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#Kirishima Eijirou

🎶💛Come with me my love, to the sea, the sea of love~💛🎶

Its 12 am where i am and i kinda regret, but if i stopped drawing i’d lose my art flow and kirikami deserve better, so i pushed through lmao. No hate. You hate, you perish.

Hows everyone’s quarantine going? After this long spell of doing nothing for weeks idk if i’ll be able to go back to work tbh.

Please do not copy/trace/repost/use my art as a public pfp on social media/etc. without my permission AND make sure to credit me or i WILL eat your kneecaps (if you use it as a pfp just credit me pls). Even in like a moodboard or video or smth you need to ask me first!!!

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deku and kirishima with a badass libero fem!s/o on her volleyball team? i work very very hard on my receives and get a lotta bruises and scars but i love my sport sm!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know the slightest thing about libero volleyball,,, hope this is okay ;;

midoriya izuku

  • Initially, before you two are together, Izuku asks you to teach him about volleyball as a way to get to know you.
  • You two bond over and compare scars. It’s fun to tell stories about where you got them from, and you each learn more about the other as you do so.
  • Whenever he sees you on the court, hitting one of those receives that you’ve been working to perfect for weeks, he’s so, so proud of you, and always gives you the biggest hug after your matches.
  • Izuku will try to get better at volleyball to play against you, but… well, he can try to learn, but he has a whole lot of catching up to do.

kirishima eijirou

  • Eijirou’s always the one cheering you on loudly from the sidelines. He’s easily the most passionate people in the audience of your matches, shocking those around him with his cheering you on.
  • He totally learns how to play so he can group you and some of the class into a small, fun game of volleyball when the times arise.
  • Gives you kisses as motivation to practice and hit your moves just right. (Also for his own benefit. You two both know that you’ll work on the sport anyways - Eijirou just wants to kiss you.)
  • When he sees you kicking ass on the courts, he’s just so proud. He sweeps you off your feet after matches - literally. Eiji will pick you up. Don’t test him.
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Can we get some nsfw/angst/fluff reactions of Bakugo/Kiri/Deku/Shoto being all in the feels with S/O after finding S/O only has limited days before dying? Got inspired listening to The Weekend “Die For You”. 😭🙌🏼

Warning: death, very brief mentions of sex but they are aged up still


  • He’s angry
  • Angry at you for not knowing sooner or not being able to prevent it
  • Angry at the doctors for the same reasons
  • Angry at himself for not being able to do anything
  • He’s not sure what he’s supposed to do
  • There will be a lot of burn marks and holes in the walls of his room, he’s freaking out
  • But once he tires himself out a bit, he’ll realize that he should probably be spending this time with you
  • Or should he? Cause how is he supposed to make these last few days wonderful when you’ll be gone right after
  • He will though, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if he let you die without spending your final moments with you
  • It won’t be the most memorable times, if anything katsuki wants to forget all about this later
  • But he’ll be with you, he’ll hold you, he’ll tell you he loves you, and you’ll just be together for your last days
  • Theres not much else he can bring himself to do honestly


  • He’s gonna be angry too, but he’s very quick to plan out your remaining time together
  • Anything you two have always wanted to do together but never got the chance, as long as it’s something that can be done within the time frame, youre doing it
  • Eijirou wants to make sure you die happy, and that his last memories of you are happy ones
  • The days are spent having fun, and the nights are spent together
  • Making love in the softest ways imaginable, this man will poor out every ounce of love he has for you into you in whatever ways he can
  • The day before your death will be a bit different, it’s more somber despite both of your obvious attempts to make it a background thought
  • So any plans you’d made for this day will probably be cancelled, when Eiji looks at you and realizes this is the last full day he’s going to have with you
  • He decides that he doesn’t want it to be full of anything but you in his arms
  • Where he feels that despite everything else, he can keep you safe


  • Very emotional
  • He wants to believe that the doctors are wrong
  • And that you’ll be fine
  • But it doesn’t seem that way, no matter how much he searches and searches for an answer there isnt
  • It’s hard for him to accept that
  • But he does, for now at least, just so that he can be with you
  • He wants to keep going on as normal, acting the same way around you as to not worry you
  • He can’t though, every time he looks at you and realizes theres only a few more days where he can still have you - he almost breaks down
  • Honestly this time is going to be spent consoling him, youre going to have to be the strong one for izuku
  • Reassure him that you love him and youre thankful for all the time youve had with him, even if it’s been cut short
  • If youre strong, he’ll find strength himself
  • And you’ll be able to have a smiling Izuku as one of your last memories


  • Poor thing is so quick to deny it
  • The doctors have to be wrong, they don’t know what theyre talking about
  • He’ll even take you to the best doctors he can find, he doesn’t care how expensive
  • But the results are the same
  • Shouto might be cold after that for a bit
  • Yeah he’s got friends now, but youre the most important person in his life - he needs you
  • And youre just gonna be ripped away by forces neither of you can control
  • So he figures he might as well convince himself he doesn’t actually need you
  • In reality he’s just terrified of being there when you die and watching you slip away
  • But he gets a look at your expression, filled with anxiety and sorrow, and he can’t let you just stay like that
  • It’s not your fault, you’re already suffering enough
  • So just in time, he’ll come back to his senses, and he’ll make sure to help you through accepting this yourself
  • It hurts him to be around you, but he loves you, and he wants to love you until he can’t anymore
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I care

I told you how your hurt me, baby

But you don’t care

  • You were sitting at home trying to stop yourself from losing your shit
  • How many times have you guys talked about this
  • 3 maybe 5 times??
  • But it always went the same
  • You would cry, scream and tell him how you felt
  • How much everything he did hurt you
  • He’d get mad yell back and leave
  • Not returning home till the next night or sometimes a little longer

Now I’m crying and deserted, baby

But you don’t care

  • Sometimes he’d come back and apologize
  • Saying he went to Bakugou’s or Denki’s house to cool off
  • Hed would apologize for leaving like that
  • promising to make things right and everything seems ok
  • Then a couple weeks later the same argument happens again

Ain’t nobody tell me this is love

But you’re inmune to all my pain

  • Then there were other times he would come back and act like the conversation never happened
  • When you try to bring it up again
  • He snaps at you and tells you to change the subject
  • “I’m not going to argue with you about this shit Y/N so drop it!”
  • How many more times will you have to keep having this conversation

I need you to tell me this is love

You don’t care well that’s okay

  • Why were you going through this
  • Was marriage supposed to be like this
  • You’ve heard of marriages having rough patches
  • But was it normal for your marriage to be like this???
  • Did a rough patch last this long??
  • Arguing all the time? Being paranoid? Accusations being thrown and feelings being ignored???
  • “Please tell me this rough patch will be over soon” you pray as you feel tears in the corner of your eyes
  • Does he even care anymore??

Well, I care

I know you don’t care too much

But I still care, la la la la Baby!

Oh, I care

I know you don’t care too much

  • Why did you keep going through this?
  • You could leave
  • Get a divorce and move on with your life
  • But you still cared about him
  • Despite the pain he’s put you through
  • All the times you’ve cried or how embarrassed you felt
  • You cared about your relationship
  • You loved going on dates spending time together
  • You loved his hair, his smile , you loved how he use to always make you feel you were the only one that mattered
  • Did you really wanna throw it all away

Ever since you knew your power

You made my cry

And now everytime our love goes sour

You won’t sympathize

  • You weren’t always this weak
  • You were strong willed
  • One of UAs most promising students along with the rest of your class
  • You stood amongst the top five of your class
  • An aura that demanded respect from your peers and higher ups
  • A lot of people were mesmerized by you especially him
  • Which is why he made a move on you
  • And obviously you reciprocated it
  • He made you feel safe
  • “I will always be there for you Y/N” he said placing a kiss on your lips

You see these tears falling down to my ear

I swear, you like when I’m in pain, yeah

I try to tell you all my fears

You still don’t care? Well, that’s okay

  • Back then you appreciated it
  • It was always a fear of yours to be vulnerable because of how you were raised
  • All your life you felt like you had to be strong and that no one was genuinely there for you
  • It was sound advice but tiring
  • Sometimes you wanted someone to be there for you
  • When he showed you that he’d always be there and that you could open up to him, you did
  • Only one person could make you crumble
  • Make you melt with his touch and swoon
  • Kirishima Eijirou

Boy, maybe if you cared enough

I wouldn’t have to care so much

What happened to our trust?

Now you’re just givin’ up

You used to be so in love

Now you don’t care no more

  • You finally get up from your spot on the bed and walk towards your dresser
  • Your mind keeps swirling with thoughts as you open one of your drawers and pull a folder hidden under your folded clothes
  • Who would’ve known five years from graduation it’d be this way
  • Who knew that Kirishima
  • One of UAs “manliest and sweetest” boys from their class would make someone who prided themselves on their physical, and mental strength would be reduced to this
  • It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth and choke out a noise
  • Whether it’s a sob or a laugh you weren’t too sure
  • He use to be so sweet and you trusted him with your life and vice versa
  • You open the folder and stare at the words on the paper
  • It was almost as if they were screaming at you
  • You stared at the bold words in black ink contemplating you next decision
  • Did you want to do this? You cared but mess it enough to be with someone who obviously didn’t ?
  • Maybe he did not care anymore like he used to
  • Maybe you were the only one that wanted to make this work

Well, I care

I know you don’t care too much

But I still care, baby

Oh, I care

I know you don’t care too much

But I still care, baby

I still care, baby


Originally posted by akageesus

Sorry I had to

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Any chance I can get a match up for bnha? I just love your work!❤️💃🏻 I’m a girl with long messy dark brown hair and light blue eyes. I’m very quiet but not shy, I’m just always in my head! When I do speak I’m witty, sassy and a little sarcastic. But I know when tone serious. I’m fiercely loyal very well read I’m many subjects. But very dense when it comes to social cues and jokes. I’ve always been very gullible. Very much the Big Sister Friend, I will not tolerate bullshit of any kind. Cont.

“❤️💃🏻 pt2 I’m competitive but not a sore looser (anymore) I always put others before myself, and will do anything for those I care for. And will fallow my friends to hell and back with a smile. This can lead to me neglecting myself and my own needs. I’m occasionally spontaneous and love going on random adventures with no plan. Or just wandering around aimlessly lost in my thoughts. I like gymnastics, ballet, (I’ve didn’t both for 10 years) reading and playing music on my guitar or violin. ❤️💃🏻 I also LOVE horror and the darker side of history. Thank you sooooo much for all you do! I adore you and your blog!😘💃🏻❤️Aaaaahahh This is ❤️💃🏻 forgot your mention I only like guys in my matchup! Sorry I’ve never requested a matchup before”

Hi! Thank you so much for the request and the compliments ;; You’re so nice, and you’re absolutely welcome (though I don’t do that much HAHA) And don’t worry, welcome in the matchup world!

I ship you with…

Kirishima Eijirou


Originally posted by deku-smash

(from My Hero Academia)

Kirishima is an outgoing and noble guy, with a determined and brave attitude, sometimes even reckless. He’s honest and kind, giving a very important role in his life to friendship and respect, since he’s also pretty selfless. Thanks to all these traits, he makes friends easily, specially with people who show a passion equal to hiw own. He gets very hard on himself if he can’t protect his friends, showing a really responsible side of him, given by the low esteem he often has on himself. But that doesn’t stop him from being friendly and always ready to help others.

You’ll get along quickly and easily, like if it was on instinct for both of you. He will like your always in your head attitude, even if maybe you got distracted while he’s talking, and he will always ask you what you’re thinking about, curious about you. But mostly he’ll be fond of you loyal attitude since it’s a value he cares a lot about, and he knows he can be safe with you around. He’s the type to make a lot of jokes, but mostly of them are quite simple, and even if you don’t understand them, he’ll never get angry for a stupid thing like that, explaining to you the joke and smiling proud when you realize what it was saying. But he doesn’t have a lot of social cues too, since he just does what he wants and he’s always blunt in his words.

Though you could put him before yourself, he’ll always make sure to put you before him, finding yourselves protecting each other, though he’ll never put yourself in dangerous situation, being him an almost prohero too. And he’ll always be sure that you’re caring about yourself, and if you don’t, expect a little lecture by him and a little tap on your head. If you can’t do it, he’ll do it for you, always asking you how are you or if you need something, and if you lie to him, he’ll worry even more about you, but even more insistent, quite annoying we could say.

He’ll always have a challenge for you, loving to compete with you and having fun, another reason for him to love your adventures together, without a plan or a map, maybe even deciding your destination with a dart on case.

He’s not the type to do gymnastics or ballet, but he understands how they can be pretty difficult, asking you to teach him some moves maybe he could use when fighting. But don’t ask him to read a book, he just read magazines about heroes, or better, he watch the figures. He doesn’t even read the books for school!

He’s not that interested in horror, but he knows some Metropolitan legends that could be interesting, and he’ll be curious if you know more of them.

That’s all! Hope you liked it and sorry for the waiting!

Have a nice day~🌸💕💕💕💕

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