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#marvel sneak peek

So, I wanted to share a bit of the prologue of my new Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier x Reader story, even though the release date is non-existent… But, I’m excited for it!

This is unedited, so please excuse any mistakes. And as always, feedback is always appreciated and questions too!!


“When was the last time you saw her?” Steve questions, sitting opposite Bucky with Tony beside him. They both stare at the wounded soldier in anticipation, wondering who kind of agent could take on Bucky and Natasha and they both came out looking like shit. 

Thinking for a moment, Bucky bite his hurt lip before breathing out a sigh when he tries to recall that information. “1983, I think. A year after I recruited her from the Red Room Academy and started training her to be a HYDRA agent,” he explains, his eyes never lifting to look at Steve, ashamed because of the things he remembers. The things he’s been remembering since he fought you on this mission. 

What he’s said is enough for Tony and Steve to realize how someone could have bested both Black Widow and The Winter Soldier. Someone that has experience is both institutes. 

Tony thinks that you might be a terrifying person to come across, a stone cold killer like The Winter Soldier, and a lethal ninja like Black Widow. 

Steve, on the other hand, thinks you might just be another person in need of help. Someone who had everything taken from them, forced to do things you don’t want to. Someone like Natasha and Bucky. A human, not a monster. 

“How did you meet her?” Tony questions, stirring up a whole bunch of memories in Bucky’s mind. 

Bucky takes a deep breath, closes his eyes to see that image of a girl in a dark dance studio, turning on pointe shoes to imaginary music…

Tagging: @simsadventures @a-mess-of-fandoms @geekandbooknerd @what-just-happened-bro​ (I don’t know who else to tag XD)

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Today’s Sneak Peek Sunday is something I can’t believe I‘ve unearthed again and may be finishing! (No promises, we‘re still on careful terms, the drawing and me). It‘s been lying here for almost exactly 4 years, but in the light of some Peggysous uprising (please no spoilers for AoS i know already more than I would like, I‘m very behind) I thought I might get back to Quo Vadis. @peonymoss and @hms-rodney-official, I still have the chapter 24 post but might need somebody to double-check the uniform and ribbons, would one of you be willing to look it over?

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