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a-dazzling-wallflower · 2 months ago
Introverts assemble 🐝
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justanerd4dayz · 11 months ago
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See all of this, I want this. But do I have it….No. I’m just gonna go lay down and cry my eyes out cause I’m a lonely bitch
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thatdarkcornerofmymind · 3 months ago
Carefree things that all of us should do:
Try out a bolder style of eyeliner, make it thick and dark.
Get that pixie haircut that you've been scared to get. Or grow your hair out like you've always wanted. Wanna dye it pink or blue? Go ahead and do it. Embrace your natural texture, fuck those straightners. Make your own rules.
Try that top that you think is too bold, or too colourful or a pair of jeans that look cool but you're a bit hesitant to wear.
Wear longer earrings, a flashy hair clip or funny goggles to make a statement.
Wear a super baggy shirt that hides you, or an oversized pair of mom jeans all too large for you.
Wear sweatpants, style them with funky boots or cool bracelets, be comfortable. Comfort can be stylish.
Word vomit - scribble out random words on the crisp white page of your journal, pour out everything you feel.
Write bad poetry, with no rhyme scheme, strike out words you don't like with multiple lines.
Open the first page of your sketchbook, and just splash out your fav colours. It doesn't need to be a masterpiece, it needs to be an outlet.
Fluff up your hair and leave it open. People with short hair, mess it up and let it fall on your face. Let it go wild, don't hold back.
Ride your bicycle and discover new roads.
Run through a lonely street, feel the wind on your face.
Get wet in the rain, let it soak you or sit on your rooftop to feel the gushes of wind and dust before a storm rises.
Try out a new cafè for your meet ups or order a completely new dish at dinner.
Leave cute notes for your waiter or that quiet person in your class who needs some good words.
Click blurry pictures with funny poses. Dance with your friends, dance like no one is watching, sing like nobody is listening. Everything doesn't need to be aesthetic or Instagram worthy.
Buy second hand books from roadside stalls, leave post its in library books when you return them back.
Put small notes, or old tickets, leaves, flowers, or even money or write something funny into the pages Oxford Dictionary so that every time you open that boring ass book, you find something entertaining.
Take long walks on summer evenings and buy yourself little gifts like a cookie or a flower.
Take a bus and get down on the stoppage before yours to walk to your destination.
Go up to that new person in your class whom you want to speak with very much but are too intimidated. Go and compliment them. It's now or never.
Compliment people on things you like about them. Tell that professor that you love her book choices, or tell that shy friend you love her poetry or just tell your parent that you love their outfit. Don't hold back from spreading love into the world.
Wear mismatched socks while listening to a new playlist.
Ask random strangers about their favourite songs and add them to a playlist.
Buy weird jewellery from thrift shops or t shirts with captions you don't understand. Dye your t shirts or write slogans on them.
Go to vintage shops and search for ancient journals or search your store room for old diaries, dresses, junk, etc and make some craft out of them.
Find out a new dessert to try baking or just change the written recipe with some inputs of your own to create a funky dessert.
Watch unpopular movies of other languages you've never heard of with subtitles.
Read pirated copies of expensive books or read recent underrated poets from pdfs at 3 in the morning. Fuck classics, just enjoy what you read.
Instead of going to gym, go on a hike, or a swim. Or take a rest day, just tuck yourself into bed and watch trashy movies. Fuck up your routine, have fun. Break those rules.
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rainreads · 3 months ago
"Though I am often in the depths of misery, there is still calmness, pure harmony, and music inside me."
-Van Gogh.
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scribbled-diaries · 5 months ago
For me it was never that hard to make friends - but it was always difficult to make them stay by my side.
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lesbianpossumqueen · 4 months ago
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lonelyremal · 10 months ago
I want museums i want art galleries i want waterfalls i want forest cottages i want lakes i want huge bridges i want castles i want rain
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ragingredsworld · a month ago
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1xxbearxx1 · a month ago
I'm a loser in real life and on the internet :3
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bredviews · 6 months ago
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find yourself thru the trials & tribulations
f// @bredviews 💙
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sorrymumthatiamnotstraight · 7 months ago
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind.
For me it happens all the time. 💙
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a-dazzling-wallflower · 6 days ago
"I find conversation unbearable owing to the very fact that I am obliged to speak."
— Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Confessions
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butterflygurl677 · 4 months ago
Do you ever get this feeling where you're empty or a part of you is missing. Like you're happy, good, living life. But when everything is silent and there's nothing left to do you can feel the loneliness creeping in. A part of me will always be empty I guess
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duaddityofman · 9 months ago
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rainreads · 23 days ago
90% of my problems will solve if I learn public speaking. Somedays I deeply feel like the society is in favour of the extroverts or the ones who can easily fit and flow with every given circumstance. And not us, who have to rehearsal even the tiniest social interaction like saying "present ma'am" during roll call. And the thing is, it sounds bizzare to others. It sounds absurd to others that some people really feel this anxious around people. But it's a fact, a reality, sometimes painful and sometimes pleasureable, for hoomans like us. At times I feel depressed when I see others of my age delivering speeches with utmost confidence during events, grabbing every opportunity they get, hanging out with friends, etc.
One has to walk a mile in our shoes, before coming into any conclusion regarding this matter. And and, it has nothing to do with ignorance. Some ignorant people are highly confident, not feeling even the slightest bit of anxiety when they talk. It's just.. unexplainable and exhausting. Don't know why I'm writing this. Ugh. Forget it.
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tryingtoremembermyname · 8 months ago
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jonathan byers moodboard
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soulful-guy · a year ago
i am very ✨unlovable✨
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overthinkingstoner89 · 7 months ago
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depressionbound · 10 months ago
Sometimes I don’t miss the people themselves..
Sometimes I just miss having someone there, by my side…
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guardianofpeace · 6 months ago
Missing you became a daily routine for me.
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