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Dial B for Bucky – by Kalee60

Rating: Explicit

No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationship: Steve/Bucky

Category: M/M


Bucky led a good life, a normal life. Sure his job as a compliance officer wasn’t exactly exciting, and by not exactly he meant not at all, but it paid the bills and allowed him the freedom to spend most of his weekends at his Grandmother’s estate that he and Becca had renovated for guests.

Hosting murder mystery weekends with his best friend Darcy was the highlight of his month, he loved sliding into a different persona, helping co-workers or families navigate the intracacies of solving a crime while dressed up in their favourite era’s threads. It was relaxing, no pressure and he met some amazing individuals.

But when some very unexpected guests arrive, some very famous guests – Bucky finds he’s unable to articulate let alone host a weekend event like a professional. How the hell was he supposed to concentrate when his biggest celebrity crush, Captain America was in his childhood home? Especially when Cap takes a keen interest in Bucky’s life, wanting to know him, talk to him.

Cue meddling best friends, meddling Avengers and a childhood game that turns into something Bucky never expected.


Canon divergence, Shrunkyclunks, Captain America Steve Rogers/Modern Bucky Barnes, Murder Mystery, Meet-Cute, Fluff and Smut, Human Disaster Bucky Barnes, Bottom Bucky Barnes, Top Steve Rogers, Seven Minutes In Heaven Game

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The Avengers watch “Peppermint Park”

Morgan Stark: Cries.

Tony Stark: “Ok I am going to need a LOT more alcohol to get through this.”

Peter Parker: Spidey senses go haywire at these creepy hell puppets

Steve Rogers: Found being frozen for 70 years less tedious than the filler in this show.

Sam Wilson: Reminds Steve, “this was not on the list of shows you needed to catch up on.”

Natasha: Has pulled up all information from the Dark Web, decades old files, news clippings, etc. on this abysmal show and it’s creators, almost instantly. Before the first commercial break, she can say with absolute certainty that this “show” was indeed a Mafia laundering scheme.

Clint Barton: Gets his katana and bow, to hunt down the mobster in charge of this mess. Not for being a mob boss, but purely for frightening Clint’s kids with these sick puppets.

Okoye: “A rhino deserves a better song than this.”

Wanda Maximoff: Eyes glow red during the “Color Red” song, makes the TV explode.

Ava Starr: Phases into the TV and rips “Ernie’s” head off.

Bruce Banner: Goes green and wrecks the TV

Thor: “The theater on Asgard is far more entertaining.”

Tony Stark: After staring silently at the putricidy on the screen for half an hour, holding ng his seventh empty bottle, the Master of Snark admits, “I got nothing.”

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Summary: Steve is simple. Steve is a planner. So why can’t he just say four simple words to the best thing he never planned?

Characters: Steve Rogers, Female Reader, Bucky Barnes

Request from @witch-of-letters :

“Can I request a Steve Rogers one-shot, where he wants to propose to Stark!Daughter!Reader? They’ve been together since the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., and after Sokovia, Steve realizes that he can’t wait any longer (after the wedding, the R gets pregnant with twin girls). When the Civil War starts, R stays on Steve’s side, much to Tony’s fear (and chagrin).”


part 1


Originally posted by blairsfelicity

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Stony =/= condoning everything Steve Rogers ever did onscreen. People who write Stony are not dismissing the actions of a real man, they are fixing the clumsy writing of a fictional character. Those of us who enjoy Stony fics and art are not Capstans or Cap-apologists, we are simply relieved to have the old, pre-Russos, Steve Rogers back. 

Stucky existed long before “Civil Fart.” And like Stony, it (presumably) either addresses any questionable actions of attitudes Steve might have, or just retcons them out of existence. (I never cared for Stucky myself, and god knows I don’t care for MCU-Steve Rogers, but even I think “abusive” is a leap here.) 

Winteriron…okay, you Capdroids calling this ship “abusive” can’t even wrap your heads around a human reacting the way Tony did to that video, so I won’t bother trying to explain trauma or redemption arcs to you. Same goes for you Tony stans who blame Bucky for something he did under mind control. Oppose the coupling because it’s unlikely and possibly unhealthy, if you want; but don’t act like Tony or Bucky is a villain. 

By the same token, IronStrange is not “abusive” because Stephen Strange “murdered” Tony. It was a necessary cold calculation to save the literal universe. The stupidity in that fact lies in the movie’s writers, but not with Stephen. 

Winterwitch is not about padding Wanda’s ass and condoning all the bad things  she did. It’s about giving her the guilt complex and redemption arc that the films arguably neglected to, with a character who would serve said arc far better than Robin Hood and the toaster. 

ScareltVision does not suck  because Vision or Wanda was abusive in the movie where everyone was OOC and hella abusive to each other; it sucks because Vision just sucks. . 

IronWitch…. wait, wut? Um, no thank you. I love both characters, but….not like this.

On that note, Starker is very abusive, but not because canon-Tony supposedly “abuses” his Spider-Son. It’s abusive because Iron Dads should not do that with their Spider Sons. The power and experience imbalance makes the romance nasty. 

You calling Pepperony “abusive” are just on coke. The “anti-Starks” of course think “abusive” just means “anything done by a person I don’t like,” but I have no idea where Tony-stans get the idea that Pepper is “abusive.” Because they bicker and argue a lot? If that’s your reason and you still ship IronStrange or Stony, then you’re dumb. 

NatBruce….is admittedly problematic if the Hulk is a metaphor for violent mental illness, but you don’t have to be so nasty about it. 

Steggy.… may be abusive if you’re taking the “Steve as Edward Cullen watching Peggy sleep” thing straight and condoning it, but I doubt all Steggy fics do that. The fact that so many people say “Endgame” “ruined Steggy for them” is a tip that the ship itself doesn’t always coincide with the Russos’s stupid execution of it. 

IronPrincess: You nasty. 

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As much as I hate MCU Steve Rogers, some of my comrades in arms need to hear this:

Steve Rogers isn’t a real person.

Stony, Stuckony, and Domestic! Avengers are not about excusing the behavior or a real asshole; they’re about fixing the writing of a fictional character who used to be enjoyable.

I have never seen a Stony fic imply that it was okay for Steve to do what he did in “Civil Fart.” They usually either show him realizing what a turd he was and redeeming himself, or just pretend that shit movie never happened.

That is all.

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Square Filled: Truth serum

Thor Bingo Masterlist

Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, humor

Word count: 1180

Written for @thorbingo

Thor Odinson Taglist – @raspberrymama​  @bitchycherryblossomlove@jennie22feona@innerpaperexpertcloud@thorfanficwriter

Everything Taglist – @godofplumsandthunder​  @ladyacrasia@agustdowney@swaggysposts@littlegasps@little-baby-vixen​  @another-stark-sub@supraveng@kahlanmars@marvelgirl7@disappointmentofthefam​  @pandaxnienke@tom-hlover​  @just-the-hiddles

If you wish to be tagged in any of these lists, send me an ask or DM!

“Forget it Loki. This isn’t to use for your one of your pranks, it’s for future missions.” Bruce warned albeit a little cautiously. The God of Mischief still gave him the creeps, nobody could tell when he was being playful or serious, and Bruce definitely wasn’t willing to take chances.

“Look Bruce, this will prove beneficial for the team, at least your silly bets against the two of them will stop for good. Be thankful I’m asking permission, I can very easily just steal it from your lab without a fly noticing.” Loki’s voice low and threatening.

It had taken months for him to act civil around others, eventually friendly with the team but every now and then he used felt forced to use his old tricks to get his way. The people in question here were (Y/N) and his brother. For several weeks now, there had been palpable sexual tension between the two, however neither of them were brave enough to confront the other and Loki along with the team had grown impatient.

“Think about it Bruce, you can record the scene with one of your telephone things and use it against them. Everybody wants leverage against someone.”

“You’re a psychopath! I won’t let you treat my friends like lab rats. However…” Bruce trailed off, he hated that Loki had got to him so quickly, as much as his principles advised him against it, a part of him wanted the whole ordeal to be over.

“Fine. Take the vial, remember not to overdo it though, or you’ll cause permanent damage to their nervous systems.”

“My brother could use some of that damage.” He rolled his eyes before striding over to collect the vial containing truth serum and heading out of the lab.

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Heyo, so this is my first original post on Tumblr! Hope you guys like it 💜

The Avengers Internet Culture Headcannons (Part 1):

Steve Rogers:

  • Didn’t know what was important when researching what he missed so he learned everything.
  • Deadpan finishes Peter’s Vine references.
  • Unironically says mood and lol (el-oh-el).
  • “I understood that reference!”

Natasha Romanoff:

  • Keeps up on everything so she’s ready for any cover.
  • Gives self-defense tips online.
  • Follows Bucky’s secret Tumblr & Peter & Shuri’s meme accounts.
  • Consistently edits Steve’s Wikipedia page to exaggerate his age and status as a senior citizen.

Tony Stark:

  • He’s a tech genus, do you really expect him not to be familiar with the internet?
  • Runs his own pr accounts, much to Pep’s displeasure.
  • Shares Peter’s memes on all his social media platforms like a proud dad.
  • Has a group chat with Pepper, Happy, & Rhodey.

Bruce Banner:

  • After Sakaar, he delved into the depths of the internet to see what he had missed.
  • Depressing humour that would fit right in at a current high school.
  • Uses internet slang in his everyday vocabulary (mood, vibing, simp, etc.).
  • Watches lgbtq+ cartoons in his freetime (examples: Steven Universe, Owl House, & Adventure Time).

Thor Odinson:

  • Gotten pretty good at using his phone while on Midgard.
  • Watches lgbtq+ cartoons with Bruce, has taken a great liking to She-Ra Princess of Power.
  • Somehow became an Instagram influencer/lifestyle vlogger (with the help of Bruce & Peter).
  • Unfortunately, still plays Fortnite with Korg & Meek.

Clint Barton:

  • Only partially keeps up to date through his kids.
  • Had a popular vine account.
  • Has a How-To series on archery.
  • Vent pranks galore.
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EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 12: A Change in Direction

Bruce pressed his eye against the eyepiece. Dozens of dark red orbs shifted between the pressed glass, blue proteins jutting from them like spikes. He adjusted the knobs until the lens was focused on one particular cell. He watched as it moved quickly and with purpose, as if searching for a host, but there was an erratic jerking that didn’t seem to be purposeful, knocking it from its generally straight path. After about the fifth jolt, the color phased away and bright, almost glowing gold veins pulsated beneath the surface, then seemed to tear out of its lipid envelope, and began moving across its surface like worms.

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Tony: it’s nice that you’re helping teach Morgan English, but can you not do it in vine references?

Peter: i have no clue what you’re talking about

Morgan *from the other room*: I’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me!

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When Tony starts going out with Bucky, Bucky gets a shovel talk from Pepper, Rhodey, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Stephen, Fury and Loki, the last two swearing him to secrecy about it, while Tony only gets a halfhearted talk from Steve who knows Tony wouldn’t do anything to Bucky,  but feels obligated to talk to him.

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—Chapter one: Avenge club.

Summary: Nick Fury joins a group of misfits in S.H.I.E.L.D academy together, to help him stop chaos and injustice happening with-in students in school, thinking that the students he chose are the most adequate. However his choosing only backfires.

Warning: none. Just rlly bad attempts at comedy.


✩ Steven “Steve” G. Rogers.


‎✪ James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes.


‎⧗ Natalia “Nat/Natasha” Romanoff.


➸ Clinton “Clint” Barton.


𓅃 Samuel “Sam” Thomas Wilson.


‎⎊ Anthony “Tony” Edward Stark.


✲ James “Rhodey” Rhodes.


✧ Virginia “Pepper” Potts.


✰ There’s obviously a whole lot other characters in the story with boards too but ofc tumblr bitch won’t let me put more than ten so … ✰ enjoy!


“There was an idea, Stark knows this- called the avengers club. The idea is to bring together a group of remarkable people to see if they would become something more, when needed them to fight the battles that we never cou— ”

“Is he doing it again?’’ Sam leaned over Steve and whispered drowning out what Nick is saying. Steve ignored him to listen better to Fury.

“Is he quoting that comic book again?’’ Steve knew what Sam was talking about. In more than one occasion they would enter his office and he would hurriedly put a comic book away –something about earth’s mightiest heroes or something - clear his throat and adjust his shoulders. Nick in all dark clothes, a series almost terrifying face on and a series, unreadable attitude, was a first-class nerd. Who would’ve known? Only them probably.

“So, what you want us to do; is start an anti-bullying club and help people getting bullied in school?’’ Steve recapped what Nick said a minute ago.

Well when Nick Fury: Director and head of the Academy summoned Steve, Natasha, Bucky, Sam, Tony, Pepper, Rhodey, Wanda, Pietro, Clint, Thor, Val and Bruce. He didn’t exactly explain what’s the reason, And since they all frequented his office if not every week then every day, they thought it they had again done something bad. Like maybe it had to do with Clint getting beaten up at 6am behind the school today. So obviously they would be confused that this is why Nick summoned them. Nick was getting tired of their shenanigans, especially with the council putting pressure on the academy, it being the beginning of a new school year, this idea was made in favor of making them useful and at the same time putting a leash on them. Well. It has more depth than that but he’ll get into that eventually.

‘’Tony you didn’t tell us about this. Why?’’ Pepper frowned at Tony.

‘’I honestly didn’t know he was serious.’’ Tony drawled out, narrowing his eyes, studying Nick.

‘’So, no one is going to comment on that passionate speech?’’ Sam joked.

‘’Yes, that is the idea.’’ Nick nods, ignoring the others. “I have been discussing it with The council for a while.’’

“Nick,’’ Nat begins, earning a light frown from him at the usage of his first name, “what do you want us to do exactly? Put up signs that say: ‘Don’t bully, be friends.’ Because those things are embarrassing and a waste of time.’’ She says calmly, pressing an ice pack on Clint’s bruised eye.

‘’Yeah and the council doesn’t know shit,’’ Clint says, ushering Natasha’s hand aside. His bruise shading purple now. “We don’t need an anti-bullying club.’’ He stated confidently.

Nick tilted his head and narrowed his eye; Clint could almost hear him saying ‘bullshit’, almost.

—5 minutes ago

So, Clint wasn’t the smartest one in the group, or better; the safest. In translation: “reckless, thoughtless, and insanely, good at ruining your life.’’ As Nat and Steve would say.

And if ruining his life is getting his back thrashed over the wall outside the main school building in some weird ally, he -somehow- always ended up in every two weeks or so, in the same situation then he was doing pretty good at that.

‘’You know, bullying is so last year dude- ‘’ he began.

‘’Where the fuck is my jacket?’’

‘’What jacket?’’ That prompted a punch to Clint’s face. His eye throbbed.

‘’My jersey jacket, the one you stole from my party last Saturday.’’

‘’Dude, I didn’t steal your jacket.’’ Well to be fair Clint did go to the party last Saturday, and he did drink, a lot. So, he himself wasn’t sure of anything that happened that night, but what he is sure of, is that he would never steal anything, especially a jersey that belongs to the school’s top basketball athlet, Nat would kill him.

“Loki said you’d lie.’’

‘’Lok- what?’’ Clint blinked, then hissed when his eye ached. ‘’Loki Odinson? What does he have to do with this.’’ He recognizes the voice of the guy in front of him he just can’t exactly be sure, and the pain in his eyes are making it hard to concentrate, being sleep deprived and accused of stealing doesn’t help his fuzzy mind either.

“He saw you taking my jacket and leave,’’ He gritted, Looming over Clint.

“And you believed him? Loki? You believed Loki?” he asked amused, almost laughing.

“Why would he lie?’’ he threw his arms up.

“Why would he- ‘’ Clint half whispered like he was so shocked at this guy’s stupidity, he actually had to repeat what he said to understand that he really doesn’t know anything about Loki odinson.

“Have you meet Loki?!’’ he asked genuinely, voice getting higher.

‘’I don’t give a shit about who’s lying and who’s not, my jacket is still missing and if you don’t get it by tomorrows basketball practice, I’ll fucking report you.’’ He spat.

Present time.

‘’Aww, c’mon Nick, that guy’s wack, he wasn’t bullying me, he can’t even punch- owie.” Nat pressed at the bruise a little harder. Intentionally probably, Steve thought.

‘’You won’t just be an anti-bullying club.’’ Nick argued. “You’ll also arrange and be in charge of the dances, the festivals, the field trips.’’

‘’So, like a student council club.’’ Steve drawled, like he was explaining the words to himself and Nick.

“Almost, Not exactly,’’ Nick said, one corner of his lips quirked up and one eye narrowed, creasing under. He looked like he was arranging his words.

“You’ll be official representatives of the school, that’s why you’ll host and arrange the events. You’ll welcome the new kids and supervise on important things, like debate and take student suggestions and at times even football games. And, most importantly, show awareness to not only bullying but the things people normally turn a blind eye to. Students mental health and necessities, you’ll support all communities and stand by kids in school who are given a hard time and excluded, make this a place for no discrimination on all grounds such as sexuality, race, disability, creed, color and wealth. In a way you’ll be the center of everything; the face of the academy.’’


Then a little more silence.

Then Tony scoffs. “You make it sound as if it’s a nation not a school.”

Rhodey lets out a breath agreeing with Tony. “Yeah, and Do you really think we can live up to your expectations?’’ he scowls.

Nick shows a buzzled face, Rhodey elaborates: “I mean, this sounds like a big responsibility, and we’re not exactly that responsible, we’re still learning things and Clint practically gets bullied every day,’’ he frowns at Clint who has one eye closed, and the other half open, holding up peace signs.

“What Rhodey wants to say is: Why did you choose us out of a whole other lot better options?’’ Sam explains.

“Yeah and it’s 2020, bullying is irrelevant, instead people just hate on themselves, we all do it!’’ Clint explains, and immediately gets hit in the head by Nat who keeps a monotone expression on. Sam puts another ice pack on Clint’s head.

Ignoring Clint, they go back to the conversation. “Nick, you said it yourself a hundred times; you don’t really trust us.’’ Steve says. “So why are you handling us this?’’

“Yeah it’s making me anxious.’’ Bruce fidgets.

“Bruce everything makes you anxious.’’ Valkyrie corrects.

Fury groans lowly and mumbles something under his breath about difficult kids. “As much as it pains me to say it. You’re the best choices I have.’’

All of their eyes widened, for two reasons. 1st Nicks Fury is never nice, especially to: “What’ll be the death of him.’’ And 2nd, they didn’t exactly believe in themselves being the best at this? Nick must provide some reasonable points or they would just consider this a last-minute decision or that they’re his last option or something.

Nick must’ve noticed the second reason (and ignored the first reason) because with a long sigh, he began. “Steve, remember last year, Will Hanks, that kid who didn’t get accepted in the golf team, because the leader was a homophobe?’’ Steve nodded. “You reported him to me and I kicked him out of the team, and Will is now 1st class champion of the school team with two silver medals.’’

Steve looks like he’s going to say something. “Val,’’ Nick begins. “Remember Last year? Maya Perez that girl that was excluded of the student lock-in night, because she didn’t know how to speak English well. And you locked those girls out of school and welcomed her in?’’ Val made a face.

“Pepper, Tony and Thor, you three have become sort of role models- ‘’

“Icons.’’ Tony corrected.

Nick ignores him. “The three of you have great influence on the kids who go here. They would do anything that you do in a heartbeat. Say the things you say, believe the things you believe in- ‘’

“Your point?’’

“My point is:” he adds the same amount of sarcasm Tony added. “They’re affected by your status, imagine you three beginning to fix the bad things happening in school, putting a stop to them. Using this reputation you have on making good things in school. They would eventually start doing the same too.’’ They didn’t argue, except Tony, who looks like he has a ton of things to say.

“Rhodey and Bruce, you two are smart and fair and you know what to do in inconvenient and hard situations, you have a sense of … adultery, you would be considered the most responsible and reasonable.’’

“And I’ve also noticed some blunt physical bullying.’’ Nick continues, slowly turning to face Clint. Clint blinked pressing his lips together.

“So, I also have a plan for that.’’

‘’Which is?’’ Nat asks.

“Val, Nat, Bucky, Steve and Thor. You guys have the ability to stand up for these bullies that beat up and take advantage of weaker kids, the things that go unnoticed to teachers I’m sure you see them. You have guts and are -weirdly- super strong.’’

“Clint, Pietro, you two are excelled sports champions, Pietro, I have never seen anyone run a track as fast as you, you’re the school’s top athletes.’’ Nick says. “Clint, I know you can be responsible and i know you can quit being a dumbass and start going back to practice.’’

“Sam, Wanda, the two of you are brilliant at consoling. Remember, that girl Anna, who had a serious leg injury and couldn’t heal because of emotional distress, she felt that she failed her gymnastic team because she couldn’t win. You two talked to her and reassured and eased her into healing mentally before physically.’’ Wanda scratched her head. Sam bit the inside of his cheek.

“And finally,” he began, tiredly. “Steve, you have a strong moral code, you know what’s right and what’s wrong, being the football team captain and on top of all school activities, people look up to you. You make good decisions and can guide and lead people.’’ The room was dead silent by the time he finished; you could hear a pin drop.

“Okay that’s a great motivational speech I’ll give you that,’’ Tony began. “But, that’s sadly 20 percent of what’s good, the other 80 percent are bad things. This is easily a stupid idea. We can’t force people to change, schools will always have bad kids.’’ Tony argues.

“And why exactly are you here, you only care about yourself and your own appearance.’’ Steve points out. “Take that leather jacker off what are?’’

“Sorry I don’t wear my church pants to school.” Tony shoots back looking at Steve’s khaki pants, flannel shirt, the academy symbol imprinted on the left side, (because god forbid they didn’t have the logo on their clothes) then a red and blue football jersey jacket. And Tony is looking at his outfit with so much disbelief, Pepper rolls her eyes at him.

Val shakes her head, frowning. “What the fuck are they talking about? That was so random.”

“You people are so petty,’’ Thor chuckles, his accent deepening. “ … and tiny.’’ He frowns.

“What do you mean you people?” Clint exclaims.

“Sorry to stay this is very stupid, like Stark said.’’ Thor says, leaving the office.

He opens the door and stops dead in his tracks. Nick must’ve added some intense sound proof doors because they were immune to the commotion happening outside. Every kid in school was fighting, the hallways were a mess, the old posters they had up made a new place on the floor and torn, pepper gasped when she saw (she worked two days on those) and in the middle of it all was-

“Loki!’’ Thor shouts, already angry at his brother, literally standing in the middle of the chaos. “What. Did. You. Do?’’

“Nothing.’’ He says, offended.

Nat runs after Thor and stops a girl– Beth who’s standing away looking nervous and anxious (obviously), Nat begins to ask her what is happening. She explains shakily: ‘‘All the exam report cards got mixed up and some are torn in the garbage, people who passed now have Fs, and it’s all a mess! they’re fighting because they think one of the them did it.’’ The girl said, nervously.

Nat and Tony and all the others hurriedly look in their bags for their own report cards, which they just received this morning, only forgot to look at when Nick had summoned them.

‘’I got a D- on history?! No way that’s true. I studied so hard for that test.’’ Steve says, then he checks the rest of the subjects. “Well at least I got an A+ in math.’’

Tony scrunches his card. “Yeah there’s definitely something wrong with these report cards.’’ He hurries to say.

“I got an F in biology?!’’ Bruce gasps.

“Okay … ” Tony drawls out. “This is just so stupid. All of the information in the report cards are saved in the student school data base so it’s not that big of a deal.’’ He says, confused.

“I don’t think they know that; some misunderstanding must’ve happened.’’ Beth tells them.

“Did you do this?’’ Thor asks Loki, or more of yells.

“Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t.” He coons.

“So you did. Why?!”

“‘Cause, I was bored.’’ He says, like it’s the most reasonable argument.

“This is why mom is always disappointed in you!” Sam burst out laughing in the back. Thor didn’t understand, well Thor never liked vine anyway, so Sam wouldn’t expect him to get it.

“You hurt my feelings.’’ He puts a hand on his heart, dramatically, like the theatre nerd he is.

“I don’t care.” Thor says. “Stop this madness right now.’’ He demands.

Loki makes a face like he’s thinking it over.

“No.’’ He simply says and leaves.

“Tony you said the report cards are saved in the … Uh- data base, right?’’ Steve asks.

“I did, yeah, does your frozen brain not get it, should I explain- ‘’

“No!’’ Steve stops him. “Look, they obviously don’t know that for some reason; someone should tell them so they stop fighting.’’ Steve says.

“Yeah probably.’’ Tony nods sighing and Steve realizes he isn’t going to volunteer to do it, so he huffs and heads to Nicks office and grabs a horn mic from his office desk. He hesitates for a second, when he finds Nick not moving in his chair. Normally he’s supposed to be out there, putting a stop to the chaos. Yet he’s not bothering. Nick gestures for him to go ahead with his hand. Was this some sort of test? Because Nick was weirdly calm for an academy director in a situation like this.

Steve saw Mr. Coulson enter Nicks office while he was stepping out, he heard him say: “What should we do?! I can’t find any of the teachers they’re gone!’’ in a panic. To which Fury answeres with: “Nothing, just stand by. They can handle this on their own.’’ And Steve thinks he could differ on that.

He stood in front of the others who were outside now, the mic in his sweaty, big, nervous palm, straightening his back to seem capable like he always does, “Okay I don’t think Fury is going to help stop this,’’


Nat made a face, “Because he wants us to take care of it.’’ She states.

“And we’ll calmly ignore that,’’ Tony draggs the words out.

“No. We need to fix this, not because we have anything to prove; but because we should.’’ Steve protests.

Tony makes a disgusted face. “Okay, captain righteous.’’ He jokes.

Rhodey sighs with a nod, “What should we do?’’ He questions Steve.

Steve blinks, and he’s making the same face that he made when he and Bucky were eight, that time they ate all the cake Sarah — his mom— bought from the bakery for their arriving guests, and there was no way they could make it to the bakery five blocks away in time, before his mom comes back and yells at them, then he clenched his little hands unintentionally, his eyes widening comically and told Bucky that if they take a shortcut they could go to the bakery and get another freshly baked one before his mom comes back from work and she wouldn’t notice. She didn’t.

“Okay … there’re two storage rooms, Tony, Bruce, Pepper and Rhodey, separate and go to each, make sure the data isn’t erased and that it’s all there. Sam, Wanda, take Beth away and try to calm her down. Val, Thor, Pietro and Buck.’’ he looked at the stairs and saw a kid almost fall. “Make sure no one gets hurt. And if someone is, take them to the infirmary, please.’’ He looks at Nat and Clint, “Look for the teachers, see where you can find them, and bring them back so they can help sort this out.’’ They all groan at the thought of getting the teachers back, but all of them headed to do the things he ordered nonetheless.

Finally after they’re all gone he looks at the long main hall stairs and decides it’s the best place for everyone to see and hear him well

He climbs the stairs and when he reach the top, He holds the horn mic to his lips and shouts for them to listen; it doesn’t work, they don’t stop. Then the second time also doesn’t work. Then he goes to shout again but the Bucky is next to him on the stairs and snatching the mic from his hand.

‘’Hey! Everybody SHUT UP, Listen!’’ And this time it works somehow and Steve looks at him confusedly because everyone stopped shouting and fighting and looked expectedly at Steve. Bucky gave him the mic back and Steve breathed out a thanks.

He takes a breath in. “You can’t fight about unreasonable things that you didn’t think through. This is just a misunderstanding.’’ Steve reasoned slowly.

“But the report cards- ‘’

‘’The report cards are filed in the school’s data base so our real gradings aren’t lost,’’ Steve explains. “How did you guys not think of this?!’’

A guy Speaks up. “Loki said the teachers didn’t save them in the data base, he told us he saw someone in the teachers’ office switch them up too!’’ he explains.

Steve puts the mic down. “And you believed him??’’ he asks amused, making a very confused face.

“Anyway, the point is, we all can have our real report cards back, it’ll take a few days but I’m sure Nic- ” Nick, who was standing outside his office now, glares at Steve. “Mr. fury, will arrange them in their right order in no time.’’ Steve says. “So, you have nothing to worry about, everything will be alri …’’ He trails.

He sees Pepper, Bruce, Tony and Rhodey return to the main hallway, they look at Steve at the top of the stairs. Bruce waves his hand over his throat in a ‘stop’ motion and Rhodey keeps making hand gestures for Steve to stop talking, Steve and Bucky’s eyes narrow trying to understand what they’re trying to say. Tony rolls his eyes and uncrosses his arms, “For fucks sake,’’ he sighs. “There’s nothing in the storage rooms, it’s all a mess.’’ He shouts.

“Tony!’’ Pepper snaps at him, Rhodey scoffs like he was expecting that, and Steve’s eyes widened in panic.

“What?! They’re going to be madder when they know he’s lying anyway.’’ Tony defends and Pepper shakes her head.

“So that was a fucking lie!’’ Someone shouts from the back. “Loki was right!’’ and then they’re fighting again, and it’s more of a mess than it was before if that’s even possible. Val, Thor, Rhodey, Pepper, Tony, Bruce, Sam, Nat and Clint had come back and stood at the top of the stairs with Steve and Bucky, away from the chaos.

“What do we do now?’’ Sam asks, Steve shakes his head, like he can’t give an answer.

Bruce fidgets. “All in for not being up to this.’’ They all raise their hands.

Clint leans his head to Steve’s, still looking at the mess in front of them, “We couldn’t find the teach-’’ Steve makes a frustrated sound in the back of his throat, his head falling down. Like he was expecting that but he didn’t want to hear it.

“Does anybody know where Loki is?’’ Thor asks, they all turn slowly and glare at him.

“Okay fine, no one cares.’’ Thor huffs and looks at the trashed hallway. “Understandable.’’ He nods.

Pepper sighs. “This is a mess.’’

“Yeah, such a mess.’’ Someone next to her says, someone she can’t recognize the voice of. She frowns and looks beside her. A girl, 5’5ft or maybe taller, shoulder length almost golden hair, fair clear skin, blue eyes and long lashes and a charming dimple smile, broad lean shoulders, wearing their school uniform, the original one, well they all designed their uniforms the way they wanted them to look, “as long as the logo is there.’’ Nick would sigh out. So, they recognized it was different than their own and other kids designed ones.

“Who are you?’’ Rhodey asks, pointing a finger at her.

“I’m Carol,’’ she smiles. “The new girl.’’


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