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#bruce banner x black!reader
When will the Bruce Banner story come out?

Oh shit, y’all still remember me? 😳 lol I thought my blog was a joke by now. But thank you! I’ll be publishing it on Wattpad. My username is still whorderofthepheonix 🥰

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I have a question, do you think any of the boys would ever be Littles? Like what about Bruce, tony or Bucky wanting that special affection and attention? Or Steve and Sam just wanting to be cared for? Or Natasha wanting to let down her guard for a while and be smothered in love and comfort? I’m just interested really, I just wonder what that would be like...

bruce most definitely, and the other guy would be fine with that, him entering little space would be the only thing to make hulk shut up in his head. he would have you watch discovery channel documentaries about wild cheetahs or dinosaur fossils. he loves it when you hold him and make him the kid cuisines with dinosaur nuggets. the way you tend to him takes his mind off of anything that’s been bothering him.

natasha would honestly probably be a middle more than a little but she’d probably both tbh. she’d be such a cute little girl when she’s in that headspace and that’s the only time you see her be soft. little natasha loves polly pockets and baby alive dolls. middle natasha loves to play school with you where you’re the teacher and you teach her a new subject. she loves it when you praise her for being a good girl. she loves it when you give her gold stars and treat her to milkshakes with french fries. she loves holding your hand when she’s little, it makes her feel safe.

tony would probably be a middle too, omg just imagine him in a a pair of overalls with his bright eccentric socks playing with legos and making big buildings or something. tony loves playing with toy trucks too! you give him that chance to have a good childhood and he’s so glad you’re doing this for him and enjoying it.

bucky could be a little! there’d be moments where he just doesn’t go on missions for a week and you take care of him. he’d shave his beard so he’d have more of a baby face so he can actually feel little. bucky likes playing in mud and going to see action movies in the theatre. he loves going to the park and playing on the seesaw. you make bucky feel safe and so loved, when he’s in little space and you’re taking care of him, he’s not plagued with dark thoughts.

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Bruce Banner x black!witch!reader

Warning ⚠️: ANGST. Memory loss.

A/N: sorry it’s so short and kinda rushed, my writing abilities has kinda disappeared.



“I still don’t understand why you decided to go on this suicide mission,” Bruce groaned as he followed me around the house. He just doesn’t understand and I don’t know how to make him.

I sighed heavily for the umpteenth time and grabbed his shoulders.

“Because they’re my friends and they need me. I honestly thought you would understand this since you’re an Avenger.”

I had to do this. I couldn’t just abandon my friends, my family. Dark times are upon all the witches and wizards in the world and we all had to be ready for it. We didn’t know when it was coming or where but we knew it was on its way.

Bruce shook my hands off and pinched the bridge of his nose. I knew how he was feeling, I feel the same way when he leaves for a mission.

“Please, Y/N, don’t go.” His jaw clenched and his eyes began to turn red. My heart completely shattered. “From what you’ve told me there’s a possibility that you won’t come back!”

“Bruce, listen—”

He took my face into his hands and kissed me, pouring everything into it. The kiss was gentle yet had just enough pressure to convey the message. He broke the kiss and put our foreheads together.

“I don’t want you to go.”

“I know.”


As we lay in bed facing each other, I began to feel the guilt creeping up on me but there was nothing I could do about it, my decision was final. Bruce had finally fell asleep two hours ago but I kept running my fingers through his hair to keep him in a deep slumber.

“You mean so much to me,” I whispered. “You’re everything I’ve ever wanted and I hate that I have to give you up but—” I choked out a sob “they need me.”

I pressed my lips to his temple then slowly crept out of bed and got dressed. I picked up my small backpack and threw it over my shoulder and got my wand from under my pillow. “I love you.”

With a shaky hand I pointed my wand to his head and said the spell.




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Work For It

Bruce Banner x black!curvy!reader

Warning ⚠️: smut.

Requested by @sesebearr : Hi can I request a Bruce banner x black! Curvy! Reader fluffy smut where he’s her professor and she’s failing his class. Please BTW love your work ❤



I hate this damn class! No matter what I do, I can’t get a passing grade. Every time I failed a test, Professor Banner would give me a disappointed look that made me feel like being swallowed by a black hole. It also didn’t help that I had a serious crush on him.

Professor Banner just handed back our quizzes from the other day and I wasn’t even surprised by the low grade I’d gotten. I’m never gonna get my degree.

“Okay class, there’s gonna be a huge test next week, please study hard and make sure you’re here on time,” he said as his eyes scanned the room, “You’re dismissed.”

I leaped out of my seat and began packing my bag. Before I could exit the room he called out to me.

“Y/N, please hang back for a moment.”

I closed my eyes and groaned internally. I already knew what he wanted to talk about, might as well get it over with.

Once everyone was gone, Banner sat behind the desk and removed his glasses, rubbed the bridge of his nose and exhaled deeply. He made eye contact with me a moment later.

“You know why I asked you to stay, right?” He asked.

I nodded my head yes, “Because I’m failing your class,” I mumbled. Oh, God, this is so embarrassing.

“Is there something going on with you that I should know about?”

“No, professor Banner.”

“Its after class, you can call me Bruce.”

I nodded shyly as he sat back in his leather chair and brought a hand up to his lips. His dark, brown eyes raked over me and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t like it. He lingered on my breasts before coming back to reality.

“I’m just worried about you, I really want you to pass the test.”

“Well there’s no way I’m going to pass, so…”

Bruce got up and leaned against the desk with his arms folded across his chest. He licked his bottom lip as he looked over me once again. My breath got caught in my throat, he was making me so nervous but in a good way. He took a step forward and lightly ran his hand down my arm causing goosebumps to form.

My pulse quickened when he touched my cheek and put his thumb on my bottom lip.

“You have beautiful lips,” he said.

“What are you doing, Bruce?”

Bruce laughed softly, the sound made my pussy clench. “I think I know a way for you to pass the test.” Before I could question him, he told me to take off my clothes.

I did as I was told but I took my time getting undressed, slightly putting on a show for him. The more layers I peeled off, the more confident I became. Soon I was down to my panties and bra. Bruce circled around me and unsnapped my bra, pulled the straps down my arms and tossed it on the floor. He stood in front of me once again and admired the view of me in just my panties.

“Do you like what you see, Bruce?”

“You’re absolutely breathtaking.”

I thanked him and he kneeled down, removed my underwear and put them in his pocket. Bruce directed me to sit on his desk and he sat in his chair again. I opened my legs and he groaned lowly, I could see his hard dick straining against his zipper.

“You have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen,” he whispered. “Can I have a taste?”


Bruce licked the length of my pussy then sucked on my clit. My head fell back as I let out a long moan. He pushed two fingers inside of me, making me gasp and squeeze his fingers. His warm, wet tongue felt amazing and I didn’t want him to stop and the thought that someone could catch us only added to the thrill.

“B-Bruce,” I stuttered, “Please make me cum, I need to cum.”

The pressure on my clit intensified and his fingers moved faster and deeper, hitting my sweet spot. I began to pant when I felt that familiar heat start to build.

“Oh, God! Fuck!”

“That’s right, let go and cum in my mouth.”

This is the hardest I ever came. I was moaning so loud Bruce had to shut me up with a hard kiss. He flicked his tongue over mine while still lazily fingering me, making my body twitch. He pulled down his pants and bunched up his shirt.

Bruce grabbed my hand and helped me off the desk. “Sit on my lap, baby.”

I straddled his lap and sank down onto his dick, both of us moaning in unison. He filled me up perfectly. It took a minute for me to get used to his size but I was soon bouncing on him and sounding off like a whore. He was groaning in my ear and it was the sweetest sound I’d ever heard.

“You’re so tight and soaking wet,” he moaned, gripping my waist tightly. “Fuck, you feel amazing.”

I kissed up and down his neck, sucking on his collarbone. His breathing became shallow and I could feel his dick throb, he was so close. I squeezed around him, making him cry out and his eyes roll back.

“Don’t stop, you’re gonna make me cum,” he pleaded.

Each time I sank down on him, I made sure to clench my vagina muscles. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and he licked his dry lips.

His grip on my waist got even tighter, I could feel the bruises settling in.

“Fuck! Fuck! I’m cumming.”

Hot ropes of cum coated my sensitive pussy. I kept riding him, milking him dry. He was so fucked out and it was such a beautiful sight. I layed my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me.

“So… did I earn that A?”

He let out a breathless chuckle, “You sure did, baby.”



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Requested by: @lilflipfone  (hope ya like it, honey bun!)

A/N: Check out my newest story, Footsteps. It’s Tony x black!daughter angst. Once it gets to at least 100 notes I’ll release my Peter angst!

Warnings: 18+, slight smut, LISTEN, DON’T READ THIS IF DADDY KINK IS NOT YOUR THING. Thanks, enjoy, honey buns.

Feedback is appreciated!!


Originally posted by hogwarts--imagines

-OOOKAAAAY so you know greying Bruce? yeah, DADDY.

-I think Bruce always knew that deep down he was dominant. Like in every other situation he was shy but in the bedroom he could finally let go.

-He just need that push… that one thing to push him there.

- He always wanted to go a bit further in the bed room

- Add more to your usual routine

-One night he was just having a hard time in the lab, coming up with a certain formula, nothing was working.

-He actually decided to take a break without anyone forcing him, WOAH WHAT?

-He walked to y’all’s shared bedroom and heard the bass of an unfamiliar song

-”Why don’t you love me daddy? why don’t you love me daddy? why don’t you, why don’t you, why don’t you love me daddy?”

-The word dripped from your lips like your favorite wine, your hips swaying to the song and he didn’t know how to act.

-That was his push

-He stepped in the room and shut the door behind him making his presence known

- you continued to dance and sing the song even after you saw him eyeing you hungrily.

- He grabbed your hand and brought your body flush up against his, your butt rubbing up against his tightening khakis.

-”Why don’t you love me, daddy?” you sung

-”I do love you, baby. Want me to show you?”

-You hadn’t expected this to happen but hey, who’s complaining?

- You only nodded, but he wanted to hear the words out of your mouth.

- “Speak up for me, honey”

-”Yes, daddy”

-Hulk would low key be sitting back, enjoying the show because puny Banner was being what? DOMINANT

-It’d be one of the few times Hulk would shut up in his head around you.

-And after that your clothes came off in a flash.

-He had your hands pinned above your head and made sure you didn’t break eye contact

- He wouldn’t allow it

- His stroke game. UGH!

-He’d angle your hips up just to hit those deepest, sweetest spots

-His hands- OOOUUUUUUU

-One hand he’d wrap around your throat, the other running itself up and down your body, he was stimulating you all over

- Don’t sleep on the quiet ones. Don’t underestimate them

- He was fucking you so good you thought you were going to cry

- “oh my God, daddy!”

- He got so much confidence from you calling him that

- “Who’s pussy is this, huh? Who does it belong to?”

- “Yours, daddy, it belongs to you”

- The way he’d moan when the name flew past your lips, made him weak but made him feel so strong at the same time

-”Daddy, you’re gonna make me cum”

- “Fuck, baby, say it again”

- And you did. Calling him daddy made you feel so vulnerable and submissive to him and you loved it (you’re still an independent bad bitch though)

-The way he moaned your favorite pet names in your ear made you feel so loved

-It was so intimate, so intense that you did shed a few tears

-Your orgasm wasn’t just any normal orgasm

-It wasn’t just in the pit of your stomach. 

-No, that shit took over your whole body! Tingles in your finger tips, it was so intense you could not keep your eyes open

-Your body twitched in pleasure and you felt the feeling run from the crown of your head all the way down to the soles of your feet.

- you let out a long, drawn out Fuck, daddy

-”Yes, let daddy hear you”

- the noise he let out was so unholy as he finally pulled out and let it go

-Both of you caught your breath. You sprawled out like a snow angel and him sitting back on his heels.

-”Damn, babe. I wouldn’t peg you for a daddy kink kinda guy”

-Hulk was clapping in Bruce’s head

“Puny Banner, big man now!”

- Bruce smiled at you and kissed your nose before getting up to get a warm, wet rag.

-You decided to push his buttons and let “daddy” slip out as he cleaned you up.

- Immediately. he got hard allover.

- “Dammit, Y/N,”



First HC, and I hope you liked it.

Don’t be afraid to request guys!

Coming this week (maybe) is a new Peter imagine!

Tags- @sideeffectsofyou @chonisberonica 

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Bruce Banner x black!reader

Request by @no1brucebannerfangirl : reader has similar powers to the Hulk and has to learn to control them.

Special thanks to @caplansteverogers for helping out a bit 😘



Originally posted by samwinchesster

Sometimes it’s difficult having powers like this, other times it’s not much of a bother. This was not one of those times. I was in the lab with Bruce, working on a new gadget but nothing seemed to be going right. I was getting incredibly frustrated and I could feel a great burst of anger ready to erupt inside of me.

I gripped the edge of my work table as the device I was working on began to malfunction for the hundredth time. A low growl escaped my throat and I gripped the table harder, nearly breaking it. Controlling my strength and anger was becoming more difficult by the second and Bruce didn’t even seem to noticed which made me more angry because I started think that he was ignoring me. Maybe I shouldn’t have skipped out on meditation this morning. The table began to creak loudly and Bruce glanced over at me.

“Are you alright,” he asked, his voice full of concern.

I couldn’t answer him, my anger was getting stronger. I picked up the table and hurled it across the room and watched it smash against the wall. Bruce rushed over to me and grabbed my arms.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?”

“I can’t get that damn thing to work,” I said through clenched teeth. I could feel my self control rapidly slipping away, I feel as if I’m about to go on a rampage.

“Y/N, take deep breaths and control your emotions,” he told me as he rubbed circles on my back. I sat in a nearby chair and put my head in my hands, trying to remain as calm as possible. I could feel my heart about to beat out of my chest and I could hear my blood rushing through my veins. Bruce kneeled in front of me and gently took my hands away from my face and rubbed his thumb over my knuckles. After a few minutes of silence, I began to calm down.

“You’re getting slightly better at this,” he praised, smiling up at me.

“Yeah, I guess,” I muttered.

He chuckled lightly, “Stop skipping our meditation sessions and you’ll get even better, I promise.”

I smiled shyly then stood up,“ Let’s get back to work, Banner.”


I’m literally cringing at how bad this is, my deepest apologies.

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Summary: Bruce keeps missing date night and he feels bad about it so he does his best to try and make it up to reader.


btw my fics are going to be POC so yeah.

Warnings: none really? except language, dirty talk, a little angst if you squint, 18+

Word Count: 2,676 


“I love you” Bruce kissed Y/N’s cheek and swatted her butt in a joking manner.

She’d finished making his lunch for the day, knowing if she didn’t, he’d starve himself in that damn lab.

“Don’t forget tonight, please” Y/N sent him a warning glare as she handed him his lunchbox.

It was Friday and that’s date night. The past couple of Fridays, Bruce has been too enthralled in his projects with Tony to even remember. But tonight was just a rest night in so hopefully he’ll be looking more forward to that than getting dressed and going out

“I promise I won’t” He rushed out the door and she sat down at her desk to finish up on an assignment for one of her criminal justice classes. Y/N yawns as she’d been working on this assignment everyday this week and was almost finished. Working towards your PhD is NOT easy.

She was ready to finish up and have a wonderful night in with Bruce.


It had taken Y/N all day to finish and send in her assignment and by the time she finished it was almost time for Bruce to be heading home. She’d started dinner and that took about an hour and a half and he still wasn’t home so she called him but no pick up. She’d dialed Tony and also no pick up. Y/N knew that when that happened it wasn’t good.

She waiting another hour before calling both again and decided that Bruce had forgotten again and Tony had sucked him into a new project.

Y/N sighed and wondered if she should let it slide or go to the tower and drag him out. She decided to just shower and go to bed. This was his job after all and though it was tiring for her to constantly miss out on date nights, she understood.

As she was putting her school stuff away she heard the jingle of keys and Bruce stumbled in looking exhausted. He’d seen the somber look on her face before she plastered a fake smile and greeted him.

“Hey hun, dinner is in the kitchen. I kept it in the oven on a low warm setting so it didn’t get cold” she averted her attention back to putting her stuff away and she’d zipped up her book bag.

”Believe me, I didn’t forget. Tony just came up with a new project and it took longer to plan out on paper before we could start making the prototype-”

‘Bruce, babe it’s okay. This is your job”

Bruce could see the tears welling in her eyes but she looked away and headed into the kitchen. He followed her and saw her beginning to make his plate. She had made their favorite and he felt bad.

“Tell me when to stop” she said softly as she started to portion his food.

“That’s good” He came up to her and kissed her cheek, she gave him one back and handed him his plate. “Salad is in the fridge” she told him

Bruce went to the fridge to put a good portion on his plate. He looked at her from behind the door and damn did he feel bad.

Hell, school was a full-time thing for her AND she worked at the police station but she still remembered him and their date nights. She made him dinner and made sure he actually ate throughout the day, she made sure he ate good portions and took care of him.

He knew he had to make up for not only this but the past month and half worth of missed date nights.

She made herself a good portion and sat at the table quietly eating and he sat down beside her. And took her hand in his for a brief moment and she squeezed back.

He could tell she wasn’t mad but she was a little upset.

“What movies are on the roster for tonight?” He shoveled a fork full of his food in his mouth. 

“Actually I was just thinking of resting tonight, that assignment took a lot out of me” she shrugged.

He low key pouted at how she didn’t want to continue their plans but he understood that he kind of stood her up in their own house.

She’d gotten up to get him a beer and pour herself a glass of wine.

“Thanks, honey” he muttered

Dinner was finished in silence and he came up with the plan to at least make her feel a little better about the whole ordeal.


After dinner the two had spent a good fifteen minutes cleaning up with kitchen before retiring to the bedroom.

“I’m gonna take a quick shower” she said before kissing his cheek.

Bruce had the plan in his head and was wondering if he should even follow through with it. He heard the rinkling of her shower cap and the water began running. He waited a couple minutes before getting undressed himself.

He slowly crept into the bathroom and quietly shut the door. He stood there wondering if he should get in the shower with her. If she didn’t want him in there she’d kick him out and he’d respect that.

He open the curtain to see her rubbing her dove soap on her shoulders and down her arms. She tried to get her back and he used that as his cue.

“Let me help”

His voice caused her to jump and squeal but she realized it was him and handed him the wash cloth with a little smile. He got in behind her and started washing her back and running the washcloth down against her ass cheeks. This action caused her to laugh and shake her head.

“Gimme that, ya gotta wash your front bits before the back, ya goof” She took the wash cloth from him and gently cleaned her front before running the wash cloth under the water and gently went back over it washing the soap away. She added another drop of soap before lathering it up and washing her legs then her back bits as she put it. 

In the midst of this, Bruce also began to wash himself. They both stood under the water that pounded down on their skin.

Bruce stepped closer and held her waist in his hands before giving a good squeeze.

“I’m so sorry, honey”

He kissed her neck and down her shoulder before retracing his path.

“I’m going to make it up to you now, is that okay?” He questioned

“Yes, Bruce” Y/N sighed and he took that as his chance to turn her around and kiss her with such passion it almost knocked her off her feet. His hands ran up and down her body, squeezing the love handles that he adored.

His lips trailed down her neck and chest. He nipped here and there which elicited cute little noises from Y/N. He got to her breasts and he knew that was her main weakness.

He took her left nipple in his mouth before sucking and tugging. His hand tugging on the right.

“Fuck, Bruce. That feels so good”

Bruce switched sides and gave the same attention to the right one. His left hand trailed right down to her clit, giving it pressured rubs.

Her hands flew to his shoulders for balance.

“Let’s sit you down, baby” he whispered in her ear and she feverishly nodded.

They have a walk-in shower and luckily a little sitting place was installed. He sat her down before getting on his knees, the hot water pounding on his back.

He kissed her inner thighs giving them a few bites which excited Y/N even further.

“Please Bruce, I need you” she begged.

Bruce used his right thumb to rub circles over her clit, then running it up and down her folds to spread the wetness that was flowing from her. His left arm kept her grounded as she shook from the pleasure.

He leaned forward and took her clit in his mouth

Y/N gasped and her right hand flew to Bruce’s head.

“Bruce” she moaned.

“More please” she whimpered.

He took is middle and ring finger and slowly pushed them into her and he felt the wonderful squeeze of her walls.

“Make me cum, baby please” she cried out.

Bruce used his tongue and flick her clit sideways, up and down, in any direction as he fingered her at the pace she liked.

Her moans and begging became more frequent and he felt the delicious clenching of her before she came on his fingers.

“Ooooh fuck” she practically shouted. She slumped back and sighed trying to compose herself.

In the midst of her recovering, Bruce stood up and grabbed the removable shower head.

She looked at him with a look of confusion.

“What are you doing with that?”

“Oh. don’t act like I don’t know that you use this to get off sometimes. I wanna see it for myself, how it makes you shake and whimper. I want to see those hips buck up as you chase your orgasm”

He fiddled with the dial and changed it so the water jets were closer together in space, that way it could target her clit directly.

“Baby you know how sensitive I get after my first org- FUCK!” she mewled,

He spread her lips and pointed the shower head right on her clit.

Y/N grabbed the shower bar for leverage. She felt the muscles in her calves tense as she curled her toes because of how good it felt.

“Baby, I- I can’t take it, it feels too good”

He shushed her and coaxed her with a smile.

“Be a good girl and take it. You gonna take it for me?” He smiled at her state. 

“Oh my god” she tried to move but he wasn’t allowing it.

“You’re gonna be a good girl and take it, aren’t you, Y/N? Take it” His stare bored into her soul and she nodded her head weakly

“Yes, yes, yes!” Her head flew back against the shower wall with a light thud.

“Good girl” he muttered as he kissed and bit her left inner thigh.

“Cum for me. Show me how you cum from the shower head, baby”

“Baby I’m gonna cum!” Her hips raised up and little and he smiled.

Bruce slowly pushed his fingers back in her and teased her sweet spot while keeping the shower head on her clit.

She opened her mouth in the shape of an O and had her eyes clenched tight.

“No. You’re gonna open your eyes and look at me as you fall apart. Do you hear me?” He moves his fingers faster but she still didn’t open her eyes.

“I won’t let you cum, Y/N and you know it. Be a good girl and open those eyes’

She slowly open her eyes and stared into his while biting her lip.

Her body was shaking, she wanted to cum so bad but he was teasing.

“Are you gonna be a good girl and cum for me again?” He smirked she bit her lip harder and stared into his eyes and gave an innocent nod of the head.

“Baby, I’m fucking cumming” her hands braced herself on the seat as her body convulsed.

His fingers moved in her faster and she grabbed his arm as if to tell him to stop but he kept going.

“Bruce I-” she was cut off by her pussy gushing. He removed the shower head but her orgasm just kept coming

“Fuuuuck” she pulled herself back off his fingers to compose herself.

He moved to hold her and calm her down as she shook.

“It’s okay, baby. You did so good” he kissed her cheeks, forehead, nose and lips.

They stayed that way for a bit before he felt her fingers wrap around his hard on.

“Last one” she whimpered. “I want it”

Bruce took his dick in his hands before teasing her entrance with his tip.

She shivered out of sensitivity and whined.

“I got you, baby” he slowly bottomed out and they both let out a moan that sounded like a beautiful harmony.

“Faster” she pleaded.

He grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs back as he picked up his pace. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the bathroom along with Y/N moans and Bruce’s delicious groans.

She stared into his eyes as he thrusted into her. He moved his hand to wrap it around her throat and gave it a good squeeze. She smiled up at him with adoration and that look alone almost made Bruce bust right then and there.

Bruce moved down and attached his lips to hers in a sloppy manner but neither of them cared.

He pulled out for a minute before reaching for the shower head. The water wasn’t too hot but it wasn’t cold either, it was a comfortable warm. He thrusted back into her before placed the water jets at an angle right on her clit and the way she clenched around Bruce made his hips stutter in momentum.

“Do that again, honey” Bruce bit his lip as she did as he asked and he could tell they were both about to be spent.

Y/N moans and pleadings were flowing out of her almost at the same rate her juices were.

He saw that she was getting weak and he encouraged her.

“Cum for me one more time and we’ll clean you up and get you in bed, okay baby?” He kissed Y/N’s forehead and thrusted harder.

“It’s too much, I can’t take it” she wrapped her legs around his waist and held onto the arm that wasn’t holding the shower head.

“You can. And you will.”

She internally smiled at his dominance that he rarely brought forth.

“Okay, okay” She exasperated.

“Let go, I can feel it. Cum for me, Y/N”

Her eyes rolled back as her back arched and she came on him, she had triggered his orgasm as well.

“Fuck you feel so good” His voice dropped an octave of two as he whimpered. His hips stuttered and twitched as he emptied into her.

He slowly pulled out as they were both sensitive and they both stayed there gasping for air.

Bruce hung the shower head back up and got her washcloth to wipe her down and clean her up as he used his own to clean himself off. He turned off the water and carried her out of the shower, wrapping her in a towel then setting her on the bathroom counter, getting her toothbrush and wetting it before putting toothpaste on it.


Y/N tiredly opened her mouth and had him brush her teeth

“Spit” he continued to brush after she did as instructed.

“Tongue out”

He gently cleaned her tongue and handed her a cup of water to rinse. Once he was done helping her, he brushed his own. He removed her shower cap and retied her headscarf before placing the red and black bonnet on her head.

Bruce carried Y/N back into their room where he then rubbed her favorite oil on her, which he then used on himself. He crawled into bed next to her and spooned her.

“Thank you” she yawned. “Best way you’ve made up for missing date night thus far” she snuggled back into him.

“I’m sorry and I promise to be more conscious of time so I don’t keep missing date nights. I know it was bothering you, you don’t have to keep that from me. But I love you and I’m gonna get better with that. I told Tony not to call tomorrow. We’re gonna have a movie day and we’re going out to dinner”

She could tell he was sincere.

“I love you” she whispered before she shut her eyes and letting sleep take her.

“And I love you” He kissed her shoulder, following suit of actually getting some shut eye.


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you and bruce being in a live video conference due to the coronavirus and keep getting interrupted by the kids after you told them to sit down and do that schoolwork and them acting like fools

i wrote this and then realized that it doesn’t really match the prompt… but like it does match??? idk, let me know what you think lol

You were about to lose your mind! With a toddler attached to your hip and a six-year-old running around like a fool, you didn’t know how long you would last during this quarantine.

It would be a whole other thing if your husband had been able to come home to you during this entire ordeal, but he was also on lockdown… at the Avengers Compound. The lucky bastard.

But, you had a skype date in a few minutes, and hopefully, he could convince BJ to calm down a bit. You sighed hoping that he could.

You heard the ringing coming from your computer signaling Bruce’s call and you smiled upon seeing his face.

“Hi!” you cried, waving to the man before you.

“How are my beautiful girls doing?” Bruce asked, a big smile gracing his face at the sight of you two.

“Going crazy because of this lockdown,” you joked. “BJ has been bouncing off the walls ever since this started. It’s like he could sense that something changed, ya know?”

“Want me to talk to him?” Bruce offered.

“Please?” you begged. “BJ! Someone wants to talk to you!” you heard the fast pitter-patter of your son’s feet as he ran to the front room.

“Daddy!” BJ cried when he reached the room.

“Hey buddy, I heard you’ve been having a lot of fun.”

“Yup, we go on walks in the backyard all the time. I play with Imani and I let her build stuff with me.” BJ began to ramble.

“You know, you gotta be good for your mama, buddy. Even more, now that I can’t be there with you,” Bruce tried to explain to the six-year-old.

“But I wanna play!” BJ pouted. “It’s no fun staying here all the time. I wanna go back to school.”

“That’s not possible, BJ, and there’s nothing that we can do about it. But I do expect you to behave and do what you’re told.”


“No ‘buts’, Bruce Banner Jr.,” Bruce snapped. “You are going to do what you’re told when you’re told. You got that?”

BJ was close to tears, you could tell by the quivering of his lip. He knew he was in trouble when he heard his full name, but he nodded his head.

“I’m sorry, mommy, I just wanna play,” BJ offered as he looked up to you.

“I know sweetie,” you soothed him before placing a kiss on top of his curls. “You can go play while Imani and I talk to your daddy.”

BJ hopped down and ran from the room and you let out a chuckle.

“Thanks, Daddy Bruce,” you smirked at the camera.

“Any time, my love. How has Imani been?”

“About the same as usual, well, she’s been asking about you lately,” you responded.


“Yeah, she points to your picture that’s in the living room and says, ‘Where daddy?’ about two times every day.”

“What do you tell her?”

“That you’re with Uncle Tony, how else am I gonna explain it to her? She’s only two ya know.”

“Well, we only have to be apart for a few more days, then I promise we’ll be together for so long that you’ll get sick of me,” Bruce promised.

“I could never get sick of you, I could stay in quarantine with you any day.”

Bruce’s face turned pink at your statement. “I’ve got an idea,” he said, his voice perking up. “When you put the kids to bed, why don’t you give me a call, maybe put on a show for Daddy Bruce?”

You glanced at the clock, “Bruce, it’s only 11am. Now I gotta think about that all day!”

“Then it better be a damn good show,” he winked.

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