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corpsemo · 3 months ago
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salted-potato · 19 days ago
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Help a queer with one brain cell recover from a car robbery
I'm not usually the type of person to ask for help but Ohio has really done a number on me. Literally not even two days after graduating from college, the DAY I moved to Canton, my car was broken into and all of my valuables stolen. And I do mean ALL of them; I had kept all my expensive, fragile belongings in my car because I didn't want them banging around in the moving truck.
So my computer, my monitor, my Switch, my Playstation, my games, my passport, my medications-- all of it gone. Around $4000 worth of stuff. Along with a number of sentimental items as well. I'm absolutely devastated and insurance will barely cover even half of what I've lost.
Right now, I'm just trying to get a new computer so that I can search for jobs and continue my art career. Anything will help, even just a reblog.
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ladyvean · 16 days ago
-2.5 days in the ER
-medical transport to and from a hospital over 300 miles away
-week in said hospital (and no paid sick leave)
-ex is taking car to punish me for caring for someone who is not him
-moving unexpectedly
Please help if you can and signal boost! 
Check out my youtube or send asks if you’d like to know more.
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icarusignited · 4 days ago
Hey everyone! As some of you may know I’ve been struggling lately to meet any financial needs. Because of my accident with having been hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian, I’m still out of work and no longer receiving temporary disability. I was hoping to return to work ASAP but I’m having a lot of complications with some of my injuries still. As a result I may have to stay out of work a little longer. If so I plan to try and receive unemployment. But for the time being it is very difficult and I go without many basic necessities often as well as struggling to afford copayments for my doctor appointments. I’ve decided to enable my tips because any little bit helps! I appreciate many of you so much for all of your endless love and support! Some of you have got me through some seriously dire moments this past year and a half. This may be a hellsite, but there are literal angels here and I love you guys so much!!💞💝💖💞
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Edit: I’m adding more cash app currently because it’s more direct!
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this-smile-is-real · 11 months ago
In the last 5 years I have had 24 hospital admissions. Admissions ranging from two weeks at a time to 10 months in length. Admissions at times months apart and at times only 6 days between. I was left crippled by my mental illnesses and at times was so medicated that I couldn’t stay awake for more than two hours. Earlier this year I came incredibly close to losing my bowel. I have suffered from heart conditions, failing kidneys, oxygen to breathe, suicide attempts, complex trauma, depression, anxiety, cptsd, bpd and more. 
I currently take 15 medications a day just to function which can cost me up to $160 every week.
I am currently studying at both Tafe and Uni to help create a future for me again. I am taking my past, learning from it in my present, and trying to harness it for good in my future. I want to publish my book, become a psychologist and teacher aide and work with children and adolescents. 
But I need help. I have amazing family support but I am currently in $11,000 debt for all the bills and expenses and surgeries I haven’t been able to pay for.
I am humbly asking for any help at all and please know that I am eternally grateful for any help that comes my way.
Just a 24 year old girl wanting to rebuild her life.
Han x
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kindnesscupboard · 5 days ago
Things to actually help you when you’re poor (masterpost)
General tips:
Fetch Rewards- solid rewards point app that I’ve gotten two gift cards off of so far, all you do is scan receipts, works very well especially for dumpster divers if you gather random receipts
Online coupons!! Way easier to keep track of, you can pretty much Google anything and you’ll find some for what you’re looking for, especially on electronics
Speaking of electronics, go refurbished. Gazelle is a reputable site I’ve gotten a phone and an awesome ipad from
Try thrift stores first! It’s hit or miss but they have everything from power outlets to plates to furniture if you look in the right stores. Furniture is usually like $20 even for a whole couch and you can get really lucky some days
Sign up for rewards with places you frequent, some add up really fast like starbucks or jimmy johns
Use Venmo if you have to do online transactions, paypal has more fees
If you’re a college student, FILE YOUR FAFSA!!! Really important to get financial aid
Check if your area has food pantries or free clothing places. Again for students, bigger college campuses are likely to have food pantries for you and places to get professional clothing. Churches also run these kinds of places sometimes
Check your subscriptions and make sure you aren’t being charged for something you don’t use anymore (gym memberships, Apple subscriptions, prime….)
Check out things like afterpay if you need to make a big payment, be careful for high interests rates and make sure there’s enough in your bank acc on the day of loan return
r/FreeFood: reddit page that links to discount codes & other free meal things, most codes go fast but it’s fair https://www.reddit.com/r/Freefood/
This Reddit post provides a HUGE list of all Reddit subs that are useful for people in need
Food Finder: website that locates food banks/pantries in your area https://foodfinder.us/
Free books (including therapy workbooks!): https://usa1lib.org/
Free tv: https://sflix.to/
Free music: https://www.freegalmusic.com/home
Job/Money options:
HappyScribe - get paid to transcribe videos
Rover - become a pet-sitter / dog walker
Depop - sell your old things, pretty popular app rn, also easy to run an art shop on and cheaper than Etsy
Plato’s closet - sell your old clothes for cash (only accept certain clothes, probably for not as much money as you want but they’re good for a quick buck)
Plasma donation - usually gives you up to $100
Door dash - great way to earn money if you have a car
I’ll keep updating this as time goes on but feel free to add your own resources!!
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klaus004 · 3 months ago
(emergency fundraising post, tl;dr at the end)
So the three worst possible things happened last night.
We found out my partner's family has COVID, my laptop stopped working and I had to reset it, and we're getting evicted.
If you've never heard of me before hi! I'm Crow or Jon and I'm a disabled trans poc! I'm an artist and currently all the money I make is coming from commissions!
My partner @existingghost and I live on the east coast in a house that is literally caving in on itself and becoming unsafe to live in, with five other people, two dogs, two rabbits, four cats, chickens and ducks. We knew there was a timer on how long we could stay living there safely, but this all happened at the worst possible time.
I just exited an inpatient facility not even a week ago after having to voluntarily admit (paid for by Medicaid) and now my mental health is approaching a standstill once again.
My partner's mom primarily supports us (their name is Cookie and they're an awesome queer mom!) They hardly manage to scrape by working a chauffer job with a limo company and she supplements it with doordash, but she's got covid and can't work for two weeks, plus she hardly makes enough to cover our heavily discounted rent and live, and neither Ghost or myself have a job despite desperately applying for months to jobs. There's only one other person in the house who works and he never pays his rent. So finding a place to move to seems extremely unlikely if not completely impossible. We need to save up for that, and a lot of the funds we collect will probably end up going to that!
But on top of that
I have to fund for our isolation. We're currently isolating in a friend's basement ( @hazardsoflove ) , not allowed upstairs into the house and we're entirely 100% broke. We have zero food for the next two weeks and we have no other resources. We brought clothes and shower stuff, and our computers so we could do art, but other than that we have nothing we really need to survive. So if there's anything that anyone can spare, I'd really really appreciate it. We have shared one bag of mini Cadbury eggs today and haven't eaten anything else (it's 5:10p)
Lastly my computer is on the fritz
This is the least urgent of all the issues but I'm a digital artist and all of my work is done on my computer! I recently had to delete all of my art and my program to get my computer to boot, and it's still functioning strangely with drivers going out left and right, and I desperately need a new one so I can continue to make money.
If you can donate anything at all please do! Even a dollar is helpful genuinely!
Tl;dr my partner and I are isolating and have no food and have to save up for a new place to live and a new computer!
Our PayPal is [email protected]
My Venmo is @cloud-apollo
You can dm me for my Kofi page! Thank you so so much for helping and even just sharing this and boosting it means a lot!
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tabernacleheart · 5 months ago
All donations will be used for immediate apartment living expenses, rent, & gas money to continue caring for my grandmother.
At 9am on January 25th, I received a phone call from the local housing authority notifying me that I would be moved into government housing on the 28th. Thanks to my blessedly generous followers, I was able to pay the first ownership deposit required up front. Now, however, I must inevitably somehow purchase living essentials because the apartment is empty (except for a refrigerator), and I own nothing besides my clothes, phone, books, & half-dead laptop. I have no bed. I have no paper products, vacuum, bath towel, etc. I also have to purchase an internet plan. Everything in my family's house belongs to the house, so I must start from scratch.
I get monthly SSI income due to a marked mental disability. Prior to this event, I have regularly used my SSI money to support my family as well as myself, and it does not go far. I ran out about two weeks into this month due to unforeseen home & medication expenses, so this sudden mandatory list of new living expenses is a critical one that I literally cannot meet on my own. I don't need much to live. Bare essentials is all. But it's still a shock, for it to be so sudden. My mother is already asking why I'm not staying at the apartment 24/7; over the past year, she and my brothers have unfortunately yet repeatedly voiced how much they want me out. And now that it's time, they really don't want me lingering. Honestly I don't mind; my psychological distress is not easy to live with; they deserve peace of mind. But, like I said, I don't even have a bed right now, to say the least, and I cannot afford one right now. I need help, but my immediate family has refused to offer any. Again, they are not obligated to, but the lack of compassion is deeply saddening. Donations are therefore inevitably & desperately open, and I beg for your continued prayers for both myself and my poor grandmother, who is unsurprisingly just as distraught over this-- we have lived in inseparable proximity since my birth, so this jarring change is wrecking us both emotionally. She wants me to stay, but I cannot, even if I want to, for her sake alone.
A bit of background= my entire disability team & PCP all agreed that, with the worsening home situation & how it is affecting me in all regards-- especially with what my mother is doing financially lately-- either I must move out, now & on their schedule, or I will ultimately be placed in a homeless shelter or psychiatric facility. They have tried to do so before, several times, notably when I was hospitalized as they repeatedly refused to discharge me to an unstable home until insurance demanded it regardless-- the only thing preventing it was my word that I would move out if they got me an apartment. That way I at least retain some rights & autonomy. And well, here we are. This has really been looming for months; I just... never expected it to all happen so fast. But here it is. And I must meet it. Hopefully I can stabilize psychologically after this settles, having a safer location to stay at-- my birth home unfortunately was the location of some severe and longterm abuse that gave me solid CPTSD & that I still have daily flashbacks from. This is greatly hampering my ability to function, understandably. I will continue working with my care managers to achieve health in this regard. God help me heal at last. Thank you all, thank you for your love. God bless you, and may our merciful Lord take care of you as you gave always taken care of me in my great need. 🙏
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crippledfaggot · a year ago
new update post:
i first got COVID in late June. only symptoms were body aches, fatigue, and shortness of breath. i quarantined for a month and went back to work at the end of July with two inhalers to help deal w the lingering symptoms. i worked for about 2.5 weeks before i started feeling even worse and first started having a bad cough. i went in to see my GP on the 18th of August where she gave me antibiotics for an secondary upper respiratory infection. on the 23rd i went into ER where they found pneumonia and redid the nose swab COVID test. on 26th i found out im COVID posi again/still and have been in quarantine since. on 31st i went back to ER since the symptoms were even worse and i had finished the antibiotics. i found out the pneumonia was gone and was told to just deal and given cough syrup and tylenol.
today i went back to my GP. i have been so exhausted that i sleep 10+ hours a night and then take multiple naps a day. my cough is still really bad and i often feel as if im breathing through gravel. my body aches are severe enough that even the max amount of tylenol isnt touching it at all. she is testing me for mono to rule out a secondary viral infection and ordering a chest CT to make sure there isn't any lung damage missed by an x-ray. i am also being referred to rheumatology and opthalmology to hopefully get my non-COVID related symptoms under control. she is having me stay home from work for at least a month (till 10/11) but is saying she doesnt know when or if my symptoms will subside. she is helping me get on temporary disability but that is less than 50% of my income.
my partner, @dresdenthemaenad, and i really need your help. my partner, Lisandro, is a mentally ill brown trans latinx immigrant who has not been able to get a job for over a year now, something that COVID has made a million times worse. Dresden is my best friend, my soulmate, and is a disabled Black trans person who was supposed to move in w us back at the beginning of July due to an abusive family situation, but because of me getting COVID is now stuck in Alabama (whole story on GoFundMe). i am a white crippled trans person who has been the sole provider for our family till i was laid out by COVID. our little family is really struggling.
if you are able to help please donate to either my partner's or @dresdenthemaenad's paylinks or the GoFundMe that we set up for Dresden's move.
Dresden's GoFundMe: (link)
Dresden's Venmo: @blackramboi
Dresden's CashApp: $blackramboi
Lisandro's Venmo: @L-cuervo
Lisandro's CashApp: $SPadfoot
Lisandro's PayPal: [email protected]
for any new updates check out my #update tag
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corpsemo · 6 months ago
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aquaticfreakshow-com · a year ago
Please stop scrolling!!
Important [emergency] Post!
Our situation has been getting much worse. We've reached a point where if we dont receive the things we need more people may become dormant. We've had at least three do so due to the pure stress of living in our household, as well as not being able to look at themselves in the body without feeling physically sick. I fear that one of our primary protectors may go as well as he has been refusing to front, even when triggered out he just brings someone else out. This situation has also caused a few splits, due to the stress and timing of these issues getting worse right after being found and attacked again by our abusers.
Our system desperately needs the help, we wouldn't make these posts if we were not completely serious about everything said. So please, if you have the ability to buy anything at all, everything is under twenty dollars aside from maybe four or so things. Seriously. If you can buy, please do.
We cannot provide for ourselves as we are disabled, our spine is not fused together and the tendons in our ankles are much to short, meaning we are a wheelchair user. Not only that but we are autistic, and cant function in any type of work setting.
We are stuck in an abusive and toxic family with no way out, and only one person has a job out of the six people living in one home. We are living single paycheck to paycheck. It's a suffering situation.
If you have the ability to help us out, again, genuinely please please do. Everything is very cheap. Sacrificing the quality for the price to make it easier on those buying it.
Link to a post explaining the items we prioritize, and the items that are meant as pairs.
Any help at all is a great help. So please try to buy something, it doesn't have to be much at all.
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baronessrose · 8 days ago
Help a Trans woman recover from a scam
Hey folks, hate asking this. I was recently scammed by someone offering a house for rent, and they ended up taking $1500 from me.
I'm recovering from it slowly, but it's put a real strain on some of my finances, with rent, utilities, and food.
If you have any money to spare that would be a big help. But even a reblog would help out a lot.
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gonnahaveabigtalklater · a year ago
Tumblr media
when the smoke clears in Invasion Day, most mercs are momentarily stunned or busy picking themselves up off the ground. but Heavy is already on his feet with a hand extended to Medic.
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homotaschen · 7 months ago
aughh. i feel so anxious making another post like this but. hi. i’m a disabled jewish trans man. i just had top surgery and a total hysterectomy at the same time on oct 20th.
Tumblr media
i was feeling great at first! up till now my recovery has been pretty smooth. but ive had some excessive bleeding the last few days and after talking w my surgeon about it we’re pretty sure i pulled/tore a stitch in my lower abdomen.
i also need to go get my drains out on friday and the hospital i have to go to is a 2 hour round trip from my house, ive had to go there 3 times in the last 3 weeks for post-op appointments and we’re running low on gas money. im barely allowed to walk around let alone work, so i haven’t been able to look for a job. i need cash for gas to get my drains out and to cover prescriptions and bandages for my top surgery site and my torn stitches down under lol . my roommates and i are just Barely scraping by financially, and we weren’t expecting these complications with my surgery so im not sure what to do.
i made a g/fund/me months ago but it never reached its goal. if yall could help me out i would really, really appreciate it.
if its any easier --
c/shapp - $jorielj
v/nmo - @jorieljay
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this-smile-is-real · a year ago
This year I have been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia, esophagus spasms, severe gastritis, heart issues, and am facing major bowel surgery and have been told it’s likely I’ll be ending up with a colostomy bag. Im in recovery from Anorexia and several other mental health conditions. I am on 12 medications daily which is expensive as well. I’m 24 and have been unable to work for years because I’ve almost lived in the hospital with 20 admissions for up to 10 months at a time.
I have thousands of dollars owing in bills over the last few years where I’ve been unable to work and pay them with 3 upcoming surgeries costs of several hundred dollars. If you can spare anything I would so, so incredibly grateful.
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ablogforgettingbetter · a year ago
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my body my business
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yourfuturestepmommy · 11 months ago
Mental Health Resource Hub
You matter.
The world is a better place with you in it.
I love you and I am so proud of you for still being here.
You deserve help.
There is help.
You are not alone.
Do not give up.
Reach out.
There is always hope and a way out.
Keep fighting.
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shima-draws · a year ago
I found out today that one of my good coworkers got into a really bad car wreck...there’s a gofundme already set up for him, so please, if you’re able to, I’d really appreciate any donations you can spare, and sharing this post also helps a lot. Thanks lovelies ♥
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luulapants · 8 months ago
People with fucked up families, I am BEGGING you to empathize with your siblings as part of your grow-up/heal/move-on process. Like, who is in a better position to understand the fucked up conditions they grew up in than you? And who is in a better position to help them realize it was fucked up? You were there, too, and you saw it happening.
It doesn't have to be a serious, sit-down conversation. It can be as simple as, "God, remember when Mom said X to you? That was so fucked up. She tried that on me once and it took years for me to realize it wasn't true." It can even be jokes, turn your hurtful memories into stories where your parents' toxic traits are a punchline: "Oh, and naturally Dad threw the TV out the window, which was the normal and stable reaction that any healthy person would have /s"
Sibling solidarity can be such a powerful vector for healing, and it starts with empathy. Sometimes it requires an olive branch to reconcile past hurts, to recognize that you both were probably cruel to one another in some way or another. Abusive caretakers love to pit children against one another and use them as tools of torment. Divide and conquer. Because their children banding together is a threat to their control over the household. Even if you're grown, coming together to support one another and validate one another's experiences can help you mentally take back that control.
And there are absolutely sibling abuse situations where a reconciliation or closer relationship won't be healthy for you, but that doesn't mean you can't empathize with them. In fact, sitting down and critically thinking about what conditions created your abuser can be a great tool for healing, humanizing them and turning them from a terrifying boogeyman into a pitiable, damaged person. And in analyzing and empathizing with the behavior of someone who hurt you, who grew up in the same environment as you, you may discover some behaviors of your own that you'd like to change.
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corpsemo · 2 months ago
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