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“Living here and now”

“Happiness is the lack of desire” is a quote that I have just passed accross on a video and it was supremely eye-opening to me, I thought somebody needed to hear this so here I am sharing it with you :

※ When the person A chases their desires, they want to accomplish them in order to be happy (and satisfied/content : by having no more desires left) their mind would say “I will be happy and fulfilled when I reach my desired goal.” but that’s the tricky loophole because it never ends at any point and our imaginary destination therefore can never be reached through that pathway(*).

※ Look up the map of the bigger picture… there’s certainly a secret way to cross, hidden in plain sight~ //desires are a choice, i.e. I can chose to focus on this thing and see what I like about it and add it to my wishlist &hopp! a desire just got created! But since they are under our own control, then the lack thereof is all the same! We can dare to chose to be desireless① (at the end of the article I have something to clear up about this) at this very moment and it is what will lead to that fulfillment that we were chasing the wrong way(*). And then when it comes to the things we once called desires, they will now be what they truly are : experiences in our lives that we can process now through our unconditionally content state of being independently from them yet connected to them, in a way that we will no longer be blinded about the whole and cluelessly clinging to that particular last step of that road which is just one single piece of the entire puzzle, but instead we’ll see the whole process from starting it to the middle of the way to accomplishing it as equal parts of our life experience that we can live to the fullest, and not as much as a self-supressing co-dependency in the old sense. From that point of view, the last step looks like just one step amongst the whole, and does not have any more value than the step we are experiencing at this very moment right now no matter where in the “expected” progress we’re at ,

~ AND Here comes mindfulness and living in the here and now.

End of this article : “dare to chose to be desireless ①” : the types of fears that your ego could bring to you about this out of a protective attempt is that “if you lose your desires then you might no longer be motivated to accomplish anything and that you’ll be stuck in a permanent state of unproductive stagnancy.” When this happens, if it does, remind “that voice” that those are not desires but instead frusterations that make you see yourself as not enough at this moment and that “you can only be worthy of enjoying your already given life (that is in truth your legacy at any and every single moment from birth to death) after you have accomplished this or that.” Remember how motivated you are with love instead of lack. Lack is not a motivation as much as “something we all want to get rid of”. Then get rid of it and love yourself, isn’t love the best boost of it all? Don’t you wish the people in your life loved you through all the seasons and held your hand through it all telling you that “don’t worry, you’re loved anyway. ♥︎” ? Would it have been the motivating way or do you prefer those who stab you and call out all your insecurities ? Of course you prefer love, I know. Then chose it. Within a loving environment you can accomplish tremendously more than what you ever can in a fearsome and gloomy one. Feel free to be desireless now. Drop away all illusions. Your inner world is your own environment in this supremely relative and subjective and mysterious life. It is your own entourage that you yourself create through the place that you chose to call your own. Where are you putting yourself ? Is it comfortable, do you like it ? Does it honour you ? Or does it hurt you ? Did you forget that you can chose ? Humans are too powerful because they have free-choice. But their weakness arose when they forgot they could chose. Your choice is your legacy and always waiting for you to reclaim it back again. It is never too late. In the real world outside our minds, “too late” does not exist. Chose yourself. Love yourself. Yes, you! Prove to yourself how loved you are. Because you are. So much more than what your intellect can grasp.

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