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#avengers preferences
imsebastiansta-n · 2 months ago
Condom Mishap
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: fluff, a little bit of smut at the end, talks of condoms, shy bucky, nerdy bucky, mention of Bucky’s cock and erections
Word count: 1217
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It was a warm sunny day, you, and Bucky where currently in your shared apartment. You were in the bedroom sorting out your wardrobe while Bucky was laying down on your shared bed, talking about the mission he just finished for work.
“And then Sam blasted the last HYDRA agent. He’s now back at the compound for questioning.” He finished, with a little wavier in his voice. You knew how hard HYDRA missions were for him, you expressed your concerns countless times and each time he’d tell you that he was okay, that he can do it. But every time he came home, you could see that each mission took a piece of him.
You finished hanging the last item of clothing and closed the wardrobe doors.
“Are you sure you’re okay though?” you questioned with concern in your voice, and a frown on your face.
“I’m... I’m doing better.” He breathed, truthfully. Making you release a breath you didn’t even know you were holding.
“Now, how about a little fun time.” Bucky smirked, leaning in to kiss you but you pulled back.
“Oh no you don’t, big guy. If you want fun time, you need to pop down to the store and grab some more condoms.” You chuckled, as his face drained colour.
“H-how will I know what to get?” he stuttered so quietly you didn’t even notice.
“You know what size you are, babe. Just grab and go.” You softly smiled at him and walked out of the bedroom, leaving Bucky to his thoughts.
Bucky stayed on the bed for a few minutes, trying to sike himself up.
He’d never been to the store to grab condoms; they were so different from what he was used to in 40’s. It was usually you grabbing them when you went shopping, but you must have forgot this time.
He slipped on his shoes, not bothering to change out of his comfy sweats he was wearing and grabbed his wallet from the bedside cabinet.
Walking out of the bedroom, he made his way to the kitchen where you were pottering about.
“I’ll be back, doll. Love you.” He reached down to kiss you goodbye.
“See you soon, love you baby.” You kissed him back, not sensing his nerves and he was on his way.
It didn’t take Bucky long to reach the store.
He walked in, nodded politely at the little old lady behind the register as she said her hellos and made his way to the condom section.
Bucky’s eyes scanned the entire stock.
He’d never seen so many brands, styles, or colours of condoms before.
Getting more confused by the minute, he remembered what you told him. “You know what size you are, just grab and go.”
So, that’s what he did.
He grabbed a box, not even looking at the size or brand and went to the till.
As Bucky stood there, he tried to cover his face with his long hair to hide the blushing mess he had become. The little old lady didn’t even bat an eye. For that, Bucky was thankful.
She scanned the box, telling Bucky the total so he can pay and be on his way.
He shoved the box into his pocket and made a brisk walk home, so he could hide forever.
When Bucky walked into your shared apartment, you were sitting on the couch in the living room with a book in hand and a fresh cup of tea steaming away on the coffee table.
He pulled out the box and dropped it on the table making you jump as he walked away.
You put your book down and grabbed the box and saw the size he got.
You stood up with the box in hand and went to your shared bedroom.
“Baby?” you called opening in the door to see Bucky sitting on the end looking more confused than ever.
“There was so many. I was so confused.” He started and turned to look at you, “why is there so many?”
“I don’t know, baby. People just like variety, I guess.” You shrugged softly and sat down beside him.
“I got the wrong size, didn’t I?” he sighed and rubbed his face with his hands and groaned, causing you to giggle softly.
“Hey, its okay. Let me grab my shoes and we’ll go together.” You kissed his cheek and got up off the bed to grab your shoes.
You came back with your shoes on as Bucky stood up and grabbed your hand, linking his fingers with yours as you both made your way back to the store.
When you both got to the store, you waved hello to the lady behind the till and made your way, with Bucky in hand, to the condom section again.
Looking at Bucky’s face filled with confusion, you explain what the types were, what sizes they had and what colours and flavours they came in.  
He was still a little embarrassed but asked a couple of questions which you were happy to answer to the best of your knowledge.
When you were both finished, you grabbed his size (king size) and went back to the lady at the till to pay.
Once you were finished, you put the box in your pocket and Bucky grabbed your hand linking his fingers again as you walked home.
It didn’t take long for Bucky to rip your clothes off when you got home and use up the entire box you purchased.
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A FEW WEEKS LATER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It had been 3 weeks since the whole condom mishap with Bucky. During those 3 weeks, Bucky’s confidence in getting condoms had rocketed.
Every day you came home from work, or when he came home from a mission, he’d always had a new box for you both to try out.
You didn’t complain, you loved it.
Although you had so many boxes, Sam and Steve thought you were selling them. When you had to explain Bucky’s obsession with different condom types, they were sorry they asked.
 It wasn’t until one night; you had gotten in from work and made your way to the bedroom you knew Bucky would be.
What you didn’t expect, is to find the lights off and standing in the middle of the room, sporting a glow in the dark condom on his erected cock, was Bucky.
“Hey, doll. Check out my light saber.” You couldn’t see him, but you could sense he was grinning.
He leant forward and pressed a button on his phone. The sound that came out, is what made you die along with watching Bucky swing his erection around to the light saber effect.
When you calmed down with your laughter, Bucky stalked towards you and picked you up, chucking you on the bed and within seconds you were naked.
He flipped you onto your stomach, so your ass was in the air as he lent forward to whisper in your ear.
“Do you think you can take my light saber pounding you?” he breathed, causing shivers to run down your spine as he slipped his cock into your dripping wet pussy causing you to squeak out a moan.
You knew when he was like his, you’d feel him in your cervix for days.
But that was always the best part about sex with Bucky.
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syiano · 7 months ago
Yay, more preferences!! :o
Avengers x Male!Reader
Marvel Preferences: Kissing Them Awake
Tumblr media
When you kiss him awake, he'll gladly return the favor by giving you a passionate kiss. Steve will relax in bed with you for a while, but then will get up for his morning run. When you grab him and pull him back in the bed, you kiss him to silence any protests he has.
Tumblr media
Bucky surprises you with a kiss before you can give him another one. He'll laugh at your reaction, and will say he doesn't mind having another one, and he will suddenly grab you, and trap you, smothering your face with kisses.
Tumblr media
Sam will playfully ask you what's the special occasion, bringing you closer. When you tell him you just wanted to surprise him, he chuckles and tells your surprise isn't as big as his, as he begins to kiss and lightly tickle you.
Tumblr media
Tony will pretend to be annoyed, gently pushing your face away telling you to stop. When you would keep doing it, he will suddenly grab you and tuck you in his arm and will tell you to go back to sleep. When you'd squirm and protest, he will say, "that's what you get for assuming that I was Sleeping Beauty."
Tumblr media
Peter will blush really hard when you kiss him awake. He will shyly give you a few kisses too, telling you good morning. When you tease him about blushing so much, he will groan and hide himself underneath the blankets.
Tumblr media
It takes a lot to wake Scott up, and he'll wake up confused when you would kiss him awake; he'll literally ask what time is it, what's the date, and if he's late for something. When you kiss him again, he becomes quietly immediately for a moment, and will look at you, and will ask, " this your (new) way of saying good morning?"
Tumblr media
Bruce would blush a little, and couldn't really find himself saying anything about it. He'll smile, and shyly say good morning to you, and when you would comment about it, he would groan a little and hug you, hiding his face in your chest.
Tumblr media
Thor will gladly wake up with a big smile, and bring you close. He will say that he would like to return the favor, as he proceeds to kiss and touch you all over, practically worshipping your body.
Tumblr media
Loki chuckles when you kiss him awake. He will tease you, saying that you will pay for interrupting his sleep, and will climb on top of you and pin you down by your wrists. He will then playfully kiss your neck and your lips, giving you way more than what you wanted.
Tumblr media
Pietro will pretend to still be sleeping, so that can get more kisses from you. When you would still think he's asleep, you will hear him trying to hold in his laughter, only for you to smack his shoulder. Then, he'll say, "aw, come on. I'll go gladly go back to sleep if you want me to."
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celebrities-imagines · 4 months ago
Avengers Preferences - Endearing nicknames
Tony Stark:
Tumblr media
Hot Stuff & Baby
Tony is a big fan of nicknames. He has two different names for you, hot stuff and baby. If Tony wants to make you blush or tease you he'll call you hot stuff. It also slips out when he's jealous. When Tony's being sweet he'll call you baby. He normally calls you that in a whiny voice when he wants to cuddle.
Steve Rogers:
Tumblr media
Steve is such a gentleman. So, unlike Tony, he'd never give you a nickname he considers inappropriate or impolite. It took him a few months into the relationship before he started calling you Sweetheart; he was afraid of being disrespectful. But now it's all he calls you.
Peter Parker:
Tumblr media
You and Peter started as friends, so when you started dating nicknames were a little awkward. Eventually, though, Peter started you, Angel, after it slipped out one day. He claims you were an Angel sent to save him. It's cheesy but you know he means it.
Bucky Barnes:
Tumblr media
Bucky is very old fashioned. He started calling you Doll before you even started dating, mostly because he'd always had a crush on you and it was his way of flirting. It always worked on the girls in the past at least. When you started dating the name didn't change but the weight behind it did.
Pietro Maximoff:
Tumblr media
принцесса (Princess)
Pietro calls you princess for the simple fact that you are his princess. You deserve the best and he wants to remind you of that. So, he started calling you princess all the time so you wouldn't forget you deserve to be treated like royalty. Pietro says it in Sokovian because he knows how much you like his accent.
Tumblr media
My Queen
Loki calls you my Queen for a couple of reasons. The first is because he still feels he should be king, and every king needs a queen. However, the main reason is because he thinks you should be treated as nothing less than a queen. To him, you deserve the world.
Tumblr media
Lady (Y/n)
When you and Thor first met he called you Lady (Y/n). You explained to him that he could just call you (Y/n) but he never did. Once you started dating he knew he could just call you by your name, but he didn't. Thor liked the way you blushed when he called you Lady (Y/n). He also knew it made you feel special, so he didn't stop.
Stephen Strange:
Tumblr media
(Y/n) & Beautiful
Stephen's not big into nicknames so he often calls you by your name. Early into your relationship he only called you (Y/n), nothing else. However, when Stephen started falling, hard, beautiful started slipping from his lips from time to time.
Tumblr media
Although Vision has adjusted extremely well to human life he still hasn't completely gotten behind nicknames. The only nickname he's given you is darling. For Vision, that word just seemed to come naturally when talking to you. He can't explain it but he also likes the way you blush when he calls you it.
Wanda Maximoff:
Tumblr media
Мёд (Honey)
Wanda claims she calls you Honey because you're so sweet. After Wanda became an Avenger and lost Pietro you noticed she talked less about her home, and began talking in Sokovian less. So, when Wanda started dating you she decided to call you Honey in her original language to show how much she loves you, she's willing to be vulnerable and open up for you.
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saviorsong · 6 months ago
Clumsy periods - Avengers Edition
Tony thinks it’s hilarious that you drop, run into, and just in general spazz out during your period. He’ll even occasionally ask you to do something, knowing you’ll likely drop it. He’ll watch it on replay, however, if he were ever to see you upset over it. You can bet he’d have a solution made in days for you. By your next period, there’d be a piece of jewelry on your table that helps stabilize you. But so that you know, he kept the funny videos.
Steve Rogers is agitated. He becomes the moon of your earth, spinning around you to keep you safe from harm. After the third “ow” of the day, he is peeking around the corner with his forehead pursed. Then it suddenly clicks, your period. Your cycle was irregular at best, so it tended to take a moment for him to get it when it did occur. After he does, consider him your bodyguard, masseurs', and cuddle buddy. That firm barrel chest is ripe for cuddling.
Natasha has never had a period due to the Red Room, rendering her unable to have children. She does, however, have your periods synched to the day. Mostly so, like any spy worth their salt, she’s prepared. She plans everything to the T, without telling you, there’s chocolate in the fridge and movies on the counter. She dresses you in fluffy sweatshirts and keeps you on the couch so you don’t get hurt. Natasha is the best girlfriend.
Sam Wilson waits for you to ask for help. He leans against the counter or door frame while you cook or bake. A string of curse words while you attempt to move around the kitchen. Sam ready to move in at a moment’s notice but understanding that you are still capable. Once you’re done being the woman of the house, he pulls you into his chest and singing softly while you dance around the kitchen—the warmth of his palm sinking into your lower back.
Bucky is one of the few intrinsically competent avengers with your clumsy behavior. His sister was equally clumsy on her period: vases, hard candies, or plates were all shattered every month. To such a degree, when he had to do dishes four nights in a row, he knew. While Bucky didn’t use fancy programs or mental spreadsheets, he did keep a standard calendar. Within a few days, he learned to take over the dishes and buy your favorite snack.
Bruce, unfortunately, is someone that needs to be yelled at once or twice. It’s not that he doesn’t care; it’s just his brain is preoccupied. After you have a meltdown, he begins to notice and tracking on his google calendar, especially after breaking one of his experiments in the lab.
T’Challa, per usual, asks his sister for help. Meaning she watches you break one of her experiments, her jaw drops, and she yells at T’challa in Wakandan. To which she marches over and grabs you a separate piece of tech. This alleviates your issues. As you leave her lab, T’Challa whispers, “ I told you she would give you one.” A smug smirk on his lips.
Carol carries you everywhere. She finds it hilarious that you can’t walk a few steps without taking down a door frame, but finds it much more fun to pepper you with kisses while carrying you like a delicate princess, regardless of your size, even if you lick her face in rebellion.
Scott Lang is fun in the least he too will run into objects and drop things with you. Have no fear that you broke a glass. He’ll break three so that you don’t feel so alone. You two will likely go onto make a craft out of the broken pieces and thrift some new cups. \
Hawkeye will use that uncanny hand-eye coordination so that he saves every piece of pottery and glass where. Which when you leave the house turns into a big question mark. Why do you break nothing at home but everything at work….because Hawkeye never thinks to tell you.
Thor carries you around from the moment he sees blood. Whether because you fell and skinned your knee or because there's blood on his dick. He's well aware of your ability to run into parked cars during this time of the month, not with your car. It's resulted in the Asgardian God becoming your personal protection squad. On the days where you don't tolerate his carrying you or if you don't in general, he will constantly put himself between you and doorframes. For that matter, anything else you would typically harm yourself on.
Loki doesn't force you to stay by him or the couch. He merely keeps a keen eye on you. If anyone so much as blinks at you wrong after you fall consider their day ruined.
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marvel-preferences · 2 months ago
Marvel Preference based on the song “Little do you know”! You should definitely go listen to it but you can always read the preferences with listening to it.
Part two-
Captain America/Steve Rogers
“Little do you know how I’m breaking while you fall asleep”
Tumblr media
You loved Steve and you loved being with him but it was hard knowing that he loved someone else. Knowing that he still loved Peggy. You knew she meant a lot to him before he was frozen. But it still hurt knowing your boyfriend loved someone else. Usually it didn’t really bother you but since he had started hanging out with Sharon Carter more and more, you started getting more self conscious about it. You were scared that if he had a choice, he would choose Peggy over you. You never really told him about it because you didn’t want him to think you were jealous or controlling. So you just silently suffered through the jealousy and pain while he fell asleep not knowing how you felt.
Hulk/Bruce Banner
“Little do you know, I’m still haunted by the memories”
Tumblr media
Once you and Bruce got into a fight about how you felt like he cared more about his science than he did about you. Your were mad because he never wanted to spend time with you, you would have to force him to spend any time with you. All he ever wanted to do was be in his lab, working. During the fight, he got so mad at you that he accidentally hulked out. You were terrified, knowing what he was capable of but you took a deep breath and just tried to calm him down. At first you thought it was working until he hit you out of the way with his arm. You flew back so far that you hit one of the lab tables, cracking your head open. You laid there bleeding and terrified of what hulk was going to do with you next. You heard him walking over to you. So you closed your eyes, begging god to not let this be how you died. Luckily right before hulk got to you, Thor came in and distracted him while Natasha got you out of danger. After they calmed hulk down, Bruce came and told you how sorry he was and how he never meant to hurt you. You tried to forgive him and forget about what happened because you knew he didn’t mean to hurt you but that didn’t stop the constant nightmares of hulk killing you.
Spider-Man/Peter Parker
“Little do you know, I need a little more time”
Tumblr media
Peter had just told you that he was Spiderman. You didn’t know how to feel about it, how to feel about the fact that he has been lying to you for months. You knew he had a good reason and that he was just trying to protect you. But it hurt knowing how easily he could lie to you and how good he was at doing it. He tried reaching out to you, asking if you guys were okay but you didn’t know what to tell him. You loved him but hated how he had lied to you. So you told him, you needed a little more time.
God of lightning/Thor Odinson
“I’ve been holding back for the fear that you might change your mind”
Tumblr media
Before you and Thor started dating, he was dating some girl named Jane. When you guys met (at a bar), they were on their third break of the month. You guys flirted a bit, drank a bit and had some fun. Thor loved spending time with you maybe even more than he loved spending time with Jane. But he knew he had to tell you that he was in a relationship. Because even though he might not be happy with Jane at the moment, he would NEVER cheat on someone. Once you found out, you started distancing yourself from him. You still hung out but you made sure not to sit too close to him or touch his arm while you talked or be flirty with him. After both of you got closer (as friends), Thor realized he had feelings for you, more than friends feelings. But him and Jane were finally doing better and he still loved her. After a while, he knew he had to choose. You (the girl who always made him laugh) or Jane (the girl who never gave up)? After a bit of thinking, he chose you. He told you the reason he chose was because you made him happier than he had ever been on Asgard or with Jane. Though secretly, you were always worried that he would wake up one day and realize he made a mistake. Realize he picked the wrong girl and leave you for Jane.
God of Mischief/Loki “Odinson”
“I’m ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight”
Tumblr media
You loved Loki with all your heart but you just couldn’t forget what he had done. You knew he had changed but it was hard to let go of what he did. He hurt and killed so many innocent people. He hurt your friends and family. (I mean Tony almost died because of him.) You had forgiven Loki for all the damage he had caused to your world but you just couldn’t forget. No one could. And every time it was brought up (which was a lot) your heart hurt thinking about all the people he killed.
After a while what he had done started causing issues between you two. You just couldn’t forget about all the pain he had caused. You knew it was in the past but you couldn’t just cuddle and kiss the evil god who had hurt and killed people. So you ended up having to break up with him. You told him that you just couldn’t be with someone who was capable of such horrific things. He begged you to hear him out but you said that nothing would change what he did and you just couldn’t live with someone who terrorizes people for personal gain.
Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes
“I’ll love you like you’ve never felt the pain”
Tumblr media
Bucky always hated himself for what he had done as the Winter Soldier. He could never forgive himself for all the people he killed even though he was being mind controlled. You always tried to remind him that he wasn’t the one killing those people, that he wasn’t in control. But that didn’t change how much pain he conflicted on people. And for that he could never forgive himself for, mind control or not. You never knew how you could make him feel better or help him since you had never been through anything similar. So you always just cuddled and kissed him as long as you could. All you could do was love him, so you loved him more than you’ve ever loved anyone or anything.
Iron man/Tony Stark
“I promise you don’t have to be afraid”
Tumblr media
Since people knew Tony was Iron Man, that always put a huge target on your back. People would come after you to get him to do whatever they wanted or to cause him pain by killing what he loves the most in the world, you (his words not yours). Usually Tony would always be there to protect you from them hurting or kill you. But you were scared one day, he wouldn’t be there when you needed him. One time you had a really scary attack where you were beaten until you were black and blue. You tried to escape but you could barley move. Tony only got there in the split second before you were going to be taken or killed. After that you had nightmares every night about what would of happened if he didn’t show up in time. Would the villain of kidnapped you to try and get Tony to do something. Or were they just going to kill you to get back at Tony for something. Once Tony found out about the nightmares, he reassured you that he would always be there to protect you. You told him, it’s impossible for him to always be there so he asked you to move into the Avengers tower. He said that way there would almost always be someone there who could protect you, even if he couldn’t be. Living there helped you feel safer but the nightmares never went away so almost every night Tony would wake up to you yelling for help while asleep. He would gently wake you from the nightmare and pull you into a tight hug. He would kiss your forehead and remind you that you were safe and that he was there to protect you.
Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff
“Little do you know, all my mistakes are slowly drowning me”
Tumblr media
Natasha had always had issues forgiving herself for all her past mistakes. She felt like she didn’t deserve to be this happy with someone as amazing as you after everything she’s done. After all the pain she’s caused, she felt like she deserved to be miserable. She had killed thousands of people, taken away thousands of people’s loves one and yet she was giving the best partner ever? She felt like the world had made a mistake, given happiness to the wrong person. Not to mention, she felt like you deserved someone who wasn’t a trained weapon for killing. But she couldn’t bring herself to leave you. That’s what she hated the most, she was so selfish to ruin your life when you deserved so much better just because you made her to happy to leave. You always tried to tell you that she deserved all the happiness in the world and you wouldn’t be able to survive without her. But she never believed you, she always thought you were lying or something. She felt like she was drowning and no one could help, not even you.
Hawkeye/Clint Barton
“I’ll love you till the sun dies”
Tumblr media
After all Clint had gone through with Loki and  Ultron, you started having nightmares every night about losing him. You were always so scared of him dying on a mission and you having to live without him. Every night you would wake up screaming in bed and he would hug you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear until you calmed down. Once you finally calmed down, he would promise you that he would always come back to you. “You’re not getting rid of me anytime soon beautiful”
Everyone was panicking because Thanos had just snapped. You ran to go find Clint to make sure he was okay. You found him but you could tell he was disappearing. You ran over and fell beside where he laid. “Clint baby baby you can’t leave me. I can’t live without you. Please baby. Please. You promised. You promised you would always come back. Please you promised.” You were crying, holding his hand.
He kissed your hand. “I’ll love you till the sun dies beautiful.” You cried, “No don’t say that. You’re going to be okay. This isn’t the end. You’re not dying” you said wanting so badly to be right.
“I love you” he whispered, fading away.
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Who Moves In With Who - Avengers
This has not been proofread.
Warnings: Cursing
Tags: @thepastelweirdo; @mycosmicparadise
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Steve decided to move in with you. He didn't have nearly as much stuff which made for an easier move. Plus, it didn't really make much of a difference except he was closer to the stairs.
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
You moved in with him, of course. He figured it would be the best way to be sure you're in a safe area at all times. You mainly enjoyed the lavish surroundings that came with the move - a huge improvement to your last house.
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Same with Steve, he moved in with you. Though, Bucky moved in to get away from the base. He figured the space from the team would be perfect for his mental health. It would also give the two of you some much needed privacy.
Natasha Romanoff
Tumblr media
Same as with Tony, you moved in with her. Luckily, the base was close enough to your work that you didn't have to quit. But, she practically begged (as much as Nat can) you to come move in with her. Once she knew that you were ok with her life, she jumped to the idea.
Thor Odinson
Tumblr media
You both moved in together in a completely different house. He asked you, since the creating of New Asgard, to which you agreed. Though, the move was not exactly what you expected, and the two of you weren't in a relationship until about a year after the move.
Tumblr media
Loki's situation was odd. He couldn't really live one place and didn't have one for himself. After the effects of the Dark World and him taking the throne, he decided he'd use your home as a vacation getaway. You didn't mind it one bit since you wanted him safe.
Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
She moved in with you. Wanda loved being in your apartment. It was the perfect way to be away from the Avengers. She kept her room on base for when she needed it, but being alone in you apartment with you was what she deemed perfect in every aspect.
Clint Barton
Tumblr media
Clint moved the two of you into, of course, a farmhouse. He felt it secluded the two of you away from all of the troubles of the world and kept you distanced from his work.
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willsimpforanyone · 3 months ago
Marvel - Doctor Was Rude At An Appointment
requested by @lilacprincessofrecovery
Steve Rogers He's not impressed. I bet he's dealt with a wide variety of doctors when he was younger due to his long list of illnesses, so he's well aware that some doctors are gonna be dicks. Once you came back home almost in tears and told him what had happened, he would be sympathetic and tell you that he will personally change your doctor for when you need another appointment.
Tony Stark He would have summoned who he thought would be the best doctors to help you, so when he finds out you were treated badly there will be no hesitation in firing whoever was rude. It's important with doctors to respect your wishes and not be assholes, and he won't tolerate anyone making you feel bad.
Natasha Romanoff She's fully prepared to assassinate the doctor that made you feel bad, but the second she sees you just need her to reassure you she's gonna be dragging you onto the nearest sofa and is gonna hold you until you feel better. But she will have a quiet word with Tony about getting that doctor fired. You don't need to know.
Thor Odinson He's confused- healers on Asgard are always respectful and careful when treating or checking up on their patients. Therefore, his logical solution is to take you up to Asgard and have you treated there by Asgardians who are specially trained in Midgard anatomy- only the best for you.
Loki Laufeyson He's outraged that someone, anyone, made you feel less than how he sees you. Needs an explanation that doctors here sometimes mistreat their patients and you just need him to comfort you right now. Will spend the rest of the day doing everything he can to help you forget the appointment.
Wanda Maximoff She's sympathetic, and knows exactly what you need, whether it's a distraction or food or to be snuggled on the sofa. She won't be happy with the doctor, but she will focus all her attention on you and making sure you feel better.
Bruce Banner Gently asks you what's wrong when you come home almost in tears, and is upset that a doctor, someone who was supposed to be a professional, treated you with disrespect. Sends Tony a quick message to see what he can do because no one should be made to feel inferior in a medical setting, then spends the rest of the day soothing you.
i hope this was okay, hope you enjoyed!
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essencebucky · 11 months ago
         **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚   
                  Bucky Barnes as your boyfriend  
           **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ 
He’s going to call you doll a whole lot, he loves seeing you smile whenever he does and he thinks the pet name suits you so well
He loves a good cuddle- at first it might be a lot for him but he’d get used to it and would constantly be pulling you in for snuggle sessions on the couch
Bucky wouldn’t say no to being the small spoon occasionally, he wouldn’t say it but it makes him feel really safe 
He would let you play with his hair if you ask and would purr like a kitten when you run your fingers through it 
He’d sit between your legs and let you braid it whenever you watched movies together 
You’d wake up every morning to his deep raspy voice 
He’d normally wake up before you and he’d bring you a cup of coffee every morning with a kiss on the forehead
You’d both shower together a lot, he’d love to help you shampoo your hair whenever your feeling stressed out 
He’d gift you a lot of jewelry and flowers 
Bucky would love to see you in his clothes, he wouldn’t necessarily find it sexy, more comforting 
He’d love to spend holidays together especially around Christmas, he doesn’t have very many people close to him so he’d be really happy to have someone to spend holidays with 
You guys would work out together and he’d get really turned on by your workout clothes 
Bucky really would be a sucker for back hugs, he’d love to wrap his arms around you from behind and rest his chin on your shoulder 
You’d introduce him to your friends and family and they’d all adore him
You would hang out together with your friends at bars and he’d be so thankful that he can do something normal
The sex could get a little rough but it would always be so passionate 
He would love to watch you put on makeup and would want to try putting it on you
‘‘so this goes here?’‘ he would look so cute with his tongue poking out and his nose scrunched up as he puts eyeliner on your eyebrows 
He wouldn’t be the best cook so you’d order a lot of food in 
He’s been through a lot and knows what’s out in the world so he’d be very protective of you, especially if you worked in the same field 
Bucky would still have nightmares from time to time and you’d spend the nights when he does, smoothing his hair and holding him in your arms while you tell him stories about your childhood to take his mind of the horrors he’s been through
He’d love museum dates, it would be so sweet to see his face light up as he walks around 
If there’s a carnival around he’d want to take you on a date there as well
He’d tell you so many stories about what him and Steve used to get up to 
Bucky’s kisses would be so slow and sensual and it wouldn’t be uncommon for his hands to start wandering after a minute of kissing 
You would have so many inside jokes that would have you doubled over laughing 
He really would like to start a family one day but he’d be so scared and he’d doubt his ability as a father 
He’d sleep talk a lot and you’d find it so sweet 
Bucky would have a habit of rubbing his thumb over your fingers whenever he held your hand 
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thepinkvalkyrie · 6 months ago
How you met (Avengers headcanons)
Sorry for taking so long I’ve had no motivation to write anything - blue
- You were best friends with Tony 
shocking right
- when you were visiting once Steve had walked in 
- “s-sorry I didn’t know you were...busy”
- You just chuckled 
- “No this is just my old friend (Y/n) our parents knew each other”
- “Hello I’m Steve Rogers”
- “I know Tony talks about all of the team often”
- “O-oh” 
- He was just so shy its cute
- Nick hired you to work with the avengers because of you (fav superpower)
-  Everyone seemed nice so you didn’t mind
- ... then you met Tony 
- He’s kind of an asshole but you couldn’t hate him
- “Hey you beautiful!”
- “Her name is (y/n)”
- “I’m sure she doesn’t mind being called beautiful by the Tony stark don’t you gorgeous?” 
- Why does he have to be such a fucking tease 
- you were a fellow S.H.I.E.L.D agent
- Fury had instructed you to work with him
- You didn't like working with other people so you kept your distance for a long time
- But that's the thing about Clint he can make anyone open up
- "Hi I'm Clint"
- "Hi you can fuck off"
- besides that one meeting you were nice
- You were best friends with Sam
- Sam often ranted to you how much he hated bucky
- Bucky didn’t seem like that bad of a guy if he was just brainwashed
- In fact you felt sorry for him
- Sam was just over the top sometimes
- You walked into the avengers tower J.A.R.V.I.S had let you in
- You had seen someone sitting at the living room table
- “Hello sorry to bother you but do you know where Sam is?”
- “uh yeah he just left on a mission who are you?”
- “oh I’m (y/n) his friend and you are...”
- “my friends call me Bucky”
- you smiled softly
- You were a S.H.I.E.L.D agent in training
- you had been training since you were still in diapers
- When you finally started to actually work with the avengers you were very happy to have someone your age work there as well
- “Everyone this is (y/n) they will be working with you from now on”
- “woah another teenager? Hi I’m Peter”
- “uh hi?”
- “it’s so cool that like me- well not like me but like a teenager like me, I don’t think I’ve met anyone who is my age here before”
- He rambles when nervous
- you think it’s cute
- You had been an old Hydra experiment before you were rescued by S.H.I.E.L.D
- you had powers and they were (fav superpower)
- which is why Fury thought it would be perfect for you to work with the avengers
- Pietro was one of the first people you met
- “Hello beautiful”
- His accent was thick
- You smiled trying not to pay attention to the pet name
- “Hello I’m (y/n)”
- “A beautiful name for a beautiful face”
- His wink was flawless
- “I’m Pietro, Pietro Maximoff”
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historygeekfics · a month ago
Wars of the Roses AU Masterlist
♥ Please do not plagiarise, copy, or translate.
♥ Please read individual chapter warnings.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
15th century England, and the houses of Lancaster and York are fighting for the throne. Where will you find yourself in this conflict, and who will share your heart?
*18+. Minors DNI. Please read my 18+ disclaimer.
Author Notes:
I'll try to keep the history light in these fics, but if you want some background to the Wars of the Roses, then this summary is pretty good: Wars of the Roses
Because this is set in 15th century England (or an AU version of 15th century England), character names might be altered slightly to fit the theme.
This is an alternate history AU, so there will naturally be anachronisms and inaccuracies! Please don't come at me, fellow history geeks, I bruise easily
These fic banners have ended up looking like the covers of cheapo historical erotica from the 90s, and you know what, I ain't mad.
Tumblr media
The Maid of Mortimer's Cross - Valkyrie x Reader
Read on Tumblr | Read on AO3
February 1461. Your father and brother have been taken prisoner. To defend your family name, you disguise yourself, take up arms, and follow the Lancastrian army into war. But you are not the only one in disguise on the battlefield...
Tumblr media
Gentle Knight - Sam Wilson x Reader
Read on Tumblr | Read on AO3
July 1461. Your family were loyal to the House of Lancaster, but when your father is killed in battle, you and your two siblings find yourselves facing an uncertain future. But the man the new king sends to ensure your loyalty is not what you expected...
Tumblr media
The Paramour - Bucky Barnes x Reader
*Coming soon!
Tumblr media
In Service of the Queen - Natasha Romanoff x Reader
*Coming soon!
Tumblr media
A New Dawn - Steve Rogers x Reader
*Coming soon!
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imsebastiansta-n · a month ago
PR Stunt Masterlist (Mini Series)
Tumblr media
PR (public relations) or Publicity Stunt: something unusual that is done to attract people's attention to a particular person, product, or organization.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader (Sebastian Stan x Alejandra Onieva (platonic, PR Stunt)
A/N: Okay so I wrote this bc I have an opinion and so do others. Please don’t comment/reblog talking shit, bc quite frankly I don’t want to hear it. I think the whole ‘relationship’ is bullshit and all she’s looking for is fame and money.  
If you don’t want to read this, that is absolutely fine, just keep scrolling and carry on with your day.
If you read it and have stuff to say and think its horrible? Don’t say it. Keep it to yourself.
If you read it and have your own opinion, great let me know. Just don’t say awful stuff, say your opinion and leave.
If you read it and have the same opinion as me, great let me know. Again, dont be horrible.
Either way, everyone has an opinion whether it be good or bad. As long as I don’t get death threats and little, teeny boppers in my dm’s going all keyboard warrior, go nuts.
PS: before anyone says it, I’m not a ‘jealous’ fan. I just care deeply for Sebastian’s wellbeing and mental health. Something a lot of people seem to forget about.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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syiano · 3 months ago
Hi love your work! When you have time could you make a head cannon to how the readers boyfriend reacts to them punching a hole in a metal wall by accident? Like they scared the reader and his first instinct was to punch something?
Avengers x Male!Reader
Marvel Preferences: They Scare You
Tumblr media
Steve is left in shock before his eyes slowly softens into a worried look as he glances at your scared face. He doesn't say anything at first, giving you some time to collect yourself. He recluentaly tells you he's going to get closer so he can help you get your hand out the wall before checking out your hand to treat any bruises as he apologizes for scaring you.
Tumblr media
Bucky flinches back in shock and hurt. He's completely convinced that you deserve so much better, and he no longer trusts himself, especially if he ends up hurting you. He wants to see if your hand is okay, but he's so afraid to ask, his lip quivering as he watches you try to pull your hand out of the hole you made in the hall.
Tumblr media
Tony taken back by the response, but he raises his hands while sighing as an attempt to tell you he's got nothing on his hands that can harm you. (And then saying, "...Looks like I'm going to have to repair that wall, huh. Also, remind me what else scares you so that you don't end up punching a hole through me, yeah?")
Tumblr media
Sam flinches back, muttering a 'whoa' under his breathe. But he tries to quickly play it off so he doesn't make you worried of him being scared of you. He gently reassures you that there's nothing going on and how it's just him before apologizing for scaring you. (And then making a joke after you get your hand out of the wall: "Glad I wasn't that wall, huh?")
Tumblr media
Scott gets scared from what he just did, and then seeing you scared makes him feel worse. He's shocked and he speaks a whole bunch of gibberish from seeing that you've punched a whole in the wall, and he's might as well just as scared as you are at this point.
Tumblr media
Peter gets scared from seeing you scared...When he notices that you're afraid of something that he did, he panics a little and stutters over his words, trying to explain what happened in a way that can make you relax and reassure you. He then constantly asks is your hand okay (not sure if he should be amazed or shocked that your hand went through a metal wall).
Tumblr media
Bruce is not even shocked that he scared you, but he is disappointed in himself. He's completely aware of what he's capable of, and scaring anyone including you isn't anything that would be surprising for you. Bruce carefully asks to see your hand, not making any attempt to step towards you while offering to bandage your hand.
Tumblr media
Thor is quick to comfort and reassure you; his first instinct is to also just hold you in his arms until he notices you back away from him. He softens his voice for you and promises that he will never truly hurt you in an attempt to calm you down.
Tumblr media
Loki's reaction depends on the situation - if he's pranking you and this is the response he gets, he's surprised but he's also holding in his laughter at the same time (especially if Tony walks by and he's complaining about it).
If Loki scares you in more of a serious situation (such as a heated agurement), he slowly comes to the realization of what he's done, and stares at you in shock, more in shock by himself. He's almost convinced that he's a monster, and how he doesn't deserve to even have you.
Tumblr media
Pietro is confused and taken back. When he sees you step back when he tries to be closer to you, and then you'll notice him slowly becoming irritated, but that's because he's hiding how nervous he is. But he still manages to gently asks if you're okay, mumbling an apology under his breathe.
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celebrities-imagines · 7 months ago
Avengers Preferences- Couple Tattoos
Tony Stark:
Tumblr media
The reason you and Tony got matching pizza tattoos is that that's what the two of you had on your first date. Tony knew you weren't impressed with his wealth or ego so he took you to a small pizza place, where you talked and laughed the whole night.
Captain America:
Tumblr media
Steve was not very fond of the idea of a tattoo but after much convincing, he agreed. You thought the only fitting design was a dinosaur because he was as old as the one you often liked to remind him of. He was just happy that they were small, but he couldn't deny the smile that crept up his lips every time he looks at the little dinosaur.
Peter Parker:
Tumblr media
The idea of getting a tattoo made Peter very nervous, so you didn't push it, but eventually, he not only agreed but also picked out the idea. You and Peter met in math class in school, he was helping tutor you, which is where the inspiration came from. When he told you his idea he said the idea of it was because "I'm not whole without you (y/n)."
Bucky Barnes:
Tumblr media
Similar to Steve, Bucky was wary of a tattoo simply because they weren't very popular when he was young. And, he'd never admit it but once you did the tattoo it was his favorite thing in the world, besides you of course. Bucky had serious trust issues, but the tattoo reminded him he could always trust you. It also reminded him how special you were considering only a few people had seen his true
Pietro Maximoff:
Tumblr media
Almost 99% of the time Pietro is moving too fast for you. The tattoos were his idea; he wanted them as a way to show you he'd always be by your side even if he wasn't. He constantly worried about you since joining the Avengers. You decided on the tattoos, partly a joke, he was faster than lighting, but it's just the way you too remind yourselves to slow down, especially with how fast the world moves.
Tumblr media
Although Loki has never truly been King, he still sees himself that way, and you're his Queen. Loki chose this tattoo for two reasons: 1.) It reminds him that he'll always have you who believes in him, his queen.
2.) It shows other people that you aren't theirs to take.
The truth is Loki enjoys the two of you being connecting by these tattoos and just being reminded of someone as incredible as you love him.
Tumblr media
Thor is the God of Thunder, so it's only fitting his tattoo has something to do with a storm. He always calls you his calm in the storm, his light in the dark, his sun, so you decided to get a tattoo with the sun rising after a storm. Thor has the storm itself tattoo on it with the sun behind the clouds, because you're always protecting him, and your tattoo is what you are to Thor, the sun after the storm.
Stephen Strange:
Tumblr media
You met Stephen before the accident and all the magic as a nurse at the hospital. He had quite a thing for you and constantly asked you out, but you rejected him every time because of his ego and cruel tendencies. However, one day in a moment of weakness you agreed. He was a gentleman for most of the night and the two of you, pretty drunk, wandered into a tattoo parlor at the end of the night, where you were drunk enough to almost get matching tattoos. That whole night Stephen was just trying to sleep with you. You were so mad you told him he had an evil heart. After the accident, you tried again and realized he wasn't the man you once knew, which is why you got each other's heartbeats because Stephen's heart was no longer evil, but good.
Tumblr media
At first, the tattoo only worked for Vision in human form, but eventually, he reprogrammed it to make the tattoo show up while in his natural form. Vision finds humans extremely fascinating and loves to do as much "human" stuff as possible. The two of you once walked past a tattoo parlor and he was very interested in the concept. Surprisingly, he was the one who convinced you to get the tattoo. You chose the WiFi symbol as a joke but added the heart as the final touch. Even when Vision is not in human form when he looks down at the tiny tattoo it reminds him, he is human.
Wanda Maximoff:
Tumblr media
The idea for the tattoo was Wanda's powers. A lot of people think Wanda's dangerous and has no control of her powers, but you disagree. You think her powers are beautiful and she saved your life years ago in the Battle of New York. The tattoos are small but the little red rings around your fingers, purposefully the color of Wanda's magic, remind you two that you're bound by love for life.
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ladyofhellhounds · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
(not my gifs)
A/N: Sorry for taking so long but I have been busy with school and work.
Tag: @buckybarton03
How they react when they are jealous?
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
He tends to be overprotective whether he is jealous or not. Usually if he's jealous you can notice, mostly because his jaw clench and he becomes super touchy with you,like he can't stop holding your hand or hugging you in order to show you belong to him, he also tend to make sarcastic comments. Bucky is kinda insecure, not because he wants to but because people see him as a murderer, so when someone flirts with you he feels like he has to do everything to show the guy you are not available, you are the love of his life and he doesn't want to lose you. He is such a softie.
Bruce Banner
Tumblr media
Ok su Brucie here is a cinnamon roll but when he is jealous you can notice, he isn't a discreet person. The way he starts to clench his fists trying to control the other guy is the first sign of jealousy, and don't get me wrong, he is a very quiet and kind man but he only reacts like this with certain men. The ones he does not trust. Most of the time he is calm and doesn't get jealous because he is aware of how much you love him.
Dr. Banner just wants to protect you, that's all.
Pietro Maximoff
Tumblr media
  Pietro is sassy and super sarcastic.
   He is the kind of guy who kisses you in front of the person flirting with you to show them you are his girlfriend. If the other person is being incredibly insistent he is definitely not going to react well. Jealousy Pietro is not cool, even for you he can be annoying sometimes because he doesn't care getting in trouble.
Scott Lang
Tumblr media
   Such a lovely man, like he is perfect.
  Does he get jealous? Sure, but he is pretty low key. Making a scene or trying to prove he is with you is not something he will do. Instead he prefers to tell you how in love he is with you and that's all... sometime he makes a couple of jokes, because you know, it's him. Scott knows you love him and that's the only thing he needs.
Stephen Strange
Tumblr media
Oh Stephen... he kinda likes to humiliate the person. Not like being super rude but he does and he enjoys it. He tend to say things like "what makes you think someone like her would be with someone like you?" He is mean, but never aggressive. Thid man is super self-confident so he is not jealous because he thinks you'll leave him, is because he likes to see how no one has a chance to be with you. More than once you have felt bad for the poor soul who dared to flirt with you in front of him.
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saviorsong · 25 days ago
Being a Caregiver - Avengers
Each of the Avengers responds in a myriad of ways over you becoming a caregiver of a friend or family member. 
Tony Stark being the germaphobe that he is would likely be grossed out initially. After he observes you one day sending a drone to spy on you, perspectives change. He see’s the love, care, and commitment you put into each interaction. Watching you adjust their clothing so their covered. Blowing on the food to make sure they don’t burn themselves. His heart breaks, pondering why he could never find anyone who cared for him that way. Suddenly the building is under new ownership everything is now ADA accessible and rent is subsidized. 
Natasha during one of her many digging sessions sees that you have a morning routine. As well as no availability for long term missions, needless to say, she digs. Hacking into cameras she follows your every move seeing you arrive. After an initial observation she decides to scope it out in person. Being a part time Avenger yourself you quickly spot the spy, inviting her in. She spends a few hours getting to know the person you care for in depth. From then on Natasha was always available for an afternoon cup of tea with the two of you. Anytime you need a hand getting to appointments.  
Scott Lang found out after a conversation with you.(wasn’t that easy?) He told you how impressed he was with your patience and compassion.  From then on he made it his mission to make you laugh: funny dances, stories about his life, physical humor. The man is not too full of himself to make a fart joke if it makes you smile.  If you’re too tired to drive home he makes sure you get their safely; whether, he carries you or drives you back. He is a dad after all.
Thor found out about your caregiving by overhearing the conversation with Scott. He ends up conversing with you as well. Becoming an excellent ear to bounce ideas off, even coming to a doctors appointment as bribe. Once he returns to Asgard he speaks to their medics about the individuals conditions. Upon returning he delivers medical or technological supports. Even going so far as installing, administering, and explaining it himself. 
Bucky just observed you following silently until you broke down in tears after one exceptionally hard day. After you unravel all your thoughts and feelings, he’s still standing their listening. Bucky knows exactly how you’re feeling: the worry, the fear, the early morning and broken nights sleep. On those days he just sits with you, occasionally sharing what it was like to care for a sickly Steve Rogers. When you walk up to his, resting a head on his shoulder he just walks with you to the open window.
Sam invites you to engage in healthy coping mechanism: he saves a meal, invites you on workouts, or asks you to come to support groups. He never pushes. Sam knows you’re grown, that you make your choices. He rarely turns down company knowing how much better you do when you take care of yourself. 
Clint, well he read your lips across the room. Theirs always an extra serving of coffee, exactly to your liking. It’s the little things with Clint. His wife packing an extra snack or sending a home cooked meal so when you get home it’s one less things to do. He gives extra pats on the back when days are hard.
Bruce uses his biomedical PhD to find articles, experimental trials, and his academic prestige to get you in contact with the best minds of medicine and science alike. Tony and him even twiddle around contributing a paper or two on the subject of illness, disability, or life modification.
Steve knowing exactly what it’s like to be ill helps with the day to day elements. Grocery run? Consider it done. Dishes piling away in the sink? Completed. Getting carried to bed because you fell asleep on the couch. You wake up in bed. He’s the best day to day support you could ask for without actually asking.
Loki is a bit of ass to start. When he see’s the energy you put into caring he changes his tune. Your bed is suddenly fitted with the finest sheets. His arms snuggly wrapped around your waist. Loki knows exactly what it’s like to be alone with a weight heavier than you think you can bear. Yet you carry it still.
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marvel-preferences · 2 months ago
Metalhead Reader
Requested by Anonymous
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff:
Tumblr media
Natasha would hurt anyone who tried to make you feel bad about being a metal head. She thought it was adorable and any one who disagreed would get pepper spray in the eyes (which has happened on a few different occasions).
She isn’t the biggest fan of music since she was never exposed to it in the red room but she makes an effort to try and learn more about metal music and even learn some songs.
She loves hearing you play, surprisingly it relaxes her even with the loud music. Sometimes when she’s had a hard mission or something is stressing her out, she ask you to play a song or two and just lay by you until she falls asleep.
Tumblr media
Peter Parker:
Tumblr media
Peter wasn’t a fan of metal music but he loved seeing you so passionate about it. He loved to watch your face light up whenever you heard your favorite song. He loved listening to you practice for hours and hours on your electric guitar.
Every single weekend, he couldn’t wait to see you  perform your music. He didn’t understand why you liked playing such loud music but he loved the smile on your face the whole time.
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson:
Tumblr media
Loki absolutely loved your fashion sense! He loved all the baby and chains. Not to mention, he thinks you look incredible hot dressed in all black. He gets angry at anyone who stares at you or says something about your outfits (he’s even pulled his knife on Tony for making fun of your  style).
Loki loves to come to all of your performances and brag to everyone he knows about how great of a guitar player you are. He goes on and on about how he loves your music.
At first he didn’t understand metal music because they didn’t have anything similar on Asgard but soon enough he started to love it and  relate to a lot of the songs.
Tumblr media
Tony Stark:
Tumblr media
Tony wasn’t a metal head by any means but he did love some metal music. He loved to listen to you play your guitar while he worked on his iron man suits. People were always confused how he focus with such loud music but that was his favorite music to listen to while working and he loved it even more when it was played by his lover.
He was usually to busy to come see you perform but he always sent you flowers after your performances. Sometimes you got annoyed that he was always so busy but he would make it up to you by buying some metal head t-shirts and wearing them to show he cares.
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Make Up - Avengers
This has not been proofread.
Warnings: Cursing
Tags: @thepastelweirdo; @daretobedifferent1
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
After calming down, you walked back to Steve's apartment. He opened the door looking disheveled. His hair was messy. His cheeks were red. Without a word, you wrapped your arms around him. You mumbled apologies to eachother as you made your way to the couch to give a proper farewell.
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
Tony came home not long after you. You had enough time to shower and settle into bed. The billionaire walked in, stripping out of his suit into some sweats. He came over to join you before wrapping his arms around your middle. You ignored him until he began to apologize, saying that he was simply trying to impress the woman from some corporation. Knowing that made it worse, he admitted that he went about it the wrong way, stating that he had sent Pepper to finish the terms and conditions.
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
You were extremely stubborn. Despite knowing you were at fault, you refused to go and apologize until the project was finished. With Bucky behaving like a kicked puppy, you were able to. Though, the guilt inside was eating away at you. This attitude only lasted a day before you were crawling into Bucky's room to make up for your terrible mood.
Natasha Romanoff
Tumblr media
After your door being slammed in Natasha's face, she looked to see how everything had been ruined. She immediately noticed Tony's name. She headed straight for the compound, shouting for the man to come out to talk. When he did, she explained her issue, cursing him for not making sure it was her on the other end. She told him he was in charge of helping her fix her mistakes. So they went back to yours, knocking on the door. Tony was atesting to Nat's morals and why she wanted to keep that side a secret. You were skeptical, but you informed her that if she promised no more lies, you could try to start over; try to get to know the actual Natasha. She planned on bringing everyone to your bar - with her usual red hair instead of the black she wore around you - as a way of remeeting you.
Thor Odinson
Tumblr media
You refused to come home, finally reaching your breaking point with the God's behavior. It wasn't until days later that Valkyrie came and found where you were residing. She practically begged you to come back to Thor, telling you of how he seemed worse without you by his side. How Thor had merely gone to bed and had not risen from it. He declined all food brought to his door. The news convinced you to come back him. He beamed faintly when he saw you, still barely moving. As you walked closer, you took notice of the tears. He began to sob, mumbling his apologies repeatedly. You shushed him immediately, crawling into the bed to join him.
Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
After your outburst, you stormed off, heading out into town. You returned well after dark to a silent house. You knew she was home due to the sound of moving blankets. A sigh could be heard, resulting in you going towards your shared room. You could see Wanda's form sprawled out on the mattress. You decided to stay quiet, merely climbing into the bed to curl into your love. It wasn't until she returned your embrace (with you nestled into the crook of her neck) that you mumbled an apology along with an 'I love you.'
Tumblr media
It was his last day on Earth, and he had yet to see you. The fear of not saying goodbye was pulling on every heart string he had. He went as far as asking to see you when Fury came in. Despite not wanting to, Fury called you, ordering you to come to Loki's cell. You arrived promptly with Fury nowhere to be found. You avoided Loki's eyes at first until you heard him whisper. Asking him to repeat it, you walked closer before he did. The words you'd waited to hear fell through the lips into the air, increasing the amount of glee and distress you felt. His admittance changed nothing about his leaving meaning you were in love with a god that could not be with you. But, instead of dwelling on those horrible thoughts, you spent the rest of his day with him doing your usual routine with added in affection.
Clint Barton
Tumblr media
When Clint found your hideaway, you were quite happy, until he asked why you were hiding. He had no clue you were even upset. So you ignored him. After about five minutes of this, he left to find Tony, hoping your brother had the answers. Tony did, fortunately, but he almost refused to explain. The revelation left Clint feeling bothered because it was so ridiculous. But, he figured be better make it up to you because he needed his prank partner back. He found you and told you that you could prank him for free. No consequences. No anger. Nothing bad. He would let you get away with one prank on him, as long as you came back to him. You agreed to his terms.
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willsimpforanyone · 3 months ago
Parent!MCU Characters
what various marvel characters would be like as a parent, tysm to @lilacprincessofrecovery for the idea!
Steve Rogers He's gonna be a little freaked out to be a dad, but he'd be the dad that documented every little milestone, from your first steps to your school graduations to your wedding day and all the tiny insignificant moments in between. His kid is the most precious person in the world to him. When his kid is older they might want him to step back a bit, but they only have to talk to him and he'll understand.
Bucky Barnes Very hesitant as a dad, unsure what to do so he's gonna buy every child-rearing book ever published. Any problem that comes up, he's gonna be rehearsing responses in his head that he found online. It's sometimes a trial-and-error process, but he'll be damned if he doesn't try his best to help his kid in any way he can.
Tony Stark He knows what it's like to feel like you have an absent parent, so will make sure he's there whenever you need him. Can and will cut important meetings short because his kid had a bad day and wants to go get ice cream. He can seem a bit strict at times, but he's just cautious because of the amount of trauma he's been through and he's constantly worried that his kid is gonna go through problems that he can't solve.
Natasha Romanoff She is a surprisingly fun mum. Spontaneous trips galore, may or may not take you out of school for a day when she notices you've been particularly stressed. She's the mum other mums call to ask for help with their kids, but her solutions are mostly 'just listen to your damn kids! Value what they have to say!' The mum that creates a code with them for when either of them want to get out of a situation like a bad date.
Wanda Maximoff She has a firm hand as a mum, but has the correct ratio of driving past mcdonalds and caving to buy fries and ice cream on the way home. If her kid is having trouble at school, she's patient and gentle when she asks what's wrong, what can she do to help, would her kid benefit from outside help? She'll want them to finish their homework before they go out in the evening but understands that sometimes that's not possible and will let her kid go out to relax.
Stephen Strange He's a little confused by his kid, and sometimes they butt heads because they inherited his stubborn personality, but will be the adult and say that they both need a little time to cool off. He might not be great at verbal affection, but will shoulder bump his kid to ask if they're okay, will ruffle their hair as a way to say he loves them and has many non-verbal ways to communicate with his kid.
Thor Odinson Such a proud dad, regardless of his kid's hobbies, aspirations or academic success. He's the dad that brags about his kid and they will never be in doubt about how much he loves them. King of piggy-back rides. Is passionate about instilling Asgardian values into his kid, and will tell them all about their heritage, telling them some of the less scary battle tales as bedtime stories when they're young.
Loki Laufeyson He's so not sure what to do with his kid, but has Thor on speed-dial. Gets so concerned when his kid is sad, and has a notebook filled with things that make his kid happy so that when needed, he can bust out the ice cream and movie night or the shopping spree depending on the situation. Plenty of hugs, he never wants his kid to feel the way he did so regardless of how confused he is, he'll make the effort to talk it through with them and they'll figure out problems together.
Bonus! Peggy Carter The mum that encourages her kid to pursue what they're passionate in. Drawing? She's bought pencils and a sketchpad. Football? Setting up goalposts in the garden. Makeup? What's hers is theirs. Is quietly proud of her kid. She'll push them to do their best and work their hardest, but understands that there is a difference between doing their best and overworking themselves. She's very protective as a mum, probably despises the PTA.
i added peggy carter bc she owns my soul i love her
i hope you enjoyed! if you want me to expand on any of these, all you gotta do is send a request!
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domxmarvel · 11 months ago
Avengers preferences-Tattoos
S/O having a tattoo of their name/symbol 
Avengers preferences-Tattoos Part 2
Tumblr media
Loki sat down in his usual spot,holding a book. As you continued to stare at the blank page of your sketchbook,you were fond of designing your own tattoos. You knew that you wanted one for Loki,he had always loved your tattoos and even spoke about getting some. He suddenly looked up and your eyes met.
"Is there something wrong?"He asked
"No,just trying to figure out what I should get?" You didn't need to explain much,because you had your own way of understanding each other.
"You'll figure it out,and when you do I have no doubt that'll be incredible" Smiling,you leaned forward and kissed him.
"Thanks,Loki" As you moved back,it hit you.
"So,what did you decide to get?"
"I think you'll like it." Smiling,you showed him,his face instantly lit up. The tattoo was line art of his helmet.
"Y/N"He pulled you closer,wrapping his arms around you "I love it"
"And I love you" 
Bucky-dog tags
Tumblr media
"Hey Bucky,what's in this box?" You asked,you had found a box with some old stuff in it. Old photos and other stuff.
"What box?" He asked,walking in as you lifted a necklace. It was a silver piece of metal with his name on it. "It's just some of my old stuff"
"Yeah" He chuckled nervously
"Hey,you picked one yet?" You asked,hanging your jacket up. Putting the takeout bag on the counter. 
"I did"He walked into the kitchen."So,what did you get?" He looked you up and down then froze. "What's that?" Looking down you noticed he was pointing at your new tattoo. Lifting your hand,you showed him the tattoo,it was of the silver necklace. He smiled when he realized what it was."So...James"He teased,you laughed 
"Yes,James" He laughed along with you,leaning closer,you pressed your lips together.
Peter parker-matching spiders
Tumblr media
"We should get matching tattoos" Peter suggested out of nowhere. One second you were looking down at your suit,trying to install some upgrades and the next your boyfriend was asking to get matching tattoos. But you were happy about it. He had always talked about how incredible yours were.
"What should we get?" You asked 
“I’m thinking matching-"
“Let’s do it”He smiled,immediately giving you a hug. The final tattoos were a spider hanging off a thread,for some reason Peter decided that he wanted it on the bottom of his foot.
Tony stark-arc reactor
Tumblr media
The house was silent as you walked in,Tony was probably in the lab. He was spending too much time and he was overworking himself. You made your way downstairs and you were right,he was still in the lab.
“Tony”You called out,walking into the lab. He briefly glanced at you before looking back.
“Hey Y/N” Walking closer,you wrapped your arms around his waist.Peppering kisses all over his neck.
“Maybe you should take a break? You’ve been down here for two days” He sighed,you felt his body relax in your arms
“What do you have in mind?”
The bubbles were overflowing
“I might i’ve overdone it” You laughed
“Go big or go home”Tony said,walking in with a bottle of wine. Sliding your hands underneath his shirt,you quickly pulled it off. His lips were on yours in seconds,as were his hands,quickly pulling off your shirt. Only stopping when he saw your new tattoo,which looked like his arc reactor.
"When did you get this?" He asked
"About a month ago" His fingers lightly traced over it
"I love it" Leaning in you kissed him,feeling his arm wrap around you. Breaking the kiss,you tried to catch your breath 
"The water's getting cold"
Natasha romanoff-black widow spider
Tumblr media
Natasha was on another mission,leaving you tossing and turning all night. Eventually you decided to get out of bed,the heat was driving you crazy. You were looking for anything to cool you down. In the end you decided to take a cold shower.
The water was flowing down your body. When you felt a hand on your back,making you jump back. 
"Nat" You smiled as she moved closer. "I missed you"
"I've only been gone for a couple of days" She said,wrapping her arms around your shoulders.
"I still missed you" Leaning in you gave her a long kiss.
"I like the tattoo"She smirked,running her hand across it before kissing you again 
Bruce banner-science
Tumblr media
If there's something that he loves other than you,it's obviously science. You're tattoos would be something science related. He absolutely loves them,and would suggest other ideas and scientific formulas. 
"Am I the only reason you like science?" He suddenly asked 
"No,my dad was a scientist. He taught me everything I know" You laughed,he smiled at you,but suddenly his smile faded.
"What happened to him?"
"Nothing,he's fine" You laughed "But now you know why I love science and scientists" Pulling him closer,you kissed him.
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linkcolnsstuff · 2 months ago
Avengers Preferences
- them (accidentally) walking in to your room while you were changing
warning(s) ; cursing , mention of reader being half naked , slightly aggressive
pairing(s) ; Avengers , Reader (gender neutral)
anonymous to linkcolnstuffs ; hi linkcoln, I've seen you've talking a marvel request now i was wondering if you can do preferences, like a kinda funny one. you decide thank you <3
author's note ; i am not sure if this is funny or not i don't really know, hopefully this was something you asked for. </33
🗒 ❛ Tony Stark ༉‧₊˚✧
" hey (y/n) could you—oh lord jhesus mercy! "
tony yelled as he turned around as you kept putting on your shirt, you both were totally flushed
" sorry tony you could turn around now.., "
you sighed totally trying your best not to laugh with his reaction
" sometimes you could just lock your door because i don't want anybody to be traumatized too—your leaving a scar mentally ghod.. "
🗒 ❛ Steve Rogers ༉‧₊˚✧
" (y/n) i think this is yours and you left it—oh my ghod im sorry i didn't meant too.. "
he gasped turning around quickly, he was tensed of what he see—he definitely thinks he's a pervert
" it's fine i have cover on im just trying to put a shirt, you could turn around now "
" sorry again—i didn't want that to h-happen "
🗒 ❛ Natasha Romanoff ༉‧₊˚✧
" hey (y/n) Steve is trying to call— "
" oh n-nat.. "
you yelped as you snuggle yourself in your shirt quickly
" sorry, Steve is calling for a meeting down—nice titties by the way "
nat chuckled before making her way out closing the door
🗒 ❛ Bruce Banner ༉‧₊˚✧
" i think we're alone now~ running as fast as we ca— "
" oh my lhord, im so sorry oh fu— "
Bruce gasped before hitting his head on the wall making him groan, he stood up again and ran out of the room as you stand there still clueless of what happened absolutely dying of laughter after.
🗒 ❛ Clint Barton ༉‧₊˚✧
" (y/n) have you seen my other arrow— "
" oh ghod oh ghod oh ghod "
Clint yelled as he start running away trying to forget everything he sees
🗒 ❛ Thor Odinson ༉‧₊˚✧
" (y/n)! it's pop tart tim— "
Thor gasped as he dropped the box of tart covering his mouth
" oh Thor—i wait "
you said as you fastly snuggle yourself in your shirt
" im sorry (y/n)—i di—i did not mean to see you doing—i mean changing "
🗒 ❛ Wanda Maximoff ༉‧₊˚✧
" it's funkin movie night... i— "
Wanda mumble his last word frozing in her place
" oh Wanda.. give me a sec "
" i-ill leave.. "
🗒 ❛ Pietro Maximoff ༉‧₊˚✧
" So (Y/n) Are you ready- "
" wanda.. is right you do have a great body "
he awkwardly speed runs to tell wanda about it
author's last note ; this wasn't funny to me but yeah, at least this was something you asked bestie :))
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