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#incorrect Bucky Barnes
soph-scribblz · 2 years ago
Therapist: and what do we say when life disappoints us
Bucky: called it
Therapist: no
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justincorrectmarvel · 2 years ago
Peter: *Holding his phone and recording* Okay, I am home alone and I just heard a thud upstairs, there’s something in my house
Peter: *Walks to the steps of the compound* 🎵If you're here to murder me clap your hands🎵
Bucky: *clap clap*
Peter: *bolts out of the compound and down the street, screaming* 
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buckyscentedwho · 9 months ago
Peter: So what if he wins again?
Steve: We suck it up, I guess.
Bucky, cleaning his favorite shotgun: Not my first president, won't be my last.
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incorrectmcustuff · 2 years ago
Steve: Um, Bucky? What do you think you're doing?
Bucky, using his prosthetic as an extension to reach for the banana bread that was intentionally put out of his reach: Uhhhh who the hell is Bucky
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agenvers-ashemble · 2 years ago
I hereby present you a new headcanon (oh joy)
Carol and Bucky, weird but dynamic duo
Just,, think about it
Captured by the enemy? Check
Brainwashed? Check
Basically made to kill innocents? Check
Done with everything? Check
Gay af? Check
I mean, they'd bond instantly, crack weird jokes and kick ass 24/7
[First meeting, Carol offhandedly mentions being a lesbian]
Bucky: oh yeah I love lesbians
Carol: [narrows eyes] what
Bucky: yeah me an' Stevie used to escort them girls at parties and stuff with the double date excuse so they could go to their actual dates without anyone knowing *launches into ten minutes rant because a good suppressed memory just resurfaced*
Carol: [calling Fury] Nick why didn't you introduce me to this one earlier
Nick: what are you two up to now
Bucky and Carol, wearing rainbow themed shirts with matching pants, stuffing at least four rainbow flags in their backpacks and filling their pockets with glitter boxes: it's gay time
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