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“If they love you, they’ll never make you question. They will know the days when you feel terrible because they can see it in your eyes no matter how hard you try to cover it up. They will remember what your favorite color was from that one night you decided to talk about everything. They’ll push back on you on things - not because they’re angry, or they’re stubborn, but because they care about you. Because they know you can do more. They’re not going to be perfect. To be honest with you, love, no one is, there’s going to be a love at first sight or some sort of otherwordly sensation that’ll happen when you first see them, and everyday is not going to feel like rainbows and sunshine and a perfect lifetime, but if they love you, you will give them all your problems and they’ll never call it too much. They’ll never call you too much.”

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Notes from Andrew Hubermans’s Speech

  1. Use the breathing technique

Double inhale and extended exhale is the fastest way to bring the mind and body into more relax state.

2. Reward your effort

3. Commit

Set a timer and don’t allowed yourself leave the chair until timer ends

4. Enjoy the pursuit of the goal

Dopamine is a very misunderstood molecule. It’s not only contact with reward. That’s true. Reward comes with dopamine and It’s also released on the road to rewards. The reward for chasing goals is an absolute game changer. Growth mindset. Dopamine has beautiful capacity to buffer adre adrenaline.

5. Read

Read anything you can reach of

6. Embrace stress

7. Keep things in perspective

To evolve your brain, you have to become ‘primitive’. Desperation is a strong and motivated by fear. If you wanna change your brain, stay light stay loose but give it everything you got.

8. Direct your brain changes

Body is going to manifest what the mind is telling you.

9. Understand your nervous system

10. Alter your view of the world

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Do you know, what it’s like…..

To feel so much, to love someone so deeply, that you can’t breathe right?

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Someday you’ll die and nobody will be worried about your weight anymore. They’re gonna be worried about how happy you were. They’re gonna tell stories about the time that you laughed and the time that you were silly and the time that you made them happy. And they’re not gonna be like ‘and this one time, she ate a second piece of cake can you fucking believe it.’

Travis McElroy

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giving myself a break after all the sleepless nights i have been through,,

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<div> —  e.h </div><span>You tell me that you are hopeless,<br> You want your life less than your death,<br> But if you jumped into a pool right know,<br> I know you would hold your breath,<br> So I know that it’s not hopeless,<br> But that your hope’s just hard to find,<br> and if I showed you all you can become,<br> I know you’d change your mind,<br> You might have hit the rock bottom,<br> But it’s a perfect place to start,<br> Where the only thing that you can hear,<br> Is the breaking of your heart,<br> You have to almost lose it,<br> To remember what you’ve had,<br> and that's there’s been a share of good times,<br> Mixed in between the bad,<br> So don’t wait for the ending,<br> until your last breath starts to leave,<br> Before you can finally remember,<br> How much you breathe</span>
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Confusion and emptiness following the post-mortem of us
Because my everyday routine was missing you
But since that stopped, I’m not sure where to go from here
When I loved you so, I longed for you
And now that I’ve recovered, and I have my eyesight back
I don’t know what path to follow
Some call it freedom, but I’m so scared
Didn’t realize my prison was a safe harbor
Didn’t realize my shackles provided stability

When I left, I think you missed me
But I think you slept it off, and moved on to the next
You confess that you loved me, but it wasn’t enough
Not enough to put us first
Not enough to stay

That cut me to the core.
Forced me to put one foot in front of the other
Funny how your words set me free
Funny how your words used to spellbind me

She was the one who you could spend infinite time with
The one who you never needed time away from


I lose track of time now
It must been two weeks now, maybe
Maybe more since we last talked
Since last I told you I would never speak to you again
That the silence should be permanent
Like we never existed

It’s past midnight now
And I’m telling strangers on the Internet how I feel
Maybe isolation isn’t always good, I tell myself
So I let people who don’t know me into the most inner private moments of my heart

Now that I have my eyesight back, where do I go?

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