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#Morgan Stark
raeofgayshine · 11 hours ago
I don’t very often write out of order but god sometimes you just get an idea and you have to write it because it’s not like you can just ignore it or anything.
Anyways, loving this scene for months into Peter and Morgan where May informs Peter he is in fact just a little bit jealous of a four year old.
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ironman-tonystark · 18 hours ago
Just found Rocket hiding in a pile of Morgan's stuffed animals like some rabies carrying version of ET. No - I didn't ask why.
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fearlesstarker · a day ago
the only morgan stark for me
just look at them 🥺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Okay so I’m thinking about posting or linking to some art/writing/fanfics/edits, what do you guys think?
and should I post them all here or on my other blogs
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sour-lemon-baby · a day ago
Rhodey: Why are there little handprints all over the walls?
Pepper, whispering: Why are there little handprints all over the walls?
Morgan, whispering: Because I have little hands.
Pepper: Because she has little hands
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aljeensane · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
headcanon where pepper has to be away for a business meeting so she enlisted stephen to babysit her kids (including tony) because rhodey isn't available and doctor strange looks like a responsible adult with all that prim and proper wizard persona. But in reality, once stephen and tony are in the same place, their geniuses cancels each other and they both became dumbasses.
(also they both forgot about stephen's disability and still roll with it with him taking pictures...hence they're all blurry af)
yeah this is dumb skdksksks idk how to draw morgan properly sorry 😭😭
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fortislumen · a day ago
Tumblr media
rescue-related prompts. // accepting — @lezgacy​​ said: “ jesus… what have they done to you… ”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝    They don't look too good either. I guess they weren't counting on this old lady being able to defend herself.    ❞    Maria smiles a little, even if her injuries hurt. Her hands hurt, beating the hell out of her captors made her scars hurt more than they ever did. Yes, they hit back, but she was not going to let them go without a scratch. Or a few open wounds for that matter. She takes in a shaky breath, looking around.    ❝    Do not tell me you came here by yourself, per favore.    ❞    She looks Morgan over, looking a little too desperate, making sure she was alright and had not been taken the way Maria had. That would not be good for whoever had planned this, the moment Tony found them. That's for sure.
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camilaablackk · a day ago
Imagine Steve and (Y/N) babysitting Morgan:
(Y/N): „Ummm- you want a beer..?“
Steve: „SHE‘S FOUR!“
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stucky-on-spiderman · 2 days ago
Seeing you talk about 2012 fanfics has inspired me!
Can I tag you in it when I post it 👀👀
Oh my god of course I’d be honoured.
We need to educate our fellow tumblr users on a world where Tony knitted loki Christmas sweaters with reindeer antlers on them
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stucky-on-spiderman · 2 days ago
Why does this all give me such feels of comparing fics of today to fics of the past?
Like, hear me out.
When Age of Ultron came out it was a time of found family so it was cute and awkward trying to be friendly
Endgame and beyond came out and it's traumatizing so it's awkward with sadness and depression so no one wants to step on toes.
Oh damn now I'm gonna make myself cry
Nonnie you get me!
The timeline of MCU fanfiction literally hit a wall at civil war and went a different direction. My emotional self misses the nostalgia.
Remember how strange it was to have like 5 different films and seeing them all connect in the first avengers?? Well now it’s just kinda like expected you know? And people get greedy like “well this character NEEDS to be in this characters movie” like no sis they don’t, but don’t get me wrong I’m still living for the team ups.
Also do you ever feel that trope of Bruce acting like Tony’s therapist in fanfics was brought to life at the end of iron man 3 kind of parallels with stories currently? Idk I’m just going off but I like talking to you nonnie
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stucky-on-spiderman · 2 days ago
Your blog is resonating Tony Stark right now
*Elvis voice* thank you thank you very much
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stucky-on-spiderman · 2 days ago
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tonystarkisaslut · 2 days ago
Pepper rabbit
Morgan has a pet Rabbit. After Tony went and got Gerald, Morgan was begging for a pet.
Well, Pepper is allergic to cats, and dogs need too much attention for the family to responsibly take care of one. Birds live forever, fish live two seconds, and lizards freak Tony out. So, a rabbit it was.
It was a cute little thing. It was all white, except it had black tips to its ears. Tony thought the ears were adorable. Morgan was obsessed the second she laid eyes on it.
So, they brought it home. Morgan named it Hops, Tony didn’t make fun of the generic name, and they had a pet rabbit.
Pepper didn’t like it. It was dumb, pooped everywhere, and it did nothing but sit still and nibble on vegetables occasionally. Much like Gerald, actually.
Pepper has nothing against animals, really. She just never liked them very much. Tony was always the one who adored animals, would pet everything that moved.
Morgan had inherited that from him. She also loved animals, loved petting them and taking care of them.
She loved Hops so much. She would always feed it, and stare at it. She would take it out of Its enclosure and giggle as it hopped around everywhere.
Pepper didn’t like it very much, but she liked that it made her family happy.
Funny, how Pepper was the only one who didn’t like it, and now Pepper is the only one left alive to take care of it.
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myeternalsin · 2 days ago
Miss. Starks New Beginning: Chapter 1
A Marvel x Star Wars Rebels crossover fanfiction
Agent Kallus/Vanessa Stark Love Story
Almost 2 years after Thanos snap, Vanessa acts on Wanda's vision she first saw while battling Ultron. With the help of Aphrodite; the goddess of love and Loki's lost love, Vanessa will start her life anew.
The song Reflection resonated in the silent background as the movie Mulan played on the tv. Vanessa wasn’t watching the movie, having her honey eyes stare at the baby girl asleep in her sister-in-laws arms next to her.
“Are you sure you want to do this Vanessa?” Pepper questioned her as she was stretched out on the couch and stroked Morgan’s baby hair.
“Yes,” Vanessa whispered as she felt a tear roll down her face. She placed a strand of brunette hair around her ear. “I want this more than anything in the world!”
She moved from her spot next to Pepper and stood right next to her by the arm of the conch. Squatting down to Peppers level on the conch, she leaned down to kiss her niece's head with envy.
“What you and my brother have Pepper,” Her mind was racing as she thought back to the past. She breathed in through her nose deeply, trying to calm her nerves. Willing herself not to have a breakdown in front of Pepper. “I want that more than anything in the world!”
More tears flowed down her face as her thoughts would not stop flashing through her mind. She stood up and straightened herself as she brought her hand up to her face to wipe away the tears, sniffling to not let her nose flow as well.
“I get to have that Pepper! Just; on a different dimension and planet.” She chuckled bitterly at the words that spilled out of her dry mouth. “Of course my significant other has to be in a different world that we all had absolutely no clue about until both the Ultron incident and thanks to Aphrodite.”
Pepper softly laughed as well as she sat up with Morgan in her arms. “How ironic huh?” She got up to give Vanessa one last hug with Morgan, saddened in having to pull away and let her go. “Aphrodite is helping you get there right?”
“Yeah. Most of my things are already at the place she picked out for me. I just need to use the sling ring Doctor Strange gave me on Titan, before-before” She couldn’t form a sentence anymore as the past replayed though her mind. All of those people disappeared right before her eyes.
“I know.” Pepper whispered. They both turned their heads towards the kitchen as a pen was tapping on the kitchen counter.
“He hates me doesn’t he?” Vanessa asked Pepper.
“He can’t hate you Vanessa, not after everything you both have been through.” Pepper squeezed her hand in for courage. “He’s your brother, he understands. You know, under all of that brash, sarcastic, heart of his.”
Vanessa smirked as she turned her body towards the kitchen. “Really? I hadn’t noticed.”
Pepper laughed faintly as she started to round the stairs to put Morgan to bed while whispering “Good luck.”
She stayed in place as she watched Pepper ascend the stairs, not wanting to face the possible tsunami she was about to receive from her brother.
“You know, I still don’t think this is a good idea.” Tony acknowledged as he sat on a bar stool and gave a final tap of his pen on the counter. “You could stay here on Earth, in this dimension, with your family.”
Vanessa released a long breath through her nose as she finally turned to look at her brother.
Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark. A.K.A. Iron Man.
“I could,” She started to speak as she took precautionary steps towards her brother. “Or I could let both Wanda and Aphrodite’s visions not go in vain. Possibly create a family, just like you and Pepper.”
Tony stood up and crossed his arms as he leaned on the counter. She could see her brother's age starting to come though, tiny strands of grey were starting to appear in his hair. Faint wrinkles were starting to adorn his face she noticed as he ran a hand down his face and over his mouth.
“You know you can’t stop me once I get an idea in my head.” She started to reason while continuing to walk softly towards him. “You know I’ve always wanted this. Longed for this. It’s happening, whether you like this or not.”
She stopped in front of her brother, staring straight into his brown eyes. She was praying that he wouldn’t cause a scene, like what he usually did. His eyes weren’t glowing with annoyance and witty comebacks. They were dull with the facts of reality and sorrowful.
“Vanessa Mae Stark,” Tony started. “You know I hate when you stare at me like what mom did.”
She smirked as she thought back to all of the times Tony told her that throughout the years. “Yeah, probably doesn’t help that I have her eyes.”
Tony leaned forward and wrapped his little sister in his arms. Hugging her as hard and he could, showing just how much she meant to him and his world.
“I hate you right now.” He whispered as he laid his head on top of hers.
“I know.” Vanessa answered back as she brought up her hands under his arms wrapped around her shoulders.
Time stood still as the two embraced the love they had for each other, childhood memories along with recent ones flashing through both of their minds.
The moment was short lived as Tony pulled away and looked down at his feet, clearing his throat before looking back up to his little sister.
“If he does anything to hurt you, come straight home alright?” Tony cleared his throat again while looking off to the side and folding his arms. “I don’t want to have to bring our suits out of retirement for some pathetic asshole.”
She was about to retort back when a bright light enveloped the room with a fizzing noise. They both looked towards the portal as Aphrodite, the goddess of love stepped through into the cabin home.
Her light blond braided hair blew as a breeze from the other side of the portal blew. Her emerald green eyes shined with excitement for what was about to unfold. “Are you ready to start the journey?” She smiled at the Stark siblings and held out her hand to Vanessa. “The girls are waiting to meet you!”
Vanessa glanced back to her brother, to see his head tilted towards the portal as giggling resonated in the kitchen. She rolled her eyes and stepped towards Aphrodite to take her hand. “Goodbye Tony!”
“You sure you don’t need any help? I could-”
“Vanessa is in good hands Tony,” Aphrodite interrupted as she wrapped her arms around Vanessa's shoulders, smirking at the eldest. “You can come to Coruscant anytime as long as Vanessa uses her sling ring.”
“That won’t be for a long time.” Vanessa huffed as she turned her head away from her brother and walked with Aphrodite through the portal.
Vanessa could see various kinds of tropical greenery draped around the massive column room they entered in. She saw a balcony to her right with tremendous French doors opened to the sides as another warm breeze flew. Hushed whispers echoed in the marble room as Vanessa turned to face the portal one more time. She saw in the corner of her eyes two gigantic square couches with a couple of women lounged about.
As her eyes landed on her brother and was proud to see that he didn’t care about what was going on behind her. His eyes were solely trained on his sister, and her alone. He truly was a family man now since Morgan came into their lives.
“We’ll see you a couple months from now for Morgan's 2nd birthday?” Tony asked.
“Do you really think I would forget my only nieces birthday?” Vanessa joked as she raised an eyebrow and gave her brother a wry smile. “You know Pepper would kill me if I forgot, god forbid if you did!”
Tony chuckled as he started walking towards the living room to head upstairs. “Love you sis.”
Vanessa gave a warm smile as she felt her heart squeeze and her stomach turn. “Love you too bro.”
The portal fizzled out and disappeared before her eyes as she felt she was left all alone, about to start her new life in a different dimension after the snap.
God, was she scared for her life. Yet, she suddenly knew…It was time to start something new. To trust the magic of her beginning.
*Let me know what you guys think! Like, comment, share!*
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