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#im sad and tired
therapyforrent · 22 days ago
You Accidently Hurt Yourself
Pairing(s): Izuku Midoriya x Reader, Bakugou Katsuki x Reader, and Denki Kaminari x Reader
Character Count: 2218
Warning(s): Fluff, blood mention but nothing too graphic, worried boys
Summary: read title
Tumblr media
The smell of food cooking was obvious at this time of day. It’s noon and you’re preparing lunch. You stand by the stove, listening and watching the food sizzling to make sure it doesn’t overcook. Your boyfriend is sitting in the living room, eyes casting from the tv to you every now and again. Grabbing the cutting board, you line  the vegetables together and begin to dice them. As you begin to cut up the vegetables, you space out, totally unaware and forgetting that you’re holding a knife. A sharp pain brings you back to reality, gasping quickly as you drop the knife, looking down at your now bloody finger.
Tumblr media
🥦Izuku Midoriya🥦
he’s up in a second as soon as he hears you gasp
when he rushes in and sees you bleeding he quickly begins to help
“Are you okay?”
he’ll hold your hand as he runs your bloody finger under the tap, getting rid of all the blood
when he wraps the band-aid on your finger, he’ll give it a little kiss and smile at you
he’ll insist on helping you finish so you don’t have another mishap
“Try to be careful next time, okay, hon?”
100% cutie
💥Bakugou Katsuki💥
ready to kill but there was no need for that
He’ll come in and see the blood on your finger and the knife, he knows what happened
he’ll grab the medical ointment and you quickly go shake your head
“I’m fine, really.”
he’ll hold your hand tightly, trapping you arm in between his so you can’t pull away
you quickly feel the stinging of the ointment on the fresh wound
by the time he’s finished and wrapping your cut finger, you’re glaring at him
he knows you don’t like it but he only did it because he cares. He doesn’t want it to get infected
“Pay attention next time, moron.”
⚡Denki Kaminari⚡
he’ll pause his video game and pop his head up in search of clues as to what happen
When he sees the blood, he’ll stand and ask if you’re okay
you’re quick to assure him you’re fine and that the cut is actually quite small, it’s just a lot of blood
he’ll ask if you need any help and he’ll hover you, just kinda watching
“I’m okay, Kaminari.”
Of course you are, you’re a big girl and you can handle yourself
he’ll remind you to “Pay more attention, dummy!” and give you a kiss on your forehead
also gives your wrapped finger a kiss too
“Is the food ready yet?”
Tumblr media
AN: I'm not dead just very, very unmotivated to write/post anything. Give me time to get out of this uncomfortable mindset and I'll be back. I also forgot how to add the 'read more' option so if anyone could remind me that would be great!
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depressionbound · 6 months ago
Sorry I didn’t text you back. I was busy naming five things I can see. Four things I can touch. Three things I can hear. Two things I can smell. And one thing I can taste.
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lopsai · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
started making it, had a breakdown, bon appetit.
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