to yours and others’ intentions.

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Waves of Light, Episode 1: Interview with Michiko Hayashi, Emoto Peace Project

Ramola D Reports

This is a great interview which explains how our emotions can change water crystals. We literally shape the world with our minds. Negativity makes it so that coherent water crystals cannot even form, but your prayers, intentions, thoughts, and positive words make beautiful water crystals. The most beautiful crystals come from love and gratitude.

This is why we need to give our love to the sky, which is full of water. Instead of cursing pollution and chemtrails, know that the white clouds you see are not the heavy metals the government actors tell you. This makes you send fear and anger to them and it makes the sky worse. Know that they are water molecules being hit with deadly energy to prevent proper cloud formation and hold in air pollution. Send them your love and watch the chemtrails disappear and the beautiful clouds form. The sun will shine again and the clouds will rain again with your positive thoughts and prayers.

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how long does it take to catch a dream?

i find my life being a constant struggle to figure out what i want it to be and always put off living it for preparing to live it how i envision it will one day be.

we don’t control the amount of time we live, but we do control how we live the time we are given.

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Sunday, May 17, 2020 – 1:09 p.m.

There are things that are going on that may be beyond comprehension at this point. Do not try to figure them out. Understand that the Plan of Light is unfolding exactly as it should. You are here to be a witness of, and a participant in, The Great Awakening.

There is nothing you need to do. Your presence is all that is needed. Your vibrations are increasing day-by-day and you are experiencing many changes. Do not feel like you must act like you are perfect or that if you get angry or frustrated you are doing it wrong.

As the darkness is being purged from within you and from the collective at this time it may feel a little intense. Just go with it and into it. You have been given the power to transmute the energy here and indeed that is what you are all doing.

These things of darkness are being exposed to the light so they too may be healed. Very soon all will be shown for who and what they truly are. You have been given an upgraded DNA and are now coming online at long last.

For so long it may have seemed that you were just floating through life looking for your purpose. Now it is being revealed to you. Have you noticed that you seem to be more capable of figuring out what the next step in your life is?

There is a reason for this. You are being guided and using your intuition to stay upon the Path of Light. We have come in response to a worldwide cry for help. We are here to bring about this New Day. Things will not be going back to what you would consider normal; for you have been living an upside-down existence.

You have been told that war is necessary and natural. It is not. Most beings seek to live in harmony with each other and are now being shown how this is going to be accomplished. There is much good in the world, but you have been lied to.

You are now seeing through a New Lense, and things are coming into focus. Do not get angry or resentful for what you have been told that is false. You are being shown how to Love at long last. That is how the darkness is going to be healed.

Your brothers and sisters who have been deceiving you and committing atrocities on this planet are soon to pay a heavy price for what they have done and are currently doing. This is their karma completing a cycle.

It is necessary in order to bring balance back to this Great Planet. You are being upgraded and taken into the Light where the darkness can no longer hide. The New Day reveals much that has remained hidden deep in the night while you slept.

You are going through an extreme awakening as Heavens Gates open to you at long last. There is nothing you must do; no one you must hate. Love is the answer. This world is a stage and the bad actors are just playing their part.

This is the final act, the Reconciliation between Dark and Light. It is the merging of the energies so that at long last you may live in Unity Consciousness. You are being shown the door. Stay along the path and bring yourself into conscious awareness and you will see the Doorway into the Infinite is opening before your very eyes. Stay in gratitude for it is You who have brought yourself here. You have begun to ascend into the heavens and bring this planet back into alignment. Already millions are feeling the love and compassion that will bring about this great change.

These things that have been shown to you have always dwelt among you. Bless them for they are being revealed at long last. There is no need to ‘fight’ the darkness. It is the backdrop of your existence. You are being shown a new way of being. You are crawling out of duality and are being rocketed forth into a new dimension.

Think of the wonderful things you would like to experience and bring them forth. You are being shown how to accomplish this. These things are quite simple and sublime. They will be forming around you like a rose garden.

We are here to show you how to tend your garden; to help it bloom. You must prune away the weeds and darkness in order for the beauty to spring up all around you. These things take time. You are waking up from a history that has been false and is being shown for what really is.

You are giving yourselves in to the Infinite intelligence within. Look within yourselves and you will see the peace that you have always searched for. You are being given the Direct line to Source. Indeed, you have always had it. Only now, you are learning how to tap into its infinite possibilities.

Think of the things that are beginning to form all around you. You are going through these things for a reason. These things you are being shown are all part of a Grand Process that is unfolding exactly as it should.

Think of the wonderful times in your life when you felt completely centered and balanced. These are gifts from the Divine. They are here to show you how you can live day by day. They are here to bring you Home to a centered existence within the very center of your being. These are going to increase as the changes within you take hold.

Do not suppress emotions. If you are feeling sad or angry go deep within these emotions and feel them fully. Find your peace within the center of them. This is your true center. You have come here to experience it all.

These times of great upheaval have come to you in response to a call you have all made to awaken. You are not trapped. You are being shown the doorway into the infinite and more will be revealed. You have brought yourselves here to heal the darkness within so that the Light may shine forth and heal the world.

These are the times you have dreamed of and are now waking up and transmuting the energy of them into Light. You are learning the nature of your True Power. You have been acting small but the reality of it is that God does not make small things. Even the smallest atom has infinite worlds within it. Imagine how many realities and Truths you hold within your very being.

You are being called to re-unite with your brothers and sisters of planet earth and work as a whole; as one unifying consciousness, to make the Body function at long last. The Sleeping Giant is waking up and everyone is doing their part; even the darkness.

This Shadow Play you are all in is transmuting the energies of the masculine and the Divine Feminine is bringing balance to the earth once again. You are all actors on a Grand Stage and are bringing forth a beautiful play.

These things that are happening are not to be feared and ridiculed. They are forcing you to awaken. Stay in the moment. Stay in gratitude and loving awareness as the world wakes up. Soon it will be time to begin another Act in this wonderful play of life, The Divine Dance.

These are the times we have dreamed of and are willing to go forth and bring about. We have given these gifts to you and you may now open them and share them with the world. Unity consciousness is springing forth as the dark mirrors everywhere are being shattered.

Look into yourselves and you may find a beauty and peace that you have never thought possible. It is here.

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Pick a word & stick with it. I am heavier than I would like to be & I am going to begin making myself BETTER. For ME! I want my confidence level to go up, I want to build more muscle & I want to choose healthier habits. I’m speaking it into existence!

Much love,


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