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#Kirishima Eijirou


Kirishima x Reader

1.9k Words

Trigger Warnings: n/a This was apart of the server collab tying to desserts and I was granted the oppurtunity to write about my husbando Kirishima. Please take a look at the other works @liliesoftherain

– – – – – – – –

Every morning the loud whirring of his blender stirred rattled your brain to the point it ached, rolling out of blissful slumber, pinching the bridge of your nose you walked out of the bedroom and down the hall. “Kirishima,” you spoke sternly with the irritation vibrating out of your lungs. The whirring of the machine halted and a thick silence spread throughout the kitchen.

He slowly turned around and said “Y-yes lil m-mama?” a small, and weakly smile appeared upon his face as he looked at you. You narrowed your eyes and sighed “Do you know what time it is Kirishima Eijirou?” He flinched at the sound of his name rolling off of your tongue so sharp it could cut through paper. He knew that he was in deep shit. You watch his large frame turn and look up at the clock on the wall, he whispers something and you can’t hear him. You hastily stomp over to him, turn him around and pull him down by his muscle shirt collar and sneer “What.Time.Is.It.Kirishima?”

He threw his hands up in defense and whimpered “I-its 6am, y-y/n.” Despite his large frame he was still scared of you and would shrink down to a little kid whenever you got mad at him. He would cower and stand still when you were mad at him, “ That’s right Kirishima, it’s 6 am and every morning without fail you wake me outta my sleep.” You heated glare rests on his face as the sleep that invaded your body slowly started to fade, huffing you state, “Why do you ALWAYS need to use the blender for your shakes. Its called a shake for a reason Eiji, you shake it.”

“Babe, the flavors mix around better when you blend it and I can’t not have my shakes because I wouldn’t be this buff, beautiful man you love so much.” You see his white toothy smile and the flex of his muscles and… god, you couldn’t stay mad at him. You groan at how weak you can get when he flashes that stupid smile and make your heart flutter, the scowl that you wanted to keep plastered on your face to express your anger slowly faded. A hearty laugh fell form Kirhismas lips as he scooped you up off of the floor weightlessly and said “I knew you couldn’t stay mad at me beauty cool!” You laugh at his goofy antics and kiss him sweetly on his lips, savoring the taste of his lips colliding with yours in harmony.

He places you down on the floor and you walk to turn on the coffee pot as he clicks the blender back to life. You rub your temples at the sound earth rattling sound and a low groan falls out of your lips. As you mindlessly stare at brewing coffee, Kirishima broad palms wrap around your frame and pull you flush to his hips and his rests his head on your shoulder. You turn to face him and he sends you another sweet loving smile, still mad at him you take his nose and pinch it harshly making him whince in pain and back away from you, “ I’m still mad at you Kirishima dont think because you flashed that stupid smile you get off easy.” Your turn to him and sigh softly, you turn back to coffee that was slowly brewing in the pot, wanting some creamer you wander over to one of the cabinets and open it to see more containers of protein powder the last time you opened it.

Anger bubbled in your stomach and fell out of your mouth as you turned towards Kirishima. “Why is there more protein powder here in Kirishima.” You knew that Kirishima felt your glare on the back of his neck as he started to hurriedly pour his mixed shake into its container and rinse it out and run towards the door. “KIRISHIMA!!!” He makes it to the door and says “W-well I gotta go babe, today is leg day!” and the door slams right behind him.

All of the energy that you were able to muster from your drowsiness when into yelling at him and pegging him with questions, the beep of the coffee pot made your brain pulse in the confines of your skull. You saunter back over to the coffee pot and watch the black liquid fill your cup and steam into the coldness of the morning time. You grab the cup of coffee and move to the couch, “ Damn you Kirishima,” you cursed at yourself “ why did you buy so many protein powders.”

Laying on the couch, you want to get rid of all that protein powder instead of tossing it out in the trash where it should be. You turn to the one most reliable source. Google. You get up from the couch and grab your computer to get to work, you continue to sip on your coffee, the iridescent screen pulls you into the world of protien shakes and the many things you can do. Protein Cakes, protein croissants, protein ice cream, protein bars, protien protein protein PROTIEN!!

You throw your head back onto the edge of the couch and ruffle your hair in agony. How far does the protein worm hole go, with the amount of protein that was in your house you could make all of those times 1000. You continue your hate filled search of the protien tricks and stumble upon protien cinnamon rolls, interesting. You knew that Kirishima’s favorite sweet treat was cinnamon rolls but he never got the change to eat them because they would mess up his rigorous diet that you never wanted or wish to follow after.

And being the loving wife that you were you decided to make protein cinnamon rolls. You rise from the couch and walk into the kitchen reach for the apron and get to work. By the time you initially started to get to work on the cinnamon rolls, it was already the evening because who said you couldn’ t go through the endless wormhole of youtube and lay on the couch. When yo go to the cabinet you start to open them up growing even more upset as they reveal the different flavors brands and amounts of powder.

You blink harshly and start to pull out all of the powder that Kirishima had bought over time and with every container you pulled out you realize how much money could have possibly been saved. Wanting to decrease the amount of protein powder that invaded your home you decided to organize them from expired, close to expiration and fresh. More than half of the powder in the cabinets were expired and that was money going down the drain that could have been used for a trip or to fix that hole in the mattress ( In which we shall not speak of).

Finally getting through the endless amounts of protein you started to toss away the old ones and looked at the new ones. Since you were going to be making cinnamon rolls you found the vanilla flavored protein powder and placed it on the counter and put the rest of the powder up back into one cabinet. Happy with the result of the cleaning out of the powdered terrors you start on the cinna mon rolls.

As you work the powder between the eggs milk and applesauce, Kirishima finally comes home tired and sweaty. “Hi, kirishima.” you spoke coldly wanting him to believe that you were mad at him all day, which was kinda true but not really.

“Hiya bab? H-how was the house today?” You answer him with silence and continue working on the dessert. He hears him sigh and slide his feet down the hall to the bathroom, you peek around the bend of the hallway and smile. You had finished the dough for the rolls and rolled it up to prep for the oven. THe oven was warmed up and you plopped the protein cinnamon rolls into the oven for them to bake. You start to reheat the leftover fried chicken and fires from the takeout you ordered the day prior, the smell of cinnamon fills your lungs with every happy breath you take . The smell of conna mon swirls around the kitchen and started to flow throughout the house as you change into your pjs and by the time you walk out you see kirishima sitting at the dining table.

Knowing that he left the house making you upset you kiss his cheek and immediately he perks up and sends a goofy loving smile your way. Once the food is done heating up you bring it to the table and sit across from him. And before your rump hits the wooden seat he says “ I’ll be more considerate of you.” I shook you out of your thoughts “ What do you mean more considerate?”

“ Not using the blender at 6am when you’re still getting your beauty sleep. Ill try to use the powder and consume it in different ways beauty cool. You laugh and take a hearty bite out of the chicken and say “It’s weird how you always think ahead of me without even knowing it Kirshima.” He tilts his head in confusion and you hear the timer go off, rushing excitedly out of your seat you open up the oven and pull out the cinnamon rolls and plate them. You get the non-protein filled icing and cover the fresh cinnamon rolls “ CLOSE YOUR EYES KIRI!!” You hear shuffling at the table signaling that he obeyed you walk out of the kitchen and place the dessert in front of him.

He takes a sniff and uncovers his eyes “ BABE! You made me cinnamon rolls, you shouldn’t have but,” his smile turns quickly into a frown “ I can’t eat them, they are going to through me off and my cheat day isn’t until next–” You place your finger to his lips and say “Just eat it and tell me how it tastes okay.” He blinks and shrugs his shoulders, you see him take the fork and piece the fluffy layers of the roll, he breaks it off and takes it bite.

A happy groan falls out of Kirishima’s mouth as he starts to scarf down the rest of the rolls on theplate. When he finishes the creat that covered the rolls was all over his face and crumbs decorated his face you laughed “How did it take bunny?”

“ It tasted amazing where these homemade.” You nod your head and says “ And they were made with protein.” You stop to listen for his reaction, instead you are picked up out of your seat and wrapped in a big bear hug “BABE!! You did that for me?” He questions, You laugh in his arms and kiss his cheek,” Yes I did kirishima just to make use of all of the hundreds of powders that you bought and have yet to use.” He sends you a weak smile but kisses you all over your face, he puts you down and says “ Thanks baby! A-and… is there any more of them.” You smile and say “Yes Kirishima, there is more in the kitchen.” He perks up and runs into the kitchen and you sdiyou sit back at the table and laugh.

You hated your husband for one thing and one thing only. The copious amounts of protein powder he hand in your shared apartment but there was nothing else that you want more of.

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a/n: this is a part two for the “you’ve got me on your side” kiri fic i did a while ago AND its apart of @bnhabookclub​ weekly sfw prompt “i’m fine” !!! trying to write more for bnha so i hope y'all don’t mind 

pairing: kirishima x reader


Originally posted by deku-smash

Since that night in Kirishima’s room, you started to avoid him, seeming to go unnoticed by the boy whose heart was still full from the six little words you told him back that night. Your odd behavior didn’t go unnoticed by many of your friends, though, many of them asking you what happened as you brushed off their concerned looks. 

The word “friend” coming out of Kirishima’s mouth, as he referred to how he felt about you, still seemed to haunt your mind, or maybe you were overthinking the situation. You had hoped that the words “you’ve got me on your side” held another meaning when he told them to you every day, and maybe that’s why you asked him what he meant behind his words that fateful night. Your heart was hoping that he would reveal a secret crush on you so that you could finally unveil the hidden feelings you had for him. 

But that’s not how life works, and you were dreaming of an impossible situation to happen because Kirishima Eijirou didn’t seem to see you as anything more than a friend. 

Unbeknownst to you, Kirishima had noticed your odd behavior, wondering what he did wrong as you started making excuses to cancel plans with him, you had even gone out of your way to switch your training partner so you wouldn’t be near him. 

Thinking back on the conversations, the two of you had before your sudden change in behavior; he couldn’t think of anything out of the ordinary. Had he done or said something wrong? 

That’s when he remembered the conversation the two of you had in his room that night. His heart was beating in his chest as he remembered calling you his friend so that he wouldn’t reveal the romantic feelings he had for you. His mind whirling at the thought that maybe you were upset that he called you his friend, that perhaps you did like him back and were disappointed with the response he gave you. 


As the weekend rolled around, it got harder to steer clear of Kirishima. You missed the smiles he sent your way, missed the feeling of his arms wrapping around you as he hugged you, and you even missed those stupid six words. You missed being around him, but you couldn’t stand the ache in your chest every time you thought back to the word friend coming out of his mouth. 

You could tell that he knew something was making you upset. He was trying his best to get the two of you alone, and you still left him hanging, making sure that you found an excuse to leave the room if the two of you were alone. 

You knew your strange behavior was upsetting him; you saw how the smile on his face fell when you brushed past him, the way his shoulders sagged when you didn’t sit next to him like usual, the way the twinkle in his eyes were no longer there. 

You opted to stay in your room for most of the weekend, only leaving to get food and water, hoping that you wouldn’t run into the redhead as you ventured away from the safety of the four walls behind your closed door. 

It was the middle of the night when Kirishima finally confronted you. You had gone downstairs to refill your water bottle, and upon entering the kitchen, you had immediately stopped in your place upon seeing Kirishima sitting at the counter. 

Hearing someone enter the kitchen, he had looked up to greet them and had instantly locked his red eyes with yours, the two of you frozen in your spots on opposite sides of the kitchen. 

“You’re up late. Are you okay?” He spoke, breaking the awkward silence that filled the kitchen upon your entrance. 

“I’m fine." 

"Then why have you been avoiding me?”

“N-no I haven’t." 

"Ya know, you’re terrible at lying, especially when you’re lying to me.” The smirk on his face making your heart beat a little faster than it should be. 

Rolling your eyes at his words, you turn around to leave the kitchen with a still empty water bottle. As you are about to leave the entryway of the kitchen, you feel something grab your wrist, causing you to jump and accidentally drop the bottle to the floor with a loud thunk. Before you know it, you’re trapped between the kitchen wall and Kirishima’s body, his arms on either side of your head, making sure you had no way to escape him again. 

“You gonna tell me what I did wrong? It hurts that you keep trying to run away from me,” he whispers, his face extremely close to yours, causing your breath to get caught in your throat. 

“You didn’t do anything wrong Kiri,” you whisper back, heart beating even faster at how close he was to you. 

“Then why have you been avoiding me? The only reason I can come up with is because I called you friend the other night.” Your eyes widen at his words and your mind can’t seem to find anything to say. “But that’s crazy, right? Because why would you ever reciprocate the romantic feelings I have towards you?" 

The words of the last sentence is what makes your brain go haywire. He has romantic feelings for you? He likes you back? As these thoughts rush through your head, Kirishima is still rambling in front of you, letting out all the pent up emotions he was holding back while you were avoiding him. 

Reaching up, you cup his face in your hands to stop his rambling. "Kiri, I need you to stop talking for a quick second because I like you too, you dork." 

"Y-you do?” He moves his arms to wrap around your waist as you nod your head in confirmation. “So, you wouldn’t be mad if I did this?” He pulls you closer as he leans down to capture your lips in a sweet kiss, your arms wrapping around his neck to hold him close. 

As the two of you pull apart, you press a quick kiss to the tip of his nose. “I would be mad if you didn’t continue to do that,” you say with a smile. 

The water bottle on the ground long forgotten as the two of you exchange loving kisses and words.

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A/N: Was watching those videos about people walking in naked on their SOs and thought about how BNHA characters might react. Might do a part 2 with Dekusquad? Sorry if it’s not very good, my first time doing HCs…


Originally posted by allaboutshouto

Kaminari Denki

*This is actually the first time he’s gonna see you naked. You’re kind of nervous?

*You’re at his apartment and he’s totally in the zone as he plays his game. You come out of the bathroom and throw your clothes at him.

*He looks down confused before glancing up at you. 

*Immediately, his jaw drops and you hear something that sounds like a zap. You suddenly realize his controller is smoking. He short-circuited the controller.

*Denki slowly stands, taking off his headphones as he swallows nervously. He walks up to you

*You ask him what he thinks and he looks at you like you’re crazy.

*”I’ll show you what I think.”

“You giggle as he rushes at you. You could still feel the electricity in his fingertips as he carried you to his bedroom. It actually felt kind of nice.


Originally posted by tobjo-archive

Bakugo Katsuki

*It’s the first day off Katsuki’s had in a while. 

*You can hear him screaming at the screen as he played a video game. It really helped him relieve some stress; he had become quite calm after picking up the hobby.


*Yes, so calm. 

*Making sure the camera is on, you walk out and throw your towel at him.

*It lands on his head and he yells profanities as he tries to shake it off like the angry pomeranian he is.

*He finally yanks it off and turns to yell out at you again but stops mid-sentence when he sees you, mouth open.

*”What the fuck do you think you’re doing? The windows are open!!” 

*He angrily throws his controller on the couch and starts walking towards you as you try to explain.

*”I don’t give a shit, only I get to see this fucking body. You’re mine.”

*You almost drop your phone as he throws you over his shoulder and carries you to the bedroom. Once there, he made sure to mark you as his. 


Originally posted by innosuke

Sero Hanta

*You were working from home today and thought Hanta was out on a mission. 

*He had come home for lunch to surprise but you were in your office and had music blasting.

*It was too perfect. He quickly stripped and approached the door, pushing it open.

*”Hey, babe,” he yelled over the music, using his tape to turn your chair.

*You screamed as you whipped around, throwing your mouse at him. One you realized it was him, you yelled at him, asking him what the fuck he was doing.

*Hanta grinned mischievously, swinging his hips.

*”What does it look like I’m doing?”

*You finally registered that he was, in fact, naked. You stared for several moments before weakly reminding him that you were working.

*Still grinning, he pulled you towards him with the tape still attached to your chair. “Yeah but it’s lunch time.”

*That’s all the urging you needed. 


Originally posted by satur-nya

Kirishima Eijirou

*Ei was working out in the small gym he’d set up.

*When you walked in, he was doing bench presses. He didn’t hear you come in. You walked up to the end where his head was and asked if he needed a spotter.

*”What the—”

*Turns out he did, as he almost dropped the bar from the shock. He recovers enough to set the bar back on the brackets and sits up as you circle around him.

*”Babe, I’m working out…” He pouts, unable to take his eyes off of you. You can tell that he’s at war with himself. He didn’t like stopping in the middle of a workout but he really didn’t like the thought of letting you go.

*You tell him you this is cardio~

*He gives you a sharp-toothed grin and pulls his shirt off, revealing his washboard abs, his skin glistening with sweat.

*”You don’t care that I’m all sweaty?”

*You had barely shaken your head before he hoisted you up, making you squeal.

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I’m Sorry I’m Nervous

Summary: First date jitters happen to everyone, even Red Riot.

Wordcount: 2800

A/N: This is a direct continuation of Hero By Another Name

“Okay, so I’ll…um, see you Friday,” Kirishima nervously chuckled in front of you, holding your hands as he stood in your doorway. 

You smile up at him. “Promise?”

He bent down and pressed his lips to yours. “I promise.” One more kiss turned into two, which turned into him with his arms tightly around your waist, your body pressed against the doorframe as he practically devoured you. Finally, the two of you said your  goodbyes, a little out of breath and flushed down to your necks. 

“We’re dating. We got a date on Friday,” Kirishima mumbled to himself as he got in the elevator, a dopey smile on his face. He threw a fist in the air, proud that he’d finally come out and said it. He needs to call Bakugo for saving his ass yet again. Who knew Bakugo was such a great wingman? Finally, Kirishima had made you his girl…his girlfriend. He hasn’t felt like this in such a long time. Since, like, high school. His eyes went wide. He hasn’t dated since high school! “Oh shit, we’re dating. I got a date this Friday.”

In a panic, he called the only Bakusquad member that knew the meaning of the word chill. “Hey dude, what’s up?” Sero answered lazily.

“Code Shitting Myself! I have a date on Friday!” Kirishima practically screamed into the phone as he rushed out of the elevator into the lobby, making a small woman who was entering at the same time jump back. 

Kirishima waved apologetically as he scurried away to possibly go bury himself somewhere. 

“Uh, congrats? Why are you panicking?”

“I don’t know what I’m doing! What do people do for dates now?” He gripped at his hair, for all he knew, Netflix and Chill was the new norm!

“Bro,” Sero snorted at Kirishima’s distress; the red-head was overthinking the entire situation and Sero found it refreshingly funny.

“I haven’t been on a date since high school, I don’t know what a mature adult does for a first date. I’m not mature! I still watch cartoons in the morning on my days off!” That threw Sero over the edge; he bursted out into a fit of laughter, wheezing and coughing as he tried to compose himself.

After a solid five minutes, he was able to speak again. “Okay, relax dude. I’ll call the squad and we’ll brainstorm over some beer while Bakugo lectures us on the amount of sugar and calories we are putting in our bodies. Sounds good?”

“Yeah, yeah, that works.”

“You okay now?”

“Yeah….I have a girlfriend,” Kirishima let out a bashful giggle, looking back up to your apartment complex. 

“Good for you, bro. I’ll see you later.”


“I fucking told you extras. Pay up, assholes.”

The whole table groaned as everyone started slamming their money down on the table, Bakugo cackling unapologetically as he swept the pot of money over to him. “The hell? Guys?” Kirishima looked at them all, appalled. 

“We started making bets after you randomly became a junior firefighter,” Ashido frowned as she handed her money over to Bakugo, who snatched it from her and started counting it. 

Kirishima pouted; he didn’t think it was that obvious. Ashido reached over, reading his mind and patting his arm. “Honey, we all know how considerate you are of other people but seriously? Yeah, we all saw it coming.”

Kaminari cut in, holding up a folded up piece of paper. “Alright, so I pulled up a list on the internet—” 

The whole table groaned, but Kaminari cleared his throat and spoke over their complaints. “I compiled a list of manly first dates and this is what I got.”

Sero swiped the paper from the electric blonde and glanced over it. “Museum? Does she like art?”

“Not all museums are just art. There is this really cool toy museum…” Kaminari took the paper back, smoothing out imaginary wrinkles.

Ashido rolled her eyes. “Is she even into video games?”

The red-head only shrugged as he took a sip of beer. Honestly, he couldn’t really think of anything that you were interested in outside of work. “I don’t know? She’s kind of a workaholic. Only thing she collects is…”

“She’s a creepy mega-fan of his and covers her entire apartment in Red Riot merch,” Bakugo chimed in nonchalantly, still counting his money. All eyes were now on Kirishima, eyebrows raised.

“Moving on!” Kirishima launched his body across the table to grab the list, trying to change the subject.  “A picnic, that sounds nice.”

Sero shook his head. “Uh, you might have to go where there are no people. Both of you are still pretty popular and with that gossip rag around, you might attract a crowd.”  The note was passed to Ashido; it was probably best in her hands since she’s the only girl in this group.

Ashido took out a pen and started crossing things off. “So anything with crowds is probably out. That means no to sports games and amusement parks…” Kaminari started to pout as he watched so many of his ideas get crossed out.

“Cross off crappy pottery painting. That shit is for some old married couple, or ones with little kids.” Bakugo finally joined the conversation only to scoff at Kaminari. Seriously, pottery? Ashido nodded in agreement at what the ash blonde said, tapping her nose as she scribbled that out.

Kaminari threw his arms in the air. “Let’s just cross off all my ideas!”

“Rock-climbing would be cool. She had fun doing that while we were camping. Maybe we could go on a hike.” Kirishima tried to be the positive one of the group. That camping trip had really helped change your relationship; something outdoorsy might be good.

Sadly, Ashido waved him off and started giving her “girl advice”, which really sounded more like a lecture. “No. You need to do something together that you haven’t done. The first date can set the tone for the entire relationship. Plus, rock-climbing is more of a third date activity. First dates are when you need to have lots of face-to-face conversations. You are getting to know each other in a romantic sense; rock climbing isn’t going to give you a lot of opportunities to do that. Also, no sex or too much kissing. Focus on talking to her as a person so she doesnt think you’re only after her body.” Kirishima’s face instantly flared up at being called out like that. Damn, Ashido can pick up on the slightest hint of anything that is remotely romantic. If only she had put that much effort into her studies when they were in school.

“Fine! All I got is one thing left. Tell me how that can go wrong so I can throw this stupid list away.” Kaminari was completely fed up, taking the list back and writing one more thing on it before thrusting it back into the center of the table. He crossed his arms as he slouched in his chair.

Ashido looked up at Bakugo and Sero, who both nodded with a look of surprise. “Actually….” 

“That’s not a bad idea. Good job, Dunce Face.” Bakugo waved over a waitress to order some wings for Kaminari as a reward for using so much brain power. 

“Wait, what? You guys like one of my ideas? Yes! And you guys doubted me. Just call me the love doctor from now on.” Kaminari leaned back in his chair, rubbing a finger under his nose as he bragged smuggly. Ashido reached over and pressed a finger to his forehead, causing him to fall back. “Fuck!”


“Miniature golf?” you questioned as the two of you walked up to the indoor miniature golf course. It was perfect. It was less in the open, they controlled the amount of people on the course, and with a little extra cash, the attendant held back on letting in more people so the two of you could have plenty of time alone together.

Kirishima cleared his throat nervously. “You don’t like it?”

You linked your fingers through his, shaking your head. “No, that’s not it. I just haven’t done it in years.” His heart nearly launched into his throat. How do you do that so easily?

“Oh, I guess that means I’m a shoe-in to win, then?” Keeping his cool, he teased you as he pulled you into the building.

That competitive nature of yours came in full-throttle, jumping at the bait. “Is that a challenge I hear?”

Kirishima looked down at you, leaning in with a smirk on his face. “Yup. The winner decides where we go for dinner.”

You leaned in closer, whispering, “You’re on.” Oh, he wants to kiss you so bad right now.

After paying admission and slipping the teen a few more bills to keep the crowd away from the two of you, you were picking out what color club you wanted to use. Of course, Kirishima chose red. He was leaning back, watching you as you narrowed in on a neon green club. You bent down to see if it was a comfortable height for you and that’s when he noticed the curve of your ass in those jeans. He felt himself totally zone out, leaning more heavily on his club when he stumbled.

You looked back at him as he straightened up. “You okay?”

“Yu-Yup! Go ahead to the first hole to save our spot. I changed my mind about what color to use.” He hid his now bent club behind his back, praying you wouldn’t notice or argue with him.

Lucky him, you nodded in agreement. “Oh, okay.”

Kirishima sighed in relief once you were out of view. He held up the bent club; the poor thing didn’t have a chance under his weight. He held it up to the attendant, who saw the whole thing transpire. “I’m so sorry, I’ll pay for the damage.” He can already hear Mina telling him off. I told you not to think about sex or kissing too much! Focus on getting to know her! Easier said than done…

Now with a new club that was a darker shade of red in his hand, he met you at hole one. You were tossing one of your golf balls in the air as you waited. “Ready?” Your smile helped him forget the incident; he silently promised himself that he wouldn’t embarrass himself anymore on this date so that you wouldn’t regret going out with him.

Around the third hole, you were starting to giggle as he was about to take his shot. “What?”

“Just watching you play. Compared to you, everything on the course looks child-sized.” True, he is pretty bulky and it was even more apparent next to a mini-Eiffel Tower. He pulled back the club to take a swing. “You’re so big.”

His face instantly turned red and he lost his grip; his second golf club was sent spinning four courses away. You held both hands over your mouth, trying to contain your laughter. He glared at your shaking back. This was your fault this time. He sighed, his head down dejectedly as he started walking. “I’ll be right back.” 

Club retrieved, you continued to play. He was extra cautious with the club, making sure to keep a firm grip on it and his sanity. Why is he so nervous? This shouldn’t be that big of a deal; the two of you had hung out before. You skipped beside him, spinning your club in your hand. “I’m winning by four strokes.”

Kirishima looked over the course; it was set up so if he hit a corner just right, he could get it in one stroke. After you tried but didn’t manage to get very close to the hole, he felt like he had this in the bag. Time to show off. “I’ll get a hole in one on this, just you watch. This is basic geometry. Bakugo tutored me for hours til I was a master of it.”

You giggled, stepping to the side as he set his ball up. He hit the ball…but he may have hit  a little too hard. Instead of just bouncing off the wall and going back towards the hole, it went into the air and straight for the small Great Wall of China. He rushed over to see the damage he’d caused now. “It’s stuck in the wall….I must have hit it too hard.” The ball was lodged inside the plaster and everytime Kirishima tried to get it out, more cracks formed. “I can’t get it out without wrecking it any more….”

“Pfft.” He looked back to glare at you. “This counts as a stroke.” Your competitive streak was showing and it was not playing nice. 

Before he could protest, you went to your ball and tapped it gently. You smirked at him triumphantly as it came within an inch of the hole. “Well look at that, I’m going to get a birdie.”

“So much for looking cool….” Kirishima sighed to himself for like the millionth time. You were kicking his butt at this while he was stumbling all over the place. What the hell? He’d played this before and he was never this bad.

“Last one, the windmill.” The final boss of miniature golf stood on top of a small hill, paper mache blades spinning slowly. Kirishima was taller than it but it felt like it was towering over him. He swallowed. 

“I’ll get this one no problem.” Kirishima pumped himself up, stepping up first. He watched the blades swinging around, waiting with the club in the air for the perfect moment. Quickly, he swung at the ball and it zipped through the air. It looked like it was going to make it. Finally!


“It went through the blade!” You dropped your club and ball to laugh as Kirishima rushed over in horror.

He scrambled over to look at the damage and find the ball but he noticed that it wasn’t there. He looked behind the mill to see his ball coming out the back, rolling down the ramp all the way into the hole. He fist pumped the air, forgetting all about the other hole he’d caused. “Ha! See? Hole-in-one!” He pointed towards the hole and then leaned against the windmill, only for it to start tilting. “Oh, shit!” He caught it quickly and balanced it back out. Well, at least you were smiling as you crumpled to the ground laughing.


“That was fun, especially since I won by 10 strokes.” You stretch your arms up, taking in the fresh air after such a fun game. You turn to the side, expecting Kirishima to be standing beside you, only to see the street. He was behind you, dragging his feet out of the miniature golf facility, head held low. “Kirishima?”

“I’m sorry about all that back there. I was just so nervous that I kept messing things up and….causing destruction of property. Kind of messed up our first date, huh?” He walked up to you, eyes still downcast as he apologized for one of the best dates you’d ever had.

You reached out to him, gently taking hold of his hand. “Why were you so nervous? It’s not like we haven’t hung out like this before. If anyone should be nervous, it’s me. You already know all my dirty secrets in my apartment.” Maybe you should mention that you’d had Bakugo give you another “pep’” talk  about how you were being an idiot for panicking slightly before the date.

Kirishima sighed, taking both your hands in his and rubbing his thumbs across your fingers. “It’s our first date, pretty much the deciding factor of whether you want to stay with me. I didn’t want you to think I was a waste of your time…” You tried not to laugh. How could he think spending any time with him could be a waste?

“It’s not over yet, right?” You let go of one of his hands, pulling him by the other. “The winner gets to pick dinner. I vote ordering take out and watching a movie at my place.”

He looked at you with a dazed look, completely confused as he let you pull him down the street towards home. You smile at him reassuringly. “For what it’s worth, I had fun. I always have fun with you.”

Kirishima’s face instantly lit up, his mood seeming to perk up. “Really? You dont regret it?”

You move your hand in his, making your fingers weave together. “I don’t think I could ever regret being with you.” Honestly, you’ve never felt this happy before, and it’s all thanks to the red-head walking beside you.

He tightened his grip and smiled down at you sweetly, making you feel all gooey inside. “Same.”

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