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#momo yaoyozoru

Exposing toxic people in the fandom part: I can’t keep up anymore!

Going by the username of: babygurl.miracle

This user seems to be so worked up about tje head cannon that Mina could be black or blasian. To the point where she sends hate to the creator of the edit

“I feel like Mina is black but mk 🙄



In the end this girl can just not seem to come to terms that the creator of the edit that didn’t do anything wrong made Mina Japanese, not black.

And we don’t do black washing, white washing, or any kind of washing here folks.


•As always do not go and send hate/harassment/death threats to this person, simply report or respectfullly educate.•

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Study dates with Momo

She is the nicest person in the world when it comes to studying. She helps you when ever you are lost and is super understanding even though she is like a week ahead. She has the best study supplies she could run one of those studygram pages. She is the best at study games. She knows all the tricks to make the hours fly by so even though its a cram session you guys are both rolling on the floor laughing by the end of it.

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And here is the very last of my old Inktober arts.

BNHA list, theme of that day was “Only True Pairing”.
In 2019, I still haven’t really shipped anyone in the bnha (maximum at the bro-OTP level), although I’ve been in the fandom for many, many years, and there was only one pairing that I really liked in a romantic way - MomoJirou.

They are so beautiful together, and their dynamics captivates me so much that it’s hard for me to describe it in words. So I’ll just say - I love them VERY much. Right now, only two ships I like more than MomoJirou (and another one was able to reach the same level as these beautiful girls), and this says a lot for me.

When I was drawing this, I decided to try using vectors from ClipStudio for the first time, because I wanted to give my hand a rest and still make a smooth lineart. Now I always do line only on vector layers, because they turned out to be an indispensable thing for me.

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♡ yaoyorozu momo ♡

☆ is sfw, ★ is nsfw.

love language and intimacy hcs

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Hey I made a Yaomomo edit of that popularity contest spread

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An: you got it! Though I do now have the Ben 10 theme song in my head



Originally posted by weebhoursstuff

  • Ultimate geek out about their quirk
  • When they first got together he probably asked them hundreds of questions
  • And he doesn’t know why they agreed to date him afterwards
  • But he does still like helping them figure out next steps
  • Whether it’s for training in combat or anything else they have an interest in
  • He does his best to be their number one fan
  • And he does whatever he can to help them out
  • Especially when they are frustrated and ready for a rest
  • He is a pretty good distraction some times



Originally posted by jacs-art

  • She finds their quirk fascinating
  • And really the number of things they could do working together is endless
  • She does dote on them from time to time about overdoing things
  • She doesn’t want them to burn out with training
  • When they have a quirk like that she has to imagine it can get tiring being asked to show it off
  • And she knows they need their rest like everyone else
  • Still she really admires them and she can’t wait to see what they come up with
  • She is very proud of how smart her s/o can he and she can’t wait to see what they come up with next



Originally posted by tenya--iida

  • She loves talking to them about technology
  • And she has to admit their quirk is something amazing
  • Though while she loves their mind and how creative they can be with their quirk
  • She doesn’t want them touching her babies
  • She trusts them fully of course it is more for her own integrity
  • If something she makes can be improved she wants to do it herself
  • She loves to tinker with them in her spare time though
  • It is something that really let’s them spend quality time together
  • And it doesn’t take her away from her work
  • So it’s a win win for both of them
  • And they can both use their gifts to make cool gadgets and get amazing feed back from each other
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If I was in charge of picking the voice actors for dubbed MHA part 2:

Izuku- shameik moore, raymond ochoa, Michael cera, jason marsden (goofy movie), Andrew garfield

Iida tenya- BD wong (mulan)

Iida tensi- daniel henney

Uraraka-hynden walch (teen titans 2003), maia/mxmtoon, brandy (moesha), ariana grande

Shinsou- justin long (f is for family)

Bakugo- jason Marsden (lion king 2), A.J Buckley (the good dinosaur) ((but imagine southern bakugou??)), Troy Baker, arj Barker

Fatgum- Kyle Hebert ((I actually really like his original voice actor)), walker Boone (super mario) ((I’m sad I can’t use lou albano because he died 😔 his voice was perfect for him))

Mina- hailee steinfield, flo milli, kaash paige (watch kaash paige explain love songs on genius,, THAT’S HER!!)

Denki- alex winter (bill and ted)

Sero- keanu Reeves (bill and ted)

Todoroki shoto - matthew Broderick(?), andrew garfield, will yun lee (Mortal kombat x), Dante Basco (lmao I’m so funny)

Todoroki Fuyumi- gina Rodriguez, Minty lewis

Todoroki Natsu- zac efron

Rikido- T.J miller, jonah hill

Kirishima- T.J miller, tim kelleher (ninja turtles), nolan north (ninja turtles), Jack de sena, jerry o'Connell (batman 2004)

M*neta- Jacob hopkins (amazing world of gumball), colleen o'shaughnessy (sonic forces)

Eri- Kyla Rae Kowalenski, Isabella abiera

Mirio- jonathan groff (frozen), vincent tong (ninjago)

Tamaki- Robert sheehan (umbrella academy), Tyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe/lil tecca ((just listen to his genius interview)), roger rose (fire emblem: fates)

Nejire- Kristen Chenoweth

Kota- Haley Reinhart (f is for family)

Jirou- elizabeth banks, olivia olson, linda cardellini

Koji- greg cipes (fast and the furious)

Aoyama- andrew rannells

Momo- neve campbell (lion king 2), ming-na wen (mulan)

Shoji- billy brown (suicide squad: hell to pay), donald glover (adventure time), Jason Griffith (sonic the hedgehog 2003-2010)

Tokoyami- Mark Dacascos (Mortal combat: legacy 2), demetri Martin

Shiozaki- halle bailey

Monoma- grant gustin

Mt. Lady- Emilia Clarke (her valley girl impression on jimmy Kimmel live), Nikki Glaser

Camie- Mahiru koizumi (Danganronpa 2)

Ms. Joke- tammy pescatelli, natasha leggero, maria bamford ((she has impressive range)

Part 1 / Part 2

I’m gonna do 1B and LOV in another post! I’d love to hear your thoughts on my choices 💖

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momo yaoyorozu is the baddest bitch in the entire series and yet she is still slept on. one day, one day these crimes will be answered

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This is a top tier headcanon. Bakumomo having a close friend/family-like relationship will always be good in my books

Just,,, I firmly believe that the only classmate Katsuki listens to and doesn’t blow up at is Momo

Yeah, he goes along with whims of the rest of his peers, but he does it so reluctantly and with so much grumbling that he might as well just blow them up and walk away

(Ofc, his friends know it’s just a front. They love each other’s company)

With Momo, however, all she needs to do is give Katsuki a look or speak with him in her soft and smooth voice, and if he’s up for whatever they’re doing at the moment, he goes along easily

It’s just. Momo has that cool cousin, awesome aunt, supportive sibling vibe going on that makes people want to listen

She respects boundaries, she talks with you, not at you, and when the situation arises, she is 100% ready to throw down (verbally and physically) with anyone that pushes a line

Anyway, Katsuki and Momo aren’t too sure when it started.

Maybe the catalyst was when Momo stopped their classmates from pestering Katsuki to join in their outing after he repeatedly said no, social battery at a negative charge.

Maybe it’s strengthened when, after a particularly bad nightmare, Katsuki goes downstairs and sits at the dining room table, heart pounding and lungs failing him, soon calming down and beginning to notice a steaming cup of tea in front of him and a Momo taking deep, even breaths beside him as she reads.

Maybe it becomes a bond when they’re both forced to go to a gala with their parents, and disliking the atmosphere and the suffocation of formality, they sneak outside, spot each other, and start a conversation lasting hours.

However it formed, this relationship is one that no one saw coming.

But when they look deeper, it makes total sense.

Momo helps Katsuki to cope with his anxiety that’s hidden behind a blanket of anger.

Katsuki helps Momo to feel confident and secure enough to express her negative emotions.

They understand what the other needs, because although they appear to be so different, Momo and Katsuki are similar in more ways than they are not.

(And the little differences only help to make their bond stronger, so it’s a win-win)

Side note: They definitely form a friendship with Hatsume, and when they’re stressed, they test out the limits and unique applications of their quirks, giving each other tips (but mostly fooling around and having fun)

Just!!! YES!!! Bakumomo friendship will always have a special place in my heart. They’d be able to help each other grow soooo much, and that’s just so amazing 😭😭😭

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Oh definitely! Most of them start thinking about the future with him, and how great he will be as dad, imagining themselves as Mom’s etc

Mei thinking about how she will “invent” a real baby together with him; something she never believed would ever happy

Mina already thinking of names

its very cute really the thought ^^

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Ochako, Tsuyu, Kyoka, Kendou, Setsuna and Mina would be upset about it and either try pulling Izuku away or get whoever is flirting to leave

Camie would totally try to get the girl join them for a fun Triple date, or if you want it NSFW a 3some, though Camie would bully her a little and once they are done say “ Only I can handle Izu-kun~ ”

Momo looks like she isn’t upset, and lets Izuku handle it, but before it takes to long she seemingly comes up with a joy filley demeanor, hugging his arm saying “ We need to go Izu ” while very obviously pressing her chest into him, marking her Territory.

Either Mei lets Izuku have free hand, since she believes in him being loyal, does the same as Momo, or shoots the flirting person away with a rock/explosion

Nejire kindly asks the person to stop bothering her boyfriend, kissing his cheek.

Toga simply makes it very clear like Nejire but with more actions, by hugging him or staying close to him

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momo yaoyoruzu wallpaper for anon!!

anime: boku no hero academia

hope you like it! feel free to ask me to redo it if it doesn’t fit or you dont like it!

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Everything really, from romance, action, and heroe films, to comedy, thriller, horror and documentations, just depends on the mood

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250 x 250 Momo Yaoyorozu icons for anon! (Rosecore)

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