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#class notes
yeahyeahyeaaah · 2 hours ago
Don’t want to sound rude but why do you keep writing Gojo’s name as Gojou? I’ve seen other people doing it too why?
ah no worries. idk if i can explain this properly in english, but shortly put, japanese names/words can have long vowels and that’s how you write it down in a romanization style. 
i’ve detailed this under the read more, but disclaimer: i’m really no expert, if i’m talking shit i ask for any nearby native speakers or professionals to correct me or add other useful info~
so, depending on the word, japanese vowels (a, e, i, o, u) can be pronounced with a standard or long sound length. romanization versions will add a bar above the vowel, which serves to show that the sound is longer/doubled
back to our case, the romanization spells it as gojō, meaning that the final o sound is doubled. as a rule, ō can be written down as ou*. it feels a lot easier to use this option especially when typing
other quick examples: getō (getou) or yūji (yuuji)
now don’t go thinking that i’m some kind of vowel purist hehh i’m just a little freak who has certain fixations when it comes to tagging character names on my blog :,))) at times, when i chat casually, i end up writing the “simplified” name version as well
*felt like it’s worth mentioning that ō can be written down as ou, but also oo. it depends on the words... also, there’s more than one romanization system for the japanese language if i recall correctly?? and that’s how things can end up being written down differently too
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afriedbreaddragonposts · 7 hours ago
Physics notes for class 11 KPK Board Chapter 1 | FSc Pre Engineering
Physics notes for class 11 KPK Board Chapter 1 | FSc Pre Engineering
FSc Pre Engineering chapter 1 kpk all obards Physics notes for class 11, Conceptual Questions, Comprehensive Questions, and Numerical Questions. Conceptual Questions Physics notes for class 11 KPK Q.1) For an answer to be complete, the units need to be specified. Why? Answer:In order to represent a physical quantity completely its unit must be specified along with the magnitude. Otherwise, it…
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treasureduo · 20 hours ago
Don’t ask why I wrote down dsmp names it’s a secret but here’s my handwriting. Bc I like writing things by hand over typing them if possible.
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jadecitrusmint · a day ago
Lol when she procrastinates 😩
No but I have 6 ethics modules and a 30 source annotated bibliography to complete by 8am tomorrow, pure misery
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star-dust-fairy · 2 days ago
Its always english teachers. Everytime for my entire life I've had this weird infatuation with english teachers. Not like romantically. That's just weird. Not obsessive either.
I just for some reason thrive under their attention. I'm always desperate for their praise. I wanna be their favourite.
Always english teachers. Only english teachers.
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supernaturalist1234 · 2 days ago
Me: here’s a piece I worked really hard on, with a complicated background and lighting as well as general anatomy being researched/referenced
Tumblr: meh, *80 notes*
Me: fair enough. I will scroll through all 13 reblogs to see if anyone put anything in the tags
Me: here’s a painty doodle that I spent like 20 minutes on tops
Tumblr: WOW THATS GORGEOUS *over 200 notes and compliments/commentary/useful tips in the replies and a fair amount of reblogs*
Me: …okay then
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Physics All chapters MCQs class 11 Pdf Download
Physics All chapters MCQs class 11 Pdf Download
F.Sc. Physics (1st Year) Multiple Choice Questions There have been several choice questions in the Class 11 Physics exams, so do MCQs to check the understanding of important topics in the chapters. Download the latest questions with multiple choice answers for Class 11 Physics in PDF or read for free in the online reader. According to the new examination model, CBSE is increasing the MCQ in…
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ronnierorivero · 3 days ago
Overheard in Dice’s Class
Dice: Now what you’re gonna do is aim, keep your eye on the target… And then shoot.
Near: Thanks, I’m nine.
Roger: As some of you may know, I took a bit of a sabbatical last year.
Matt: Do you mean when you shacked up with a slutty hairdresser but then she dumped you?
Dice: Matt, please! Raise your hand if you want to ask a question.
Roger: Okay, I think we should just move on.
Dice: The hairdresser certainly did.
Beyond: *bursts through the door*
Dice: What happened??
Beyond: Before I say anything, no one died.
Dice: What kind of answer is that?!
Dice: My class policy is if you see something, say something.
A, raising their hand: I saw a frog on the pavement today.
Dice: Outstanding. This is what I’m talking about, people.
Dice to her class: You Might Want To Think About Wising Up.
Whammy: Dice! How are you?
Dice: Well, I'm at my student’s wake, so I've had better evenings.
Linda, when Beyond is allowed to play paintball: This isn't fair. You can't let it happen, Dice!
Dice: I know, but I'm bored now, so it looks like I probably will. Good luck, all.
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ysera · 4 days ago
cw cw irl death
#i never realized like#how much i thought about sybil on a daily basis before#like even when we werent talking i would still think abt her when certain things came up#or when i was being abused i would imagine she would come up to me crying in my driveway and take me for coffee#bc she would have. She did after i got out of the relationship#sometimes ill think about cosplay and rmr her telling me her plans to cosplay a big sister from bioshock using like pvc or smth#bc she told me abt that a day in high school she saw me sitting alone on a bench outside#and we hadnt talked for a while but it didnt matter she spent the whole period keeping me company anyway#or ill think abt one time we wandered the neighborhood for hours but we forgot drinks and we drank from someones hose bc we were dying lol#these things come up in my mind a lot as lil abstract flashes u know#but now every time it stops me dead in my tracks bc its like#oh yeah. shes dead#i was reading a book that mentioned an apartment and i inadvertently imagine hers bc i spent a lot of time in it before the end bc i waa#helping her set up for her baby#she had me over like days before she gave birth just to chill on the couch lol#its just. so sad#i know that sounds childish to say but idk how else to express it beyond#its sad#i met her in the 6th grade when i was scared and alone in a new school and she took me outta my shell#we were in theater class and i had on a death note wrist sweatband and she had on a death note shirt and we were like AAAYYY lol#idk. i miss her#scoobs
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alolowrites · 4 days ago
YOOOOOOOOO the new Loki show is straight up WILD 😩😩 I can already TELL this series is gonna fuck me up and I’m READY FOR IT
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