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#you are not alone

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.”

~Helen Keller

There is wonder in the moment, if we but look for it, let it touch us, believe in it. And with the recognition and celebration of the wonder comes the joy we desire and await.

Being wholly in tune with the present moment is how we’ll come to know the spiritual essence that connects all of life. We search for peace,

happiness, and contentment outside of ourselves. We need instead to discover it within us, now and always, in whatever we are experiencing.

We can let our experiences wash over us. Longing for a different time, a distant place, a new situation breeds discontent. It prevents us from the thrill. the gifts offered in this present moment. But they are there.

We can practice feeling joyful in the present, be thrilled with the realization that right now, all is well. All is always well.Life is full of mystery and wonder and each moment of our awareness adds to the wonder.

I am moving forward; we all are. I am on target. l am participating in a glorious, wonderful drama. Let me jump for joy. l have been specially blessed.


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Friendly Reminder ✨

stop scrolling. it’s safe here.

you are trying. i know you’re trying. if you feel like no one recognizes your efforts, i do. i know how it feels. i promise. you’ve come so far, and you’re coming farther. you, a collection of what you love, everything you’ve been through, and everything you’ve overcome, are so much more than good enough. give yourself some credit and care: a nice hot shower, chocolate, a nap, something. you deserve to be heard and known. your body and mind have been with you always, working to keep you alive and well. look in the mirror and whisper “i love you”.

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❤️ I’m doing great

💜 I’m okay

💛 I’m meh

🧡 I’m very worried/anxious

💚 I’m exhausted

💙 Things are tough, I’m struggling

💔I’m having a hard time, would like to talk

🖤I’m in a really dark place

Let’s make sure everyone’s doing okay and reach out to those that need us. ☺ My inbox is always open. Please drop in the comments if it’s also ok if someone who is struggling messages you.

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Okay so everybody tells people who have anxiety or depression or some other mental illness that they just need to open up. But what they don’t understand is that because of the anxiety you *cannot* open up. You keep on thinking about how the person might judge you or laugh, and sometimes (in my case at least) I am afraid to tell people about all of this. 

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